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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 72



In the training room.

Luo Feng, who was wearing a loose white robe, sat cross legged not on the ground, but on his soaring shuttle. The soaring shuttle kept a distance of around half a meter from the ground, and his entire body just hovered like this. Luo Feng's eyes were deep like the sea as he silently stared at the 12 blade pieces of the soaring shuttle in front of him. He was currently controlling them

The 12 grayish white blade pieces started floating around him as if they were dancing.

As if 12 fairies were circling Luo Feng.

If you record the trajectories of these 12 blade pieces, you will discover that they are drawing a delicate and complex shape of a maze. The weird thing is, the 12 blade pieces sometimes speed up and sometimes slow down. They crossed each other over and over again. Sometimes it seems like they are about to smash into each other, but they don't. The blade pieces sometimes decelerate and sometimes accelerate until their speed surpasses the speed of sound.

’’CHI!’’ two of the blade pieces scraped against each other.


Luo Feng, who was hovering in midair, had a calm expression on the entire time. But now, he couldn't help but to let out a smile, ’’I seem quite talented. I just started and am able to practice the second drawing of the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》. However, having to complete the second drawing in a short 3.2 seconds sure is hard’’

’’It's only challenging if it's hard’’

The 《Celestial Deity Catalog》 is one of the training methods for ’’object controlling’’ spirit readers mentioned in the 《Spirit Reader Basics》 instruction manual. There are a full 99 drawings in it, but according to the instruction manual, the most powerful spirit reader on earth right now can only draw up to the 18th drawing. Luo Feng was quite confused.....

If so, then where did the latter drawings come from?


’’Training the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》 sure is tiring’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he yelled loudly: ’’Turn on the projector!’’

Suddenly, a beam of light shot towards the white wall from the projector in the training room, causing a huge computer display to appear.

’’Video chat’’ yelled Luo Feng, ’’Connect to Xu Xin’’

’’Beep Beep Beep ’’

The video chat was sending a request.

’’It should be almost 10 AM right now and it's summer time, so Xu Xin should be online?’’ Luo Feng waited. Only after about half a minute did the request get accepted.


On the gigantic display on the wall appeared Xu Xin in her pajamas holding a coffee cup with steam rising from it. Her hair was casually let down and she seemed to be a bit sleepy.

’’Luo Feng’’ Xu Xin struggled to open her eyes.

’’No way, it's 10 AM right now and you're still sleeping?’’ laughed Luo Feng out of surprise.

’’What 10 AM, it's night right now’’ said Xu Xin helplessly.

’’Night?’’ Luo Feng froze.

Xu Xin seemed to be a bit more awake now as she replied: ’’I'm in America right now, not in the country. Even though it's morning in the country, over here it's already night time’’

Luo Feng came to a realization.

’’Eh, Luo Feng’’ Xu Xin looked at Luo Feng through the video chat with shock, ’’Seeing the background behind you, it doesn't seem like you're in a wasteland like the continent of Australia?’’. In the continent of Australia, Luo Feng also video chatted with Xu Xin before. However, that was through his tactical communications watch, and the video usually showed places like caves, mountains, and other wastelands.

’’I'm back, at Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Back?’’ Xu Xin became even more shocked, ’’Didn't you say you would be at the continent of Australia for a month..... if I knew you were going to be back, then I wouldn't have come to America’’. Xu Xin seemed to be regretful. Indeed...... ever since Luo Feng went to the elite training camp, the two of them have never met in real life;they have only chatted via video chat.

If Xu Xin knew Luo Feng was coming back, why would she go to America.

’’You miss me that much?’’ teased Luo Feng.

’’Tch!’’ Xu Xin frowned and pretended to not care as she immediately changed the topic, ’’How long will you be back for? I'm going to be here in America for around another week. After that, I'll be able to join my family's group to ride the plane back. After I go back...... my parents want me to participate in an important ceremony on September 1st. They said it's a ceremony to welcome the new examiner of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits. School has already started by that date and yet my parents are still forcing me to go’’

Luo Feng blinked twice.

It seems like......

Xu Xin still doesn't know who this new examiner is?

’’The new examiner, what a feat. Xu Xin, do you know who the new examiner is?’’ Luo Feng tried to contain his laughter as he asked.

’’No idea, the new examiner...... probably some super powerful fighter I guess, but what does that have to do with me’’ Xu Xin seemed to have no interest in talking about this 'examiner' as she continued, ’’Oh yeah, I got so mad on this trip to America. Luo Feng, you don't know what I had to deal with this time.....’’


August 15th. The Palace of Wargods holds an auction every 15th day of the month. And on that day, over 90% of the world's wargods gather here.

Time in China: 19:45. In the auction room of the Palace of Wargods in the virtual space.

The auction house was set up like an opera house: the seats were surrounding the center platform in a circular shape. The center platform was where the goods were displayed, and each side of the platform had a huge amount of seats encircling it, a total of 5,000 seats. As of now, there were tons of people in the auction house, and most of the wargods were chatting in groups.

Relaxing music echoed around the entire auction house.

’’Luo Feng’’

’’Luo Feng, over here’’

Luo Feng, who was wearing casual attire, saw a bunch of wargods from the Dojo of Limits in the auction house waving at him passionately.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng’’

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’

As he walked on the aisle in the auction house he noticed that most of the seats on both sides of him had wargods, whether they were black, yellow, or white, sitting in them. These wargods from all over the world seemed to be quite friendly to Luo Feng. Luo Feng also smiled and nodded in response. Soon enough, he arrived at the Dojo of Limits' wargods' huge sector.


The amount of wargods in the Dojo of Limits is indeed 'awe-inspiring', as they took up a huge area. With just the naked eye, you could tell that there were at least a few hundred of them.

’’Just what you would expect from the world's most elite organization. They have the most wargods and representatives’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.


Luo Feng saw a beautiful image wearing purple and walked over: ’’Teacher Jiang Fang’’

’’Luo Feng’’ smiled Jiang Fang as she looked at the student in front of him. She only thought that Luo Feng's technique and blade technique were quite good, but who would've thought that her student's most amazing ability was his ’’spiritual force’’. Now he has become an invincible wargod all of a sudden and even became the examiner of a large headquarter city like Jiang-Nan headquarter city. Jiang Fang couldn't help but to be amazed at how quickly things have changed.

Examiners differ depending on the location.

Large headquarter cities have populations of 200 to 300 million people while smaller ones probably have less than 100 million! Five powerful countries around the world and 23 headquarter cities. In total, there's 52 headquarter cities. There's around 7 billion people, so on average, each headquarter city just has a little more than 100 million.

Jiang-Nan headquarter city is clearly a larger headquarter city.

’’Luo Feng, sit here’’ smiled Jiang Fang as she pointed to the seat beside her.

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng sat there.

’’After the auction ends, I'll introduce you to the other wargods in our Dojo. Counting you, our Dojo of Limits has three 'invincible wargods'’’ smiled Jiang Fang.


In a corner of the auction house sat the Vulture Scorpion couple.

’’Luo Feng is here’’ Venina looked towards the distance.

’’Seems quite popular’’ scoffed Li Yao. As of now, Li Yao's aura and face basically keeps everyone away from him. The wargods sitting beside Li Yao have known him for quite a while, but Li Yao's current aura and face causes them to frown too.

There were tons and tons of people in the auction house as over 3,000 wargods have appeared.


THe entire auction house swiftly quieted down and the original sounds of music disappeared too. Whoosh! A ray of light shone on the center platform where a Chinese man and a white man stood. One guy spoke in Chinese while the white guy quickly followed in English.

’’We meet yet again on the 15th of this month’’ smiled the Chinese man. The white man also repeated that.

The two of them waved their hands at the same time

Instantly, large amounts of varying goods appeared on the surroundings of the center platform. There were tons of them. In just a moment, they disappeared again.

’’There will be 71 items to auction off this time’’ smiled the Chinese man, ’’Maybe there are things here that someone wants, so I won't keep talking. I officially declare the beginning of this auction!’’

’’The first item is a piece of artwork. The famous painting painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1890, the 《Portrait of Dr. Gachet》! The opening bid is 1 billion Chinese dollars’’ right when the Chinese man's voice dropped, a huge painting immediately appeared in the air above. It slowly rotated so that every wargod could see it.


Below the platform where the Dojo of Limits' wargods' gathered, Luo Feng couldn't help but to be shocked as he heard this: ’’Teacher Jiang, they even auction off antiques and artworks here?’’

’’Of course’’ Jiang Fang kept her voice low as she quietly said, ’’The Palace of Wargods auction is the largest auction on earth. Not just the wargods are participating in this auction. The wargods represent the organizations and powers behind them, so all sorts and types of amazing treasures make their way to this auction, like antiques and artworks. Only the most valuable ones have the right to be auctioned off. Most antiques don't even reach an opening bid of 1 billion Chinese dollars’’

Luo Feng nodded.

The Grand Nirvana period dealt a horrifying blow to various historical antiques and paintings. Many of them were destroyed while humanity was trying to escape. So now, after humans have settled down in their 'headquarter cities', the prices of these antiques are extremely high.

’’The sixth item, is an A grade genetic medicine, 10 portions. Opening bid of 1.2 billion Chinese dollars’’


Luo Feng just listened, not bidding at all.


’’The 39th item, a portion of an elixir of life. Opening bid of 10 billion Chinese dollars’’ after this sound rang, Luo Feng's eyes flashed after being so calm this whole time. In the air above appeared a packaged portion of the elixir of life.

’’It has finally come’’ Luo Feng's eyes locked on to the image of the elixir of life.


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