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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 73



The elixir of life has always been in supply, but since there aren't many disabled fighters that can afford it, there just hasn't been a lot of demand. So the American government sells a set amount of elixirs every year to earn money slowly.

’’11 billion!’’ a voice rang from a corner of the auction house.


An image of a wargod immediately appeared in the center platform and a smile even appeared on this wargod's face. Many sounds of discussions that were purposefully kept down instantly appeared.

’’11.5 billion’’ another voice rang and the wargod originally at the center of the platform disappeared. An image of a black wargod replaced him.

’’12 billion!’’

After that voice dropped, another image appeared on the center platform, which appeared to be a Chinese youth. He seemed quite young..... it was indeed Luo Feng! Suddenly, the quiet voices that were discussing instantly became louder. Many people were curious about this new wargod, this new 'invincible wargod' Luo Feng.

’’12 billion going once!’’ yelled the Chinese man. The white man beside him also yelled.

’’12 billion going twice! One portion of elixir of life, current bid is at 1.2 billion, any higher?’’ yelled the Chinese man. In the past, elixirs can usually go for 20 billion Chinese dollars.

Below the platform.....

Luo Feng was shocked and confused as he quietly asked: ’’Teacher Jiang, how come nobody else is bidding?’’

Jiang Fang smiled, making her appear quite beautiful, as she quietly said: ’’Luo Feng, there are only around a dozen 'invincible wargods' on earth. And this is your first time making a bid in this auction...... so for the first time, everyone is willing to show you some respect. Unless they really want it, they won't bid against you’’

The Palace of Wargods is a place to make friends, especially with 'invincible wargods' and extremely powerful wargods on the level of Phantom Demon Catalan's. Other wargods would think twice before offending them.

If you start bidding against Luo Feng's first bid, then you seriously aren't thinking correctly.

’’12 billion three times! Congratulations, wargod Luo Feng’’ smiled the Chinese man.


In a corner of the auction house, the Vulture Scorpion couple coldly watched.

’’What are you pulling me for’’ Venina looked at her husband with dissatisfaction. Venina was about to bid just now.


Vulture Li Yao scoffed as he quietly said, ’’It's just a portion of elixir of life. What's the point of bidding? If it's too expensive, he won't buy it. After the auction he can just contact the American government and purchase it directly. At most, he just has to pay a few extra billion! No need to make Luo Feng notice us for just a few billion’’

’’Right now, this Luo Feng is full of himself, so just let him stay that way. Once I breakthrough.....’’ Li Yao's voice was kept down.

Venina couldn't help but to nod.

Yeah, as of now, the Vulture Scorpion couple can't mess with Luo Feng. They haven't even returned to their home in Jiang-Nan city as they just stayed in Europe. They are slowly preparing...... preparing to deal with Luo Feng.


’’I finally got the elixir of life’’ Luo Feng was full of excitement. Maybe in terms of price, the 'soaring shuttle' is over a thousand times more valuable than an 'elixir of life', but when Luo Feng received the soaring shuttle, his heart was filled more with 'curiosity' and 'expectation' than excitement! 12 billion is nothing for Luo Feng right now.

However, an elixir of life.....

Means his brother can stand up again! And can live like a normal person again.

’’I have finally succeeded’’ Luo Feng was extremely enthusiastic.

’’I'll see if I have a chance to get a second portion so I can give it to brother Zhang’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. His grudge with Zhang Ze Hu back then caused Zhang Ze Hu's squad to ambush his own, which lead to Zhang Ke's arm being broken off. Whenever he faces brother Zhang, there's always a bit of guilt in his heart.

Now that he has the ability, getting a portion of elixir of life isn't much.

Furthermore, he planned on spending 30 billion for a portion of elixir of life. Now that he only spent 12 billion, another portion would probably bring the total up to around 30 billion anyway.


Item after item was auctioned off. Even though they sold off quite quickly, there were still a total of 71 items. So even if it took two or three minutes to auction off an item, it would still take around three hours in total.

’’Now for the 58th item, the spider silk left behind by the spider type emperor level monster, 'Black Widow Spider King' 'Golden Spider Silk'. It is 8.3 meters long and 6.1 meters wide. Opening bid of 5 billion Chinese dollars’’ after the Chinese man's voice dropped, a large piece of golden spider silk appeared above the center platform.

’’6 billion Chinese dollars!’’

’’7 billion!’’

It seemed like there were quite a few bids this time.

Luo Feng, who didn't want to bid anymore, couldn't help but to yell: ’’8 billion!’’. Ever since his battle with Li Yao, Luo Feng wanted to make a 'net made out of SS grade materials'. He estimated he would spend around 20 to 30 billion, but Luo Feng was still satisfied after discovering this ’’Golden Spider Silk’’.

The golden spider silk is left behind by the spider type emperor level monster, the 'Black Widow Spider King'. However, black widow spider kings are famous for their venom, not their spider webs. The 'golden spider silk' that comes from it usually can't trap an emperor level monster, so it's worse than a 'net made out of SS grade materials'. However, it's better than a 'net made out of 9th series materials'.

There are a total of two spider type emperor level monsters.

One of them is the 'Goliath Spider King'*, which is known for its webs. Once caught in its web, even an emperor level monster will have a hard time surviving.

The other is the 'Black Widow Spider King', which is known for its venom. Once venomed, even an existence surpassing the wargod level will die! This is where the spirit of nature, 'hundred dew grass', comes into play. Of course, the black widow spider king can spin webs, which is its ’’golden spider silk’’. However, its weaker compared to the web spun by the goliath spider.

’’Even though the golden spider silk can't contain an emperor level monster, an emperor level monster still has to work quite a bit to get out of it. Using it to deal with wargods and horde leaders is more than enough’’ Luo Feng was very satisfied.

It's not as tough as a SS grade ingredient.

But it's more comfortable to use.

’’9 billion’’

’’9.5 billion’’ clearly, nobody bothered to care about Luo Feng this time. Showing their respects once is enough.

’’9.6 billion’’

’’9.8 billion’’ the bidding prices of the wargods weren't increasing as quickly anymore.

’’10 billion’’ yelled Luo Feng. The image on the center platform also changed into Luo Feng's figure.

Jiang Fang quietly said to Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, a net made out of SS grade materials is around 20 to 30 billion, so this string is worth at most 12 billion. Any more and it's not worth it’’

’’10 billion going once’’

’’10 billion going twice..... 10 billion three times! Congratulations, wargod Luo Feng’’ the Chinese man reported the final results.


The auction continued for around there more hours. Luo Feng received a portion of elixir of life and some 'Golden Spider Silk' for a total of 22 billion Chinese dollars. After the auction ended, Luo Feng was dragged to the lobby by the Dojo of Limits' wargods, where he became acquainted with some extremely famous wargods of the Dojo of Limits.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng’’ right when Luo Feng left his seat and was about to head back to his room, a white man with a large mustache smiled as he walked over.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng was confused.

’’My name is Aurora, the manager of America's 11th Bureau. Mr. Luo Feng, I was the one who supplied the 'elixir of life' you bought earlier’’ smiled the large moustached white man, ’’How about we have a drink over there?’’

Luo Feng's heart couldn't help but to skip a beat.

He was the one who supplied the elixir of life?

’’Oh? Okay’’ smiled Luo Feng. The big moustached Aurora couldn't help but to smile out of joy. There are way too many people who want to become friends with extremely powerful wargods like Luo Feng, so Luo Feng usually ignores most of them. Only because of the elixir of life is he getting close to Aurora.

Both of them sat down and had a decent time chatting.

’’Mr. Aurora, I would like to buy another portion of elixir of life from you. Is that okay?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Oh, the elixir of life is the government's, so I need to hand in an application’’ hesitated Aurora.

’’I won't make it hard for you. I am willing to pay 20 billion’’ said Luo Feng.


Aurora smiled, ’’Mr. Luo Feng is the friend of our 11th Bureau. Even though it is a bit troublesome, do not worry and leave it to me. I will provide another portion of elixir of life using the price you used to buy the first portion, 12 billion Chinese dollars’’ how can he make Luo Feng pay 20 billion dollars, since even an official auction......

can only make the price reach around 20 billion. So only by offering a lower price can he build up their relationship.

’’That would be great, thanks’’ smiled Luo Feng.

Just a phrase to save 8 billion, only someone dumb wouldn't do that.


Yang Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

Dawn. The dawn of an August summer was still quite cool and refreshing. You could see fighters warming up in the sector everywhere. Even Luo Feng was taking a walk in the sector as he breathed in fresh air and adjusted himself.

’’Morning, uncle Wang’’

As Luo Feng walked, he would greet those he was familiar with.

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’ a sound rose.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned his head and saw two teenagers coming over. One of them even carried a backpack as he ran towards Luo Feng. The teenager with slightly curly hair said: ’’Mr. Luo Feng, these are the two things you bought from the Palace of Wargods. Your fingerprint can open the alloyed box’’

As he said that, he took out an alloyed box that was completely black.

’’Thank you’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed as he took over the alloyed box. His finger swiped across the box, *crack*, the alloyed box opened.

Inside it were two stabilized test tubes. There was even a manual beside it. In the test tube was a slightly green liquid.

’’It's this’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath as he headed home.

In the lawn of the villa.

Brother Luo Hua was currently sitting on his wheelchair, observing the flowers in the lawn. His pants had nothing in them and it hurt just to look at such a sight.

’’Feng, back so early?’’ mother Gong Xin Lan smiled as she walked out the house.

’’Yeah’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’Feng is here, Hong Guo, let's eat breakfast’’ yelled Gong Xin Lan. Father Luo Hong Guo peeked his head out the house and couldn't help but to look towards the alloyed box in Luo Feng's hands with shock: ’’Feng, how come a box appeared just from your morning walk’’

Gong Xin Lan glared: ’’Old man, how come you have to ask about everything’’

’’Luo Hua!’’

But Luo Feng looked towards brother Luo Hua.

’’Hm?’’ brother Luo Hua looked towards Luo Feng with shock on his wheelchair, ’’Bro, need anything?’’

’’Go inside’’ Luo Feng let out a smile, ’’Prepare to throw away your wheelchair’’

Luo Hua's expression froze: ’’Bro ’’

Luo Feng held up the alloyed box and tapped the surface of it.

’’It's, it's that.....’’ Luo Hua's eyes were wide open and his body was slightly trembling. Almost instantly, his eyes became wet. The hands that were originally holding onto the wheelchair with strength started to shake.

Luo Feng nodded.

After seeing his brother nod, Luo Hua's tears flowed down.

This day.....

Luo Hua has only dreamed about a day like today since he was young. And finally, the day has come.

This day......

Luo Feng has been waiting for this moment for a long time. And finally, the moment has come.

’’Don't cry, smile’’ however, Luo Feng himself couldn't hold it in either as his eyes became wet too.


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