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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 51



’’What did you say!!!’’ even Venina's voice changed tone.

’’No doubt about it, spirit of nature!’’ followed Li Yao.

’’Oh, God! You said that you already discovered 12 spirits of nature? You're not joking are you?’’ Venina, all the way in Paris headquarter city, was already so excited that she could barely contain herself. She clearly understood what this 'spirit of nature' was, and clearly understood just how much it was worth. This thing was definitely more attractive than a floor covered in gold.

Hiding in the distance, Luo Feng, whose head barely above the ground, also frowned as he heard this: ’’What's a spirit of nature?’’

He's never heard of this before.

’’Venina, this misty island is extremely peculiar. There aren't any monsters living on it, but there are spirits of nature. Just before, I've already discovered three plants that seemed to resemble 'spirits of nature'. Those plants almost heavily injured me. And just now, I discovered nine spirits of natures in willow trees. Just like this, I've already discovered 12 of them, and I definitely believe that there are over 12 spirits of nature on this entire misty island. There'll definitely be more’’ followed Li Yao, ’’Once we move all of these spirits of nature away, we'll be rich’’

Just one spirit of nature is worth a ton.

Don't even talk about its price, talking about its price is insulting the spirit of nature.

This treasure.....

No power is willing to sell it!

’’Spirits of nature in plants like willow trees are special. The ’’thousand year willow heart’’ that everyone knew about back then, was actually the core of a willow tree's spirit of nature’’ followed Li Yao, ’’According to what I know, that willow tree only had a diameter of one meter. And here, there are nine willow trees, with the thinnest one having a diameter of one meter. The biggest one has a diameter of over three meters’’

Even regular willow trees with large diameters exist.

But once a willow tree develops a spirit of nature, they are different from regular ones. These spirits of nature have ’’spirits’’, so they are capable of simple attacks and defense. The more powerful the spirit of nature is, the more its worth.

’’If I was just a bit slower just now, I would've died to the biggest willow tree's spirit of nature. Thankfully I had my Black God set's transformation powers’’ continued Li Yao, ’’That thousand year willow heart back then has two benefits after using it. 1. It can greatly improve the life force of one's cells, increasing the body's regeneration speed by many times. 2. Body fitness level will also leap up’’

’’And that's just a thousand year willow heart. I estimate..... that the willow tree in front of me that has a diameter of over three meters, has a ’’ten thousand year willow heart’’’’

Just this one willow tree king is a priceless treasure.

’’I've been an advanced level wargod for a long time now. If I use the ten thousand year willow heart, I might be able to make a breakthrough with its miraculous powers and therefore become an existence surpassing the wargod level’’ Li Yao was extremely excited, ’’However..... I am not this willow tree king's opponent’’

Of course, to obtain the ’’willow heart’’, you have to cut down the willow tree!

And these willow trees with ’’spirits’’ will definitely resist..... Li Yao already felt threatened from his previous, short engagement.

’’Nine willow trees with spirits of nature, and a willow tree with a diameter of over three meters?’’ Venina was completely stunned.

’’This cake is too big, we can't finish it ourselves’’ said Li Yao seriously, ’’And I feel like this misty island is extremely mysterious. For nine willow trees possessing spirits of nature to be born in one location, too incredible. This misty island..... definitely has more spirits of nature! Some might be even more powerful than this willow tree king’’

Venina in Paris headquarter city also understood..... that this cake was indeed a bit too big.

The two of them can't finish it!

’’Venina, tell your family of this news and find some strong people to come’’ requested Li Yao, ’’It would be best if you got some powerful people with Black God sets or powerful spirit readers. The weakest of them has to at least be a regular advanced level wargod! The others aren't even qualified to participate’’

The reputation of the Vulture Scorpion couple was too infamous.

Other than a few people who they risked their lives with back in the day, they don't have many friends. Instead, they have many enemies.


When faced with this incredible island of treasure with so many spirits of nature, they have to rely on the Paulinus family for help! The Paulinus family, one of the core families of the HR alliance, has their own powerful wargods and have good relations with other powerful wargods.

Naturally, the Paulinus family possesses much more power than the Vulture Scorpion duo.

’’I understand. But Yao, I'll give the credit to Candace’’ said Venina.

’’No problem, the credit is useless for me anyway. Or would the Paulinus family allow me to become their head?’’ scoffed vulture Li Yao. An outsider has no way of gaining any sort of power in the Paulinus family, so there's no point in giving him the credit.

’’OH YEAH!’’ gasped Venina, ’’Would that Luo Feng be able to recognize the spirits of nature? And contact the Dojo of Limits?’’


Li Yao sneered, ’’That Luo Feng arrived at this misty island way earlier than I did. If he was able to recognize the spirits of nature and then contact the Dojo of Limits, the people from the Dojo of Limits should've arrived ages ago! Furthermore..... how many spirits of nature have appeared in history? Most of them are forcefully taken away by Hong, Thunder God, and the five great countries. Because of that, very few people know about spirits of nature. Only a few experienced wargods know about this. Regular fighters don't have a clue about this at all. How old is that Luo Feng? All he does is train, so how would he ever learn of such obscure information?’’


After seeing vulture Li Yao hang up, Luo Feng, who was a few hundred meters away, silently went back underground.

’’Li Yao, oh Li Yao. I didn't know before’’

’’But, you just told me yourself’’

Luo Feng returned to the black cave under the rocky layer. With a little light from his tactical communications watch and his amazing eyesight, Luo Feng was able to clearly see everything in the cave.

’’Thousand year willow heart? Two functions: increases regeneration and body fitness level greatly’’ Luo Feng was surprised. Just this bit of information was quite stunning.

A portion of dragon blood can raise body fitness level too! It's hard to say which one is more effective..... dragon blood, or a thousand year willow heart.

Increased regeneration?

Just this is enough to make people go crazy. Your entire body benefits from regeneration. Take for example one of the emperor level monsters, the Earth Dragon. Even if someone cuts a part of its body off, it'll swiftly grow back at a rate visible to the naked eye.

This is regeneration!

For those with powerful regeneration capabilities, even if their organs become heavily damaged, they can completely recover in half a minute. If their arms break, they'll quickly become unscathed in a short bit.

The livelier your cells are, the faster your regeneration becomes!

’’The thousand year willow tree, sure is amazing’’

’’According to what Li Yao said, that willow tree king could be containing a ’’ten thousand year willow heart’’. Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch. Through his tactical communications watch, he got on the web and quickly entered the fighter discussion boards in the ’’Home of Limits’’. Luo Feng wanted to enter the warlord discussion boards to look up information.

’’Hm? How come the wargod discussion boards are lit up? I can enter the wargod discussion boards now?’’

Since he has been bitterly training for the past few months, Luo Feng didn't know that..... ever since he entered the top 50 for the first time on the black dragon ranking, the Dojo of Limits automatically gave him more permission, thus allowing him to enter the wargod discussion boards! Actually, the chief instructors of the Dojo of Limits headquarters in various headquarter cities also can enter the wargod discussion boards.

Some people aren't wargods, and yet have the right to enter the wargod discussion boards.

Luo Feng now had permission too!

’’I'm surely able to find lots of information in the wargod discussion boards’’ after entering, Luo Feng quickly inputted ’’spirit of nature’’ via voice and then searched the threads!


With its cellphone-like display, the tactical communications quickly listed a few threads. There were actually 28 threads all describing the spirits of nature! Even though very few people knew about spirits of nature, a few introductions about it can still be found in a wargod discussion board.

’’It seems like people have differing viewpoints about the origin of the spirits of nature’’ Luo Feng browsed each of the 28 threads one by one.

Some people said.....

That the spirit of nature is a special mutation.

Other people said, spirits of nature came to be by absorbing the natural energies in space.

And some people even said...... that there were spirits of nature in the past. But after industrialization destroyed nature too much, the spirits of nature disappeared. Now that the monsters are spread across the world as a result of the Grand Nirvana period, the natural environment is in a much better condition. The sky was blue and the clouds were white, and spirits of nature were born.

Of course these viewpoints aren't the same!

’’However, one thing is certain. After a plant develops a spirit of nature, it isn't threatening as long as you don't approach it. And every spirit of nature contains nature's essence, which has special functions’’ Luo Feng looked at a few boards introducing spirits of nature.

Thousand year willow heart, emerald grass dew, armored spirit jewel.....

However, all of these treasures are taken up by the five powerful countries, the two dojos, and the HR alliance. Barely any wargod fighters have these.

’’According to what it says here, the thousand year willow heart is even better than a portion of dragon blood at raising body fitness level. And it also increases regeneration speed’’ Luo Feng sighed. A portion of dragon blood is worth 80 billion, so what about that thousand year willow heart? No wonder the five powerful countries and the two dojos are all fighting over it.

And right now, there are spirits of nature on this misty island, and a lot of them!



Paris headquarter city, a wide, technologically advanced meeting room. The floor was made out of black marble and the golden conference table was around 10 meters long. There were a total of five black chairs with extremely delicate engravings on them. And right now, on these five chairs, sat five old people! Four old men and one old woman.


The sound of someone's footsteps echoed around the conference room, like water dripping from a fountain. The five people looked towards the main door.

’’They're here’’ the white, old man with silver hair smiled as he sat on the main seat.

A mysterious person who was covered in a black robe walked forward step by step. And beside him was a savage, burly brute who was carrying a shield on his back and a gigantic blade in one hand. The other person beside him was a man who was extremely pale and skinny. He had two daggers on his waist.

The three of them entered the conference, making the entire room a bit gloomy.

The leading black robed man's eyes were as deep and dark as the sea......

The five old men immediately stood up from their seats as they welcomed these three powerful people.


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