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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 69



This was an extremely large and quiet room. Luo Feng, who was wearing a simple white robe, suddenly appeared in the room.

’’What a large room’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to gasp.

With a glance, the length of the room was over 50 meters, and the width was around 20 meters. The ceiling was 5 meters high. In otherwords..... the area of this room exceeded 1,000 square meters. In the middle of the room was a large, circular bed with a diameter of three meters. In front of the bed was an indoor pool with a length of 20 meters and a width of 10 meters.

A bed, a pool, desks and chairs, an elegant dining table, a relaxer chair, a training section with yoga mats..... in this gigantic room with over 1,000 square meters of space, the space was neatly divided into several sections.


Luo Feng let out a smile.

’’Welcome, wargod Luo Feng’’ an electronic sound suddenly rang, which shocked Luo Feng.

’’This is your private room within the Palace of Wargods. Other than you, nobody else can enter the room’’ the electronic sound reverberated within the room, ’’In the Palace of Wargods, you can order whatever you want to eat or drink. There are many delicious delicacies that don't exist in real life’’

Luo Feng froze? Advertising food and drink?

’’On your desk are two books. One is the 《Palace of Wargod Rules》 and the other is the 《Spirit Reader Basics》. I hope you enjoy your time in the Palace of Wargods’’ the electronic sound disappeared.

’’Have fun?’’ Luo Feng laughed.

This Palace of Wargods is a place to provide entertainment for wargods?

The desk was closer to the window, and the entire southern side of the room was a gigantic french window. Through the window, he saw the extraordinarily beautiful, phenomenal sights outside.


Through the window, Luo Feng looked outside. The outside world seemed limitless. Mist emanated around and refracted the unending beams of sunlight, causing the light of the seven colors of the rainbow to shoot off. It was absolutely beautiful and stunning. Even though he knew this was virtual space, this 100% virtual modeling caused one to think it was real. One couldn't help but to be amazed at such beauty.

’’Let's first take a look at the 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual’’ Luo Feng walked towards the desk where the two books were placed. One of the book's cover was black and had the four large words 《Palace of Wargod Rules》 on it. The cover of the other book was black with a bit of starlight flashing from within, as if it was as mysterious as the starry sky.

It had three large words on it 《Spirit Reader Basics》.

’’This one instruction manual is worth 3 stars, even more expensive than an emperor level fighter jet’’ Luo Feng picked up this instruction manual and started reading.


’’Spiritual force comes from one's spirit, one's soul! The body is the foundation, the basis of one's spirit’’

’’Spiritual force can only grow, become stronger, in one's body. Because the relationship between the body and spiritual force is special, once spiritual force comes into contact with a person or animal, it'll automatically go through. So spiritual force cannot directly attack an enemy's body. It must attack via special means, like knives or other weapons’’

After reading this part, Luo Feng couldn't help but to nod his head.


Just like when he sprints, his spiritual force is working on an external object, like his shield, the bottom of his battle boots, his armguards, etc. and not on his clothes. Why? Because, from the atomic perspective, there are many holes on the battle uniform! When the spiritual force works on the battle uniform, a lot of it will naturally pass through these holes and go through the person's body.

It is still a bit effective.

But only 1/10 of what it potentially could be. And when you use it on places like the shield, the bottom of the battle boots, etc., 100% of the effect is brought out.

’’Spiritual force, can have form, and be formless’’

’’Form, allows it to possess astonishing power. It can control objects and kill enemies over 100 meters away’’

’’Formless, allows it to slip into one's heart without notice and kill them without making any sort of sound’’

’’It is absolutely silent, and never conforms to one state’’

’’All spirit readers are split into three categories..... the first kind, controlling objects to kill enemies. The second kind, attacking an enemy's mind directly. The third kind, monster taming’’


Luo Feng continued to read. About half of the entire book was talking about ’’controlling objects to kill enemies'. The second half mainly talked about 'attacking an enemy's mind directly'. As for the third kind, 'monster taming', not much was was written about it.

’’Hm?’’ when Luo Feng continued to read about the first kind, 'controlling objects to kill enemies', a line caused his eyes to lighten up.

’’Spirit readers that focus on controlling objects, once they become strong enough, have three categories they train: ’’spiritual force strength’’, ’’weapons’’, ’’technique’’. This book is mainly going to discuss ’’technique’’. In terms of technique for a spirit reader, it is mainly about how many weapons a spirit reader can control at once while maintaining maximum power’’

’’For example, an 'intermediate level wargod level' spirit reader can reach up to 160,000 KG of impact power with one throwing knife!’’

’’If he controls five knives, where each one has 160,000 KG of impact power, it will be 800,000 KG of impact power in total!’’

’’Then what if he controls ten knives at the same time, where each one can reach its maximum? That'll be 1,600,000 KG of impact power!’’

’’And what if he can control 20 knives at the same time, where each one can reach its maximum? That'll be 3,200,000 KG of impact power!’’

’’Maintaining maximum power while controlling many weapons..... the spirit reader will naturally be stronger that way. The next part will introduce to you, how to raise the number of weapons you can control at once while maintaining maximum power on each one’’

After reading this part, Luo Feng was stunned.

Yea, the number of throwing knives he can control!

That Phantom Demon Catalan was only an intermediate level wargod level spirit reader, and yet he could control nine daggers at once, where each of the daggers were at maximum power! As for Luo Feng, even though he was already a 'peak of the advanced level wargod level' spirit reader, can only control six throwing knives at once. The number of throwing knives he can control are too few.

’’I can maintain an impact power of 500,000 kg on my throwing knives! So six of them would be an impact power of 3,000,000 kg. If I can control 10 throwing knives...... 5,000,000 KG? 20 throwing knives would be 10,000,000 KG, holy! Even an existence surpassing the wargod level probably can't block that’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited.

As he kept reading, Luo Feng realized the difficulty of maintaining maximum power on each of the objects he controlled!

Under no special training, Luo Feng could be considered as talented for being able to control six throwing knives at once.

Phantom Demon Catalan trained for dozens of years and only reached nine daggers! However, Phantom Demon Catalan doesn't have the 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual to guide him and had to figure things out himself. On earth, the amount of spirit readers that can control over 10 throwing knives at once at maximum power won't exceed five.

20 throwing knives?

This is something that all the spirit readers on earth look up to.

’’No wonder this instruction manual is worth 3 stars and can only be read in the virtual space’’ the more Luo Feng read, the more excited and happy he became, ’’It seems like going up by one throwing knife is difficult. However, as long as there's a way to train, then I'll improve eventually if I keep at it’’

After finishing the 'controlling objects' section, Luo Feng's blood was boiling. He continued to read the 'spiritual attack' section.


’’In your own consciousness, your spiritual force is strengthened by a level. When your spiritual force enters someone else's, not only will it not become stronger, it will also be restricted by the enemy's consciousness, thus weakening it by a level?’’ Luo Feng mumbled to himself, ’’In other words, if you want to kill someone with just your spiritual force, you have to be three levels higher!’’

If an advanced level wargod level spirit reader's spiritual force enters a beginner level wargod level spirit reader's realm of consciousness, the advanced wargod level's spiritual force will be restricted while the beginner level wargod level's spiritual force will be strengthened, thus making them equal!

Only when you're higher by three levels!

Can you kill them!

’’What? Regular fighters have powerful spiritual force too?’’ Luo Feng was shocked as he read the description.

Regular fighters don't have the ability of telekinesis!

But that doesn't mean they are spiritually weak. In reality, powerful fighters with solid wills have powerful spiritual forces. For example, an advanced level wargod has a very small amount of spiritual force in his realm of consciousness. In terms of quality, it isn't much weaker than the spiritual force of an 'advanced level wargod level spirit reader'. It's just that the quantity differs by too much.


Spiritual attacks are quite complicated. Apparently, people on earth aren't that good at it anyway.

There are 18 attacks recorded in total in the instruction manual.

There are ’’Illusory Dream’’, ’’Phantom Eye’’, ’’Spiritual Awl Pierce’’, ’’Soul Shaker’’...... quite a few famous techniques, and a full 18 of them.

The way to kill people is

Use these techniques to distract your opponent and then kill them with objects!

’’First use this technique and then control an object?’’ Luo Feng sighed to himself, as he was a bit disappointed with this so called spiritual attack. However, Luo Feng was still preparing to learn those 18 techniques anyway.


He continued reading the third section monster taming.

In the book, your spiritual force is capable of taming monsters. As of now, there are nine spirit readers who have succeeded in taming monsters. However, there was only one method of monster taming recorded spiritual communication! A very delicate way of becoming friends with monsters.

He closed the book.

Luo Feng let out a deep breath and then walked next to the window as he gazed at the infinite sky and ocean outside.

’’A price of 3 stars, how expensive’’ Luo Feng let out a smile, ’’But, worth it!’’

Only after reading did Luo Feng understand why 'Hong' treasures this instruction manual so much. You can say that after reading the 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual, Luo Feng completely understands how to train as a spirit reader. The book mentioned ways to 'raise the number of throwing knives you can control' and also has the 18 spiritual attack techniques.

Just these techniques are priceless. Who knows how 'Hong' even gathered all of these.

’’If I got this instruction manual one year ago, then I would probably have twice my current strength!’’ Luo Feng gazed outside the window, his heart filled with extreme joy.

Keep training hard I guess.

According to the descriptions in the book, once the number of throwing knives an 'advanced level wargod level spirit reader' reaches a certain point, he can even make a breakthrough and become an existence surpassing the wargod level!

’’I'll focus with object controlling and use a few spiritual attack techniques as support’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

Work hard!

Now that he's an examiner, he can take it easy a bit and safely train this 'object controlling' technique. Maybe he'll even be able to shoot past the wargod level.

’’Time to see the other wargods’’

’’All the wargods on earth are in this Palace of Wargods! Who knows how many of them there are’’ Luo Feng was curious about just how many wargods were on earth!


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