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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 64



Luo Feng's fingers drew across the locked case and it opened automatically.

On the very top was a manual. Luo Feng opened it up and couldn't help but to smile: ’’This manual is quite detailed. The Black God set, soaring shuttle, instruction manual, and spirit of nature all have detailed explanations. Hm? There are only three of those items here. The 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual isn't here’’

Luo Feng lowered his head and started looking through the items in the case.

Indeed there were only three packaged goods: the soaring shuttle, the Black God set, and the spirit of nature. There wasn't even a 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual here.

’’How come there's no instruction manual?’’ Luo Feng carefully read through the manual. The manual explained that the 《Spirit Reader Basics》instruction manual was top secret, so the physical instruction manual won't appear. If you want to learn it, there's only one way enter virtual space and read the instruction manual in there!


He has to enter virtual space just to learn from his own instruction manual, this is being way too careful.

’’It must be extremely important, or else the head wouldn't resort to doing such a thing’’ thought Luo Feng. After that, he yelled at the air: ’’Hong Ning headquarter city map’’

After Luo Feng spoke, a hologram suddenly appeared in front of him, which displayed a detailed map of Hong Ning city. The map's size could be freely adjusted by Luo Feng. Soon enough, he found a spot on the map. Besides confirming locations via the map, he could also use his voice..... as long as the AI system can confirm the location.

’’Destination, elite training camp’’ Luo Feng tapped with his finger.


The dark blue colored triangular fighter jet swiftly ascended, which attracted the attention of quite a few people at the Dojo of Limits headquarters. Quite a few of them were admiring the jet. However, they couldn't tell that this was an auto jet just from its appearance. In fact, many people on earth don't even know about auto jets. The price difference between an auto jet and a regular fighter jet is extremely huge.


The sky was dark and the elite training camp was very quiet. All the wargod teachers in the elite training camp didn't have much to do, since all the students were undergoing their life and death adventure. So many wargod teachers left the training camp to go back home or to walk and relax themselves near scenic locations. Only a rare few of them stayed here.

The students' life and death adventure month was also the month where the wargod teachers are on break.



A deep blue colored triangular fighting jet descended like a phantom. While it descended, the hatch opened and Luo Feng carried the silver case as he leaped out like lightning. As for the triangular fighter jet, it slowly descended and then shut its hatch. After that, it didn't move again.

’’Eh, how come there's a fighter jet here?’’

’’No idea, where'd it come from?’’

Two workers at the elite training camp looked at this triangular fighter jet in shock.

’’To be able to enter this training camp, they must be someone with special rights, or an advanced level wargod, or even an existence surpassing the wargod level’’ the two workers couldn't handle it and started observing this fighter jet from the side for quite a while. Even the family members of the wargod teachers still remaining in the training camp noticed this fighter jet.

But nobody knew whose it was.

Since the fighter jet descended too suddenly and Luo Feng dashed out too quickly. Only the patrol squad at the front gate was barely able to see a shadow fly out the plane.


Jiang-Nan pagoda 2nd floor, study room.

The silver case was already opened, and inside was just the packaged 'Black God set' and the 'Soaring Shuttle'. As for the 'spirit of nature', Luo Feng left it in the auto jet, since he'll be returning to Jiang-Nan headquarter city soon. The auto jet is a very safe place to leave his spirit of nature.

’’Using the Black God set sure is simple’’ Luo Feng looked at the manual.

After a human wears the Black God set, it'll automatically seep into your skin and absorb some of your fresh blood. After it absorbs some fresh blood, the Black God set will undergo a transformation, causing the 'Black God set' to become extremely synchronized with the human body. Like the skin on your body, it'll follow your every thought.

The Black God set was placed in a case that was only 20 cm long that was made out of a pure white plastic material.

’’RIP!’’ Luo Feng tore off the plastic. Inside the case was a black glove that seemed qutie sturdy.

’’If I didn't read the manual, I definitely wouldn't be able to imagine that this thing is the Black God set’’ Luo Feng let out a smile. The Black God appears in all types of forms. It might appear as a 'glove', or a 'vest', a 'hat', 'pants', or even a 'ring'.

However, no matter what it looks like, there's no difference!

Since you can freely transform it after you wear it.

’’The Black God set’’ Luo Feng picked up the black glove, took in a deep breath, and then..... fit it onto his left hand.

Luo Feng waited silently.

At first, he didn't feel anything at all. After a full 30 seconds, his left thumb seemed to have been pierced by a needle. CHI~ the entire black glove started boiling like water. The black droplets were shaking. At the same time, Luo Feng's five fingers, palm, and the back of his hand were all in pain.

Thankfully, the pain wasn't too intense.

The naked eye could see..... the red color seeping into the black droplets. Countless black droplets wrapped around Luo Feng's left hand. When the red color merged into the black droplets, the black droplets seemed to have undergone some transformation. This entire process lasted for about 15 minutes before it stopped.

’’Hm? How magical’’

Luo Feng could feel the wind blow past with his left hand!


This black glove was like the skin of his body, just like a part of him.

’’Change, change, change’’

Luo Feng stared at the black glove. Instantly, the black flowing light swiftly spread out as it continuously covered Luo Feng's entire left arm. At the same time, parts of the black flowing light broke off and directly covered his right arm. And it even it spread out towards his two feet, legs, neck, and every part of his face.

’’Too amazing’’ Luo Feng walked to the mirror nearby and looked at himself.

Beneath his clothes, his entire body was covered in a layer of black skin. Even his face became black. Only his eyes, nose, and mouth were revealed. ’’Throwing knife’’. Luo Feng picked up a SS grade throwing knife and slashed at his own arm! However, as if he just slashed against an extraordinarily tough piece of leather, not even a mark was made.

’’Change!’’ with a thought from Luo Feng.

A black cape appeared on his body, and then a black suit.


A black hat appeared on his head, and then it turned into a helmet, and even a black tie.


During the night.

In the wilderness around 300 km away from Hong Ning headquarter city, the night wind blew and a black flowing light pierced the sky.

’’Feels good’’

Luo Feng was in midair and was standing on a shuttle* shaped object. It was a silverish gray color and stripe-shaped with two pointed ends. The middle was slightly wider and thicker. Its length was 81 cm and its two pointed edges were extremely sharp. The wide center was 27 cm wide. The entire object was a bit thin and had very densely packed markings all over it.

’’Whoosh whoosh~’’

While he rapidly flew, the horrifying currents in the air actually went along the packed markings, forming streams of air. The streams of air formed by the countless markings oddly merged together. They went along Luo Feng's body, forming a 'streamlined shield' visible to the naked eye. This was a shield completely made out of air.

When flying, the faster you go, the more air resistance you encounter.

But the 'soaring shuttle' that Luo Feng is riding on creates currents of air that form a perfect streamlined shield, causing the resistance to lower to a startling point.


Like a flash of black lightning, Luo Feng flew above the wilderness with no worries at all.

’’This soaring shuttle sure is a great treasure’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited, ’’After riding on the soaring shuttle, my speed more than doubled!’’ Luo Feng compared the time it took to fly the same distance on his shield and on his 'soaring shuttle'. It took him 2 minutes and 32 seconds on his shield but only 1 minute and 12 seconds on his soaring shuttle.

After that, Luo Feng went out of his way to find a place that was around 10 km long to test his speed.

’’According to the results of my tests just now’’

’’My maximum sprinting speed is around 720 m/s’’

’’If I don't use any spiritual force and only rely on my two legs, I can sprint at 561 m/s’’

’’And if I fly on my shield, my speed is around 618 m/s’’

Spirit readers or existences surpassing the wargod level usually sprint faster than they can fly! When sprinting, one, you can still use your spiritual force to assist you, and two, you can use the power of your two legs! Existences surpassing the wargod level fly via special abilities. On the ground, they can still use their special abilities and also their two legs.

’’If I fly on the soaring shuttle, my speed reaches an astonishing 1,300 m/s’’

Tonight, Luo Feng came to the wilderness to, first, hunt for a high level horde leader level monster. Before, he already hunted a golden ape, so now he just has to hunt one more high level horde leader monster. That way.... with the materials of two high level horde leader level monsters, he'll be able to attain the title of 'Advanced Wargod'.

And his second objective is to test the power of his 'soaring shuttle' in the wilderness.

He has already tested one part of the soaring shuttle speed!

’’Even if I fly on my shield, some existences surpassing the wargod can't catch up to me, like that representative Farr’’ Luo Feng was in high spirits, ’’And on my soaring shuttle, my speed reaches an astonishing 1,300 m/s. Increasing one's speed by just a bit is extremely difficult’’

With his legs, he can go up to 561 m/s. With his spiritual force working on his shield, he flies at 618 m/s. But even if you combine the two, it only becomes 720 m/s.

Clearly, the faster you go, the more air resistance you encounter.

And now, Luo Feng's speed shot up to 1,300 m/s in an instant! Even existences surpassing the wargod level can only reach such speeds if they are on the ground. Once they fly, first not mentioning 1,300 m/s, just reaching the speed of 1,000 m/s? Probably difficult! difficult! difficult!

Thankfully, Hong isn't a spirit reader and also got the cloud contact vines. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't be willing to give such a treasure to Luo Feng.

’’Now to test its attack power’’

Luo Feng descended and then landed on the ground. The flying shuttle hovered in front of him. With a thought-


Six blades shards detached themselves from the soaring shuttle. Each of these blade shards were curved and extremely thin.

’’According to the manual, each of these blade shards are quite powerful and are extremely suitable for spirit readers to use. Oh yea..... the manual also said that the entire soaring shuttle can disassemble’’ with a thought, Luo Feng tried doing so. Suddenly..... whoosh, the soaring shuttle instantly spread out into pieces.

The densely packed thin and small blade pieces hovered in midair.

365 blade pieces in total.

The entire soaring shuttle was made out of this special material. The soaring shuttle was forged via special means using these 365 blade pieces!


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