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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 67



’’How is that possible?’’

The three chiefs on the side couldn't believe this.

’’Look at his information’’ yelled the skinny man. The big four of the Dojo of Limits headquarters stared.

’’His ID is 426123203806083211’’ followed a burly, tall chief, ’’He was born on 6/8/2038, which is to say, he's only 19 years old this year! A 19 year old examiner?’’

’’19 years old?’’

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong and Zhu Ge Tao and the others exchanged glances. All of a sudden, everyone went silent.

If seeing 'Luo Feng' and 'Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city' could make one suspect that it's just a person with the exact same name, everything was cleared up after seeing the identification number! Since everyone has their own unique ID number. This message came from the Dojo of Limits world headquarters, so they must have went through a series of procedures;there's no way they accidently wrote the wrong person's name!

’’It's really Luo Feng’’

’’It's really him’’

The chairman and the three chiefs were all in different moods. Zhu Ge Tao had a bit of joy hidden in his heart right now. When he just found out about Luo Feng's talent, Zhu Ge Tao helped Luo Feng a bit. Originally, he was just randomly expanding his connections, but who would've thought that in just one year, Luo Feng would become his superior!

’’He's only 19 years old, how did he become a wargod, and an 'invincible wargod' at that?’’ the skinny man was quite confused.

’’Yu Sen’’, laughed Zhu Ge Tao, ’’Stop thinking about it. There's definitely no problem with what's written here in the notice’’

’’Now this is troublesome’’ frowned the burly brute, ’’The new examiner is only 19 years old. Since he's so young, he's probably not the calm and collected type. Young people act on their emotions! Maybe one of us would get fired out of his rage if we accidently offend him’’

Younger people indeed have a temper problem compared to older people.

’’Yea’’ the others, including Zhu Ge Tao, nodded.

’’Don't worry too much’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’Young people having bad tempers isn't good for us, but...... young people aren't mature yet, so they aren't as adept with dealing with people and work. If we just compliment him a bit, he'll be happy. And those old people are sly as sly can be, so it's hard to make them happy’’

The other three chiefs nodded.

’’So everybody put your heart into this. This Luo Feng is from Jiang-Nan’’ Zhou Zheng Yong's expression became serious as he said seriously, ’’According to the rules, these positions give priority to locals! And this Luo Feng is an 'invincible wargod' and also a local, so after he becomes an examiner, he'll be staying in this position for a while’’

The other three chiefs understood that even if a new examiner appears at headquarters..... they definitely won't be arranged to come to Jiang-Nan headquarter city. Because, this 'Luo Feng' of Jiang-Nan headquarter city is a local and an invincible wargod, so who has the right to take his spot?

’’If this Luo Feng doesn't make a breakthrough, he'll probably stay in this position for a few dozen years’’

’’And once he makes a breakthrough, he'll become an existence surpassing the wargod level, an investigator! His position will become even higher and can fire me, a chairman, with just a phrase. So we have to make him happy’’

said Zhou Zheng Yong seriously.

Whether or not Luo Feng makes a breakthrough, he'll always be above them. And since Luo Feng is a local, he'll probably be staying in Jiang-Nan headquarter city for quite a while. Since they'll be working under Luo Feng, of course the four of them have to make Luo Feng happy.

’’Don't worry, chairman’’

’’We understand’’

’’None of us are dumb’’ said the three chiefs.

’’Very good’’ nodded Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’I'll give Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector a call’’


Zhou Zheng Yong took out his phone and dialed, ’’Wu Tong, the Luo Feng from your sector......’’

’’What?’’ as Zhuo Zheng Yong listened to Wu Tong's recount, his face kept changing. Zhu Ge Tao, Yu Sun, etc. all listened carefully too. They were barely able to hear the words 'fighter jet' and 'Luo Feng'.

After a moment, the call ended.

’’What happened, chairman?’’ the three people looked at Zhou Zheng Yong.

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong let out a smile: ’’Luo Feng, just now, arrived at Ming-Yue sector in a triangular fighter jet. And that Luo Feng even said..... that he bought that fighter jet himself!’’

’’He bought it? He just became an examiner, how could he afford it?’’ the burly brute couldn't help but to say.

’’Who cares how he bought it’’ Zhou Zheng Yong's face sunk as he yelled, ’’Old Wang, keep in mind that from now on, Luo Feng is an examiner. He is the one with the most authority in our Dojo of Limits here in Jiang-Nan headquarter city! So watch what you say and stop saying he, he, he. If you make Luo Feng unhappy, one word can make you lose your position’’

The burly brute was a bit shocked and then laughed: ’’Chairman, I just didn't have time to process this yet’’

’’We still don't know about this Luo Feng's temper, so watch yourselves’’ Zhou Zheng Yong commanded, ’’Everyone prepare yourselves. 20 minutes later, we'll ride on a fighter jet and meet the examiner in Yang Zhou city’’


responded the three chiefs.

Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng's home.

Luo Feng's family was happily eating breakfast around the dining table. However, the originally lively scene changed because of one phrase from brother Luo Hua.

’’Bro, you said you aren't leaving anymore? How come?’’ asked Luo Hua.

’’The world headquarters appointed me as examiner of the Dojo of Limits headquarters at Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’ Luo Feng's words made his father, mother, and brother go silent. Father Luo Hong Guo couldn't help but to ask: ’’Feng, this examiner position sounds like it's pretty big. How big is it?’’. Even mother Gong Xin Lan was curious.

In the small sector, the positions they talk about the most are the chairman and the three chiefs.

As for examiners, who everyone almost never sees, they are rarely talked about.

’’Dad, mom’’ Luo Hua just recovered from his shock on his wheelchair as he excitedly said, ’’It's an extremely big position that has even more authority than the chairman! In all of Jiang-Nan headquarter city, on the Dojo of Limits side, they are number 1!’’

’’Bigger than the chairman?’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan froze.

They were just regular civilians. Even though they had a son who was a fighter, the chairman of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits headquarters was definitely a figure with a lot of authority. Keep in mind that to become a chairman, you have to be a wargod! You also need a ton of connections to be able to get into this spot.

And our son? Has more authority than such a figure?

’’Feng?’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan looked towards Luo Feng.

’’Yea’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’The fighter jet I brought back this time’’ said Luo Feng, ’’costs more than 100 billion, and you can't buy it just with money’’ to help his parents clearly understand his current level of authority, Luo Feng directly told them the price of his fighter jet. Indeed, money isn't enough to get this emperor level auto jet!

For example, the Home of Limits and the HR alliance doesn't sell auto jets! The special discounted price for high ranking people in the Dojo of Limits, like examiners, still reaches up to a price of 180 billion.

If other countries or powers want to purchase it, the Dojo of Limits wouldn't even sell it for 200 billion! Keep in mind that these 'auto jet' things.... can only be produced by the Dojo of Limits.

’’Over 100 billion?’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan were shocked again.


How much money does the richest person in China have? Keep in mind that Venina's astronomical bounty of '100 billion' caused countless fighters on earth to go crazy. One can imagine, even for the richest people in the world, how breathtaking an amount of 100 billion is! As for people who lived in rental homes like Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan.....

Astronomical number!

Although usually, even an 'invincible wargod' can't afford such a thing! Luo Feng got lucky and made a killing out of the spirits of nature found on the misty island! Or else who knows when he would be able to afford it, and would be willing to pay such an amount of money for an auto jet.


Gong Xin Lan and Luo Hong Guo blinked a couple times before they recovered.

’’Feng, just how much authority do you have? And how much money?’’ Luo Hong Guo asked a dumb question.

Authority and money?

’’Authority? How should I say this.....’’ Luo Feng didn't know how to explain. Invincible wargods, other than the existences surpassing the wargod level, are the strongest fighters! They have an astonishing amount of authority. As for money...... for someone who has a soaring shuttle like Luo Feng, hunting horde leader level monsters is extremely easy.

Horde leader level monsters are his money making machines.

The only problem is..... that he can't kill too many horde leaders in the same area, or else he'll anger that area's emperor level monster.

’’Don't ask stuff like that. Can an old guy like you even spend 100 billion?’’ Gong Xin Lan scolded as she laughed.

’’Feng’’ Gong Xin Lan couldn't help but to say, ’’I have something I need your help with, look.....’’

’’Mom, if you have anything, then just say it’’ followed Luo Feng.

Gong Xin Lan sighed: ’’Back then, me and your dad went through the Grand Nirvana period. At that time, me and your dad were still young! During the Grand Nirvana period, human society rumbled and countless people died. Me and your dad became orphans at that time’’. Luo Hong Guo also recalled the events of those years on the side.

The Grand Nirvana period!

The saddest time of humanity! All human cities were attacked and entire countries were eradicated!

’’I had so many cousins.....’’ said Gong Xin Lan. Gong Xin Lan and Luo Hong Guo were born while the one-child policy was still in effect, so they were both the only child! However, their parents had many brothers and sisters, which led to them having many cousins.

’’When we were escaping, we couldn't worry about anything else. Who had the time to search for their relatives’’ Gong Xin Lan shook her head as she sighed, ’’And the Grand Nirvana period experienced unforeseen chaos. Tons lost their homes and identification. There were way too many who lost their parents and became orphans. Me and your dad's name were registered by ourselves’’

’’That period was way too chaotic’’

’’By the time the construction of a headquarter city and the rebuilding of the country stabilized everything, 10 years passed already. Me and your dad were living in rental homes, so of course we didn't have the time and money to search for our relatives’’

After becoming an orphan, their feelings towards their relatives strengthened.

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan have always wanted to search for their relatives. They had so many relatives back then, so some must still be alive..... however, without enough power, they had no way to search! Even a family with a fighter doesn't have that ability.

’’Dad, mom’’

Luo Feng nodded seriously, ’’Don't worry, I'll search for all our relatives’’. This is the first thing he's going to do as an examiner, and something he's going to do for his parents.


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