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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 54



Luo Feng pierced through layer after layer of rock as he continuously dug down, completely surpassing the depth of the original cave where he originally rested. He kept digging down as if his life depended on it..... after Luo Feng digs past an area, the dirt and rock that was separated will automatically close itself. Because of this, it was hard to discover Luo Feng's tracks.

’’That Catalan is extremely powerful. I should keep digging deeper so it'll be harder for him to find me’’ Luo Feng kept digging down.


’’When I fought over the thousand year willow heart, my spiritual force met with Catalan's spiritual force. His spiritual force seemed to be slightly weaker than mine’’ after Luo Feng thought of this, his speed unconsciously slowed down.


Around 2,000 to 3,000 meters underground above an underground river, an image broke through the boulders and directly fell into the dark, underground river.


Luo Feng leaped up and landed on a rock beside the dark river.

’’There's actually a river like this so deep underground’’ Luo feng stood on the rock as he looked around the dark river...... it was quite black and turbulent. The river was around 15 to 20 meters wide and there was basically nowhere to stand on in this entire tunnel where the river flowed.

’’There doesn't seem to be any water type monsters in this underground river’’ Luo Feng didn't find any.

’’I wonder where this river leads to?’’

Luo Feng stood on the rock as he looked around and then shook his head. He then smashed into the rocky wall beside him. To Luo Feng, those rocks were as soft as tofu. After smashing open a huge hole, three black throwing knives led the way in front and Luo Feng quickly opened up a cave that was around 20 to 30 meters away.

This cave was only 20 to 30 meters away from the underground river.

’’Thousand year willow heart’’ Luo Feng opened up his clenched left hand and looked at the green egg-shaped crystal. This green crystal's structure was quite odd. It seemed as if there was a green liquid rippling inside the crystal. The sight of this thousand year willow heart was stunning.

Luo Feng felt refreshed as he held this crystal.

The thousand willow heart can increase regeneration and fitness level.

For Luo feng right now, this is probably the best treasure. Even if you give him something even better..... it'll be a waste to Luo Feng, because Luo Feng isn't that far away from the peak of the wargod level! Even if you give him a ten thousand year willow heart...... Luo Feng will still stay at the peak of the wargod level.

From the peak of the wargod level to an existence surpassing the wargod level.....

To cross over this one step!

Extremely difficult. This is also why quite a few people are stuck at the advanced level wargod level.

’’How do I use this thousand year willow heart?’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’That post said you eat it, but..... is that really true? Maybe that post was lying’’

The thousand year willow heart itself was extremely tough.

Even a sharp blade would have trouble destroying it;you can eat something like this?

’’If you consume dragon blood, you'll die. And what about this thousand year willow heart?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned. It's a good thing he got this treasure, but he at least needs to know how to use it. If he uses it incorrectly, then he might bring about a disaster instead of a blessing!

After hesitating......

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch and then called a number.

’’Beep Beep Beep ’’


’’Hello’’ a low voice rose.

’’Hello, I am Luo Feng from the elite training camp’’ replied Luo Feng. This number is indeed the number he used to contact the insides of the Dojo of Limits. Whether to just contact them or to ask for his rewards, he used this number. And now that he doesn't know how to use the thousand year willow heart..... after thinking a bit, he decided to ask.

After he uses it, his strength will fly up, so the dojo will definitely know he used it.

If so, then there's no need to hide it, since he stole it from someone else anyway.

’’What do you need?’’ asked the low voice.

’’I want to ask, how are you supposed to use the thousand year willow heart?’’ asked Luo Feng.

The other side went silent.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to worry.

After a while, the sound came: ’’The crystalline outside of the thousand year willow heart is extraordinarily tough. The liquid inside is the thing you want. To use this, you pierce through the outside and then drink the liquid inside. Beware..... do not swallow the crystal part’’

Luo Feng let out a sigh of a relief, good thing he asked.

The post in the wargod discussion board only said consume it, but didn't say how to consume it..... if he foolishly swallowed the entire crystal, he would've been in trouble.

’’You'll feel extremely comfortable while consuming it and there will be no pain at all. As for how much your strength improves and how long it takes to improve, it's different for everyone’’ the low voice slowly continued, ’’Anything else?’’

’’No, thanks mister’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Mister?’’ the low voice let out a rare laugh.


The call ended.

’’Yay!’’ under the weak light coming from the tactical communications watch under the dark cave, Luo Feng's eyes were flashing like never before.

’’My current strength isn't too far away from Li Yao with his Black God set’’

’’However, after using the thousand year willow heart.....’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited. Ever since his astronomical bounty was released, he never dared to relax. The pressure caused him to bitterly train, and he never relaxed for even a bit in the elite training camp.

Maybe, the vulture scorpion couple is one of the reasons why he was able to get into the elite training camp and receive a gigantic reward like a portion of dragon blood.

If they didn't give him any pressure, why would Luo Feng train so hard?

’’Vulture, Scorpion, in the future, you two will fear me like I once feared you!’’ with a thought from Luo Feng.


The green egg-shaped crystal floated in the air in front of him. At the same time, Luo Feng's SS grade throwing knife drew across an arc as it directly stabbed into the surface of the green egg-shaped crystal. ’’PUCHI!’’ The tough crystalline outside was directly pierced through under Luo Feng's deliberate attack.


The liquid inside slowly flowed out from the crystal. However, this green liquid that was full of life was controlled by Luo Feng's spiritual force and made to hover in front of him.


Luo Feng opened his mouth, whoosh! This heart-moving essence of the thousand year willow heart that was filled with limitless vitality directly flew into Luo Feng's mouth under the control of his spiritual force. Even though the entire crystal was about the size of an egg, the essence inside could probably only fill up a small cup.

He swallowed it all in one gulp. The essence flowed down his esophagus, which brought about a 'cool, relaxing' feeling around his entire body. It felt so good that it even seemed like his soul was shaking.

Feels good!

’’The mysterious guy from the phone call said that there won't be any pain at all when consuming the thousand year willow heart and will instead feel great. Looks like it's true’’ Luo Feng lay in the rocky cave without moving as he clearly felt the changes undergoing in his body...... Luo Feng definitely won't be able to forget the pain he went through when using the dragon blood.

Of course Luo Feng would be extremely happy when he can raise his strength without going through a painful experience.

’’So comfortable’’

’’I can feel the changes in all the tendons, muscles, and bones in my body’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and, using the small amount of light coming from his tactical communications watch, saw the small yet startlingly fast vibrations on his skin with his naked eye. During this vibration, black stuff seeped out of the pores of his skin.

This feeling was quite magical.....

His entire body felt cool!

At the same time, it felt like all his skin and muscles have left their bones and went out of control. He could only feel the slight, incessant vibrations, as if it was a massage.


And in Luo Feng's body, the limitless vitality in the essence of the thousand year willow heart virtually instantly combined into every single part of Luo Feng's body. This vitality caused amazing changes in the cells of Luo Feng's bones and muscles. It was as if a small seedling was growing into a tree that could reach the sky.

At this moment

The countless number of cells in Luo Feng's body were undergoing startling changes. His genes were soaring to perfection as they abandoned the useless parts and recombined themselves. This process was extremely fast, and the genes that absorbed a bit of the thousand year willow heart changed in a special way.

Their liveliness was increasing rapidly.

With this liveliness, Luo Feng's entire body was improving extremely quickly.

His tendons seemed to have completely transformed, and his skin and muscles were still changing dramatically. And yet, this process didn't give Luo Feng even the slightest bit of pain. Luo Feng only felt relaxed, very relaxed, as if he was receiving a massage.


In his realm of consciousness.

In his limitless realm of consciousness, the dark golden ball was currently rotating rapidly as it let out energy. The realm of consciousness was filled with mist and, in this neverending mist, large amounts of liquid were being produced, as if they were drops of dew. This rate of improvement has never been heard of before.

Luo Feng's fitness level was improving!

And, as a result, his spiritual force crazily increased as his body was able to handle more!

Luo Feng's fitness level went from the lowest level of a beginner level wargod level (fist strength of around 64,000 kg) ..... average beginner level wargod level (fist strength of around 96,000 kg) ...... peak of the beginner level wargod level (fist strength approaching 128,000 kg) ...... intermediate level wargod!

Going up step by step!

Right when his fitness level reached the 'intermediate wargod level', the dark golden ball in Luo Feng's realm of consciousness rapidly expanded, and then ’’CRACK CRACK CRACK~~’’ the entire dark golden ball cracked open. Countless amounts of spiritual force directly flowed out as it filled the entire realm of consciousness.

A fitness level of intermediate level wargod level can practically withstand the maximum amount of spiritual force available to wargods!

His spiritual force increased rapidly!

Luo Feng's fitness level continued to rise.....

After his transformation finally ended, Luo Feng quietly lay in the cave beside the underground river that was around 2,000 to 3,000 meters below the surface.

’’The dark golden ball...... shattered.....’’

Ever since his awakening, his future as a spirit reader was limitless!

He has always been worrying about how long his dark golden ball will last for..... keep in mind that many spirit readers end their growth period when they reach the advanced level warlord level or the beginner level wargod level. Spirit readers with growth periods that can sustain them to the advanced level wargod level can practically be counted on one hand.

’’My realm of consciousness!’’ Luo Feng sank into his realm of consciousness. Before, when he was barely an advanced level wargod level spirit reader, his realm of consciousness were filled with a few droplets.

And now

In the infinite realm of consciousness.....

The mist spread all the way to the horizons.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ a raging liquid current was flowing in Luo Feng's realm of consciousness like a galaxy. The amount of spiritual force contained within it was absolutely amazing. A few dark golden pieces could be seen within this ’’spiritual force liquid’’ galaxy.


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