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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 62



’’A chance to exchange for treasures?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed. He previously received investigator Liu's reminder.

In the black room.

The black haired man waved his hand. Beside the original 3D hologram that displayed the 12 spirits of nature appeared an even larger 3D hologram. There were many categories in this 3D hologram like ’’Instruction Manual’’, ’’Auto jet’’ ’’Battle uniform’’ ’’Weapon’’ ’’Spirit Medicine’’ and many others.

Under each category were many 3D holograms. All sorts and types of treasures could make one dizzy.

’’On this exchange table are 62 different treasures for you to exchange’’ said the black haired man.

’’Spirit medicine category’’ Luo Feng didn't look at anything else as he stared at the spirit medicine category. He looked down and saw many different types of spirit medicine, at least 10 different kinds. Each of them had amazing effects, ’’There's no elixir of life?’’

What Luo Feng cared about the most was an elixir of life, the elixir of life that could let his brother stand up again.

’’Elixir of life?’’

The black haired man, 'Hong', looked at Luo Feng with shock after hearing this. He shook his head, ’’Luo Feng, every single thing on this exchange table would sell for an astronomical price if put in human society. Many powerful countries and organizations can't get these treasures no matter how much money they are willing to spend. How could the elixir of life enter this exchange table’’

Luo Feng froze.

The elixir of life doesn't have the right to be in this list?

’’You want the elixir of life to let your brother stand up again?’’ the black haired man pointed at the 12 spirits of nature in the hologram, ’’Did you see the effects of the hundred dew grass within the 12 spirits of nature you received? As long as you chew it and consume it, it can cure any type of injury. Naturally, your brother would be able to stand up again’’

Luo Feng looked carefully

Hundred dew grass. No matter what kind of injury or poison, you can immediately recover after chewing and consuming it.....

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng's eyes were shining.

’’Don't tell me you plan to give this hundred dew grass to your brother?’’ said the black haired man in shock.

’’Yea’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Haha.....’’ the black haired man laughed. He hasn't laughed like this for a very long time, ’’Luo Feng, in terms of value, this hundred dew grass is worth 10x more than the elixir of life! If you use the hundred dew grass to exchange for elixirs of life from the American government, they'll probably be willing to give you 10 elixirs of life in exchange!’’

’’And you were thinking of using a hundred dew grass just to let your brothers legs grow out again? What a waste of the effects of the hundred dew grass’’ the black haired man shook his head.

The hundred dew grass was such a valuable spirit grass.

Good steel should be used on the edge of a blade, the hundred dew grass shouldn't be wasted like this.

’’In another one or two months, the American government will hold an auction for the elixir of life. At that time, just join the auction’’ commanded the black haired man, ’’Don't waste spirits of nature’’

Luo Feng blinked twice.

The hundred dew grass...... was worth 10x more than an elixir of life?

’’Look clearly’’ the black haired man waved his hand.


A price label immediately appeared beside the hovering hologram displaying the 12 spirits of nature. They were ’’2 stars’’ ’’2.5 stars’’ ’’3 stars’’...... respectively. Each spirit of nature had a price. The lowest one was ’’1.5 stars’’ and the highest one was ’’5 stars’’

In total, they were 36.5 stars.

’’This is.....’’ Luo Feng was a bit confused.

’’This is the value of the spirits of nature you received’’ the black haired man's face was calm, ’’On this earth, many treasures cannot be valued with money. Nobody would foolishly sell a treasure for some Chinese or American dollars. That's dumb! If you want to exchange, then you exchange for goods’’

Luo Feng nodded. Indeed, he has never seen a place that sells almost any of the items on this exchange table that Hong has given him.

In other words.....

You can't buy them even if you have the money! For example, there isn't any place that sells the 'Black God Set'.

’’Stars are a unit that I randomly set’’ said the black haired man.

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Their value is set by my confirmations’’

’’Look again’’ the black haired man pointed beside the hologram's exchange table. Suddenly, prices appeared beside every item on the huge hologram's exchange table: ’’1 star’’ ’’1.5 stars’’ ’’3 stars’’ ’’2 stars’’..... the prices were different, but most of them were around 2 stars.

The black haired man had a mysterious smile on as he looked at Luo Feng: ’’You have 36.5 stars worth of spirits of nature. You can exchange for any item here as long as your total doesn't exceed 36.5 stars’’

After that, the black haired man remained silent as he let Luo Feng examine carefully.

On the exchange table, Luo Feng saw the auto jet category in a glance.

Emperor level auto jet: 2 stars

Universe level auto jet: 15 stars

Prehistoric level auto jet: 60 stars

’’The prehistoric level is actually that expensive’’ Luo Feng thought that he was extremely rich after receiving this time's reward, but he couldn't help but to curse after seeing the 'prehistoric level auto jet'. Holy, this price is way too incredible! No wonder Hong is the only person in the Dojo of Limits with a prehistoric level auto jet.

’’Time to look at the battle uniforms’’

Luo Feng didn't look at anything else. He first examined the battle uniforms...... the best one was the Black God set!

Black God Set 5 stars

’’The Black God set is quite expensive’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. But at least it was within an acceptable range.

’’Head, I'll buy this Black God set’’ Luo Feng looked towards the black haired man.

The black haired man looked towards Luo Feng and said: ’’The Black God set, is very special!’’

’’There aren't that many Black God sets on earth. Only those who succeed in entering an archaeological ruin can receive a Black God set! And everyone only has one chance to enter, so even I can't get more than one Black God set. Because of this, there aren't that many Black God sets on earth’’

’’Luo Feng, my Dojo of Limits has a rule..... those who directly receive a Black God set must go to an archaeological ruin after some period of time to get another Black God set. And they must sell that Black God set to my Dojo of Limits’’ said the black haired man, Hong.

Luo Feng understood in his heart.

Everyone only had one chance to receive a Black God set. So if the Dojo of Limits uses the Black God set as an award, then once they give it out, their stock lowers. Naturally, they'll need to get another one to make up for it. This way, they can keep the supply flowing.

’’If you want to buy this Black God set, I'll give you two choices’’

’’One. Spend 5 stars to purchase the Black God set. Your mission is to enter an archaeological ruin in the future and obtain another Black God set. After that, sell it to our Dojo of Limits. We won't change the price’’

’’Two. Receive a Black God set for free now and then enter an archaeological ruin in the future. Receive another Black God set and give it to our Dojo of Limits for free’’

Luo Feng's eyes flashed as he heard this.

’’I pick the second option’’ said Luo Feng without hesitation.

If he can get it for free now and make it up later to the Dojo of Limits, it's like a loan without interest. Only dumb people won't pick that option.

’’Haha, how smooth’’ the black haired man let out a smile, ’’Luo Feng, you're extremely talented. Our Dojo of Limits always rewards the talented..... however, you've earned a lot this time, so I didn't give you any extra rewards. Giving you the second option for the Black God set should count as a small extra from me’’

Luo Feng smiled.

Even though he has to get another Black God set in the future to return, he at least has more stars to spend on more treasures.

’’Head, all of these treasures are making me dizzy. I hope the head can recommend one of them for me’’ said Luo Feng. How can his judgment compare to the head's? The head understands these treasures very well.


The black haired man, Hong, couldn't help but to laugh cheerfully. He was being kind to Luo Feng not only because of Luo Feng's talent, but also because of the cloud contact vines. The cloud contact vines, to Hong, are even more valuable than prehistoric level auto jets! Hong talked to Luo Feng so much because he was in a cheerful mood.

’’Very well’’ the black haired man looked at the exchange table, ’’Most of the instruction manuals are ultimate moves for existences surpassing the wargod level, so there's no point in buying them now. I recommend you purchase the 《Spirit Reader Basics》 , which costs 3 stars’’

’’I'll buy it’’ nodded Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was a bit shocked when he initially noticed that the 《Spirit Reader Basics》 costs 3 stars. Why is it so expensive? Keep in mind that a portion of dragon blood is only worth 1 star in this exchange table.

’’As for spirit medicine, there's no need for you to buy that either. Your body has consumed a portion of dragon blood and a thousand year willow heart, so a lot of their effects are hidden in your body. You just have to train and your strength will rise!’’ the black haired man 'Hong' continued, ’’As for the other treasures, there is one that is extremely suitable for you. As for the rest.... just randomly pick some’’

Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

He bought a Black God set and the 《Spirit Reader Basics》, and according to what Hong said, there is another item that is extremely suitable for himself.

’’Which one?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say.

’’If you are able to pick it, then you have good luck. If you can't, then that's that’’ the black haired man, Hong, didn't give any more tips.

Luo Feng mindlessly stared at the exchange table. Who knows which one is suitable for himself.

A treasure that's suitable for himself?


If Hong isn't willing to give any more hints about it, then it must be very valuable!

’’Yea, it's probably an expensive one’’ Luo Feng looked carefully, not at the goods, but at the prices...... the most expensive thing on the exchange table was the 'prehistoric level auto jet' for 60 stars. After that is an instruction manual that teaches the ultimate move 'Phoenix Wing Strike' to existences surpassing the wargod level, which costs 36 stars.

The third most expensive one is a weapon called 'soaring shuttle', which costs 30 stars.

The one in fourth is also an ultimate move, called the 'Lightning Spark Flint', priced at 25 stars.


’’According to what the head said, those ultimate moves aren't of any use to me right now. And according to the conversation between investigator Liu and Royal Guard Ice Mountain, ultimate moves are based off of the characteristics of an individual's essence’’

’’I can't afford the most expensive one, the prehistoric level auto jet’’

’’Then, this soaring shuttle?’’

Luo Feng carefully examined the introduction to the soaring shuttle. The introduction was short, it was simply

Soaring Shuttle: A weapon suitable for spirit readers to control, since it conserves spiritual force.

Most of the weapons in the weapons category were for spirit readers, since Hong provided all these treasures for Luo Feng to exchange. The introductions were simple. If it wasn't for the price, one wouldn't even notice the soaring shuttle.

’’So expensive, 30 stars!’’

Luo Feng was a bit unwilling, since his 12 spirits of nature are only 36.5 stars in total, and just a soaring shuttle is 30 stars.

’’Head’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth as he looked towards the black haired man, 'Hong', ’’I'm going to purchase the soaring shuttle’’

The black haired man, 'Hong', let out a face of shock: ’’It was actually chosen by you. Tell me, how did you pick it?’’

’’The head wasn't willing to tell me anything, so it must have been a unique treasure, which means that it would be expensive. So I looked at the most expensive items one by one......’’ when Luo Feng said that, the black haired man, 'Hong', beside him couldn't help but to start laughing: ’’I was a bit stingy. Looks like you were meant to be with this soaring shuttle. The true value of this soaring shuttle is way more than 30 stars. One day, when you become an existing surpassing the wargod level, its true power will become clear! However, even for you right now, it's the most suitable weapon’’

Hong, because he got the cloud contact vines, decided to add the soaring shuttle into the exchange table.

Or else.....

Why would he add the soaring shuttle in there? And considering the fact that Luo Feng's spirits of nature add up to a total of 36.5 stars, he decided to price the soaring shuttle at 30 stars.


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