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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 66



Above the Limit Skyscraper was a descending, dark blue auto jet, which surprised quite a few fighters who were entering and exiting the skyscraper.


Luo Feng easily and swiftly leaped into the air, as if he was a relaxed bird. This one leap was a few dozen meters high. Of course, his spiritual force aided him in this. Under the gazes of the fighters at the Limit Skyscraper whose jaws have dropped, Luo Feng, who was around a few dozen meters high, flew inside the automatically opened hatch.

HUALA! The hatch closed.

Luo Feng sat comfortably inside the plane. The light reflecting off of the various components inside the plane appeared quite dreamy.

’’#1, return home’’ said Luo Feng.

Luo Feng already told the AI system that 'home' was Ming-Yue sector in one of the eight parts of China's Jiang-Nan headquarter city, 'Yang Zhou' city.

’’3D hologram, activate’’ said Luo Feng.


Suddenly, a 3D hologram appeared in front of Luo Feng, which portrayed the skies outside. Luo Feng could see the weather and whether or not there was a flying monster horde.

※※ ※※ ※※

Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Yang Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

Even though it was dawn, Ming-Yue sector was extremely lively. A lot of people were gathered in front of Limit Hall.

’’Old Luo, your son's really coming back today?’’

’’Didn't old Luo's son head over to the Dojo of Limits headquarters and say that he wouldn't be back until new years?’’

’’Why would I lie to you guys. My son just called me not too long ago and said he would be home in about half an hour’’ laughed Luo Hong Guo. As of now, Luo Hong Guo's face was extremely red and seemed to be way more energetic than before. Since he used to be a laborer, he always had to lower his head in front of other people.

Now, he's a lot more confident. And also has a lot more free time.

’’Not right, shouldn't Luo Feng be undergoing his Life and Death adventure right now?’’ Wu Tong was confused, ’’Maybe there was a mistake’’

’’No. My son never lies’’ bragged Luo Hong Guo.

Gong Xin Lan was also chatting with a group of housewives.

In Ming-Yue sector, no matter whose family's fighter returns, there will usually be a lot of people to welcome them! Because..... a fighter's path is a dangerous path where your brain hangs on your belt, who knows when you would lose it. For example, if Luo Feng let his guard down in the continent of Australia, he would've been blown away by Li Yao's laser cannon.


Whenever a fighter returns, everyone in the sector is extremely happy. Luo Feng's parents told a few people they were on good terms with about Luo Feng's return.

’’Not right’’ Wu Tong was confused.

As a chief instructor, he knows quite a bit about the training camp. August is the month of the Life and Death adventure, so students shouldn't be returning home. There are only two possibilities one, the student was expelled or disqualified. Two, the student graduated early. But Luo Feng only went for half a year.

How come he's back already?

’’Hello’’ Luo Hong Guo picked up his phone and let out a face of joy, ’’You'll be here soon, 5 minutes? Alright, alright, your family is all waiting here. There are quite a few uncles and aunts here in the sector too’’

’’Luo Feng should've notified us earlier about his return’’ laughed a housewife, ’’Our family's old Chen is always talking about Luo Feng. If he knew that Luo Feng was coming, he and brother Zhang wouldn't go to class today’’. Chen Gu and Zhang Ke are brothers that have experienced life and death with Luo Feng.

They've been through grave situations together!

’’Watch the cars at the gate, he'll probably be here soon’’ smiled Gong Xin Lan.

’’For Luo Feng to arrive so quickly, he probably took a plane during the night’’ a group of people were discussing. A lot of people thought that Luo Feng rode on a passenger plane to the main city sector, and then rode a train from there to Yang Zhou. After that, he transfers again to a car..... and returns home!


’’Everyone look’’

’’What's that in the sky?’’

Quite a few people awaiting Luo Feng in the small sector looked towards the sky with shock. A dark blue light drew across the sky and stopped above Ming-Yue sector. Since it was quite high up, the naked eye could only see a tiny spot. They could barely make it out: a triangular shaped dark blue fighter jet.


The dark blue triangular fighter jet slowly descended. As it descended, its size naturally increased and became clearer to the naked eye.

’’How come this fighter jet is over here?’’

’’I saw one last time at the main city sector, a disc shaped one. This one is quite weird’’

Ming-Yue sector's fighters discussed with their families. And 'Wu Tong', whose position is the highest here, watched carefully. Suddenly, his face changed: ’’It's a fighter jet from HQ’’


The dark blue triangular fighter jet slowly descended onto a grassy area deep within the sector. With a length of over 20 meters, one could only see its beauty, luster, and curves up close..... a disc shaped fighter definitely can't hold a candle to this.

HUALA! The hatch opened.

A youth wearing jeans and a casual shirt stepped out the hatch while carrying a huge backpack.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’It's Luo Feng’’

’’It's actually him’’ suddenly, the various families in the sector that were staring at the mysterious fighter jet rushed over. Luo Feng immediately spotted his parents within the crowd and couldn't help but to smile as he walked over.

A group of people passionately greeted.

’’Dad’’ Luo Feng walked over.

’’Feng’’ Luo Hong Guo grasped Luo Feng's hand, but looked towards the fighter jet to the side, ’’Hurry, they brought you all the way here. Hurry and let them off so we can thank them’’

Chief instructor Wu Tong also smiled as he walked over. He lowered his voice as he said: ’’Luo Feng, they spent all their time and effort to bring you here, so don't just carelessly make a scene as you walk out alone. Hurry and tell the person who brought you here and the pilot to come out and sit for a bit. Even if they don't, we still have to thank them’’. To Wu Tong, not just your average person could call out a fighter jet from HQ.

’’Thank them?’’ Luo Feng froze.

How would he thank them?

Should he tell uncle Wu and his parents that there's nobody inside? Many people on earth don't know about the existence of auto jets.

’’This is a plane I bought’’ said Luo Feng.


The surrounding crowd was shocked. Luo Feng's parents and his brother Luo Hua all froze! As of now, buying a private jet is at least 100 times harder than it was before the Grand Nirvana period. Keep in mind that even many rich people can't afford to ride on a large scaled commercial plane.

One can imagine just how few people can buy a fighter jet.

Only an extremely small amount of wargods can do such a thing, and they usually buy regular disc shaped fighter jets.

’’Uncle Wu, I'll treat you to some drinks later’’ Luo Feng smiled as he greeted the surrounding people. After that, he returned home with his parents and brother. Soon, the news of him becoming an examiner will spread..... so even if he says he bought this plane himself, nothing much will happen.

The various families of Ming-Yue sector, including Wu Tong, were frozen for quite a bit.

Holy shit!

A kid like Luo Feng bought a fighter jet? And not the common disc shaped fighter jet? Quite a few people couldn't get their heads over this information for quite a while.

’’Not right, if the plane is parked here, how come the pilot isn't coming out?’’ after quite a while, someone finally reacted. And by that time, Luo Feng already returned home.


Jiang-Nan headquarter main city sector, inside the Dojo of Limits headquarters.

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong was sitting on a couch in a room. A cup of tea was placed in front of him.

’’Examiner Liu’’ Zhou Zheng Yong smiled as he held his cell phone, ’’I've bothered you quite a bit during your stay here at Jiang-Nan headquarter city all these years. Thank you for all your help these years. Once you leave, the Thunder Dojo will probably be a bit more powerful than our Dojo of Limits here at Jiang-Nan city’’

’’You said the new examiner?’’ Zhou Zheng Yong laughed bitterly, ’’How should I know how powerful the new examiner is? Whether or not he can compare to the one at the Thunder Dojo’’

’’The notification hasn't arrived yet. It'll probably come soon’’

Zhou Zheng Yong smiled, ’’I'm in the office. I'll know immediately when the notification arrives’’

’’Alright, when I go to headquarters in the future I'll definitely meet up with examiner Liu’’

After that, Zhou Zheng Yong hung up.

Just yesterday, he learned that examiner Liu was going to be sent back to world headquarters. It's just that the notification of the new examiner isn't arriving..... and just now, which is the dawn of today, examiner Liu received the official notification. However, examiner Liu himself already left on a passenger plane last night.

’’Now that examiner Liu is gone, I wonder who the new examiner is going to be’’ thought Zhou Zheng Yong to himself.

’’Knock! Knock! Knock!’’

The sound of knocking rang.

’’Come in’’ said Zhou Zheng Yong.

The door opened and three people came in. They were precisely the three chiefs of the Dojo of Limits headquarters at Jiang-Nan city, Zhu Ge Tao and the others.

’’Chairman, we just received notice of examiner Liu's departure. I wonder who the new examiner is?’’ the shortest of the three chiefs, a skinny man who was wearing a white collared shirt, frowned.

’’I don't know either, the notification hasn't arrived yet’’

Zhou Zheng Yong shook his head, ’’That examiner Liu was quite comfortable here. He never even bothered with our matters and just devoted himself to his training, so everybody got along well! And examiner Liu is also extremely powerful. Once we run into some problems, he can easily deal with them. The government respects him too. This new examiner......’’

’’Will the new examiner be like steel faced Bao Zheng?’’ Zhu Ge Tao couldn't help but to ask.

Steel faced Bao Zheng was the nickname the chairman and chiefs of that time gave to the examiner at that time.

When steel faced Bao Zheng was an examiner, he fired six chiefs and even kicked out a chairman! Which caused everyone who came after that to be filled with worry.

’’Don't know’’ Zhou Zheng Yong shook his head.

The other three chiefs were filled with worry too.

As for authority, examiners can easily fire chiefs and any position below that without even asking for the opinion of the higher ups. Once they actually get to it, they can even get rid of a chairman.

’’Beep!’’ Zhou Zheng Yong walked towards the notebook beside him.

’’The notification arrived’’

yelled Zhou Zheng Yong. The other three chiefs ran over too, their hearts filled with worry as they looked towards the notebook's screen!

With a click, the notification opened!

’’Luo Feng?’’

’’Home is, Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city?’’

’’Strength evaluation...... invincible wargod?’’

The chairman and the three chiefs exchanged glances.

’’It's, it's..... that little kid we sent to the elite training camp back then?’’ Zhou Zheng Yong couldn't help but to ask, he was still filled with disbelief, ’’Invincible wargod?’’


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