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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 6



In #023 city stood various delicately constructed buildings. However, these buildings were already quite ruined. The cold wind blew, carrying the howls of monsters in it. The five members of the fire hammer squad swiftly moved forward.

Actually, with Luo Feng's spiritual force, his body fitness level of 'beginner level warlord' jumps up to 'advanced level warlord' which allows him to battle against a beginner level wargod! In other words, you can treat Luo Feng as a wargod now! With Luo Feng there, as long as they are a bit careful, there's virtually no danger! Since horde leaders are rare and anything below the horde leader level instantly gives up their lives the instant they encounter Luo Feng! Even if they run into a 'rat tide' or an 'ant tide', Luo Feng can fly, which guarantees his safety!

’’Look, right ahead’’ Luo Feng and the others were bent over on the black roof of a two story hotel as they looked towards the street in front of them which was big enough to hold four cars side by side.

On the street was a huge horde comprised of ocelot monsters. All of them were howling as they chased a fighter squad. These ocelot monsters had several two tailed ocelots and even a three tailed one.

’’There's even a four tailed ocelot in the back!’’ said Gao Feng softly.

A two tailed ocelot is a low level commander. A three tailed ocelot is a medium level commander. A four tailed ocelot is a high level commander! A high level commander, for the usual fighter squad, is an absolute nightmare.

And ocelots have the power and cruelty of tiger type monsters and the swiftness and agility of cat type monsters. They are quite difficult to get rid of.

’’This isn't too hard’’ Luo Feng slightly squinted.

’’They're brothers from the Dojo of Limits, we gotta help them’’ said Gao Feng seriously. Whenever you encounter danger in the wilderness, you can send out an emergency SOS signal, which would indiscriminately send out signals to every fighter in the vicinity. If they're from the same Dojo, the signal would be red. If they're from different Dojos, the signal would be green!

Each tactical communications watch is connected to the person's fighter ID card, so the watch can automatically differentiate whether or not they're in the same Dojo.

’’Captain, you guys go help, I'll cut the back’’ said Luo Feng softly.

’’Crazy is best at fighting in a horde’’ Wei Qing gave a huge thumbs up. Indeed, Luo Feng, who has amazing technique, performs extremely well in chaotic battles.

Gao Feng softly said: ’’Go!’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of people immediately started sprinting. Gao Feng, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu immediately charged towards the escaping fighter squad, while Luo Feng started slaughtering in the middle of the street behind them! For a wargod, a monster horde holds absolutely no threat at all, unless it's a horde made out of tiny monsters like the rat tide or ant tide.

Of course, if Luo Feng doesn't use his throwing knives, this monster horde is still quite challenging.



Fresh blood flew everywhere and the heads of the ocelot monsters flew up one by one. The huge bodies instantly crumbled to the ground, clogging up the street. These ocelot monsters were mostly soldier level. Only some of them were two tailed ocelots, while even fewer were three tailed ocelots. And there was only one four tailed ocelot!

Like a butterfly, Luo Feng easily floated through the monster horde.

The charge of the monsters was horrifying. Once you get hit by one, it'll be easy for the countless monsters to trample you to death! However, Luo Feng's technique was superb as he used the corpses of other monsters and even some of the sprinting ocelot monsters to block the other monsters. This also allowed him to deal with fewer monsters at a time.


’’Hm? The phone call isn't going through? No one's picking up or replying’’

In Jiang-Nan headquarter city, on the top of the Dojo of Limits headquarters, chairman Zhou Zheng Yong was looking at his phone with a confused look. Wargod Yang Hui shook his head on the side: ’’You can't even deal with something like this, steel hand, I have to treat you with scorn for a bit’’. As he said that, wargod Yang Hui also dialed Luo Feng's tactical communications watch's number, ’’Hm, it already displayed his position: #023 city’’

Using the signal of the phone, it's easy to determine the location.

Even normal cell phones have this function. ’’I'll just go over there directly’’ Wargod Yang Hui waved his hand and directly entered a dark blue jet fighter. After he closed the hatch, the jet fighter quickly soared through the air and flew out the city's defense system as it headed southeast.


In #023 city, the emergency SOS signal broadcasted to the surrounding 20 km. Actually, when fighters in the wilderness encounter danger, fighters won't come help them if they're too far away! This emergency SOS signal, which was originally set to a radius of 23 km, was broadcasting to quite a large area.

’’Hm? It's a green emergency SOS signal, so it's not people of our Thunder Dojo’’ four fighters were currently sitting in the sixth floor of an old, shattered hotel. ’’It's probably people from the Dojo of Limits. Brothers, should we go?’’ said a brute with a scar on his face as he looked towards the others.

A bald, handsome young man lowered his head and said: ’’We can't make this distance, so let's go take a look. If we can help, then we will. If it's too dangerous, then nevermind’’.

’’Let's do what Guo said, go’’

’’Alright, let's go’’

This North River squad, which was quite famous in Jiang-Nan headquarter city, instantly made their decision and immediately, yet carefully, went out. This North River squad had one advanced level warlord and three intermediate level warlords. However, one of the intermediate level warlords, Guo Hai, was nearing the advanced level warlord level. A fighter squad like this was indeed powerful.

However, they were quite slow in the wilderness city. They didn't dare to sprint, since they were afraid of a monster lying in ambush ahead.

’’Right ahead us’’

’’Hmhm, ocelot monster horde. Damn, bet there's around a thousand of them’’ the North River squad squatted on the roof of a store and looked towards the street.

’’Look over there, what a powerful guy. Just him alone attracted over half of the monsters’’

’’Where'd that ferocious dude come from?’’

The members of the North River squad were all surprised. Even the bald young man, 'Guo Hai', widened his eyes as he looked carefully. All that was seen was a young fighter who had a hexagonal shield in one hand and a ghost blade in the other. As if a ghost, he kept dodging around with amazingly fast, yet extremely precise technique.


’’HOWL~~’’ The enraged monster horde crazily charged towards Luo Feng. Their claws waved like crazy and there were even a huge amount of monsters that leaped towards him. It seemed as if a wave was about to swallow up Luo Feng! However, no matter how crazily the monster horde attacked...

Luo Feng's technique was already 'artistic', as each of his steps were extremely precise. It was a pleasure to watch him sidestep and dodge. The monster horde that was seemingly crazy and enraged, was like a joke in front of Luo Feng's steps.

’’Ru Wei class!’’

’’This is definitely the Ru Wei class technique’’

The fighters of the North River squad couldn't help but to say out of surprise.

’’Luo Feng? It's actually him?’’ frowned Guo Hai.

Of course he recognized Luo Feng. When wargod Lu Gang died and the memorial started, he was chatting about Luo Feng with the Xu family's Xu Gang while Luo Feng was chatting with Xu Xin near him. From a certain perspective..... Guo Hai and Luo Feng were rivals in love! Guo Hai liked Xu Xin, and so did Luo Feng.

’’Stop watching, let's go already’’

’’Go!’’ the four members of the North River squad rushed out.

’’This Luo Feng just barely became a fighter. Could it be that he's actually catching up to me?’’ Guo Hai's heart was filled with a fierce feeling of unsatisfaction. Guys, especially in front of their crush, don't easily accept defeat. Furthermore, he, Guo Hai, is a genius fighter that is approaching the advanced level warlord level. If you don't count in the spiritual force then, indeed, he isn't inferior to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng, like a rock, clogged up the street where the monster horde was sprinting. A huge amount of monster corpses surrounded the area! Whether they charged or leaped towards Luo Feng, there were monsters surrounding Luo Feng in absolutely every direction. However, he was hanging on in this kind of situation.

’’This is a way of using the environment to assist my technique’’ Luo Feng dodged while attacking and was excited inside, ’’Using the environment and every object, whether the corpses of monsters or the bodies of the monsters that are attacking me, or even a rock..... merge myself with the environment. This is the perfect level’’ Luo Feng has been thinking about the 'perfect level' technique for this period of time.

He understood the reasoning behind it but, when he actually has to do it, he can't maintain the state for a long time.


With a howl that flew up to the skies, the entire ocelot horde retreated with their leader like a receding ocean. They quickly left. Even though the ocelots were enraged and filled with hatred when they left, the ocelot leader was clear: even if the entire horde was sacrificed, they wouldn't be able to eradicate this human fighter.

’’You must be the famous crazy from our Jiang-Nan headquarter city. Now that I saw it for myself, you are indeed powerful. I am the captain of the North River squad, Kang Wei’’ the man with a scar on his face passionately walked over.

Luo Feng smiled as he walked over. A sound then rang at this time: ’’Luo Feng!’’

A bald young man whose battle uniform had some marks of blood on it walked over and stared at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, I'm Guo Hai..... you should've heard my name before’’

’’Guo Hai?’’ Luo Feng looked at the young man in front of him, ’’You're the one who became an intermediate level warlord at the age of 21?’’. Of course Luo Feng remembers this name. When Xu Gang was ridiculing him back then, he mentioned two people一一一the genius fighter 'Guo Hai' and the 'Wang Xing Ping' from the Wang family. They count as his rivals in love. ’’That's me’’ a smile appeared on Guo Hai's face, ’’You probably heard from Xu Gang’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’We'll compete on equal terms for Xu Xin!’’ Guo Hai's eyes were flashing, ’’Luo Feng, I admit your technique is superb. You're not the kind of person who only just barely stepped into the Ru Wei class and makes mistakes every so often. Your Ru Wei class technique is almost perfect. In terms of technique, I'm inferior to you. At least for this point, I'll praise you’’

By this time, the fire hammer squad members and the fighter squad of the Dojo of Limits that was saved by them came over.

’’The thunder Dojo's genius fighter Guo Hai?’’

Of course Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others knew about Guo Hai. Guo Hai was extremely famous! He was also scouted for the Thunder Dojo back then.

’’However, Luo Feng, by the end of this year, I should be able to become an advanced level warlord!’’ Guo Hai slightly smiled, ’’I think a 22 year old advanced level warlord is enough for the Xu family to give their daughter's hand in marriage to me’’. Guo Hai was a very calm person. When he first heard of Luo Feng, Guo Hai didn't even give a second thought about him at all.

However, he felt a threat when he saw Luo Feng's performance today, which was why he said all of that!

’’Even if the Xu family is willing, Xu Xin has to agree as well’’ frowned Luo Feng. Because of Xu Xin's identity, many people are sure to chase after Xu Xin. Who knew that he would actually meet a rival in love today.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked towards the far away sky and saw a dark blue light flash through the sky. After that, it stopped above them. This beautiful, dark blue colored UFO-shaped fighter jet then started to descend and actually stopped on a street around a dozen meters away from Luo Feng and the others.


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