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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 60



On the wasteland beside the lake surrounding the misty island.

Vulture Li Yao, Phantom Demon Catalan, Great Bear Keita, and Blood Shadow Ethan. The four of them looked towards the misty island with a bit of fear in their hearts. Representative Farr, who was hovering in midair beside them, also looked towards the sky above the misty island where the six black purplish vines that pierced the heavens danced crazily.

’’Just what are those things? How are they so powerful’’

’’Way too horrifying. Even an existence surpassing the wargod level can't beat it’’

Vulture Li Yao and the others talked quietly. They were all stunned and scared. If representative Farr didn't bring them away and if the black purplish vine wasn't only concerned with chasing after that royal guard ’’Ice Mountain', the four of them probably wouldn't have been able to escape.


Representative Farr landed.

’’Thank you, representative Farr’’ Li Yao came up and thanked. The other three also thanked him.

Representative Farr looked towards the four and commanded without emotion: ’’Give me the spirits of nature you guys found!’’

Catalan, Li Yao, and the others froze.

Hand over the spirits of nature?

Catalan and the others worked hard to get these spirits of nature together. However, since they were afraid that Luo Feng would call the people from the Dojo of Limits, they also requested for existences surpassing the wargod level! Once they ask for help, the spirits of nature they obtain will naturally be divided.

Just like how Luo Feng handed over his ten thousand year willow heart and his thousand year willow heart.

However, one difference is...... that royal guard 'Ice Mountain' basically got all of the spirits of nature on the island. And representative Farr didn't even get one. This way, Catalan and the others are at a disadvantage.

’’Hm?’’ representative Farr frowned.

’’Bring them out’’ commanded Catalan. Even though they didn't want to, Li Yao and the others could only hand out the spirits of nature they had.

6 thousand year willow hearts and two spirit herbs.

’’Don't worry, I'll redistribute them based on contribution’’ said representative Farr coldly, ’’The fighter jet you guys came in is over there. Are you guys going to go back to Europe or..... wait here for the other representatives?’’. Catalan invited quite a few representatives through his teacher.

All existences surpassing the wargod level are representatives of the Palace of Wargod's committee.

’’We're not in a rush’’ smiled Catalan.

’’Yea, no rush’’ followed Li Yao. How could they miss a chance to watch a few existences surpassing the wargod level battle against spirits of nature?


After a long time.

A flowing light finally appeared in the sky as it swiftly approached. It hovered in the air not too far from representative Farr. This was a disc shaped fighter jet that was completely black, and its hatch just opened.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three images flew out. Judging from their skin color, two of them are American or European while one of them had slightly darker skin, like someone from South America. The three of them smiled as they flew towards representative Farr. The four of them..... were indeed four existences surpassing the wargod level!

’’Teacher’’ Catalan flew over.

’’Look, behind’’


Li Yao, Catalan, and Keita, who were still on the ground, were all shocked as they pointed towards a blood red colored triangular fighter jet that was hovering behind the disc shaped fighter jet.

HUALA! The hatch opened.


The four existences surpassing the wargod level were all stunned as they looked at the person who arrived.

The stars scattered across the night sky seemed to have all disappeared. In this point of time, only one person seemed to exist a man with black, short hair, a black jacket, and black trousers. After meeting his gaze, one's heart completely freezes up and gives up all thoughts of resisting. He, is the only deity in this entire world!

Including representative Farr, the hearts of these four existences surpassing the wargod level were all shaking.

’’We greet the first chairman!’’ representative Farr and the three others slightly bowed as they hovered in midair.

The person who came was indeed Hong!

The world's strongest fighter, the first chairman on the Palace of Wargods! The indisputable number one on earth!

’’I discovered your fighter jet previously and guessed you guys were coming here, so I didn't rush to get ahead’’ the black haired man's voice was calm, ’’I won't bully you guys. I'll give you guys one chance. You guys can attack that misty island however you want and keep what you get! If you guys fail, then hurry up and leave’’

Hong's voice was cold.

It had a sense of superiority in it. But indeed, Hong's position since the Grand Nirvana period has been at the indisputable peak! If the presidents and leaders of the five great countries get their power from the country themselves, then Hong's power comes completely from himself!

Just him, is comparable to an entire country, and maybe even more!

His authority has already surpassed the restrictions of the normal world.


He was glorified. All the countries on earth cooperated with him and helped him expand his Dojo of Limits. Truthfully, Hong actually can count as a deity-like existence. One huge reason why humanity has been able to last until now is because of Hong's uncoverable efforts.

’’Thank you, first chairman’’ the four existences surpassing the wargod level slightly bowed.

And then

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The four of them turned into four flowing lights as they flew towards the distant misty island. The black haired man just hovered in midair as he silently waited.

’’This is Hong?’’ Catalan, Li Yao, Keita, and Ethan all looked towards Hong with passion.

The existences surpassing the wargod level they so praise like representative Farr and the others remain completely calm, and even a bit prideful, in front of the chairman of the HR alliance! However, in front of 'Hong', these four representatives become extremely respectful and behaved like children.


Catalan, Ethan, Li Yao, and Keita adore Hong from the bottom of their hearts. Hong represents the limits of humanity, the peak!


Five minutes later.

The rumbling noises sounded continuously on the misty island. Four flowing lights swiftly flew back as they hovered below Hong. Each of the four of these existences surpassing the wargod level seemed to have been slightly injured. Either that, or their face was pale, or had a bit of blood trickling out the side of their mouths. All of them were scared. If they didn't listen to representative Farr describe how horrifying those vines were and, as a result, carefully went along the edge of the island, then one or two of them might have died instead of just receiving some small wounds.

’’First chairman’’ the four of them slightly bowed.

The black haired man glanced at them.

The four of them bowed again and then directly flew towards the disc shaped fighter jet. No matter what, they won't approach that misty island anymore.

That vine's vitality is too much!


The black haired man directly flew towards the misty island. The blood red colored triangular fighter jet behind him also followed.

Above the misty island.

The black haired man looked down from above like a deity.

The eight endless vines that were just ambushed by the four existences surpassing the wargod level were dancing in fury, causing the entire misty island to shake, as if an earthquake was happening.

’’Oh?’’ the black haired man's eyes flashed.


He directly descended, which caused the black purplish vines to sweep towards him, hoping to strangle the black haired man to death.

’’Hm?’’ the black haired man extended his right hand, his powerful right hand.


As if someone was grabbing onto a pair of chopsticks, the black haired man actually grabbed onto the endless vine. Even though the vine had a diameter of 20 centimeters, it couldn't escape the black haired man's grasp no matter how much it twisted and turned.

’’BUZZ~~~’’ the gigantic black purplish vine crazily turned.

Sadly..... to no avail.

’’Black purplish, with such power’’ the black haired man's left hand took the shape of a blade and lightly drew across. A wound with a depth of 10 cm was instantly cut open on the black purplish vine, but just after two or three seconds, the wound completely disappeared.


It couldn't escape, so the entire misty island shook ferociously. Vine after vine extended out of the mist, each of them over a length of 2,000 meters. One, two, three..... eight, nine.....

’’There should be 16 total’’ the black haired man let out a smile. He let all the black purplish vines charge at him. The surrounding 100 meter radius of the black haired man suddenly sank into an infinite darkness. Once the black purplish vines entered this dark area, movement became extremely difficult, as if they were in mud.


The black haired man grabbed a vine and observed it like a studying scientist, ’’It matches the information in the archaeological ruins perfectly, the cloud contact vine!’’

’’Our earth actually has cloud contact vines too?’’

The black haired man let out a smile, ’’This Luo Feng sure is a star of luck. I've earned a ton this time. I guess I'll give him some good stuff when we're giving him a portion of the spirits of nature’’


Paris headquarter city.

In a quiet bedroom, Li Yao grabbed a bottle of red wine and lay on the sofa as he gulped it down. Soon enough, over half the bottle was finished.

’’Yao, you don't have to be so depressed just because of this time's failure’’ anxiously said Venina in Chinese on the side.

Li Yao ignored her and finished the bottle in one breath. After that, he grabbed towards another bottle of red wine.

’’Yao, Yao’’ Venina hurriedly took away the bottle of red wine.

’’There's no hope, no hope’’ Li Yao glanced at Venina and then laughed at himself like he was drunk.

’’What do you mean no hope? You just failed this time. Failed to harvest the spirits of nature, failed to kill Luo Feng, stop yelling about no hope’’ Venina was enraged, ’’Yao, we've been through so much together, but I've never seen you lose your morale like this. How come this time you've become like this?’’

Li Yao's voice was low as he said powerlessly, ’’That Luo Feng, he's already a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level.

’’WHAT!’’ Venina was shocked.

Venina only knew that this time's operation was a complete failure from the phone call. She didn't know that Luo Feng became so powerful.

’’Peak of the advanced level wargod level, so what?’’ Venina clenched her teeth, ’’We've been through more difficult situations. As long as you can become an existence surpassing the wargod level, wouldn't dealing with him become an easy task?’’

’’It's not the same’’

’’It's not the same’’ Li Yao shook his head, ’’The Dojo of Limits has earned a ton of spirits of nature. I personally saw the golden masked man carrying a bulging backpack. Luo Feng will definitely get quite a bit! At that time, he can exchange the spirits of nature for some treasures. Adding the Dojo of Limits' support to that..... barely any people on earth are willing to help us deal with him’’

’’As for killing him, he can just dig underground with his spiritual force. Even if I become an existence surpassing the wargod level, I might not be able to catch him’’

’’Furthermore, am I even able to become an existence surpassing the wargod level?’’

Li Yao's face was looking bad.

Authority, power...... he's going to be completely surpassed by Luo Feng!


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