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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 52



’’Catalan, my child, we're going to have to bother you this time’’ the silver haired, white old man who held the Paulinus family's power, smiled as he spoke.

The black robed man in front slightly bowed: ’’Uncle, after hearing the message you sent, I immediately brought my two good friends here. This guy here..... is the world famous 'Blood Shadow' Ethan’’ as he spoke, the skinny white man to his side slightly bowed.

’’And this one here, is also my good friend, 'Great Bear' Keita!’’ said the black robed man.

The savage brute slightly bowed.

’’We'll have to trouble you two’’ smiled the silver haired old man, ’’Catalan, do you still need some other people? The people in the family.....’’

’’Anyone else will just come to die!’’

The black robed man interrupted the Paulinus family's chief's sentence as he said discontented, ’’Hmph, even vulture Li Yao couldn't get the spirit of nature on that misty island. The danger of this trip is obvious. The wargods the family is paying and the wargods in the family aren't good enough!’’

His words were arrogant! He clearly looked down on the other wargods in the family.

But the one speaking these words were...... 'Phantom Demon' Catalan!

Out of all the powerful wargods on earth, 'Phantom Demon' Catalan was definitely one of the most powerful ones. Even the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo have tried everything they could to get Phantom Demon Catalan to join them. However, Catalan was part of the Paulinus family, so of course he couldn't join them.

However, one undisputable fact is that 'Phantom Demon' Catalan is a major reason why the Paulinus family has their current position in the HR alliance.

’’Uncle, there's no time to waste. 12 minutes have already passed since I received your message!’’ said the black robed man, ’’I'll depart to Australia immediately’’

’’Alright, I'll be waiting for the good news here in Paris’’ said the silver haired man. The other four old people all had smiles on their faces.


Catalan immediately turned towards the exit and walked out with the other two super powerful fighters! If it wasn't for Catalan's relationship, it would be extremely difficult for the Paulinus family to invite 'Great Bear' Keita and 'Blood Shadow' Ethan!

As they watched Catalan and the others leave, the five old people stayed silent for quite a long time.

’’Chief, Catalan is only bringing his two good friends there. This way, we won't even know how many spirits of nature they'll obtain in the misty island. When that happens..... Catalan might take most of them for himself and only give a portion to the family’’ a bald old man couldn't help but to say.

The silver haired old man's eyes were dark as he said indifferently: ’’Take them for himself? Catalan is our family's most brilliant child! The stronger he becomes, the stronger our Paulinus family becomes! If he wanted to become the chief, he could've became the chief three years ago’’

’’Remember, don't hold anything from Catalan. Doing so..... would just hurt a powerful person's pride’’ said the silver haired man slowly.

The other old people remained silent.


In just a moment


A completely black, disc-shaped fighter jet swiftly ascended and departed Paris headquarter city. It quickly became a flowing black light as it disappeared into the horizon.

One of the three hazardous regions, the continent of Australia. The misty island.

The cave under the rocky layer deep underground.

’’It's about time’’

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch, ’’Around an hour and 30 minutes has passed since Li Yao contacted Venina’’

’’90 minutes!’’

’’Li Yao, I gave you guys a whole 90 minutes, that should be enough. It's time to contact the Dojo of Limits!’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch. He had a special number which he used to communicate with the inner part of the Dojo of Limits. He retrieved his rewards through this number, and he also uses this number if there's anything important to tell them.


He's going to contact the Dojo of Limits!

Initially, when he heard Li Yao's conversation, he thought about taking all the treasure for himself. However, after reading the threads underground, Luo Feng understood one thing.

Even if he can obtain the spirits of nature, he doesn't have the power to keep them!

An advanced level wargod isn't able to hoard such an incredible amount of spirits of nature. If he's too greedy..... the consequences will be dire!

Furthermore, he isn't even vulture Li Yao's opponent in an upfront battle. Once Li Yao finds someone even more powerful to help him, Luo Feng's chances lower even more. Not only does he not have the ability to get the treasure, he might lose his life when faced against so many powerful fighters! So after thinking carefully, the best course of action is to

Notify the Dojo of Limits!

The Dojo of Limits is one of the largest powers on earth.

Once they send some fighters, they'll definitely be able to get the treasure on this island. And the Dojo of Limits is extremely fair, so they'll definitely give Luo Feng a bit of the treasure, since he was the one who found the misty island and gave them the information. Otherwise..... how would the Dojo of Limits convince the public?

Although he has decided to contact the Dojo of Limits, the timing is extremely crucial.

If Luo Feng notifies the Dojo of Limits straight away, the fighters of the Dojo of Limits will arrive earlier than the helpers from the Paulinus family, since the Dojo of Limits headquarters is in western asia's Hong Ning headquarter city. If that happens..... not only will the HR alliance receive nothing, they also wouldn't dare to fight with the Dojo of Limits.

And when that happens......

Li Yao will definitely escape in fear, which means Luo Feng wouldn't be able to use the Dojo of Limits!

The best situation is!

Let the people from the Paulinus family arrive first and allow them to search hard for the spirits of nature on this misty island. The spirits of nature aren't so easy to obtain. As shown by Luo Feng and vulture Li Yao's struggle with the willow tree king, obtaining the spirits of nature is extremely difficult.

The people from the Paulinus family will struggle and fight with the spirits of nature!

And during that time!

The people from the Dojo of Limits will arrive. When that happens, the Dojo of Limits will definitely make the Paulinus family give up some stuff!

’’90 minutes?’’

’’Is 90 minutes not enough time?’’ Luo Feng looked at the number on his tactical communications watch, ’’I can't let the fighters from the Dojo of Limits arrive earlier than the fighters from Europe’’

Just to be safe, Luo Feng waited another 30 minutes.

’’It's about time’’

’’This entire island is covered in thick mist, so searching the entire thing will be quite troublesome. One day might not even be enough for such a task’’ Luo Feng lightly tapped a button on his tactical communications watch he made the call!

Two hours after Li Yao's phone call, Luo Feng dialed!

’’Beep Beep’’

’’Hello’’ a low voice carried over.

’’Hello, I'm Luo Feng from the elite training camp’’ said Luo Feng.

’’What do you need?’’ the low voice was absolutely emotionless.

Luo Feng reported: ’’It's like this. I discovered large amounts of spirits of nature on a mysterious island in the continent of Australia! Twelve spirits of nature have been discovered on this island so far. There's also a willow tree with a diameter over three meters that also has a spirit of nature’’

’’Spirit of nature?’’

The low voice gave a slightly surprised ’’eh’’, and then said, ’’Very good, finding a place like this. According to the distribution rules of the Dojo of Limits, the person who discovers the location of the treasure, once confirmed, can go to the Dojo and receive 10% of the profit. The people who go to fight and harvest, according to the rules, earn a total of 30% of the profit. The rest of the 60% goes to the Dojo’’

’’Please send me the coordinates of the misty island’’ continued the low voice.


The call soon ended after Luo Feng answered some questions.

’’Who would've known that rules were formed for these kinds of situations already. 10% goes to the person who discovered the location? 30% to those who come and get it? The rest to the Dojo?’’ Luo Feng nodded his head, ’’10%, is good enough! Just 10% of those nine willow trees would get me a thousand year willow heart, and I'll probably end up getting even more’’

One hour later.

Luo Feng quietly popped his head out from a bush: ’’Hm? Where's Li Yao?’’

It was currently night time, the thick mist was everywhere. Even though the nine willow trees' spirits of nature caused the mist in the area to lighten up a bit, even Luo Feng could barely see past a distance of 200 meters. And the image of Li Yao was not within that distance.

’’I'll just wait slowly, since they definitely will come back here’’ half of Luo Feng's head was above the ground as he watched the nine willow trees in the distance.

Slowly waited......

His spiritual force spread out to a 100 meter radius, cautiously watching his surroundings.


After a while


Sonic booms rang in the sky, and Luo Feng quickly turned his head towards the sky.

At this time, a disc-shaped fighter jet was hovering in the skies of the misty island. As it hovered, its hatch directly opened.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Black robed Catalan, the savage man Keita, and the skinny man Ethan. The three of them directly jumped down from midair, and they swiftly fell towards the ground.

’’The Paulinus family's people are here’’ Luo Feng let out a smile.

And when the Paulinus family's people arrived at the misty island, a purplish red triangular jet fighter was currently soaring through the night sky at an unbelievable speed, leaving behind a mixed up stream of air in its path.

Inside the triangular jet fighter.

There were only two people in this jet fighter, and both of them were passengers.

Out of the two people in the plane, one of them was extremely handsome. Even though he was wearing his battle uniform, he seemed to be out of this world. His face seemed to reveal that he was only around 30 years old, but his two eyes were as deep as the sea. He always had a smile on his face and seemed to be quite relaxed.

He, was one of the five big investigators, investigator Liu!

’’The head actually sent you out too, looks like he's really taking this island seriously’’ investigator Liu looked at the person beside him.

The mysterious person beside him also had a battle uniform on.

But he was wearing a golden mask.

’’Investigator Liu, if you take all of the spirits of nature on this island away, you can take all of the 30%’’ the golden masked person's voice was low, ’’I don't care about these. Unless I really have to..... I won't do anything. But once I have to take action, we're going to have to split that 30%’’

Investigator Liu couldn't help but to be overjoyed as he heard this.

He's actually willing to give him all of the 30% if he doesn't do anything, isn't that too foolish..... those are spirits of nature, something even Hong takes seriously.

’’Haha, no worries, I doubt there's anything I can't deal with on that island’’ smiled investigator Liu.

He, an existence surpassing the wargod level!

After following Hong for so long, he has many tricks. There are barely any places on earth that can give him any kind of trouble.



The fighter jet headed towards the continent of Australia with alarming speed with two of the strongest fighters on earth riding in it.


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