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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 59



’’This vine!’’ Luo Feng was absolutely shocked when he saw it. The black purplish vine that extended from the distant mist seemed infinite. It was like a rumbling, gigantic python that chased after the escaping golden masked man.


The golden masked man had blades that were as thin as a cicada's wing in each hand, as if they were transparent ice blades. They cruelly collided with the approaching black purplish vine.

Immediately, shockwaves visible to the naked eye flew in every direction. The trees below that seemed to touch the sky were all smashed into pieces by these shockwaves. Even Vulture Li Yao, Blood Shadow Ethan, and Great Bear Keita were running in a panic. If they accidently get caught up in this fight, they'll instantly die!

’’What!’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Under the attack of the two ice blades, the black purplish vine that had a diameter of 20 cm was barely cut open a depth of 1 cm. However, this wound instantly healed in virtually a blink of an eye.

’’Let's go’’ investigator Liu pulled Luo Feng.

Luo Feng didn't resist and immediately flew into the distance with investigator Liu...... as for that black purplish vine, it was busy chasing after the golden masked man with everything it had, so it didn't have time to chase after Luo Feng and the others.

’’Get on the fighter jet’’ yelled investigator Liu.


The purplish red triangular fighter jet that was hovering in the distance directly flew over and opened its hatch.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Investigator Liu and Luo Feng flew into the triangular fighter jet like two lights.

Inside the triangular fighter jet was darkness.

Luo Feng and investigator Liu looked out the hatch while the fighter jet flew away, creating distance between them and the black purplish vine.

HUALA! The hatch closed.

’’Display Ice Mountain's battle’’ ordered investigator Liu.


A video instantly appeared in the dark cabin, which was indeed displaying the battle that was currently happening above the misty island. This video was much more clear than what the naked eye could perceive. In the video, the golden masked man was the only person left in the air above the misty island. And he was still being chased by that vine!

The golden masked man was as fast as lightning as he escaped.

’’PA!’’ a sky shattering sound.

The vine actually whipped like a whip. That dark purplish vine that was over 1,000 meters long whipped ferociously. When it retracted and then extended, it caused an amazing sonic boom! Even after the sound went through the hatch of the plane, Luo Feng felt like a bomb just blew up next to his ears.

’’Such a long vine can whip people?’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to sigh, ’’If Ice Mountain gets whipped, it's over’’

’’Investigator Liu, are we just going to watch?’’ asked Luo Feng.

They're all part of the Dojo of Limits. Are they just going to watch their ally get attacked?

’’Luo Feng, royal guard Ice Mountain's strength is even a bit higher than mine. And his escaping abilities are much better than mine! He's a royal guard of the head, so the head has taught them various methods to keep their lives. If I go? I'll just make things worse’’ investigator Liu wasn't in a rush at all, ’’Don't worry, this one vine still can't NOT GOOD!’’

Investigator Liu's face changed dramatically.

Luo Feng also took in a deep breath as he stared at the display!


In the video, the entire misty island rumbled. Another black purplish vine that you couldn't see the end of swiftly extended out of the mist. Now there are two black purplish vines..... no! The entire misty island rumbled as a third black purplish vine that seemed to stretch across the land extended out of the mist.

A fourth vine! A fifth vine!

The naked eye couldn't tell how long each vine was, but they were definitely over 1,000 meters long. And each vine had a black purplish color and had a diameter of 20 cm. They were all extremely tough. Even existences surpassing the wargod level..... can't do anything against them.

’’Big trouble’’ investigator Liu's face turned green.

Above the misty island, the vines that pierced through the heavens were like the tentacles of the misty island. They crazily danced from every direction as they surrounded the golden masked man! The golden masked man was extremely fast. One movement of his body could move him across a distance of a few hundred meters. With this, he should be able to shake off the vines easily.

However, the vines themselves were too peculiar!

They could freely twist and move! They moved so quickly that they left behind tons of afterimages, not allowing the golden masked man to escape at all.

At this moment

In the video, the six vines crazily danced in the air above the misty island. The golden masked man barely dodged each of their attacks.

’’According to the computer's calculations, each of these vines..... has a length of over 1,600 meters! Their extending, retracting, and moving speeds are over 1,000 m/s’’ investigator Liu's face wasn't looking good, ’’Their toughness is comparable to an average emperor level monster. The worst part is, they have extraordinary regeneration capabilities, their wounds can heal instantly’’

Luo Feng silently watched......

The six vines in the video were working together perfectly. As they attacked over and over again, they naturally and quickly forced the golden masked man into a corner.


’’WHAT’’ Luo Feng and investigator Liu were both flabbergasted.

Under the attacks of the six black purplish vines, the extremely tiny golden masked man instantly transformed into a white light. He was extremely fast..... and virtually instantly escaped the area where the six vines were attacking. This white light was currently flying towards the triangular fighter jet with amazing speed.

HUALA! The hatch opened!

The white light slowed down and became a human's image. It charged into the hatch, which closed right after.

’’Return to HQ’’ yelled investigator Liu.


The purplish red triangular fighter jet immediately turned into a purplish red light as it disappeared into the horizon. The only things left were the black purplish vines that were crazily dancing above the misty island, as if they were enraged.


Inside the cabin.

’’Ice Mountain, are you okay?’’ investigator Liu assisted the golden masked man.

The golden masked man sat on the chair with his eyes closed, his breath was weak. He said lowly: ’’No worries, Liu He, I'm not going to die yet! I just used my forbidden essence move, which damages the body too much. I need to go back and rest for a while this time’’

Investigator Liu finally let out a sigh of relief.

’’Ice Mountain, what forbidden move, can you teach me?’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to ask. It's not that he doesn't understand the rules, but the speed royal guard Ice Mountain displayed when escaping was just too startling. Even though he doesn't have any strength to fight back afterwards....... this move is definitely a lifesaver.


’’I spent nearly five years giving various treasures and wealth to the head. Only after that did the head spend quite a bit of time creating a life saving move for me based off of the characteristics of my essence’’ Ice Mountain glanced at investigator Liu, ’’The characteristics of your essence isn't the same as mine, so you can't learn it’’

Investigator Liu shook his head helplessly.

He understood too......

If you supply enough wealth and treasure to the head, the head will help his subordinates create a special move. However, something like that takes up a lot of energy and time, so the payment required is also startling.

’’I just got this 'Universe level' auto jet, which costed me quite a bit of money’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to shake his head.

’’Auto jet?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say, ’’This fighter jet doesn't need any crew members and can move by itself?’’. Way too advanced, he's never seen any fighter jet like that. Furthermore, Luo Feng completely experienced how advanced this fighter jet's AI was just now.

’’Yea. This is the 'Universe level' auto jet. Just the materials required to build this is uncountable’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to get a bit proud, ’’During crucial times, I can control it to block emperor level attacks. Even an emperor level monster can't destroy this fighter jet! The materials it's made out of are way better than the ones in a SS grade weapon’’

Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

Isn't that too much? A fighter jet's materials are better than a SS grade weapon's? Luo Feng has finally experienced for himself how extravagant the 'existences surpassing the wargod level' are.

’’However, that vine attacks by wrapping around its target, so my auto jet won't be able to do much against that’’ investigator Liu shook his head. After that, he smiled as he glanced at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, according to you've done this time, you'll definitely receive a huge reward, which would be enough to buy a Universe level auto jet. Maybe...... you can even buy the highest level 'Prehistoric level' auto jet. A prehistoric level auto jet, got that? That's the jet that the head rides on. Its defense is incredible and it even has a laser cannon on it’’

Luo Feng remained silent......

He's not that dumb.

This time's harvest is clearly gigantic. A thousand year willow heart is more valuable than a portion of dragon blood, and what about a ten thousand year willow heart? Adding to that, 'royal guard Ice Mountain' has a huge bag of spirits of nature. He'll definitely receive an incredible amount of money. Would he waste all of that money to buy a fighter jet?

’’Ice Mountain, how's this times harvest’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to ask.

As if he's feeling slightly better, Ice Mountain opened his eyes and took a glance: ’’Huge, very huge’’

Investigator Liu couldn't help but to ask: ’’I count as a contributor this time too right?’’

’’Hmph, all you did was hold back that representative Farr’’ said royal guard Ice Mountain lightly, ’’The harvesters of a spirit of nature mission only receive 30% of the total wealth. If I sugarcoat it, you'll barely be able to get 5%. Luo Feng got the ten thousand year willow heart and 2 thousand year willow hearts, so he'll barely get 5% too probably. I get 20%’’

Investigator Liu said nothing. He indeed didn't really do anything.

’’A ten thousand year willow heart and 2 thousand year willow hearts only gets 5%?’’ investigator Liu couldn't help but to ask.

’’What do you know!’’

Royal guard Ice Mountain laughed lightly, ’’Just from what I harvested, there are 92 spirits of nature. Over six of them are more valuable than the ten thousand year willow heart’’

Luo Feng and investigator Liu both took in a breath.

That amount of wealth is staggering. This misty island sure is a treasure island, giving birth to so many spirits of nature.

’’The most valuable thing is that vine’’ royal guard Ice Mountain brought his voice down, ’’I first sensed how much energy that vine had before attacking it, but who would've thought that I only sensed a small portion of it. The entire vine is over 2,000 meters long. Furthermore...... I estimate that the vine is only a part of a certain spirit of nature, since there were six vines chasing after me in the end’’

’’So ’’

’’There is an incredible spirit of nature on that misty island’’ said royal guard Ice Mountain quietly, ’’That's where the largest treasure is. When I ran away, I sent the scene of battle to the head. The head will probably personally move out for this’’

’’The head will personally move out?’’

Investigator Liu and Luo Feng both nodded.

Indeed, if those six black purplish vines were merely a part of a certain spirit of nature, then the misty island's most powerful spirit of nature..... isn't a presence that's easy to mess with.


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