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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 63



’’Thank you, Head’’ said Luo Feng.

The head personally said that the true value of the soaring shuttle is way greater than 30 stars. Keep in mind that a portion of dragon blood, worth 80 billion, is only 1 star. With that, one can imagine how valuable the soaring shuttle is. Of course...... you can't actually compare the two like that!

Because, once it gets to a certain point, money is just a number!

Powerful fighters like Hong and Thunder God definitely wouldn't exchange treasures for money. They would only exchange such treasures for other treasures.

’’Use it properly. I hope it will be able to shine in your hands’’

’’Okay, until now, you've picked a soaring shuttle for 30 stars, the 《Spirit Reader Basics》 instruction manual for 3 stars, which comes to a total of 33 stars. Your spirits of nature are worth 36.5 stars, which is to say, you have 3.5 stars left to exchange’’ the black haired man, 'Hong', pointed towards the hologram with the exchange table, ’’Tell me, which one will you pick?’’

Luo Feng looked carefully.

For armor, he has the 'Black God set'. For a weapon, he has the soaring shuttle. As for spirit reader training, he has the 《Spirit Reader Basics》, so he isn't really missing anything.

’’The prehistoric level auto jet is good, but sadly, it's too expensive’’

Luo Feng sighed. As long as you're a fighter, who doesn't want a cool fighter jet?


When Luo Feng glanced over the auto jet category, his eyes flashed emperor level auto jet 2 stars.

This is pretty good!

It's not too expensive, just 2 stars. And the armor of the emperor level auto jet is quite powerful. It even has AI, which makes it way better than those regular disc shaped fighter jets. Even though it's just '2 stars', an astronomical amount of money is still required to buy it. Very few wargods can afford this 'lowest level' auto jet.

’’Its capabilities’’ Luo Feng looked at the screen carefully. Beside the emperor level auto jet was a basic explanation.

The emperor level auto jet: the AI system controls the jet, and the jet itself can defend against any horde leader level monster's attack. Its maximum speed is mach 10.6.

’’Not bad’’ Luo Feng nodded to himself. Most airplanes wouldn't say they are able to defend against any horde leader level monster's attack. Saying this means that the airplane's toughness nears the level of an emperor level monster's defense level! However, that investigator Liu's ’’Universe level’’ auto jet is able to defend against emperor level monsters' attacks.

His jet is not as powerful.

But it's still powerful. A maximum speed of mach 10.6 means that it can travel over 10,000 km in an hour. Most emperor level monsters probably won't be able to catch up to this auto jet. Most importantly, this thingy has AI, which means you don't even need to get a pilot. Quite convenient.

’’I'll buy this, the emperor level auto jet’’ said Luo Feng.


The black haired man took a glance and then nodded, ’’You've exchanged 35 stars, what else do you want?’’

Luo Feng looked a bit and then smiled as he shook his head: ’’Nothing else. Out of my 12 spirits of nature, the cheapest one, the 'thousand year black crow root', is only worth 1.5 stars. I'll just keep that for myself. As for the other 11, I'll exchange those’’ this way, Luo Feng is only left with the 'thousand year black crow root' spirit of nature.

Of course, he also has the four things he exchanged for: 《Spirit Reader Basics》, Black God set, soaring shuttle, and the emperor level auto jet.

And he even got the Black God set for free.

’’Okay’’ the black haired man, Hong, waved his hand, which caused the two big 3D holograms to completely disappear, making the room dark once again.

’’Head’’ asked Luo Feng respectfully, ’’I want to ask something. This thousand year black crow root is supposed to be boiled into 3 kg of medicine. After that, we consume 100 mg every day. I want to know..... is it okay if we give some of it to regular people? They aren't fighters, so should they drink a smaller portion?’’

The black haired man, Hong, looked at Luo Feng deeply before saying: ’’It's okay if you split it for others to drink. However, the effects of the medicine won't be as great that way. As for regular people, they can consume 100 mg every day without a problem’’

Luo Feng was overjoyed as he heard this.

’’What do we boil the medicine with? Does it make a difference?’’ continued Luo Feng.

’’No difference. It's okay to even use water’’ said the black haired man, ’’No need to ask anymore. The ’’thousand year black crow root’’ comes with an in-depth manual’’

Luo Feng nodded.

The room became quiet again. The black haired man, Hong, stared at Luo Feng. While being stared at by Hong, Luo Feng felt like he didn't have anymore secrets, as if the gaze can see through his soul. The black haired man, Hong, said coldly: ’’Luo Feng, with your peak of the wargod level strength, there's no need to stay in the elite training camp anymore’’

’’Yes’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’I'll give you two paths’’ the black haired man Hong said without pausing.

Ever since he signed the contract at investigator Wang's, it showed that...... from then on, Luo Feng is a member of the Dojo of Limits. Of course, the higher ups are arranging a job for him.

’’One, stay in Hong Ning city and enter the special ops squad. Or maybe in the future you could apply to become a teacher in the training camp too, or some other position’’

’’Two, go to another headquarter city and become an examiner’’ the black haired man, Hong, quietly looked at Luo Feng, ’’Your choice’’

Luo Feng froze.

’’Pick seriously’’

’’These two choices are extremely important to you’’ said the black haired man, Hong, seriously, ’’Staying to defend and being sent off to missions are the two paths of a wargod in the Dojo of Limits! Once you choose, it'll be extremely difficult to change your choice in the future. Unless you have a breakthrough and become an existence surpassing the wargod level. You'll have special rights when you become an investigator’’

Just like a job in an enterprise, it'll be hard to switch after choosing between two jobs.

’’Staying? Being sent off?’’

Luo Feng paused for a bit. Once he chooses, he'll be stuck in a certain place for quite a while.

’’I wish to return to Jiang-Nan headquarter city and take the position of examiner there’’ said Luo Feng respectfully.

’’Jiang-Nan headquarter city?’’

The black haired man, Hong, nodded, ’’The current examiner of Jiang-Nan city isn't a local, so according to the rules of the Dojo of Limits, those from their hometown have priority’’. The position of examiner is a position with a lot of authority. The number of examiners in the Dojo of Limits of each headquarter city can be counted on one hand!

Usually, one must receive the title of ’’Advanced Wargod’’ and be quite famous to have the right to become an examiner!

To become a chairman, beginner wargod and intermediate wargod would be enough. The minimum requirement is 'beginner wargod'.

To become a chief instructor, the minimum requirement is 'advanced warlord'.

From the requirements, one can tell

The differences in the three positions!

In Jiang-Nan city, the chairman and the three chief instructors of the Dojo of Limits' Limit Hall are the big heads on the surface. Examiners control the weapons, and examiners with a lot of authority can even fire a chief instructor directly! And assign a new chief instructor! Or they can request the Dojo of Limits to fire the chairman. Of course..... examiners don't have the right to fire a chairman directly.

And examiners.....

Take direct orders from the highest level in the Dojo of Limits. Just one investigator doesn't have the right to fire an examiner. They'll have to go through a round table conference to decide on that.

At a certain point, examiners have a gigantic amount of authority and are one of the strongest people in an area.

’’To become an examiner, your title has to at least be 'advanced wargod'’’ said the black haired man, Hong, ’’What you need to do now is to receive an advanced wargod title!’’

’’Yes’’ said Luo Feng.

From his battle score, Luo Feng is still a 'beginner warlord'. Of course, in terms of actual strength, he's already an 'invincible wargod'.

’’When you achieve the title of 'advanced wargod', you'll automatically become an investigator’’ said the black haired man, Hong, ’’I want you to go to Jiang-Nan headquarter city and take up your position’’

’’Yes’’ answered Luo Feng.

Dojo of Limits, world headquarters. From the entrance of the mysterious, gigantic space shuttle-shaped structure, Luo Feng walked out with a red robed white man.

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’ smiled the red robed white man, ’’Look there. That auto jet over there is yours’’


Luo Feng turned his head and saw a deep blue colored triangular jet on the empty area beside them. The surface of the entire jet plane was beautiful and was practically a work of art. The length of the plane was around 20 meters long and the width was around 10 meters long. The entire plane seemed quite sturdy and tough.

’’This auto jet, is mine’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to feel a bit prideful.

Which man of this age doesn't want to have their own fighter jet?

And fighter jets are extremely expensive, so even within the circle of wargods, only a select few have purchased them.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, since you haven't used this auto jet before, there'll be a system confirmation process in the beginning’’ smiled the red robed white man, ’’Please follow me’’

They arrived next to the jet.

A dreamy, blue light shot down as it enveloped Luo Feng. Suddenly, ’’HUALA ’’ the hatch swiftly opened and only let out a small sound.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, only you can enter now, I cannot enter’’ the red robed white man stood beside and had trouble hiding the admiration in his eyes, ’’After entering, the confirmations are automatically done by the 'AI system'. Mr. Luo Feng just has to stay inside the plane. After a while, Mr. Luo Feng will understand everything’’

Luo Feng nodded.

He stepped into the plane. The seats in the plane were extremely elegant. Sitting inside a plane like this was a pleasure.


The hatch closed. Various lights lit up the interior of the entire auto jet, making it quite dreamlike. At the same time, an electronic sound rang: ’’Hello master. I will immediately display the controls of this emperor level auto jet’’ after saying that, a hologram appeared at the front of the cabin.

In the hologram appeared diagram after diagram that were all easy to understand.

They explained in detail how to control this plane.


A red light shot towards the tactical communications watch on Luo Feng's left wrist. As it connected with the tactical communications watch, it began to install the long distance auto jet control system in the watch.

A moment later

’’That was quite simple, it's all done by the AI so I don't have to worry about anything at all’’ Luo Feng let out a smile.

’’I'll name you..... #1’’ Luo Feng randomly gave a name.

’’Yes, master’’ rang the electronic sound.

At the same time, a silver, locked case popped out of the floor of the cabin. After it completely appeared, the hole on the ground completely closed again. The electronic sound continued: ’’This case was left for the master by the Dojo of Limits’’. After hearing this, Luo Feng's eyes flashed. This must be the case where the Black God set, soaring shuttle, and the other items were placed in.


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