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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 61



Hong Ning headquarter city, elite training camp's Jiang-Nan pagoda.

Dawn, the day was bright. Luo Feng was standing on the balcony and facing East.

’’A few days ago I was on the wastelands of the continent of Australia and being chased after Li Yao. Now I'm casually waiting here alone, awaiting the summons of the head’’ Luo Feng let out a smile. After Luo Feng came back with investigator Liu, investigator Liu arranged for Luo Feng to live at the training camp.

All the other students in the training camp were undergoing their Life and Death adventure, so Luo Feng was the only official student left in the training camp.

What Luo Feng had to do now.....

Was wait for the head's summons and receive his gigantic reward.

The Dojo of Limits had a very startling harvest this time. Even investigator Liu was quite excited just to get 5%, so one could imagine what a startling amount of wealth Luo Feng would receive.

’’Towards the sun’’ Luo Feng looked east.

Right now, the clouds in the sky were colored in a fiery red. Even though the sun hasn't shown itself yet, the rays of light shining through the clouds were heart movingly beautiful.

’’I thought I could live here for up to two or three years, or maybe even longer’’ Luo Feng leaned against the railing of the balcony as he sighed, ’’Looks like, I'll be leaving’’



A man and a woman in black swiftly arrived at the courtyard of Jiang-Nan pagoda.

’’KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!’’ they knocked.

’’Who is it?’’ Luo Feng came out of his room and opened the door.

The man and woman in black outside seemed to be around 30 years old. Both of their eyes were full of life, and the slightly short woman with layered hair smiled: ’’Student Luo Feng, the head has summoned. Please follow us’’. The man on the side looked towards the youth in front of him with curiosity.

A personal summons from the head is quite rare.

’’The head?’’ Luo Feng was joyful. So fast, he just came back for a day and the head already wants to see him. Looks like it's time to receive his reward.

’’Okay, let's go’’ Luo Feng nodded and followed the two.

They quickly arrived at the main entrance of the elite training camp as they walked along the familiar road. A black, elegant limousine with a length of over six meters was parked there. A woman in black went forward and opened the car door: ’’Student Luo Feng, please get on’’

Luo Feng got in the car. The car's interior was as spacious as a space shuttle, it was extremely elegant and comfortable.

The car slowly moved.

The people in the car could barely feel any shaking. The man in the black uniform sat beside the driver's spot while the woman in the black uniform sat next to Luo Feng.

20 minutes later.

’’CHI!’’ the car stopped.

’’Student Luo Feng, we have arrived at HQ’’ smiled the woman in the black uniform. Luo Feng got off the car and couldn't help but to take in a breath as he looked at the building in front of him.


What was in front of him was a gigantic spaceship-like structure that was at least 10,000 meters long. It was around 100 meters high and there was a huge door that was a few dozen meters wide for people to go in. And surrounding this gigantic spaceship structure were..... large amounts of armed forces. Security here was clearly strict.

’’This is the real headquarters of the Dojo of Limits?’’ Luo Feng gasped as he looked at the spaceship in front of him. Very few people have seen the Dojo of Limits' HQ and there aren't any relevant photos online either.

A blue light shot out from the spaceship and surrounded Luo Feng.


’’Student Luo Feng, please enter’’ rang the electronic sound.

The woman in the black uniform beside Luo Feng said: ’’Student Luo Feng, only the higher ups with huge amounts of authority are authorized to enter. If you do not have permission, you will be killed by the defense system. Student Luo Feng, you should hurry and enter’’

Luo Feng nodded as he walked over!

The huge door to the spaceship that was a few dozen meters long was silverish white.

’’How come I feel like this spaceship-like structure is an actual spaceship?’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’But a spaceship that's over 10,000 meters long? I really haven't heard of anything like this before’’. Without thinking any further, he swiftly passed through the door and entered the interior of the headquarters.

In the hallway, a man and a woman both in blue robes smiled as they greeted: ’’Student Luo Feng, please follow us’’

Basically everyone in the interior of the headquarters were wearing blue robes while a rare few were in red robes.

’’This is the resting area. Student Luo Feng, please rest here for now. The head will summon you later’’ smiled the white woman in the blue robe as she spoke fluent Chinese. After that, she obediently left.

There were already two people in the resting area.

’’I greet investigator Liu’’ Luo Feng slightly bowed, ’’Mr. Ice Mountain’’

’’Haha, Luo Feng, sit’’ smiled investigator Liu.

The royal guard Ice Mountain glanced at Luo Feng. He was cold and said nothing.

’’The head has returned from the misty island and immediately summoned the three of us. It's probably about dividing the profits from the misty island’’ smiled investigator Liu, ’’Luo Feng, looks like your reward this time isn't going to be small’’. In terms of reward, investigator Liu probably isn't going to get as much as Luo Feng.

’’Luck, I just happened to come across that misty island’’ followed Luo Feng.

’’Luck is also a part of skill’’ smiled investigator Liu.

Royal guard Ice Mountain stayed silent on the side.


’’Ice Mountain, the head calls’’ a sound rang from a black man in a red robe standing out the door.

’’The summons have begun’’

Luo Feng and investigator Liu's spirits were brought up.

’’Ok’’ Ice Mountain stood up. He still had his golden mask on as he followed the black man in the red robe away.

’’Ice Mountain sure is going to earn a ton this time’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to sigh. After that, he looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, your reward isn't going to be small this time either. At that time..... the head will probably give you a chance to exchange for some treasures. You better grab onto that chance and exchange for some treasures you need’’

’’Exchange for treasures?’’ Luo Feng froze.


Investigator Liu nodded as he smiled, ’’A lot of spirits of nature were harvested this time. Technically, some of the spirits of nature will be given to you. But who would need so many spirits of nature? The best treasure is the one that suits you the most. You can use the spirits of nature to exchange for some rare treasures from the head. These treasures can't be bought with money’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

’’You'll know at the time’’ investigator Liu slightly smiled, ’’But who knows..... whether or not the head would be willing to bring out the truly valuable treasures’’

After saying that, investigator Liu didn't say another word.


’’Investigator Liu, the head calls’’ it was the same red robed black man.

’’Luo Feng, I'll be going first’’ investigator Liu slightly smiled as he followed the red robed black man away. Luo Feng was the only person left in the resting area.

Luo Feng waited silently.

10 minutes later, the red robed black man came back to the door: ’’Luo Feng, the head calls’’

’’It's finally my turn’’

Luo Feng took in a deep breath and then stood up. He followed the red robed black man as he walked through the hallway. Soon enough, he arrived outside a quiet room. The red robed black man slightly bowed and then left.

’’Luo Feng, come in’’ an ice cold voice rang.

’’Yes, head’’ Luo Feng met Hong before so he knows his voice.

The guest room was empty and black. There were only two cushions in there.

The black haired man sat cross legged on a cushion as he pointed towards the cushion in front of him: ’’Sit!’’


Luo Feng went forward and sat on the cushion. In front of Hong, the formless pressure caused one to lower one's head subconsciously, unable to bring up the slightest thought of resistance! This is probably what an ant does in front of a legendary dragon. When faced with the difference in power, there's nothing else to do but to lower your head.

The black haired man's gaze toward Luo Feng had a bit of warmth to it as he spoke: ’’You have played a large role in reporting the misty island's location. Reporting the information gives you 10% of the spirits of nature. And when harvesting, you also played a role, so you can get another 5%. In other words..... you can get 15% total’’

’’It's really 15%’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

Keep in mind that the golden masked man harvested a full 92 spirits of nature. With Luo Feng's ten thousand year willow heart and 2 thousand year willow hearts, there's a total of 95 spirits of nature. 15% of this number is definitely an incredible amount of wealth.

The thousand year willow heart can only count as an average thing in that group.

And one thousand year willow heart is more valuable than a portion of dragon blood. It's entirely imaginable how much money 15% is worth.

’’So ’’

The black haired man waved his hand.


A 3D hologram suddenly appeared in the black guest room. In this 3D hologram appeared the images of 12 spirits of nature.

’’Some of these 12 spirits of nature are more valuable than others, but in total, it's about 15% of the 95 spirits of nature’’ the black haired man's voice was cold as usual, ’’These 12 spirits of nature are yours’’

’’12?’’ Luo Feng looked towards the 3D hologram.

Within the 12 was a thousand year willow heart, which Luo Feng recognized. As for the 11, he actually wasn't able to recognize a single one.

’’You can carefully examine the value of these 12 spirits of nature’’ right when the black haired man's voice finished, a huge amount of words appeared beside each spirit of nature, which explained the uses of each spirit of nature. Luo Feng had extremely good eyesight, so he could read them clearly.

Thousand year black crow root, boil it into 3 kg of medicine and drink 100 grams every day. After drinking, your body fitness level will soar up and your skin will become extremely tough......

Hundred dew grass. No matter what kind of injury or poison, you can immediately recover after chewing and consuming it.


Each spirit of nature had a special function. The most absurd spirit of nature out of the 12 could actually raise one's body fitness level 6 to 10 times (with a limit of peak of the advanced wargod level).

Some of them stunned Luo Feng.

But Luo Feng was also quite curious. How could the head easily know the usage and effects of each type of spirit of nature? And they even have all sorts of names.

’’Head, did the thousand year black crow root actually grow for a thousand years?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask out of curiosity.


The black haired man couldn't help but to smile a bit, ’’I just named them randomly. I'm Chinese, so I just gave them names that Chinese people would like. How long has it been since the Grand Nirvana period? I haven't even lived that long, so names like thousand year and ten thousand year are just exaggerations, just to let people know how amazing the effects of these spirits of nature are’’

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Spirits of nature, for someone like you who has reached the peak of the advanced wargod level, aren't that effective’’ said the black haired man, ’’So, I'll give you a chance...... to use those spirits of nature to exchange for treasures you need’’


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