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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 68



When Luo Feng, his parents, and his brother reunited, Ming-Yue sector became lively again, because the main city sector's chairman and three chiefs were about to arrive.

Chief instructor Wu Tong brought a few dozen fighters with him as he waited.

’’How come the chairman and the three chiefs are coming?’’

’’It's quite rare for the big four to come to our sector together’’ these fighters were discussing.

’’They're here’’ Wu Tong looked towards the sky.

Everyone quieted down and looked towards the sky.

A flowing light pierced the sky and then decelerated. The light formed into a dark blue disc-shaped fighter jet as it hovered above Ming-Yue sector. It started to slowly descend!

’’Go, let's welcome the chairman’’ Wu Tong brought the few dozen fighters to welcome them. As for the family of those fighters, they were prohibited from coming near. They were welcoming the chairman and the three chiefs, how can they have a bunch of random spectators around?


The hatch opened and a staircase extended out automatically. With chairman Zhou, who was wearing black, in the lead, the three chiefs followed. All of them walked down the staircase.

’’I greet the chairman, the three chiefs’’ Wu Tong bowed.

’’We greet the chairman, the three chiefs’’ the group of fighters bowed.

Quite a few family members of the fighters who were watching from afar were extremely excited as they quietly discussed amongst themselves. These people were the Big Four of Jiang-Nan headquarter city! It's rare to see even one of them!

’’Ok’’ Zhou Zheng Yong nodded.

The group of fighters held their breath. Back when Wu Tong brought Luo Feng to meet chief Zhu Ge Tao, he was extremely respectful. Keep in mind..... that a chief instructor of a sub city can't even compare with a chief of the entire headquarter city. And don't even talk about comparing him with the chairman! In front of the chairman and the three chiefs, all the fighters were extremely respectful.

’’Is examiner Luo home?’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong as he asked.


Wu Tong and the few dozen fighters froze. Examiner Luo? Who is this examiner Luo?

’’Luo..... examiner Luo?’’ Wu Tong froze.

’’Examiner Luo, as in Luo Feng’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong. He didn't dare to boldly say ’’that kid Luo Feng’’, since Luo Feng is his superior and Luo Feng's strength has been declared as 'invincible wargod' by the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits. How could Zhou Zheng Yong, an intermediate level wargod, mess with that?

’’Luo Feng? Examiner Luo?’’ Wu Tong and the group froze.

Zhu Ge Tao smiled on the side: ’’The world headquarters sent us a notice: Wargod Luo Feng has officially become the examiner of our Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits headquarters. We came here this time to greet examiner Luo’’

’’Luo Feng, oh, examiner Luo is with his family at home’’ Wu Tong's responded the fastest as he replied, ’’Chairman, three chiefs, should I notify the examiner?’’

’’I'll contact him myself’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong as he dialed.

Wu Tong and the group of fighters stared at Zhou Zheng Yong.

The call went through.

’’Oh, examiner Luo, I am Zhou Zheng Yong’’ Zhou Zheng Yong's face was filled with smiles as he said respectfully, ’’I have already arrived at Ming-Yue sector. The three chiefs are beside me. No rush, no rush. We'll wait here at Limit Hall for examiner Luo’’

After hanging up, Zhou Zheng Yong looked at Wu Tong as he smiled: ’’Wu Tong, go, let's take a look at your Yang Zhou city's Limit Hall’’

’’Yes, chairman’’ Wu Tong quickly followed.


Soon enough, the entirety of Ming-Yue sector went into an uproar. Luo Feng was the new examiner of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits. This news spread from one person to the next. Other than those who weren't in the sector, everyone already knew. Everyone was excited and shocked and only came to realization after connecting this fact to the fighter jet they saw earlier.

’’No wonder Luo Feng can afford a fighter jet, it's because he became an examiner’’

’’Call him examiner, stop yelling Luo Feng Luo Feng’’

’’The examiner is only 20 years old this year. If you count his exact age, he's only 19 years old. He hasn't even married yet. Does he have anyone in mind?’’

’’Not that I've heard of’’

Some people have started to try to get closer to Luo Feng's family while others searched for a potential wife for Luo Feng. Anyways, all sorts of things were going on! Since an examiner..... to become an examiner, you first have to be an advanced level wargod! And within the advanced level wargods, you have to be quite famous. Such a person, even across the entire world, means business!

If someone's family member can marry Luo Feng, then their entire family will have it easy.

※※ ※※

Limit Hall, first floor's living room.

There were a total of five people in the living room: the Big Four of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits, and Luo Feng. And right now, Luo Feng was sitting on a chair. After walking to Limit Hall from home, the attitude of a few neighbors and fighters in the sector confused Luo Feng..... they seemed to be too passionate, and some people even yelled 'Examiner Luo'.

Then Luo Feng realized his identity is out!

However, it was going to be revealed regardless, so Luo Feng had time to prepare.

’’Examiner Luo, let me introduce to you’’ chairman Zhou Zheng Yong smiled, ’’These three, are the three chiefs of our Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits. This is Zhu Ge Tao, this is Wang Ke Fan, and this is Yu Sun’’

’’We greet the examiner’’ Zhu Ge Tao, Wang Ke Fan, and Yu Sun all stood up as they said.

’’Don't be so polite, relax. Everyone sit’’

’’All of you count as my seniors, and Zhu Ge Tao even helped me out back then, so I am extremely grateful’’ said Luo Feng honestly. He has met a few existences surpassing the wargod level and even met the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', face to face. Now that he's with Zhou Zheng Yong, Zhu Ge Tao, and the others, Luo Feng was quite calm and relaxed.

After a few minutes of talking, Luo Feng's relaxed manner erased a bit of the Big Four's worries.

It seems like.....

Even though this young man's position is high, he isn't cocky and full of himself. The Big Four let out a big sigh of relief in their hearts.

’’Chairman Zhou’’ said Luo Feng, ’’Of course, I'll do what an examiner is supposed to do. As for the various things in the Dojo of Limits in Jiang-Nan city, we should probably keep them the same way. I'm young and don't really understand this, nor do I feel like understanding this’’. After hearing this, chairman Zhou and the others were overjoyed.

’’However, I hope none of you step out of bounds’’ Luo Feng's expression became serious, ’’Since headquarters gave me the position of examiner, I still have to be able to carry my duty out for the sake of the higher ups’’

Even though he said that.....

Truthfully, Luo Feng hasn't even taken a look at the mail, which explained the duties of an examiner, sent to him from the Dojo of Limits headquarters yet.

’’Do not worry, examiner Luo, we definitely will not cause trouble for you’’ promised Zhou Zheng Yong right away, ’’If anyone steps out of place, I will punish them before examiner Luo even says a word’’

’’Not that serious’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’I am still easy to talk to, although my temper rages a bit sometimes, since I'm young. Please take care of me, fellow seniors’’

’’I have a favor to ask for, chairman Zhou’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Please ask, examiner Luo’’

Luo Feng took in a deep breath and said slowly, ’’During the Grand Nirvana period, my parents were separated from their relatives. I want to ask chairman Zhou to help me search for my parents' cousins from back then, and find out whether or not my parents' seniors are still alive’’. Even though his parents were orphans.....

It was so chaotic back then. His parents were still young, so who knows whether or not his grandma or grandpa is still alive.

’’This......’’ frowned chairman Zhou, ’’this is quite a difficult task’’

Luo Feng frowned.

Chairman Zhou continued: ’’Mainly because many cities from back then were taken over by monsters. Internet databases were paralyzed and lots of information was lost. Many people lost their identification. That is why our Dojo of Limits can not investigate this matter. We have to investigate through the Chinese government! The Chinese government's civilian data is quite detailed’’

’’There's no problem with asking the government to help right?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’For the Chinese government, examiner Luo's words would hold way greater weight than mine’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’Yeah, but I will tell them when I get back. Once they know that examiner Luo wants a favor, they will definitely put their heart into it’’

Invincible wargod! It's attractive even for China, one of the five countries.

’’Okay’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’Since you just took up the position of examiner, according to the rules, we have to hold a gigantic welcoming ceremony for you. At that time, all the important people from the economic world, political world, fighters, etc. will participate. Even some important people within China will probably come’’ said Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’I don't know when the examiner hopes to hold this ceremony?’’

Luo Feng froze.

Becoming an examiner is something big, so of course he has to show himself;he can't just hide. Luo Feng knew these were the rules.

’’How about this, I'll rest a bit at home first since I just returned, hm..... the first day of the next month, which is September 1st, will be a good day to hold the ceremony and welcome our guests’’ said Luo Feng.

He just returned, so today at Ming-Yue sector was extremely lively. At night, Luo Feng gathered with Chen Gu, Zhang Ke, and other friends and they all enjoyed themselves.

※※ ※※

Deep in the night, 11 PM. Silence.

Luo Feng sat on the sofa in the listening room as he held a tea cup. He read the email on the large display of the listening room, which described the various responsibilities he had after becoming an 'examiner'.


’’This is quite easy’’ nodded Luo Feng. Beside him was a dark blue helmet that was currently sitting on the sofa.

Luo Feng picked up the dark blue helmet.

When using this 'consciousness sensor' helmet, the most important thing is to make sure to keep yourself safe! Because once you put on the dark blue helmet, your consciousness will enter the virtual space. When this happens, it'll be a problem if someone wants to assassinate you. However, within the fighter's sector of a headquarter city, nobody would dare to do such a thing.

However, the manual...... still reminded the user to keep themselves safe.

This 'consciousness sensor' helmet also has a safety feature: it can detect whether or not someone enters within its detectable range.

’’Maybe others are concerned about their safety, but I'm not’’

Luo Feng smiled as a black membrane covered his entire body. With his 'Black God Set' protecting him, what is there to fear?

’’Safety range, 5 meters x 5 meters’’ Luo Feng still set it anyway and the windows of the room were sealed. Once someone enters the safety range, Luo Feng's consciousness will be automatically kicked out of the virtual space.


Luo Feng directly put on the helmet. The Black God set even extended over the dark blue helmet. He sat there cross legged, as if he was a black sculpture.

Enter virtual space!

The Palace of Wargods is in the virtual space, and he has to go in there to read his 《Spirit Reader Basics》.


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