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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 57



’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng!’’ This large, savage brute Keita yelled in his accented Chinese.


Luo Feng also stopped out of surprise as he stood beside him. He looked at this famous Great Bear Keita with interest: ’’You're not going to run away?’’

Great Bear Keita laughed helplessly as he said in his accented Chinese: ’’Luo Feng, my, my strength, isn't comparable to yours. I, admit defeat! I, am willing to give, all the, spirits of nature, to you!’’

’’Hehe’’ Luo Feng smiled out of surprise.

This Great Bear Keita sure is interesting!

But Great Bear Keita was laughing bitterly inside. When he talked with Phantom Demon Catalan, he learned that Luo Feng was already a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, a fighter worthy of the title 'invincible wargod'. A fighter at this level..... can shake the higher ups of any area with just one word.

And if he wanted to kill Keita?

Six throwing knives can instantly blast Great Bear Keita into mush;Keita didn't have a Black God set.

’’Good, I know that you have two spirits of nature in your bag. Hand them over’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’I won't kill you’’

’’Okay’’ Great Bear Keita wasn't shocked that Luo Feng knew how many spirits of nature he had.

With his spiritual force, could Luo Feng not know what treasures Great Bear Keita had?

’’Catch’’ Great Bear Keita took out the 2 thousand year willow hearts and directly tossed them towards Luo Feng.

’’Good’’ Luo Feng smiled as his spiritual force wrapped around both thousand year willow hearts and placed them next to his ten thousand year willow heart..... in the pocket of his battle uniform.

Great Bear Keita slightly smiled: ’’Then I'll be going first. If you ever go to Europe and need something, you can come find me. We better have some drinks next time in the virtual space's Palace of Wargods’’ after saying that, Great Bear Keita swiftly left.

’’Quite passionate aren't you?’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’The virtual space's Palace of Wargods?’’ Luo Feng knew..... that anyone with the title of wargod on earth can join the Palace of Wargods. This Palace of Wargods was built by fighters like Hong and Thunder God back then. Now he learned that the Palace of Wargods is actually in the virtual space.

Wise Keita handed him both of the thousand year willow hearts he had, so Luo Feng was in quite a good mood.

Above the misty island.

Luo Feng stood on his shield at an altitude of 200 meters in the sky as he looked down on the entire misty island. At the same time, his spiritual force extended and tried to find Li Yao.

’’This Li Yao sure can hide carefully. He isn't making any sound at all. My spiritual force can't find him either’’ Luo Feng frowned as he stood on his shield, his face was quite helpless.


’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned his head over.

In the distance, a blazing red light swiftly flew over from the horizon, as if it was an asteroid. In the dark night, this blazing red light was quite conspicuous.


The blazing red light stopped in front of Luo Feng, and it turned out to be a white man with curled, brown hair in a battle uniform set. While this white man hovered in the air, the air around him seemed to twist. A bit of fire was burning on his body. The man in fire looked at Luo Feng and spoke in English: ’’Who are you?’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

Fire on his body? Flying? This is definitely an existence surpassing the wargod level!

’’I'm Luo Feng, from the Dojo of Limits’’ Luo Feng stood on his shield and slightly bowed in midair to show his respect.

’’Luo Feng?’’ This man in fire slightly nodded and then ferociously yelled, ’’Catalan, the four of you come out!’’ His vigorous voice swiftly carried around the entire island.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A bunch of sonic booms immediately sounded around the entire misty island. Soon enough, Luo Feng's spiritual force discovered the four people gathered below Phantom Demon Catalan, Vulture Li Yao, Blood Shadow Ethan, and Great Bear Keita.

’’Representative Farr!’’

’’Representative Farr!’’

The four people below respectfully gave their greetings. Phantom Demon Catalan and the others looked towards the fighter coated in flames in the night sky and were startled..... right after Luo Feng stole the thousand year willow heart, Phantom Demon Catalan immediately contacted his teacher! His teacher contacted existences surpassing the wargod level!

But who would've thought.....

That someone would arrive so quickly.

’’I just happened to be training myself in the continent of Australia. Right when your teacher contacted me, I rushed here as fast as possible’’ representative Farr, who was coated in flames, smiled as he said, ’’How goes your spirit of nature harvest?’’

’’Representative Farr’’

Li Yao yelled in English, ’’The most valuable ten thousand year willow heart we found was stolen by this Luo Feng. He also stole 3 thousand year willow hearts!’’


In the night, Luo Feng's face slightly changed as he hovered in midair.

’’Luo Feng’’ representative Farr looked towards Luo Feng and his eyes became cold, ’’Hand over the ten thousand year willow heart and the 3 thousand year willow hearts’’


Luo Feng turned and ran!

’’Want to run?’’ representative Farr instantly turned into a flowing red light as he chased. Even though representative Farr was an existence surpassing the wargod level, all wargods and existences surpassing the wargod level were members of the Palace of Wargods! There are rules in the Palace of Wargods. One of those rules is that, unless they have a good enough reason, existences surpassing the wargod level are not allowed to kill wargods.

Furthermore, Luo Feng comes from the Dojo of Limits!

Existences surpassing the wargod level all over the world wouldn't easily mess with the Dojo of Limits. Even though he won't kill anyone..... representative Farr definitely needs to retrieve the ten thousand year willow heart.


The face of representative Farr, who transformed into flames, suddenly changed as he accelerated. However, the distance between him and Luo Feng didn't shorten, but lengthened instead.

’’As I thought!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to let out a smile as he rapidly flew forwards and turned his head back, ’’This representative Farr's flying speed isn't as fast as mine! When he flew over here just now, I felt that his flying speed was around half of my maximum speed. And now, it seems that even when he goes all out, he's still slower than me by quite a bit’’



Representative Farr, whose body was surrounded by flames, rapidly descended to the misty island. Li Yao and the others were shocked..... looks like representative Farr wasn't able to catch Luo Feng.

’’Hurry, we'll split up and search for spirits of nature. If you can't deal with something, contact me immediately’’ yelled representative Farr.


Catalan and the others immediately sprinted into the depths of the misty island.

While sprinting, Li Yao couldn't help but to ask: ’’Catalan, how come representative Farr couldn't catch up to Luo Feng?’’

’’Existences surpassing the wargod level are way more powerful than wargods’’ said Catalan lowly, ’’However..... in midair, they have nowhere to use their power! If they sprint on the ground, they are astonishingly fast. As for flying..... even though existences surpassing the wargod level can fly, their flying speed is way slower than their speed on land’’

Li Yao, Keita, and Ethan came to a realization.

Back when Luo Feng stole the first thousand year willow heart, Catalan has already said..... even existences surpassing the wargod level wouldn't chase an advanced level wargod level spirit reader underground.


Existences surpassing the wargod level are extremely powerful. But within reason!

If they were on land, they could catch Luo Feng in an instant.

But in the air? Their powerful legs have nothing to run on, so they can only rely on their special ability to fly. Even though they fly quickly, even faster than some spirit readers, they're still slower than spirit readers at the peak of the advanced wargod level.

Luo Feng turned back and hovered at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters above the misty island, his spiritual force spread out.


The air suddenly shook and a purplish red light stopped in the air above Luo Feng in a blink of an eye. It was indeed a purplish red triangular fighter jet. In terms of appearance, this streamlined triangular fighter jet was virtually the same as the one Hong rode on last time, only the color differed.

HUALA! The hatch opened automatically.

Two shadows flew out and the fighter jet's hatch automatically closed as it just hovered in midair.

’’The Dojo of Limits' fighter jet’’ Luo Feng's face let out some joy.

’’You're Luo Feng?’’

The two shadows hovered beside Luo Feng. One of them had long, flowing hair and always had a smile on. He gave off a feeling of a calming, nice breeze. As for the guy hovering beside him, he was as cold as ice and as steady as a mountain. He had a golden mask on.

’’Luo Feng greets the two investigators’’ Luo Feng bowed.

’’How's it going down there?’’ asked investigator Liu.

Luo Feng replied: ’’Investigator, one of the existences surpassing the wargod level from the HR alliance representative Farr, just arrived a few minutes ago. As for the willow tree heart...... there are 9 thousand year willow hearts and 1 ten thousand willow heart. Six of the thousand year willow hearts are in their possession. I consumed a thousand year willow heart earlier and took 2 thousand year willow hearts and 1 ten thousand year willow heart’’

Investigator Liu let out a smile as he slightly nodded: ’’Ten thousand year willow heart? Not bad!’’


At this time, a flowing red light approached from below, it was indeed representative Farr.

’’Representative* Liu’’ Farr looked at investigator Liu. When he saw the golden masked man on the side, he let out a face of surprise.

’’Representative Farr, all the spirits of nature on this misty island...... will go to the Dojo of Limits. You don't have any objections right’’ said investigator Liu calmly.

The flames on Farr's body bursted ferociously as he yelled with anger: ’’Investigator Liu, don't cross the line! We discovered this misty island first......’’

’’You guys didn't discover it first, I did’’ Luo Feng cut in, ’’You can ask Catalan, Li Yao, and the others to confirm’’. Indeed, Luo Feng was actually the first one to come to this misty island. After that, he purposefully turned on his tactical communications watch to lure Li Yao here. If Li Yao didn't come, then Luo Feng wouldn't have recognized those treasures.

’’Haha, hear that?’’ smiled investigator Liu, ’’Our side discovered it first’’

’’Hmph’’ investigator Farr sneered, ’’Nobody owns this misty island. Why would we hand it over to your Dojo of Limits. If you guys aren't all talk, then lets fight over them fairly. Whoever finds a spirits of nature, gets to keep it!’’

Investigator Liu smiled at representative Farr as he heard this. He went silent for a moment and then nodded, ’’I accept’’


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