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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 65



Dawn of the second day. The cars weaved through the busy streets of Hong Ning headquarter city.

Inside a six wheeled hummer. There was lots of space inside and, other than the front row, the back row was like a resting lounge. There were soft couches and a refrigerator. Yet, a super gigantic backpack took up an enormous amount of space in this car's resting lounge, and Luo Feng sat alone on the couch.

After spending an entire night in the wilderness, Luo Feng became more familiar with the soaring shuttle. At the same time, he also found a high level horde leader level monster and killed it!


For the usual advanced level wargod, hunting a high level horde leader is extremely difficult, since the high level horde leaders escape too quickly. There are also countless monsters following the horde leader. However, Luo Feng's speed on his soaring shuttle greatly exceeds the high level horde leader's speed. With no chance to escape, Luo Feng killed it directly!

’’The monster materials are all prepared. I'll first go get the title of 'advanced wargod'’’ Luo Feng looked at the tactical communications watch on his wrist, ’’Hello’’ Luo Feng dialed.

’’Hello, Mister. This is the Limit Skyscraper, would you like to make an appointment?’’ a soft sound rose. Chinese was used first, and then English was used to repeat the sentence.

Luo Feng said directly, ’’I want to speak to one of your directors. I want to sell monster materials’’

’’Usually, the managers handle the business’’ explained the receptionist.

’’The price of this business will exceed ten billion chinese dollars’’

After saying this, the other side slightly paused. Soon after: ’’Mister, when will you arrive?’’

’’15 minutes later’’ answered Luo Feng.

’’I still don't know your name?’’ the receptionist started making records.

’’Luo Feng’’

’’I have made an appointment for Mr. Luo Feng to meet director Zhang in 15 minutes’’ the receptionist's attitude clearly changed by quite a bit, since the price of the monster materials exceeded 10 billion chinese dollars. Keep in mind that this is the Dojo of Limits, not the HR alliance! The HR alliance usually has high prices compared to the Dojo of Limits. Even though the Dojo of Limits' prices are lower by quite a bit, you receive contribution points.

On the Dojo of Limits' side, usually only high level horde leaders sell for over 10 billion chinese dollars.

For someone to sell monster materials of this level, could they be normal?

Limit Skyscraper, a skyscraper that was 88 floors tall. It was one of the signature buildings of Hong Ning city.

As the headquarters of the Dojo of Limits, Hong Ning city has many fighters from the Dojo of Limits. Of course, the flow of people in the Limit Skyscraper is also gigantic, and tons of them were drinking and hanging out at the bar in the lobby of the first floor.

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’

Two women wearing suits greeted Luo Feng at the door.

’’Let's go’’ Luo Feng was wearing his black battle uniform and was holding a backpack that was around 2 meters tall with one hand.

With the two receptionists guiding him, he passed the lobby and went inside an elevator.

’’What a guy, that backpack was at least 2 meters tall’’

’’Just how many monster materials were stored in there?’’

Languages of all types sounded. The backpack of a fighter was indeed layer by layer. If you unlock all of them, then the backpack could store a ton. However, very few people store that many materials.

Inside the elevator.

’’Backpack?’’ Luo Feng held onto that black backpack with one hand and couldn't help but to smile. This actually wasn't the backpack that he purchased before, but..... a backpack formed by the 'Black God set'. Like Phantom Demon Catalan, he's too lazy to use a backpack or battle uniform since he has a Black God set.


The elevator door opened, floor 32.

Under the guide of the female receptionist, they entered a spacious living room. Inside the living room sat a woman who seemed to be around 40 years old.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng, my family name is Zhang’’ smiled the female named Zhang.


Luo Feng directly pulled open the lock on the backpack and poured all the monster materials inside into a pond beside him. This caused the female named Zhang to freeze a bit, but after she saw the materials that poured out, she couldn't help but to take in a deep breath, because there were three obvious sharp spikes that stood out from the pile. There were still some hints of blood on those spikes.

’’Komodo T.rex*!’’ the woman named Zhang couldn't help but to gasp.

’’You leave first’’ the woman named Zhang waved her hand at the receptionist.

The receptionist works here, so of course she knows a lot about the different types of monsters. After she heard 'komodo T.rex', she couldn't help but to look at Luo Feng with shock.

’’Yes, director’’ the receptionist responded and then left.

’’The spikes of a komodo T.rex? From its color and size, it's probably a high level horde leader’’ the woman named Zhang couldn't believe this.

The komodo T.rex is one of the most horrifying high level horde leader level monsters. Most people on earth called it 'T.rex' because they could find traces of it from the komodo. The komodo T.rex is probably one of the various mutations of the komodo dragon from before the Grand Nirvana period. And it's one of the most horrifying mutations! Those three spikes are the spikes on the komodo T.rex's spine, its most valuable part.

Any monster with the name 'dragon' in it is not to be trifled with.

Most advanced level wargods cannot kill a 'high level horde leader level' komodo T.rex.

’’Deal with the materials here’’ Luo Feng frowned, ’’I still have things to do’’

’’Yes, Mr. Luo Feng’’

Soon enough, the woman named Zhang started using her apparatus to examine each of the materials. After examining, the woman named Zhang was flabbergasted...... she never would've thought that the two high level horde leader level monsters would be the komodo T.rex and the golden ape. Both of them are considered to be extremely horrifying within the high level horde leader level.

’’Help me reset my battle score and reconfirm my title’’ reminded Luo Feng, ’’I killed those two high level horde leader level monsters by myself’’

To become an advanced level wargod, you have to hand over two of the most important materials of two high level horde leader level monsters. And you have to kill those monsters by yourself. Barely any wargods would lie about this, since lying does them no good..... there isn't any benefit in attaining a powerful title if you don't have the strength to back it up.

For example, your true strength has to be recognized by the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits to attain the title of examiner.

You can't just get the title of examiner from your own title.

’’Okay’’ the woman named Zhang nodded.

But was filled with amazement at the same time.....

’’Too crazy. Even if he wanted to get the title of 'advanced level wargod', he could just go for a weaker high level horde leader level monster. He actually got a komodo T.rex and a golden ape’’ the woman named Zhang was stunned.

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’

The woman named Zhang said respectfully, ’’The golden ape is 8 billion chinese dollars and 4 million contribution points. And the komodo T.rex is 12 billion chinese dollars and 6 million contribution points. So in total, Mr. Luo Feng will receive 20 billion chinese dollars and 10 million contribution points.

Luo Feng nodded.

Actually, selling the materials to the Dojo of Limits doesn't net him a good price. For example, the golden ape would be worth 12 billion if sold to the HR alliance. And the komodo T.rex can rival the steel armored dragon, so it could reach a price of 18 billion. In otherwords..... he could get a total of 30 billion if he sold the materials to the HR alliance.

And here, he only gets 20 billion. Of course, he gets 10 million contribution points, making Luo Feng reach a 'four star contribution rank' in an instant.

’’Since I've become an examiner and have lots of authority now, I can't let my contribution rank be too low. A four star contribution rank should be able to get me through’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. As for 10 billion? Maybe money is hard for other advanced level wargods to make. Even Luo Feng had a very hard time killing the golden ape back in the continent of Australia..... as for the other horde leaders, he failed to kill them many times.

At that time, he was already a spirit reader nearing the advanced level wargod level.

Which could count as an invincible wargod!

If he didn't have his soaring shuttle, then Luo Feng's kill rate would be lower.

And now

Invincible wargod! With the soaring shuttle! Killing high level horde leaders is really easy.

’’However, on the manual was also head's reminder’’ Luo Feng still remembered that there was a phrase on the manual in the box that contained the soaring shuttle, Black God set, and the spirit of nature

’’Do not kill too many high level horde leader level monsters in the same area, for it could cause that area's 'emperor level monster' to go after you!’’


’’Mr. Luo Feng, 20 billion chinese dollars has been transfered to your fighter account, and your contribution rank also rose to four stars’’ the woman named Zhang sat in front of a notebook and tapped on the wireless keyboard. After that, she smiled towards Luo Feng, ’’After becoming a wargod, people usually join the Palace of Wargods and receive a 'consciousness sensor'. However, the people from the Palace of Wargods will send some people to test Mr. Luo Feng's strength’’

Luo Feng glanced at the display.

On the display was Luo Feng's information. On the row of 'rank' was 'Wargod level (advanced)'.

There was also a popped up box at the bottom, which contained the words

’’Palace of Wargods application, evaluating......’’

In just a few seconds.

The woman named Zhang remained smiling: ’’Mr. Luo Feng, people from the Palace of Wargods will come today. It will not be long’’


An ear piercing sound rang.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng and the woman named Zhang looked over.

On the display of the notebook appeared another pop up ’’Palace of Wargods examination qualified!’’

’’How did he pass without anyone coming to assess him?’’ the woman named Zhang was shocked. She has been a director for a long time but has never witnessed anything like this before. However, she has heard that..... some powerful fighters are recognized by the Palace of Wargods committee and will pass without having to take the test. However, such cases are rare.

The recognition of the committee, what does that signify?

Every representative of the Palace of Wargods highest committee is an existence surpassing the wargod level!

’’Mr. Luo Feng, someone will bring all the stuff to this skyscraper’’ smiled the woman named Zhang.

’’Ok’’ Luo Feng wasn't in a rush.

Moments later

The room to the living room opened automatically. Three men in suits walked in, and one bald man of Asian descent carried a metal box as he handed it over to Luo Feng respectfully: ’’Wargod Luo Feng, welcome to the Palace of Wargods. You shall receive a consciousness sensor helmet for free. With this consciousness sensor helmet, regardless of location, anyone who puts this helmet on can directly enter the virtual space’’

’’Consciousness sensor helmet?’’ of course Luo Feng was familiar with it, he used it during his time at the training camp.

After becoming a wargod, everyone receives their own helmet.

’’As a member of the Palace of Wargods, you will have many special rights. Of course, with these special rights come special responsibilities’’ the bald man in front handed over the metal box, ’’After wargod Luo Feng enters the virtual space via the consciousness sensor, you will understand all the special parts about the Palace of Wargods’’

’’Thank you’’ Luo Feng smiled as he took it.

His finger drew across the lock, beep, the metal box directly opened, revealing the dark blue helmet within.

’’How nostalgic’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

’’Good bye, everyone’’ smiled Luo Feng as he put the metal box into the black backpack that he was carrying with his left hand. He carried the backpack and directly walked out. As he walked out the door, he quietly said to his tactical communications watch, ’’#1, come pick me up at Limit Skyscraper’’

’’Time to go home!’’

’’Jiang-Nan headquarter city!’’ Luo Feng headed towards the elevator. At the same time, that dark blue jet flew away from the elite training camp and headed towards Limit Skyscraper to pick up Luo Feng.


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