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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 55



In the cave that was 2,000 to 3,000 meters below the surface, Luo Feng opened his eyes as he lay.

’’This transformation only took around half an hour’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and checked the time on his tactical communications watch. His face full of filth couldn't help to let out a smile. Half an hour ago, he was an extremely powerful fighter in the circle of wargods, but there were still people like 'Phantom Demon' Catalan who were more powerful than him.

But now!

’’BOOM!’’ Luo Feng randomly threw out a punch and caused the air to explode.

’’A random punch is comparable to my punches in the past with force exertions. My body fitness level is at least intermediate level wargod level right now, and maybe even advanced level wargod level!’’ Luo Feng could only rely on his hazy feeling. He's sure that he's at least an intermediate level wargod, but would need a machine to test whether or not he's at the advanced level wargod level.

He can't be too sure about his fitness level.....

But, he can be absolutely and positively sure about his spiritual force.

’’Peak of the wargod level!’’

’’A spirit reader at the peak of the wargod level’’ Luo Feng didn't doubt this at all. His flowing, roaring galaxy in the realm of consciousness contained way more spiritual force than he had before. Keep in mind that he was already at bottom of the 'advanced level wargod level' before. After improving so much, of course he'll be at the peak of the wargod level!


A feeling of unrivaled power!

’’One thing that's known by all is that spirit readers at the peak of the wargod level are invincible in the wargod level’’ Luo Feng let out a smile, ’’Alright, I'll wash up first and then check out Li Yao, Catalan, and the others..... I'll also end my grudge that I've been having with Li Yao all these years’’


Luo Feng went along the tunnel as he charged towards the rock beside the underground river. He used his spiritual force to float a gigantic ball of water in front of him as he swiftly cleaned his entire body and his battle uniform set!

’’Time to go!’’

In just three minutes, Luo Feng ferociously soared up.

RUMBLE~~ He broke past layer after layer of rock as he swiftly charged towards the surface.

It was still night time in the misty island;mist emanated everywhere.

’’PU!’’ after charging out the surface.

’’There are sounds of people fighting over there’’

Luo Feng smiled as he walked over step by step, he was indeed headed towards the direction of the nine willow trees, ’’Who would've thought that they still haven't been able to cut all the willow trees down in half an hour’’

The place where he popped out of was at least 1,000 meters away from the nine willow trees.

However, on the extremely silent island, the crazy attacks of Catalan, Li Yao, etc. produced sonic booms, which made it easy for Luo Feng to find them.

’’Oh!’’ Luo Feng looked closely.

As of now, eight out of nine willow trees have fallen and the 'thousand year willow hearts' have been taken out of their split trunks. The only one remaining was the willow tree king! The willow tree king with a trunk that's over three meters in diameter. There were already six javelins stuck in the main trunk of the willow tree king.

The willow tree king had hundreds of dark golden branches surrounding the six javelins.

’’Catalan's six javelins are all inside the willow tree king's trunk’’ Luo Feng watched from afar. After his transformation, his sight improved by a lot, at least 2x better than before, ’’The javelins are stuck in the trunk and are wrapped around by the dark golden branches, so it'll be hard to retrieve them’’

And the three people with Black God sets, Catalan, Li Yao, and Ethan, were currently crazily attacking.

’’The willow tree king's trunk is damaged and weakened, hurry!’’ Catalan, who had some traces of blood on the side of his mouth, yelled. The daggers in his two hands crazily danced. The dark golden branches were much slower than before, so Catalan slashed through a huge amount of dark golden branches. However..... there were just too many.

’’BREAK!’’ roared Li Yao.

’’YAYAYA!’’ Ethan crazily howled. As if a whirlwind was closing into the willow tree king, large amounts of dark golden branches broke!

The trunk was damaged and the speed and power of the branches were clearly weakened by around 60 to 70%. Only their toughness remained!

After weakening so much, Catalan, Li Yao, and Ethan just need time to break all of those dark golden branches! Even though these branches are long, liquid will leak out of them once they're cut. When this happens, their power lowers and become even weaker than regular branches.

’’Hurry, while we still have time’’ Catalan's eyes flashed as he yelled in a hurry, ’’After cutting down this willow tree king, we still need to go get the other spirits of nature’’



Li Yao and Ethan were giving all they had as they cut down branch after branch. As for Keita, he was still patrolling the area..... but because of the night and the mist, Keita had a difficult time discovering Luo Feng, who was hiding in a bush over 200 meters away.

’’Haha, broke them, broke them all’’


There was lots of laughter. Even though there were so many dark golden branches, they couldn't stand against the crazy attacks of three advanced level wargods. Finally, all of the dark golden branches were broken, liquid leaking out of each of them. The damaged dark golden branches were weakened greatly, so they no longer posed a threat to the advanced level wargods.

’’Attack the trunk’’

’’Cut it down!’’

Catalan, Li Yao, and Ethan crazily charged.

’’Keita, come’’ yelled Catalan.

’’Coming’’ the savage brute Keita also excitedly charged over to help.

The gigantic willow tree king with a trunk of over three meters in diameter couldn't fight back at all. Since it couldn't move, it could only let the four humans attack it! After pulling out the six javelins, Catalan started crazily cutting at the places the javelins pierced. Clearly, attacking from the inside makes it easier.

After they cut over and over again, the toughness of the willow tree king's trunk seemed to lower.

’’Chichi~~’’ the large amounts of willow branches started withering swiftly. The entire trunk of the willow tree king started rapidly losing its vitality. Even the naked eye could see how quickly it was losing its life. As it lost its life, its defensive capabilities clearly weakened.


The entire willow tree king slowly fell over. The gigantic willow tree king smashed into some trees and plants beside it, and with a rumble, it fell onto the ground of the misty island.

’’Haha, finally succeeded’’

’’Hurry, find the ten thousand year willow heart’’ Catalan and the others were extremely excited. They spent over 10 times more effort to cut down this one willow tree king than to cut down all the other eight willow trees combined!

Luo Feng has already observed for over 10 minutes in the distance.


’’Good thing my transformation only took 30 minutes so I could see them cut down the willow tree king in time’’ Luo Feng let out a smile, ’’The people from the Dojo of Limits haven't arrived yet, but no problem!’’. After his transformation underground, Luo Feng's strength improved greatly. Right now, he desperately wanted to test his skills.

The rumbling wouldn't stop!

Those group of people were currently slashing at the trunk of the willow tree king.

’’Hurry, hurry and find it’’ Catalan and the others wanted to find the ten thousand year willow heart in the trunk.

’’Hm?’’ Catalan's spread out spiritual force felt someone enter. He couldn't help but to be shocked as he turned his head. What was seen 100 meters away was Luo Feng in his battle uniform carrying his shield and holding a ghost blade. He slowly walked out of the mist of the night as he headed towards them.

Keita, Ethan, and Li Yao also discovered this.

’’LUO FENG!!!’’ Li Yao's eyes immediately bursted with ferocity.

’’Long time no see’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at Li Yao.

Catalan looked at Luo Feng as he sneered. With his accented Chinese: ’’Luo Feng? If you hid underground, with your abilities as a spirit reader, even I wouldn't be able to catch you. And yet you surfaced, how foolish’’. Great Bear Keita and Blood Shadow Ethan also sneered.

Nobody in Catalan's trio is weaker than Li Yao!

The three of them with Li Yao, would this combination of four..... fear Luo Feng?

’’Or could it be that you used the thousand year willow heart and became a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level?’’ sneered Catalan. He was a spirit reader, so he was clear: Spirit readers were rare in the first place, and most spirit readers' growth period only lasted them to the advanced level warlord level.

It would be quite good to last until the beginner level wargod level.

Intermediate level wargod level spirit readers were quite rare.

As for advanced level wargod ones, they could be counted on one hand.

A spirit reader that rapidly grew until the peak of the wargod level? Even if you look across the entire world, you would find one? or two? Nobody knows.

’’Thanks for helping me cut down the willow tree king’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’That saved me a lot of effort’’


He left behind an afterimage as he charged towards the willow tree king.

’’KILL HIM!’’ roared Catalan.

’’LUO FENG!!!’’ Li Yao roared as he charged first with his blades in both hands. There seemed to be a burning fire in his eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six throwing knives!

Like six black lightning bolts, even Li Yao couldn't dodge them under this distance. But why would Li Yao dodge? He was completely covered in black and only his eyes and nose were slightly revealed. With his ability, he definitely wouldn't allow anyone to hit such a small target.

The Black God set!

Even emperor level monsters have difficulty piercing through the Black God set! The only way to kill a wargod wearing a Black God set is with impacts. Even if you can't pierce through the Black God set, the force of impact can shatter the target's organs.


Six throwing knives all hit Li Yao!

Luo Feng, who was at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, possessed incredible and horrifying strength. After using the dragon blood back then, the fist strength testing machine displayed that his throwing knives had a force of impact of around 220,000 kg. And now the force of impact of one throwing knife surpassed 500,000 kg!

One throwing knife, over 500,000 kg!

Six throwing knives!

Added together, is over 3,000,000 kg! Spirit readers' advantage reside in their peculiar attacks. However..... at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, just the pure force of impact has reached an incredible point! This is basically the strength of someone with a fist strength of 500,000 kg with a 6x multiplier of a fighter at the peak of the wargod level.


Li Yao was blown off his feet and flew backwards at a startling speed. At the same time, he smashed into Blood Shadow Ethan behind him and even tumbled a few times in the air as he flew a few hundred meters away.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The six throwing knives that were as fast as lightning and as heavy as mountains smashed Phantom Demon Catalan, whose face was full of shock, away.


Luo Feng landed beside the willow tree trunk and his six throwing knives crazily smashed the trunk. The trunk already lost most of its vitality and was extremely weak, so it quickly blew up. A green thing with hints of gold flew up and was immediately wrapped around by Luo Feng's spiritual force as his spiritual force retrieved it.


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