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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 8



Luo Feng held his breath in.

A huge family that uses its various connections and tens of billions can't even secure a spot? And there are archaeological treasures used for equipment?

’’Archaeological ruins, there are really archaeological ruins?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask.

’’Of course’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’There's more than just a single archaeological site. Most regular civilians don't know this, and many fighters don't know this either. Only an extremely small number of core people and elite existences know these secrets’’ Yang Hui has long determined that Luo Feng will become a wargod.

So of course, he didn't hide any of this.

’’Mr. Yang Hui, chairman, this #1 training camp can rapidly increase people's strength?’’ continued Luo Feng.

’’Without a doubt!’’

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong was filled with confidence, ’’Your body fitness level, technique, blade technique, battle experience, etc. are all irrelevant! Your rate of improvement in the camp will be who knows how many times faster than your own bitter training! Keep in mind that the best equipment and setup is there. The equipment there, especially the ones from the archaeological ruins, are extremely beneficial to a fighter's growth’’

’’Who knows how many times faster?’’ Luo Feng started thinking to himself.

His current body fitness level growth rate was quite fast already.

If he entered this #1 training camp on earth and had the assistance of the best possible equipment, he'll probably become an advanced level wargod fighter much faster.

’’If I stay in Jiang-Nan headquarter city, I still have to be careful of the Vulture Scorpion couple's investigation. Rather than being on my toes all day, why not go to the ’’world's best training camp’’. Since it's a core area of the Dojo of Limits headquarters, Vulture and Scorpion won't be able to find it’’ Luo Feng instantly made his decision.

Figure out a way to enter the world's best training camp! That's where all the geniuses of earth are gathered. Competing with all these geniuses is indeed a very entertaining thing.

’’Any more questions?’’ Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong looked at Luo Feng.

’’When can I return after entering this training camp?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’The elite training camp lasts for five years! In these five years, the only times you get to go home is during January and February’’ Yang Hui continued to answer, ’’Of course, if you become a wargod level fighter within these five years, you can graduate early’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded.

Become a wargod and graduate! If you can't become a wargod, then you can stay for at most five years.

’’However, even if many students’’ laughed Zhou Zheng Yong on the side, ’’reach the wargod level, they won't prove their true strength by hunting and bringing back a horde leader level monster back to the training camp. They'll use the identity of 'advanced level warlord' and continue to stay at the camp until their five years are up’’

Their level is determined by their battle record! Even if some students are wargods, if they won't hunt any horde leader level monsters, they'll never be recognized as wargods! This way, they can stay until their five years are up.

’’Luo Feng, even wargods dream about entering the elite training camp. So even if you become a wargod, you should continue to stay there’’ reminded Yang Hui, and then laughed, ’’Of course, if you do actually get in, you'll find out how great it is for yourself’’

Luo Feng nodded and was awed..... looks like this elite training camp is quite attractive.

’’Yang Hui, what is the B grade exam?’’ Luo Feng continued to ask.

’’Your test’’

Yang Hui seriously spoke, ’’The B grade exam..... is extremely difficult! You have quite a lot of control over your body since you've already reached the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. However, your chances of passing the B grade exam..... ’’ when he said that, Yang Hui shook his head. Clearly, he didn't have much confidence in Luo Feng.

’’Actually, you only have to take the A grade exam under normal conditions. However, the Chinese army received a spot after negotiating in the headquarters, so if you want to get in, you have to pass the B grade exam’’ Yang Hui didn't hide anything, ’’Of course, you still have hope of passing the B grade exam. If you don't give up, there's hope’’

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng was full of confidence.

If worse comes to worse, he'll just use his spiritual force to boost his capabilities.

He's sure that there'll be no problem in passing this B grade exam!

’’Any more questions?’’ smiled Yang Hui.

’’No’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’Are you willing to take the B grade exam to enter the elite training camp? If you fail, you can still enter the basics training camp!’’ Yang Hui looked at Luo Feng.

’’I am willing’’ nodded Luo Feng.

Yang Hui slightly nodded and pointed towards the fist strength testing machine: ’’Go throw a punch for me’’. This was just a simple check. With Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong watching, they can see what stage he has reached in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 based on how many times the strength of his punch changes when he throws it. They can also look at the value on the machine's display.

With just pure strength, 1,800 kg.

With everything he had, 10,000 kg.

He passed.

Yang Hui didn't even need to test Luo Feng's speed and reaction speed, since he was just testing what stage Luo Feng reached in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.


Luo Feng sat on the sofa and looked at the contract in his hands.

This was a special training contract.

’’The Dojo of Limits indeed has few restrictions on fighters’’ Luo Feng had no complaints about the contract and signed four of them in one go.

’’Out of these four contracts, one of them belongs to you. The other three will go through our headquarters’’ smiled Yang Hui as he took out a black wooden box. This black wooden box had a stamp, which was the stamp of the envoy. Yang Hui's personal signature had no effect;only the stamp did.

PA! The stamp pressed onto the contracts.

’’Don't lose this’’ Yang Hui handed one of the contracts to Luo Feng.

’’Zhu Ge, tell Ya Xia to come here for a bit’’ commanded Yang Hui.


Zhu Ge Tong immediately rode the elevator down. In mere moments, the elevator doors opened again. Zhu Ge Tao brought a teenager wearing a dojo uniform. This teenager's head was a bit yellow. He was quite handsome, entirely comparable to a celebrity in the entertainment industry.

’’Luo Feng, this guy is Ya Xia, one of the young fighters that our Dojo of Limits has decided to send to the basics training camp this year. He's also a little genius’’ smiled Yang Hui.

Luo Feng walked over and smiled as he stretched out his hand: ’’Luo Feng’’.

’’Ya Xia’’ this handsome teenager also stretched out his hand and lightly shook Luo Feng's hand.

’’Ya Xia, this is your senior. He'll also go with you to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters. Your senior is aiming for the elite training camp!’’ as Yang Hui said that, the originally expressionless handsome teenager, Ya Xia, suddenly became shocked. Of course, as a genius about to enter the basics training camp, he also knew about the elite training camp.

Those who can enter the basics training camp, are geniuses.

Those who can enter the elite training camp, are geniuses of geniuses一一demons!

’’Senior Luo Feng, let me introduce myself. Ya Xia, a freshman in Jiang-Nan university’’ Ya Xia's attitude clearly changed. Geniuses only feel pressured when they meet someone who's even better than them.

’’Jiang-Nan university, the best university in Jiang-Nan city?’’ Luo Feng smiled as he praised, ’’You're really impressive. Your senior is just someone who failed the high school exams’’

’’Don't make fun of me..... how many students are accepted all year throughout the country in Jiang-Nan university? Furthermore, there are two to three more universities that are better than Jiang-Nan city throughout the country. And in all of China, only one person can enter the 'world's best training camp' upfront each year!’’ said Ya Xia.

Ya Xia, in front of Luo Feng, wasn't prideful at all.

Indeed一一 the elite training camp only accepts the geniuses of geniuses throughout all the armies, huge families, and fighters. How many are accepted every year? It'll be amazing if more than 10 are accepted! ’’Luo Feng, Ya Xia’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’You guys leave with me to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters on the same day! You two must meet up with me at the airport before 2 PM on March 22nd!’’



Luo Feng and Ya Xia both responded.

’’Alright, both of you go back and meet up with your families. In the future, you'll only be able to return during new years’’ said Yang Hui.

Luo Feng and Ya Xia both got on the elevator and left.


The sky was dark, and in one of Jiang-Nan city's eight cities, Yang Zhou city, tens of thousands of homes were shining bright.

One of the Dojo of Limits' private cars slowly moved along on the street. Luo Feng looked through the window and saw residential building after residential building, store after store: ’’Yang Zhou. I've been here for so many years. Soon, I'll be leaving. Leaving China to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters!’’

’’Five years? Such a long time! I can keep in touch with dad, mom, and my brother through video chat’’

’’I also need to pay attention to the elixir of life my brother needs and see when it becomes available’’

’’Also..... Wen. Before I leave, I need to go see Wen’’. Wen was the one who played with him ever since they were little tiny kids. Their relationship is comparable to Luo Feng and Luo Hua's. Ever since Luo Feng became a fighter, Wen had to go to college, so they only met a few times during New Years.

’’Also the brothers from the fire hammer squad! Even though we weren't together for a long time, we've been through quite a bit together’’

Suddenly一一 a person appeared in Luo Feng's mind.....

Xu Xin! What's he going to do with Xu Xin?

’’Xu Xin. I'll be leaving China to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters, what'll I do with Xu Xin?’’ Luo Feng's feelings were complicated. As he looked at the various bright homes, his feelings were jumping around. A sweet and sour feeling came up. After taking a deep breath, Luo Feng shook his head, ’’What's the point of thinking about this. I'll just video chat with her often. When I have enough power and authority一一nobody can stop my relationship with Xu Xin’’

’’Oh yea, Xu Xin is at Jiang-Nan university’’

’’Hm, that Ya Xia is there too’’ Luo Feng had a good impression of the genius fighter, Ya Xia, who was about to leave his home and live outside the country for a long period of time.

’’Wen is at Jiang-Nan's #2 military school and Xu Xin is at Jiang-Nan university! They're all in school, so I'll go find Wen and then meet Xu Xin for our final goodbyes’’


With the sound, the car entered Ming-Yue sector. He's home!


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