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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 70


VOLUME 5 CHAPTER 70: ’’3516’’

Luo Feng stood in front of his desk and opened the black cover of the 《Palace of Wargod Rules》. There was only a single sheet of paper inside.

’’Welcome to the Palace of Wargods’’

’’The Palace of Wargods was formed together by the first chairman Hong and the second chairman Thunder God to be the most powerful fighter organization. All the wargods and existences surpassing the wargod level on earth are a member of the Palace of Wargods. Only existences surpassing the wargod level have the right to become representatives of the administration of the Palace of Wargods, which is the 'Palace of Wargods committee'.’’

’’And in the committee are the five big chairmen, divided into first chairman, second chairman..... all the way until the fifth chairman’’

’’These five people are the five strongest fighters on earth!’’

’’Which is to say..... the positions in the Palace of Wargods are split into three levels: regular member, representative, chairman’’

’’In the Palace of Wargods are 'stores', 'auction houses', 'competition plazas', 'training towers'...... many functions that await for you to discover them!’’

Just a short piece of paper.

After reading this, Luo Feng laughed and then walked towards the cabinet. He put on some casual attire and then pushed the door open as he left the room.

As he walked along the hallway, he naturally appeared at the external corridor of the Palace of Wargods' outer wall. This external corridor was nine meters wide. He stood on the external corridor that was like a castle wall as he looked below. Below was a gigantic plaza of the Palace of Wargods, which had a full nine arenas.

What about outside the plaza?

’’RUMBLE~~’’ huge black waves smashed into the surrounding wall of the plaza over and over again. The gigantic Palace of Wargods was like a huge palace hovering above an infinite sea.

’’Who designed this? One side of the Palace of Wargods is an infinite mist while this side is an infinite sea’’

Luo Feng shook his head.

’’Hello’’ a voice appeared from behind. Luo Feng turned his head and looked over. The man speaking was a tall, white man, who was currently smiling as he extended his hand, ’’My name is Vladi’’

’’Luo Feng’’ Luo Feng smiled as he shook his hand and complimented, ’’Your Chinese is quite good’’

’’Thank you for the compliment’’ Vladi's face was all smiles, ’’Mr. Luo Feng, you seem quite young, and this is my first time seeing you. If it's the only thing I, Vladi, am good at, I know 99% of the wargods on earth. So Mr. Luo Feng probably hasn't come here that many times’’

Luo Feng looked at the person in front of him with shock.

99% of the wargods on earth? Maybe it's an exaggeration, but it still shows his confidence.

’’This is my first time here’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’Oh, first time’’ Vladi's eyebrows raised and had a mysterious smile on, ’’You're going to have a surprise later then’’


While talking, Luo Feng and Vladi, the two wargods, have arrived at a spiral staircase leading to the first floor's lobby. Luo Feng was currently at the third floor, so he was probably around 10 meters away from the first floor. And yet, the ceiling of the first floor was around 30 meters high and over 100 meters in both length and width!

This lobby is bigger than most schools' gymnasiums!

In this gigantic lobby were large amounts of sofas and chairs, at least a thousand of them. And now, there were nearly a thousand people sitting with their friends and chatting as they drank.

’’So many wargods!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to hold his breath.

You have to at least be a wargod to enter the Palace of Wargods! And now, there are nearly a thousand wargods in front of him. This was the first time he has ever seen so many wargods at once. Even at the elite training camp, there were only a few dozen wargods. And in Jiang-Nan city, meeting even one wargod is a rare occurrence.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, wargods are usually spread out, so they would rarely encounter other wargods. Because of this, many wargods frequently come to the 'Palace of Wargods' to have some drinks and chat, which also counts as making connections’’ said Vladi.

’’Yeah’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to nod.

This is where all the wargods on earth gather.

As he walked down the spiral staircase, Luo Feng looked around. Other than the many chatting wargods, there were quite a few absolutely stunning waiters in the lobby, whether in looks or in elegance. There were probably over 100 of them who were here just to serve the wargods. There was also a gigantic display on the wall of the lobby.

There was a number on it '3515′.

’’What does this 3515 mean?’’ Luo Feng was full of questions.


At this time, Luo Feng and Vladi got off the staircase and Luo Feng stepped on the extremely shiny floor of the first floor's lobby. When he did that, the entire lobby suddenly went dark. The originally smooth, comfortable light became dim. The relaxing music instantly disappeared.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was extremely confused, and a smile appeared on Vladi's face.


The originally chatting wargods virtually looked towards the staircase in unison. Their eyes glanced across Vladi and then stayed on Luo Feng!


After a sharp sound that could make one's soul shake, the entire lobby rang with a ringing, passionate, and joyful music. This music reverberated around the entire lobby. The nearly thousand wargods in this extravagant lobby from all parts of the world stood up. Some of them even started clapping.

Some of them, work for the government.

Some of them, are special people hidden in the darkness.

Some of them, are mercenaries who live their lives killing.

Some of them, have peacefully retired and are enjoying their lives while teaching their students.


They are the most elite group of people in all of human society. They are the most wealthy group of people who stand at the top of the pyramid of human society.


A dim light shone on Luo Feng.

’’The Palace of Wargods, welcomes a new wargod, his name is..... LUO FENG!’’

A thundering voice rang as if it came from the heavens!

After this voice rang, a 3D hologram appeared above the lobby, which displayed some huge words

Name: Luo Feng

Country: China

Level: Wargod (advanced)

Just a simple three lines. Each of them are 3D and seemed to be carved out of stone as it hovered in midair.

’’The number of wargods in human society increases by one more, it is now 3516!’’ the thundering sound echoed around the lobby. At the same time, the gigantic '3515' on the gigantic display on the wall of the lobby jumped to '3516'. Furthermore, the happy music started to quiet down until it couldn't be heard anymore.

The light shining on Luo Feng also disappeared.

Everything became silent again.

’’This.....’’ Luo Feng didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. He looked towards Vladi beside him. This Vladi definitely knew about this, but just didn't remind him.

’’The virtual space automatically introduces any wargod that has come for the first time’’ Vladi's face was full of smiles, ’’Who would've thought that Mr. Luo Feng, despite becoming a wargod recently, would be an advanced level wargod. This is quite respectable’’

In the Palace of Wargods, the near thousand wargods sat on their seats as they discussed with their friends.

Quite a few people were talking about this Luo Feng.....

There were only a few hundred advanced level wargods out of the 3516 wargods on earth. It is indeed rare for a new wargod to be an advanced level wargod.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’

A few voices sounded and six shadows approached from a few faraway seats. Luo Feng looked towards them with shock...... he actually recognized all six of these people! These six people were teachers from the elite training camp! Even though he didn't see his teacher Jiang Fang, he recognized everyone else. Within them was the wargod that originally brought him to the training camp, Yang Hui.

’’Teacher Yang, Teacher Witt.....’’ yelled Luo Feng.

’’Stop yelling teacher. You've already graduated, and the one who actually taught you was Jiang Fang, so just call us by our names’’ laughed Yang Hui. The other teachers from the elite training camp also nodded as they smiled.

No matter how powerful the student becomes, they have to respect their teacher.

However, every student in the elite training camp only has one teacher to teach them. Luo Feng's teacher was Jiang Fang..... now that Luo Feng graduated and his position is high, only Jiang Fang deserves to be called 'teacher'. Even though the others know Luo Feng, they haven't actually taught him, so there's no need for Luo Feng to do this.

’’Luo Feng, according to the old rules, I'll introduce you’’ Yang Hui smiled passionately. The other teachers also smiled as they stood to the side.


Yang Hui's voice instantly became loud, and it rang across the entire lobby. The near thousand wargods that were chatting and drinking in the lobby all turned their heads over and saw Yang Hui's group. Many of them watched on with interest. In this kind of place, wargods without a bit of background wouldn't dare to yell like this.

’’Let me introduce to everyone’’ smiled Yang Hui as he spoke loud and clear, ’’The one next to me is the new examiner appointed to Jiang-Nan city by the head of the Dojo of Limits himself!’’


A huge uproar!

The Dojo of Limits is the world's most powerful organization. Just look at them: other than the head, 'Hong', being the strongest fighter on earth, he has three royal guards and five big investigators below him. That's a total of eight existences surpassing the wargod level! You can say that the Dojo of Limits' elites are the most powerful.

Usually, an organization would be decent if it even had one wargod in it.

And there are tons of advanced fighters in the Dojo of Limits!

To become an examiner in a large headquarter city like 'Jiang-Nan city' means you have to be a powerful figure within the advanced level wargods!

’’Not only that, but the higher ups gave brother Luo Feng the title of 'invincible wargod'’’ Yang Hui's face was full of smiles, ’’You all better get close to brother Luo Feng’’

After saying this, the entire lobby was in an uproar.

Invincible wargod?

There are only a few hundred advanced level wargods on earth. Those at Yang Hui's level, probably around a hundred people. And those at Phantom Demon Catalan's level, not more than fifty people! Finally, only a few dozen people have the right to be called 'invincible wargod'. These people either have their blade technique trained to an alarming level, or technique, or spiritual force......

Anyway, they have ultimate moves that are practically invincible!

Each of them are huge figures on earth.

’’Luo Feng’’ said Yang Hui quietly to Luo Feng as he smiled, ’’You won't blame me right’’

Luo Feng smiled.

He knew the rules too. The Dojo of Limits usually take the initiative to advertise their powerful people. For example, the title 'invincible wargod' helps get the name out! And nobody would doubt the strength rating of the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits.

’’Go, let's sit over there’’ smiled Yang Hui.

’’Luo Feng, the food and drink here is absolutely amazing. It's the best’’ said the other wargod teachers as they walked.

In the Palace of Wargods, the wargods from the Dojo of Limits naturally formed their own group.

The lobby was filled with discussions..... quite a few people started to look at Luo Feng in a different way.....

Luo Feng, invincible wargod?

The news of his first appearance in the Palace of Wargods will definitely spread across the world like wildfire.


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