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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 71



A corner of the lobby.

’’Luo Feng, get whatever you want. Since it's your first time here, it's my treat’’ smiled Yang Hui as he handed over a menu from the waiter to Luo Feng.


Luo Feng accepted it with curiosity. He opened up the menu and took a look: every single dish and drink had English and Chinese descriptions. On the back, the prices were written in Earth dollars, Chinese dollars, US dollars, Euros, Rubles (Russia), and Rupees (India).

’’One glass of wine is almost 100,000 dollars?’’

’’What is this 'Dragon Liver', 880,000 dollars?’’ Hm, most of these dishes are fine, like 100,000 Chinese dollars for each one’’ Luo Feng was shocked and couldn't help but to smile towards the wargods beside him. He smiled as he said, ’’Everyone, this is my first time here at the Palace of Wargods, but I have to say that the prices here are quite expensive’’

All the food and drink in the virtual space is virtual, but who would've thought that they would cost more than their real life counterpart.

’’It is expensive, but there is no helping it’’ the wargod teacher on the side, Brad, shook his head as he sighed in his twisted Chinese, ’’There is only one place that sells food and drink in the Palace of Wargods;there's no other place to buy this! However, even though the food and drink in the virtual space is 100% virtual, it feels like you're actually eating it. As long as you aren't looking to fill your stomach and are eating it just for the taste, then it is worth it’’

Usually, when a few wargods randomly order some food and drink, the resulting bill is over a million Chinese dollars.

If it's an extravagant meal, then it'll probably be over ten million Chinese dollars!

Only the most wealthy people on earth, the 'wargods', can afford to spend like this. The usual rich person wouldn't dare to be so extravagant. For wargods, even if they are serving some organization, a yearly salary of five billion Chinese dollars is normal. For elite wargods like Luo Feng, they just have to hunt a monster on the level of a 'T-Rex' or 'Steel Armored Dragon' to earn 10 billion.....

Would they still care about some food?

’’The taste, is indeed.....’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to compliment.

’’As for taste, how can the real world compare to the virtual space’’ laughed Yang Hui.

Luo Feng then asked the group: ’’I have always been curious about just how many representatives are in the Palace of Wargods?’’. If you're a representative, you're an existence surpassing the wargod level.

’’A total of 52 representatives and five big chairman’’ laughed Ji Tao on the side.

’’52 of them, so many?’’ Luo Feng was a bit shocked.

’’A lot?’’

The wargod teacher on the side, 'Witt', shook his head, ’’Under the five big chairman, there are only 52 representatives. With a worldwide population of seven billion people, there isn't even one representative for every 100 million people. And our Dojo of Limits' 'three royal guards' and 'five big investigators' have already taken up eight of them!’’

’’And the Thunder Dojo. Even though they don't have as many as us, they also have six representatives’’

’’There are also those who aren't willing to work for others and have created their own mercenary groups. There are seven or eight people like them. Five or six of them are at the HR alliance. Just adding these together, 26-30 representatives are used up already’’ Witt's head shook a bit from speaking all this Chinese, ’’After that are the five powerful countries and 23 headquarter cities to split up the remaining 20 or so representatives! And some of the representatives are prideful and prefer solitude, so they live a life hidden from the world, ignoring every organization. So how many representatives can those powerful countries receive?’’

Luo Feng froze as he listened.

The Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, the various mercenary groups, and the HR alliance have already taken up over half of the representatives.

’’As for representatives that are loyal and willing to serve their country, for example China, it would be nice if there were even three or four of them’’ smiled Yang Hui, ’’Of course a country's power cannot be underestimated. For example, some of our Dojo of Limits' investigators are Chinese. Even though they are part of the Dojo of Limits, if China asks for help..... they will definitely lend a hand’’

Luo Feng nodded.

A representative could be in the HR alliance or become a mercenary, but that doesn't mean that they won't help their native country when the time comes! Since it's their native country after all! So on the surface, a country has three to four representatives under its wing, but it can actually call up to seven to eight representatives when it has to.

’’Luo Feng, how about we go to the stores of the Palace of Wargods in a bit? The things here in the Palace of Wargods are much cheaper than it is outside’’ suggested Yang Hui.

Luo Feng's interest rose as he asked: ’’There's an auction house here right?’’

’’Of course’’

Ji Tao held his wine glass on the side as he said with excitement, ’’The monthly auction is quite interesting! Over 90% of the world's wargods will come on that day! Keep in mind that..... even the largest auction on earth has trouble gathering people from every organization. Only the Palace of Wargods can do such a thing!’’

Luo Feng nodded. Each of the large headquarter cities, especially on different continents, are separated by the ocean. The only form of transportation are the commercial airplanes, which is quite troublesome.

However, the Palace of Wargods..... allows all the powerful fighters on earth to gather together.

’’The auction here can gather so many people, so there are many interesting things’’ explained Yang Hui, ’’We can also set up our own things for auction. However, there are certain conditions..... the objects you want to auction off must be worth at least one billion Chinese dollars. There's no upper limit’’

’’Is there an elixir of life?’’ asked Luo Feng directly.

’’In the past seven months, five of them had an elixir of life’’ introduced Yang Hui, ’’If my memory serves me correctly, there will be an elixir of life in this month's auction too’’

Luo Feng was overjoyed, and then confused.

How come there are so many elixirs? Didn't the American government want the elixir of life to appear to be rare?

’’How come the American government is auctioning off so many elixirs?’’ asked Luo Feng in a confused tone.

’’The elixir of life only seems valuable in the outside world’’ scoffed Yang Hui, ’’In the second half of this year, there will be a public auction open to every fighter. And there will only be one portion of elixir of life! However..... this is the Palace of Wargods!’’

’’In the Palace of Wargods, there are huge amounts of valuables to be auctioned off every month. Things worth billions and tens of billions are common! If the American government only sold off one portion of elixir of life a year, how much money would they make?’’

’’The outside world doesn't even know about the auctions in the Palace of Wargods, so if they sell off more portions, wouldn't they make more money?’’ smiled Yang Hui.

Luo Feng nodded.

’’In the previous auctions, around how much did a portion cost?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’The starting price was 10 billion Chinese dollars. It eventually sold off for around 20 billion Chinese dollars’’ laughed Yang Hui, ’’Maybe it can reach 30 billion in the public auctions, but nobody in the Palace of Wargods is dumb..... if the price goes any higher, nobody would want it’’

Luo Feng was extremely happy inside. Indeed, the way individual circles of society interact with things is different.

The Palace of Wargods is the location where all the world's wargods gather, so it would indeed become a huge market. For example, if the American government wants to make money with its 'Elixir of Life', then it has to sell it within the Palace of Wargods.

’’When does this month's auction begin?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’In a few days, August 15th’’ said Yang Hui, ’’Auctions are every month, and they are always on the 15th of each month’’

Luo Feng nodded.

On August 15th, his brother will finally be able to stand up. Just a few more days.


In the lobby of the Palace of Wargods, people occasionally came down the staircase.

’’Which one is Luo Feng?’’ a white haired old man walked towards a group of friends and sat down as he asked quietly.

’’South, sitting with Yang Hui and the others’’ said a burly, bald brute quietly, ’’See that? The wargods of the Dojo of Limits are chatting with Luo Feng’’. Ever since Luo Feng revealed himself, people from every faction notified their men.

’’That young man?’’

The white haired old man looked carefully and nodded, ’’His aura is indeed different. Look at those eyes.....’’. The eyes are the windows of the spirit. If a regular person's ’’spirit’’ is good, their eyes will be bright. If their spirit is weary, their eyes will be dim. As for spirit readers.....

When calm, their eyes are deep like a swamp that cannot be seen through. When angry, just a glance from them could cause a weak fighter to shake and tremble.

So all spirit readers have a unique aura to them, caused by their powerful spirit.

’’Find a time to come into contact with him’’ said the white haired old man quietly, ’’In the future, we can also ask him for help when we're in trouble. Oh yeah..... when I came here, I checked the Dojo of Limits and asked the government to help search for Luo Feng's parents' relatives. This case is a good chance to get near him, so we should do some work too’’


The other fighters also nodded.

’’Our 11th bureau will benefit greatly with Luo Feng's help’’ the white haired old man let out a smile.

Luo Feng received the title of 'invincible wargod' from the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits. This news spread extremely quickly. Even the couple Li Yao and Venina all the way in Europe received this news right away from their friends.


In a quiet, gloomy villa, the couple Li Yao and Venina were quietly standing there as they waited.

’’Will that senior meet us?’’ asked Venina quietly.

’’Definitely’’ Li Yao's gaze was cold as he stood there.

Venina sighed as she witnessed this. Ever since the incident at the misty island, Li Yao has been hysterically drinking like crazy. After he becomes sober, he sinks into his hatred, constantly thinking about revenge. Even his gaze strikes fear into other people. However..... they don't have the ability to kill Luo Feng!

’’Sir, madam’’

An old man wearing a suit on the floor above said without emotion, ’’The master is upstairs, waiting for you two’’

Li Yao and Venina were startled, and then went up the staircase to the second floor. The old man in the suit said coldly, ’’Come with me’’. He directly brought the two to a quiet room. After he lead them to a quiet room and opened the door, the old man in the suit quietly left. Li Yao and Venina both took a deep breath before walking inside.

The quiet room was mostly empty.

Only the smell of sandalwood emanated in the air of the quiet room. A white haired old man sat cross legged in the quiet room. His long, scattered hair reached all the way to his waist, and he seemed like a piece of dead wood with no life in him at all.

’’Senior’’ bowed Li Yao.

’’Representative Yan’’ Venina also bowed.

’’Sit’’ carried a low sound. The white haired old man opened his eyes and looked towards Li Yao and Venina. This old man's eyes were hazy, as if he was an old man that was about to die. He absolutely had no sign of being a powerful fighter, but Li Yao and Venina didn't dare to be disrespectful.

And Li Yao even directly prostrated himself on the ground as he smashed his forehead against the ground, his tears streaming down his face.

’’Little Vulture, what's wrong, what can make you cry?’’ the old man was calm.

’’Senior’’ Li Yao clenched his teeth as he said lowly, ’’My only son was killed by a young man named Luo Feng. I want revenge, revenge for my son! However, Li Yao has only his incapability to blame, as this Luo Feng's strength is at the 'invincible wargod' level. I am not his opponent at all. However..... my son......’’

Li Yao clenched his fists, his fingernails sinking into his palms. His entire body slightly trembled.

’’Li Yao's parents have already died, I have no family’’

’’I do not care about anything on this world, but my son......’’ vulture Li Yao's voice started to shake. He was cruel, which was how he got the title of Vulture. When he was a child, the special experiences he went through during the Grand Nirvana period made him cruel and selfish. However, deep in his heart, he desperately wanted family!

His only son.....

His only obsession! After raising him for around 20 years, those feelings have already been engraved into his soul.

The more cruel, selfish, and cold a person is, the crazier they would become for a relationship they treasure, even more so than someone with strong feelings! Because, this is their only obsession!

’’I beg..... senior, that you can kill Luo Feng. I am willing to become senior's slave for the rest of my life in return’’ Li Yao tapped his forehead on his ground and buried his head.

The old man silently looked at Li Yao.

Li Yao just had his head on the ground like that as he waited for the old man's reply. Even Venina tapped her forehead on the ground.

’’You and I have been through some things together, so speak..... of the background of this Luo Feng’’ said the old man lowly.

Li Yao's head remained buried on the ground as he replied: ’’Luo Feng, peak of the advanced level wargod level spirit reader, 19 years old, from Jiang-Nan city's Yang Zhou city. Right now, he has become part of the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits, appointed as 'examiner' of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits’’

The old man slightly frowned.

’’I cannot help you!’’ said the old man lowly.

Li Yao ferociously raised his head as he looked towards this old man with disbelief...... this was his final ray of hope. He and this super powerful fighter have a special relationship, since they went through the 'Grand Nirvana period' together. Li Yao might be selfish and cruel, but he is also very proud, so he has never begged this senior like this before.

’’Because of Hong?’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to ask.

’’Yes’’ the old man did not hesitate at all.

He is extremely powerful and even fought for a chairman spot in the Palace of Wargods, although he failed.


Not a single person on earth is Hong's opponent. Hong, is a deity that looks down on all the fighters from above! Maybe only the second chairman, 'Thunder God', is a bit close to Hong. As for the third, fourth, and fifth chairmen, none of them have the courage to even attack Hong.

So don't even talk about 'Yan Hai'. Even though he has a special relationship with Li Yao, it isn't enough for him to mess with Hong.

A 19 year old invincible wargod, even a retard knows 'Hong' will treat him with care.

Li Yao's fists cracked as he clenched them tightly, his knuckles became pale white and blood dripped from his palms. He stared at the old man with unrivaled pain. When the old man saw this...... he seemed to have once again saw that crazy young man from the Grand Nirvana period back then. He sighed to himself.

’’You really want to kill Luo Feng, even if you will die in the process?’’ said the old man lowly.

’’Yes’’ Li Yao's voice was determined.

’’Then surpass the wargod level and become an existence surpassing the wargod level’’ said the old man lightly, ’’That way, you'll have a chance to kill him. Of course..... you must face the wrath of 'Hong'. Hong might treasure talented people and let you go. But he also might..... kill you out of rage’’

Li Yao's eyes were determined: ’’Senior, please guide me’’

’’This is my training journal. The techniques I've trained are in there. At the same time..... it also contains my breakthrough experience’’ the old man took out a handwritten book, ’’I hope it will help you’’. As he said that, he threw it over.

Li Yao extended his hand and took it.


’’Breakthrough, and become an existence surpassing the wargod level. The key is in your 'spirit' and 'resolve'’’ the old man closed his eyes, ’’You guys can leave now!’’

Li Yao and Venina tapped their heads on the ground in thanks and immediately left.


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