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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 56



This was an oval shaped crystal that was as large as a fist. Inside the crystal flowed some green stuff with hints of gold in it. Just looking at it would move one's heart. ’’Ten thousand year willow heart!’’ Luo Feng slightly smiled as he swiftly put the ten thousand year willow heart into the pockets of his battle uniform.

’’Li Yao! You're not getting away!’’ Luo Feng laughed loudly.


The sound of a sonic boom rose, and Luo Feng charged at an incredible speed towards the place where Li Yao landed! As of now, Luo Feng's maximum speed was around 500 m/s. Once he adds his spiritual force that's at the peak of the wargod level, Luo Feng's speed can reach up to 700 m/s!

In the distance.

Li Yao, Catalan, Keita, and Ethan were running like mad.

’’That Luo Feng is chasing after us’’ Catalan's face changed.

’’Luo Feng’’ Li Yao was extremely regretful. He never would've thought that Luo Feng, who he could've squished like an ant in the past, would grow to such a point so quickly. Li Yao hurriedly said while sprinting: ’’Catalan, the four of us can cooperate and get rid of this Luo Feng!’’


Catalan slightly smiled and then signalled with his eyes towards Keita and Ethan. The three of them have been through who knows how many battles together, so of course they understood what Catalan meant.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Phantom Demon Catalan, Blood Shadow Ethan, and Great Bear Keita. These three powerful fighters made a sharp turn to the left at virtually the exact same time as they sprinted away. They split up with Li Yao in an instant! Keep in mind that their speed is over 600 m/s, so by the time Li Yao even reacted, the distance between them was already over 500 to 600 meters.

And Luo Feng was already coming!

’’Bastards, bunch of idiots’’ Li Yao cursed in his heart. And Luo Feng was approaching extremely quickly.

’’This Luo Feng, this Luo Feng's speed..... is actually a bit faster than mine’’ Li Yao grieved as he clenched his teeth.


Catalan and the others started slowing down after splitting up with Li Yao.

’’Phew’’ Catalan let out a sigh of relief.

’’That Luo Feng really did go after Li Yao and not us’’ Catalan looked behind him and spoke in English. His spiritual force strived to release to a distance of 150 meters and discovered nothing. Blood Shadow Ethan sneered on the side: ’’That Li Yao was looking for it!’’

The sonic booms in the quiet night were especially obvious.

’’Catalan, how come we aren't helping Li Yao?’’ frowned Great Bear Keita.

’’Help him, why would we help him?’’ scoffed Catalan. After that, he became serious, ’’Keita, even if we wanted to help him, we can't. You need to understand that Luo Feng is definitely a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, an invincible existence in the advanced level wargod level!’’

Great Bear Keita and Blood Shadow Ethan looked at Catalan with surprise. Ethan couldn't help but to say: ’’Catalan, even you aren't his opponent?’’

’’For my Phantom Strike, a spirit reader just has to slightly push my javelin to the side with his spiritual force, thus breaking the move. As for my Phantom Eye..... this is a type of attack using spiritual force. Luo Feng's spiritual force is stronger than mine, so not only will I not be able to injure him, I'll just end up injuring myself’’ Catalan's face wasn't looking good.

’’Then if we work together?’’ followed Great Bear Keita.

’’Yea, let's all go for it’’ Ethan's gaze turned cold.

’’Against a spirit reader, numbers don't mean anything’’ Catalan slightly shook his head, ’’I've already confirmed that this Luo Feng is a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level. Don't mess with him in the future’’

’’Okay’’ Keita and Ethan slightly nodded.

’’Let's use our time to get some more spirits of nature and then leave with our fighter jet’’ said Catalan quietly, ’’Remember, we don't have to walk too quickly. Don't make too much noise, or else Luo Feng might come after us when he hears us’’

Keita and Ethan nodded seriously.

Catalan sighed to himself: ’’Another invincible wargod has appeared in the circle of wargods’’

An invincible wargod.....

Is a special title given to a powerful fighter in the circle of wargods. Catalan's position in the circle of wargods is extremely, extremely high, much higher than Li Yao's. However, he hasn't received the title of 'invincible wargod'. And even though vulture Li Yao has a Black God set, that's only good for defending.

If your attack power is lacking, you don't have the right to be named 'invincible wargod'.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ Plants shattered in the places Li Yao passed, who was sprinting as fast as he could.


There was only one word on Li Yao's mind escape! Ever since he suffered the attack of Luo Feng's six throwing knives, Li Yao was clear of the distance between him and Luo Feng..... Even Phantom Demon Catalan ran away from Luo Feng, so what can Li Yao do other than run?

’’Li Yao!’’ Luo Feng's body was like a mirage and his eyes were like lightning.


Six black lights instantly shot out from Luo Feng and flew way faster than Luo Feng and Li Yao's sprinting speed. These six black lights instantly covered the distance between them, which was less than 50 meters. Before Li Yao even had the chance to dodge, the six throwing knives smashed into him.

Each throwing knife was like a small mountain!

Each throwing knife had an astonishing amount of piercing power!

The black membrane on Li Yao's body slightly sank, but wasn't pierced by the throwing knives. However, the horrifying force of impact from the six throwing knives wasn't to be taken lightly.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ Li Yao was blasted away but swiftly started sprinting away again. He actually used this force of impact to increase the distance between him and Luo Feng.

’’What's going on?’’

Seeing how the distance between them just increased, Luo Feng's face changed, ’’Adding the first time I attacked him, this is the third time. Three attacks..... how is this Li Yao not dead? Or at least on the ground from his injuries?’’. Six throwing knives, each one with a force of impact of over 500,000 kg!

Six throwing knives, over 3,000,000 kg in total!

And he attacked Li Yao with this horrifying force three times!

Even the most powerful wargods would turn into a pile of meat after getting hit with such a force three times. Yet, vulture Li Yao was still sprinting as fast as he could, his speed not even dropping in the slightest.

’’Could it be..... could it be because of his Black God set?’’

’’Is the Black God set that great?’’ Luo Feng frowned.


’’Thankfully I have my Black God set, or else I would've died already’’ a bit of blood could be seen at the side of Li Yao's mouth as he sprinted as fast as possible. However, his powerful body was swiftly recovering. Li Yao only needs a bit of time to recover most of the injuries he receives from Luo Feng's attacks, so all the way until now

Li Yao only spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

’’The defensive capabilities of the Black God set is incredible. No wonder even emperor level monsters can't pierce through it and can only rely on impacts’’ thought Li Yao to himself.

The Black God set was extremely mysterious.

The material it's made out of is extremely tough!

Its toughness means that no matter how sharp a weapon is, it'll never be able to pierce through! And not only this..... any force of impact, after being transferred through the Black God set, will weaken by 90%! In other words, after going through the Black God set, only 300,000 kg of the original 3,000,000 kg actually hits Li Yao's body.

And this 300,000 kg is spread out across Li Yao's entire body.

If a force of impact of 300,000 kg was focused on a single spot, it would gravely injure an advanced level wargod. But once it's spread out across the entire body, then Li Yao doesn't care anymore!

There is a saying

Other than existences surpassing the wargod level, emperor level monsters, and laser cannons, there is nothing that can kill a wargod wearing a Black God set! This is praising the miraculous defensive capabilities of the 'Black God set'..... of course, there are some exaggerations here. For example, Li Yao almost died when he was stuck under the lake because he couldn't breathe!

In conclusion, the defensive capabilities of the Black God set is incredible!


The six throwing knives hit Li Yao once again. This time..... Li Yao didn't use the force of impact to run in a straight line, but used it to make a sharp turn instead! And Luo Feng, who has been chasing for a while, thought that Li Yao would keep running in a straight line, so he continued to charge forward.

By the time he came back, the distance between the two of them has already surpassed Luo Feng's spiritual force's range because of their amazing speed.

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng was mad.

But Luo Feng was clear..... he landed six blows on Li Yao but wasn't able to kill him!

’’This Black God set sure is amazing. Even though I can beat this Li Yao, killing him is trouble’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

’’I'll make a net when I go back! A SS grade net!’’

’’I'll use my spiritual force to control the net and catch this Li Yao. Hmph, if I can't kill him, then I'll tie him up! When that happens, I won't give him anything to drink or eat! I'll even throw him into water and kill him like that!’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. There was no other way.....

He could only rely on this simple method!

Tie him up and either starve him to death or suffocate him.

As for killing a wargod with a Black God set upfront, even Luo Feng can't do that unless they take off their Black God set.

’’This Li Yao sure is sneaky, not making any sound at all’’ Luo Feng listened carefully and tried to find his tracks via sound.


Luo Feng leaped into the air and stepped onto his shield. He instantly flew up to an altitude of 100 to 200 meters.

He looked down from above and spread out his spiritual force while listening closely.


A weak sound carried from afar.

’’Hm? There's a sound!’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed and, with a thought, instantly flew over there.

He drew across an arc as he landed.

At this moment, Phantom Demon Catalan, Great Bear Keita, and Blood Shadow Ethan were currently surrounding two golden yellow weeds as they swiftly dug the dirt beneath them.

’’Hey, what're you guys up to?’’ a sound rose.

Phantom Demon Catalan and the others' faces changed. They turned their heads...... Luo Feng, who was standing on his shield, slowly descended as he smiled at Catalan and the others. Phantom Demon Catalan and the others cursed in their hearts, wasn't this Luo Feng supposed to be chasing that Li Yao? Even if they made some sounds, they shouldn't have attracted Luo Feng.

They didn't want to make any sounds at all, but how can you not make any sounds when fighting with spirits of nature?

’’Go!’’ howled Catalan.

The three of them immediately sprinted away.

’’Hmph, that Li Yao has a Black God set, so I can't attack a turtle with its head tucked in. Two out of the three of you have Black God sets, but after all...... one of you don't’’ Luo Feng's gaze locked onto the savage brute Great Bear Keita, and let out a smile.


He directly chased after Great Bear Keita!


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