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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 53



Luo Feng listened closely and indeed heard a rumbling noise.

’’That's probably the sound of the Paulinus family's people landing on the ground after jumping out the plane’’ assumed Luo Feng. At the same time, he retracted his spiritual force, shortening it from a 100 meter radius to just a 30 meter radius. Powerful fighters like advanced level wargods can sense the spiritual force that scans across them.


Luo Feng heard a faint sound of people talking coming from the mist far away.

’’Catalan, up ahead is where the nine willow trees' spirits of nature are’’ Li Yao's voice carried out of the mist as he spoke english fluently.

’’Spirits of nature usually aren't that powerful. Li Yao, how come you can't deal with them?’’ a gloomy sound rose.

As they talked, they walked out of the thick mist.

Luo Feng squinted as he looked through the gaps of the grass.

In front of the group was someone in a black robe. He looked quite peculiar.

Li Yao was talking beside him, and he was clearly being respectful! Behind the black robed man was a big savage brute and a white, skinny man. The savage brute and the skinny man didn't lower their heads in front of Li Yao at all, which clearly showed that they weren't afraid of Li Yao.

’’Looks like the black robed man is the head of these four people’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

The images of the four people in the distance became clearer and clearer.

’’Deal with it? That willow tree king has a diameter of three meters. Back then, the willow tree that had the ’’thousand year willow heart’’ only had a diameter of one meter. This willow tree king is much more powerful than that willow tree. In particular, its dark golden branches are extremely tough. Once someone gets caught in it, even if it's me, they'll definitely die!’’ Li Yao pointed to the nine willow trees that had the spirits of nature in the distance, ’’Over there!’’

Li Yao and the others, at around a distance of 120 meters away from Luo Feng, walked towards the nine willow trees.

Since it was nighttime, there was lots of mist.

And Luo Feng only popped half of his head out of the ground and was in a bush, so even Li Yao, Catalan, and the others didn't notice Luo Feng's presence.

’’Only the four of them are going to go up against the willow tree king?’’ Luo Feng watched silently.

These four people want to cut down the willow tree king... probably not too realistic!


When Li Yao and the others were around 50 meters away from the nine willow trees, the savage brute said lowly: ’’Li, you said all of these willow trees have spirits of nature?’’

’’If you don't believe me you can go closer’’ sneered Li Yao.

’’Catalan’’ said Li Yao seriously, ’’Look there, at the willow tree in the center of those nine trees..... it's the largest and also the most powerful one. Its dark golden branches are long enough to cover all of the other willow trees. Because of that, I couldn't even attack the other willow trees’’

Catalan examined closely: ’’Where are the dark golden branches?’’

’’Look, they're tied around the trunk’’ pointed Li Yao.

’’Oh’’ Catalan also felt that this willow tree king was unusual.

’’This willow tree only has one type of attack: it strangles its target to death with its branches! Its tree trunk can't move and its roots are absorbing nutrients underground, so they can't attack’’ said Li Yao, ’’Same as that willow tree that had the thousand year willow heart from back then’’

Catalan nodded: ’’There are two ways to kill this willow tree king’’

’’The first way, is to get rid of all of its roots’’

’’The second way, is to cut apart the trunk’’

Li Yao also nodded as he heard this: ’’Yea, but..... its dark golden branches are 200 to 300 meters long and can sink into the ground to protect its roots! And such a large willow tree probably has tons of roots, so getting rid of all of them is probably harder than cutting down the trunk’’

’’200 to 300 meters long?’’ Catalan slightly frowned.

Catalan stayed silent for a bit.


Catalan's black robe instantly disappeared and revealed a black battle uniform set within. Many daggers were placed on the trousers of his battle uniform set, 12 of them in total! And on his back was javelin after javelin!

There were six javelins on his back, as if he was wearing a shield made out of javelins.

’’He has a Black God set?’’ Luo Feng, who was observing from afar was shocked. There's only explanation for Catalan's black robe's sudden disappearance...... the black robe was made out of a transformed Black God set. The Black God set can transform into all sorts of different shapes based off of the user's will.

’’His weapons are the javelins and daggers?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned.


At the moment, Catalan's face was ice cold. The sight of the silver javelins and the black daggers caused one to shiver. Even Li Yao slightly squinted his eyes on the side.

’’Leave the willow tree king to me!’’ Catalan's voice was cold as he commanded, ’’I'll attack the willow tree king. Li Yao, Keita, Ethan, you three go in from the side and attack the other willow trees..... Remember, your safety is the most important thing. After I get the willow tree king's full attention, you guys give everything you have and cut down the other willow trees’’

’’Understood’’ the savage brute licked his lips.

’’Ok’’ Ethan slightly nodded.

’’Alright’’ Li Yao nodded.

Catalan slightly smiled in response.


His entire body was swiftly covered in a black coating. Instantly, the black coating instantly covered his entire body, including his face! In other words, Catalan's face was completely black too. His eyes, nose, and mouth were all sealed! You can say that Catalan isn't afraid of any piercing attack from anyone below the level of existences surpassing the wargod level.

’’Spirit readers don't even need their eyes to fight’’ Li Yao sighed as he witnessed this scene.

’’Alright, let's begin!’’

Catalan's voice carried out.


Catalan rushed towards the willow tree king like lightning. He was so fast that he was within 10 meters of the willow tree king in a blink of the eye. The willow tree king started angrily attacking..... the large number of willow tree branches that virtually covered the sky and ground crazily swarmed around Catalan, and the dark golden willow tree branches quickly joined the battle.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Vulture Li Yao, Blood Shadow Ethan, and Great Bear Keita left behind afterimages as they teamed up and charged towards a willow tree that had a diameter of around 1.8 meters. A black, flowing light extended on Li Yao and Ethan's bodies, covering them completely. Clearly, the both of them had Black God sets. Because they had Black God sets...... the two of them didn't use any shields.

’’Three of the four have Black God sets?’’ Luo Feng was shocked as he watched from a distance.

It's not that Black God sets are common on earth, but that the wargods who dared to come here are all at the top. Even Li Yao was heavily injured, so would anyone inferior to Li Yao dare to come? There are barely any people on this earth that own Black God sets, and each of them have astonishing strength.

’’Is that Catalan a spirit reader?’’ Luo Feng's eyes were completely widened.

All that could be seen.....

Was a dagger in each of Catalan's hands and, at the same time, there were nine daggers hovering behind him!


The branches were breaking quickly.

The flying daggers easily cut through branch after branch. Soon enough, large amounts of dark golden willow tree branches covered Catalan. Catalan, whose entire body was covered by the Black God set, didn't use his eyes to fight. Rather than his eyes, he uses his spiritual force that was spread out to a 100 meter radius to observe his surroundings.

’’The dark golden branches aren't easy to mess with’’ thought Luo Feng to himself from afar.


’’Chichi~~’’ the hovering nine daggers struggled to cut through the dark golden branches.


Catalan used the daggers in each hand and his extraordinary speed, PU! PU! PU! ...... and cut a few dozen dark golden branches in one breath. Right when he did that, he instantly charged out of the encirclement. This scene shocked vulture Li Yao, and completely and absolutely stunned Luo Feng in the distance!

’’Those dark golden branches are extremely tough. After I cut through one, I immediately retreated and went underground’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

He knew exactly how tough those dark golden branches were because he fought with them before!

’’Even Li Yao can't cut through a few dozen in a moment’’

’’How powerful are those daggers in his hands?’’

’’Oh yea, the daggers controlled by his spiritual force seemed to struggle with those dark golden branches. It looks like his spiritual force isn't much stronger than mine’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’But, those two daggers in his hands are way more powerful! This shows that he probably can bring out an astonishing amount of strength through his force exertions’’

Advanced wargod levels, especially those at the peak of the advanced level, have fist strengths of around 400,000 to 500,000 kg.

With force exertions of 2x to 3x multipliers, their fist strengths can reach a million kg.

And what if the multiplier reaches 5x to 6x?

’’His fitness level is probably at the advanced level wargod level, and his force exertions are high. Adding his spiritual force to that ’’ Luo Feng nodded to himself. With his body's power and his spiritual force added together, stunning results can be produced!

At the exact instant he charged out the encirclement and approached the willow tree king.


The daggers in his hand cruelly slashed into the trunk of the willow tree king. Chichi~~ the daggers were only able to slash through six to seven cm before stopping. Little drops of green fluid slowly seeped out of the trunk's wound.


The originally spread out dark golden branches that were after the other people were finally enraged. Nearly 10,000 willow tree branches crazily danced as they surrounded Catalan from every direction.


Catalan ferociously charged outwards as he swung his hands at the same time!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two black arms suddenly enlarged, giving Catalan a pair of seven to eight meter long black arms. Both of his black hands held daggers as they swung towards the willow branches! As if they were opening a door, the seven to eight meter long black arms directly split apart the willow tree branches into two sides!


Catalan instantly dashed out. Even though the dark golden branches immediately wrapped around the black arms, the black arms instantly slipped out of the large amounts of dark golden branches like noodles.

’’Alright, the trunk is quite tough!’’

Catalan stood around 100 meters away from the willow tree king. He walked around the other willow trees and, while doing so, a silverish gray javelin appeared in his hand.

’’Break through!!!’’

Catalan's face was fierce as he let out a roar. He held the silverish gray javelin with one hand and his entire body instantly turned into the shape of a bow. His right arm's biceps bulged through the black skin. On the tip of the silverish gray javelin were some screw threads. He then threw it like lightning while sprinting!


A stream of lightning!

A rotating stream of lightning! That javelin was indeed rotating as it flew!

The large amounts of dark golden branches wanted to block it, but the javelin was way too fast, probably surpassing mach 10. Only three dark golden branches managed to touch it, and then the stream of light stabbed into the willow tree king's trunk.

’’BUZZ~~’’ as if drilling through a wooden plank, it blew up ferociously.


The entire javelin sank into the willow tree king's trunk, and a little bit of the tip of the javelin even popped out of the other side.

’’Catalan's Phantom Eye and Phantom Strike, just what you'd expect from his two world famous ultimate moves’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to tremble a bit, ’’Combining his body's power and his spiritual force to create an attack like a phantom demon..... incredible. The power of this attack might even barely reach the level of the existences surpassing the wargod level!’’

Luo Feng gasped as he watched from afar.

He never would've thought that.....

Such powerful wargods could exist. Catalan's slash with his dagger just now couldn't even cut through 10 cm, and the willow tree king's diameter is 3 meters. But now, Catalan's javelin actually managed to pierce through the entire trunk!

Messed up! Too terrifying!

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the entire willow tree king started shaking crazily and, at the same time, the dark golden branches started crazily dancing as they surrounded Catalan.

’’Attack the other willow trees’’ roared Catalan.


Vulture Li Yao, Great Bear Keita, and Blood Shadow Ethan all surrounded a willow tree on the side. Without the help from the willow tree king...... this willow tree with a diameter of only 1.8 meters had no chance against these three powerful fighters. Only after a few seconds, BOOM, the gigantic willow tree fell.

’’Take the thousand year willow heart’’ Li Yao, Keita, and Ethan simultaneously smashed the trunk.


Woodchips flew up and a heartmoving green piece flew up with them.

’’It's the thousand year willow heart’’ Li Yao and the others were overjoyed.


Luo Feng also saw that green thing. Since Li Yao and the others weren't attacking the trunk anymore and were charging at the green thing, one could conclude that's the thousand year willow heart! Furthermore, Luo Feng had already seen a photo of the thousand year willow heart on the wargod discussion boards.

’’A thousand year willow heart that can raise fitness level and regeneration, and it's a spirit of nature from a willow tree with a diameter of 1.8 meters’’

Luo Feng's eyes let out a light that has never been let out before.

’’That's mine!!!’’


The formless spiritual force instantly extended. It extended so quickly that its speed was comparable to teleportation. The spiritual force instantly wrapped around the thousand year willow heart! As it wrapped around..... Luo Feng's spiritual force naturally invaded the area where Catalan's spiritual force was spread out, so Catalan found out.


With the spiritual force, it instantly retracted! The green thing instantly flew towards Luo Feng.

’’Spirit reader!’’ Catalan's spiritual force discovered Luo Feng's spiritual force. However, it still took him a very short time to react to the fact that there's a spirit reader here.

And right in that short instant

The green light was only 80 meters away from Luo Feng.

’’Retract’’ Catalan also tried to pull it back using his spiritual force.


The two formless spiritual forces collided.


The green light immediately flew into the bush where Luo Feng was, and Luo Feng immediately dug underground as fast as possible.

’’Thousand year willow heart!’’ Li Yao, Keita, and Ethan all charged over.

Catalan also flew over.

The four powerful fighters stood on the grass as they looked at the inconspicuous hole in front of them.

’’The thousand year willow heart was stolen’’ Keita and Ethan were enraged.

’’How come there are still people here?’’ Catalan looked towards Li Yao with anger, ’’And he's a spirit reader. His spiritual force is probably nearing the advanced level wargod level’’

’’It's Luo Feng, it's Luo Feng’’ followed Li Yao.

’’Luo Feng, he's...... that Luo Feng from the elite training camp?’’ asked Catalan.

’’Yes, yes, it's him. He has a grudge with me. Truthfully, I came here to chase after him, but I didn't think I would be able to discover all of these spirits of nature’’ replied Li Yao.

Catalan's face wasn't looking good at all.

’’Catalan, you're a spirit reader too. You can probably catch him?’’

’’Go underground to chase after a spirit reader who's basically an advanced level wargod?’’ Catalan sneered as he glanced at him, ’’You think that spiritual force is that easy to train? All these years, my body fitness level has been at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, but my spiritual force has been improving extremely slowly’’

When Catalan was young, he had his growth period as a spirit reader. When Catalan reached the 'beginner wargod level spirit reader' level, it stopped.

After that, he had to train by himself.


Training spiritual force is many times harder than training the body. After all these years, Catalan's fitness level has already reached the peak of the advanced level wargod level, but his spiritual force is only at the peak of the intermediate level wargod level! However, his spiritual force and his strength combined gives him incredibly horrifying strength.

Which is how he got the name Phantom Demon!

’’Go underground to chase a advanced level wargod level spirit reader? Even existences surpassing the wargod level won't say such a thing’’ Catalan commanded, ’’Now, Keita, patrol the area and don't allow that person to come near again. Li Yao and Ethan, you two and me will swiftly get rid of these spirit of natures’’


Everyone nodded, and Li Yao could only clench his teeth as he held his anger in.

’’Not good’’ Catalan's face changed, ’’That Luo Feng must've heard what we said before, so he knows that these are all spirits of nature...... he'll definitely contact the Dojo of Limits!’’

’’Dojo of Limits?’’

Everyone's face changed dramatically, and Catalan glanced at Li Yao with anger.

’’Hurry, the Dojo of Limits will probably need at least three hours to get here. But to be safe, let's all hurry up and gather the spirits of nature and leave within two hours’’ commanded Catalan, ’’No matter how many we get, we definitely have to leave within two hours’’


At this time, Li Yao didn't dare to say anything more;everyone was in a panic.


Luo Feng, who was digging underground with astonishing speed, continued to dig past the rocky layer!

’’Thousand year willow heart’’ Luo Feng grasped the thousand year willow heart with extreme passion and excitement.


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