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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 7



The sky wasn't dark;the streets were flowing with the fresh blood of monsters. The fighter jet that descended through the cold air attracted the gaze of all the fighters present. The last time Luo Feng saw such a fighter jet was during the rat tide incident.

’’What's a fighter jet doing here, and even stopping right in front of us. Who are they looking for?’’ Luo Feng was full of suspicion.

The other fighters on the side started quietly discussing.

’’A fighter jet?’’

’’Is this fighter jet from the military or a wargod's personal aircraft?’’

The members of the fire hammer squad, the north river squad, and the rescued 'Arctic Fox' squad all looked towards the fighter jet with suspicion. Normally, fighters would rarely even see a fighter jet flying by in the air over the course of a year in the wilderness. And don't even mention a fighter jet stopping right in front of them.


The hatch of the aircraft opened.

Luo Feng looked carefully and saw two shadows jump off one by one. The two of them were wearing black battle uniforms. One walked in front of the other as they came over, and the one behind was one of Jiang-Nan city's big four: Zhu Ge Tao! Zhu Ge Tao was even smiling towards Luo Feng.

’’Chief Zhu Ge Tao’’


Luo Feng, Gao Feng, the other fire hammer squad members, and the rescued arctic fox squad members all yelled respectfully. The north river squad said nothing on the side, since they were from the Thunder Dojo.

However, the members of the fire hammer squad, the arctic fox squad, and the north river squad were all confused. One of the great big four of Jiang-Nan headquarter city was walking behind this middle aged man like an assistant?

Who is this middle aged man?

’’Luo Feng, Gao Feng, and Tao Ke, let me introduce to you guys’’ smiled Zhu Ge Tao as he stood next to the middle aged man, ’’This is envoy Mr. Yang who arrived from the Dojo of Limits world headquarters. Mr. Yang is a wargod level fighter’’

The members of the fire hammer squad and the arctic fox squad were all stunned.

’’Mr. Yang’’ the people all yelled respectfully.


The wargod Mr. Yang just nodded and didn't say anything more to the fighters. His gaze scanned across the group and quickly landed on Luo Feng! This scene instantly confused the other fighters. Why is this envoy from the Dojo of Limits world headquarters staring at Luo Feng?

Of course, Yang Hui has seen Luo Feng's photos before.

’’Luo Feng’’ spoke Yang Hui.

’’Mr. Yang’’ responded Luo Feng, his heart full of confusion.

Zhu Ge Tao smiled on the side as he looked at Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, Mr. Yang rushed to Jiang-Nan city from the Dojo of Limits world headquarters mainly for you. Mr. Yang worked quite a bit for you, so you have to thank him deeply’’

Indeed, even though Mr. Yang has the common sickness called 'arrogance' that all wargods have... he still cares about his talented juniors. If Yang Hui didn't apply for Luo Feng to enter the 'elite training camp', Luo Feng wouldn't even have the chance to take the exam.

’’No need for thanks, Luo Feng's own hard work earned him this chance’’ Yang Hui slightly smiled.

Luo Feng was still full of confusion.

What is this Yang Hui and Zhu Ge Tao talking about? How come he has no idea what's going on?

’’Luo Feng, come, get on the fighter jet’’ persuaded Zhu Ge Tao, and right after, commanded the fire hammer squad members, ’’Gao Feng, you fire hammer squad members temporarily halt your actions in the wilderness and return to the headquarter city. From today on, Luo Feng won't be in your fire hammer squad anymore, so you guys have to make the necessary preparations’’.


Luo Feng and the other fire hammer squad members were all flabbergasted.

’’Chief, what is going on?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’I'll tell you when we return to the headquarter city’’ Zhu Ge Tao scanned the area. Even though he doesn't have to keep this a secret, he still doesn't want to talk about this in front of so many people.

With the gaze of many sending them off, Luo Feng got on the fighter jet with Zhu Ge Tao and envoy Yang Hui. The fighter jet quickly ascended and turned into a dark blue light which directly disappeared into the horizon.

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing all had complicated looks on their faces.

They could tell.

The fire hammer squad was going to be disbanded!

It was clear when Zhu Ge Tao said the phrase, ’’Luo Feng won't be in your fire hammer squad anymore’’. And today, a wargod and a chief of the Dojo of Limits personally came to pick up Luo Feng. Something big is probably going to happen!

’’Luo Feng is probably going to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters and undergo special training’’ said the captain of the arctic fox squad, Tao Ke.

’’Most likely’’

’’Indeed, Luo Feng's strength earns him that special right’’

’’Don't spout nonsense. Special training in the world headquarters isn't big enough for a wargod and a chief to personally rush to the wilderness. In our Thunder Dojo, two or three people in the entire headquarter city have the right to undergo special training, as long as a chief applies for it and an envoy comes to test them. Why would an envoy wargod come all the way to the wilderness?’’ the captain of the north river squad, Kang Wei, shook his head, ’’Unless... it's the legendary wargod preparation camp!’’

’’Wargod preparation camp?’’

Guo Hai took in a deep breath and his face changed dramatically. The legendary #1 camp in the entire world. It's real name is the 'elite training camp' but is called the 'wargod preparation camp' by fighters because every fighter that enters the camp has a 90% chance of becoming a wargod! The other 10% is for those who become handicapped or die in the camp.

’’This Luo Feng, entered the wargod preparation camp?’’ Guo Hai couldn't help but to clench his fists.

A complex feeling would naturally appear because of a rival in love.

’’In all of Jiang-Nan headquarter city, only one person enters the wargod preparation camp every few years. And he entered? Impossible’’ Guo Hai's face had an extremely unpleasant look on it.



The dark blue UFO-shaped fighter jet formed a light and quickly arrived at the skies above Jiang-nan headquarter city. It then started to slowly descend.

’’Luo Feng, we have arrived at the headquarter city. Get off the jet immediately’’ said Zhu Ge Tao.

’’So fast’’ Luo Feng looked at this fighter jet.

A few statistics of the fighter jets aren't made public. Using what he witnessed when the fighter jet flew over to the wilderness, just the naked eye was enough to tell him that this fighter jet was moving at a few times faster than the speed of sound! Over 1,000 meters in a second is definitely reasonable. Adding to that, the fighter jet was following the path of a straight line.

It took mere seconds for the fighter jet to arrive at the headquarter city from #023 city.

The hatch opened automatically and Zhu Ge Tao, Luo Feng, and Yang Hui jumped off the jet. The fighter jet landed on the roof of the Dojo of Limits headquarters.

The Dojo of Limits headquarters building. The main layer was an extremely gigantic training hall. The entire training hall was silverish white, and a man in a white dojo uniform was sitting cross legged in the center.


The elevator door opened and Luo Feng followed Zhu Ge Tao and Yang Hui as he entered this gigantic training hall. When he first entered, Luo Feng's gaze was attracted by the man in the white dojo uniform. He could feel that an energy invisible to the naked eye was currently pulsing around the man in the white dojo uniform.

’’His hands are quite large’’ Luo Feng realized with a glance that the man's hands were almost like fans: his one hand was comparable to the size of a normal person's two hands combined.


The man in the white dojo uniform stood up and smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’You must be Luo Feng. Oh, old Yang, are you preparing to let Luo Feng take the exam in my Jiang-Nan headquarter city?’’. Yang Hui slightly hesitated. The man in the white dojo uniform continued: ’’After you went to search for Luo Feng, I've thought about it carefully. Applying for the test in a headquarter city is quite troublesome. Whether Luo Feng passes or fails, he'll be going to the world headquarters anyway. If so, then he might as well go to the headquarters to take the test;that would be much more simple’’

’’You're right’’ laughed Yang Hui, ’’Indeed, if Luo Feng passes, he'll enter the 'elite training camp'. If he fails, he'll enter the 'basics training camp'’’

No matter what, there's absolutely no problem for Luo Feng to pass for the basics training camp.

Luo Feng listened to the two with confusion. What exactly is this test that they have been mentioning?

’’Luo Feng, this is the chairman of our Jiang-Nan city Dojo of Limits headquarters’’ said Zhu Ge Tao softly. Luo Feng realized: it was him!

Zhou Zheng Yong, wargod level fighter. The man nicknamed 'steel hand', the chairman of the Jiang-Nan city Dojo of Limits headquarters.

Zhou Zheng Yong and Yang Hui talked for a bit before looking at Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng, our Dojo of Limits world headquarters has two big camps: the basics training camp and the elite training camp. You know about this right?’’ said Yang Hui.

’’Not clearly’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

Zhou Zheng Yong laughed loudly on the side: ’’You must have heard of the special training before’’

Luo Feng nodded. The Thunder Dojo used this special training contract to attract him.

’’The basics training camp accepts geniuses from all over the world and supplies them with the best resources!’’

’’The elite training camp is the #1 training camp on earth. It accepts the geniuses of geniuses, demon-like students’’ Zhou Zheng Yong looked at Luo Feng, ’’Similarly, the elite training camp has an astonishing amount of resources, and your teachers will be wargods at least! There are ’’examiners’’ and even those who have surpassed the wargod level, ’’investigators’’, too! Even the world's strongest fighter, ’’Hong’’, goes to the camp. The second strongest fighter, ’’Thunder God’’, is invited there too!’’

Luo Feng froze.

The elite training camp? Accepts demons only? Their teachers are at least wargod level? Even Hong and Thunder God go there?

’’Not only do you have the best teachers, but you even have the world's most advanced technology supplied to you in the elite training camp. Some of them were even treasures excavated from archaeological ruins. You will receive the most perfect training!’’ Zhou Zheng Yong stared at Luo Feng and tried to hide his excitement as he spoke.

Yang Hui sighed on the side: ’’The world's most genius students, best teachers, and best equipment gathered. The elite training camp which is #1 in every aspect! As long as you don't die, you'll become a wargod!’’

Luo Feng blinked twice.

’’Of course, each spot in the elite training camp is priceless! Even huge families rarely get a spot even after spending tens of billions!’’ Yang Hui looked at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, you have a chance to enter the world's best training camp. The only requirement is that you must pass the B grade exam!’’


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