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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 50



In the black, dark, underground cave, Luo Feng smiled as he chatted with his brother.

’’It's good as long as you're safe’’

’’Oh yea, bro, about the continent of Australia. I've been researching it recently and read online that the continent of Australia is one of the three hazardous regions on earth. There are countless powerful monsters there, and I even watched some videos about the continent of Australia. All the monsters that appeared in the videos seemed so powerful.....’’

As he listened to his brother, Luo Feng laughed as he said: ’’No worries, to your brother, killing those monsters is like cutting through some vegetables’’

When he was hunting in the wilderness, his parents and brother were extremely worried about him. And now, he even came to the continent of Australia..... Luo Feng didn't want his family to worry too much about him, so he made himself sound extremely powerful.

Of course.....

In reality, those monsters really are just like vegetables to him though.

’’Luo Hua, how've you been doing with your girlfriend recently?’’ followed Luo Feng.

’’I'm doing ok’’ his brother's voice that carried from the cell phone was a bit helpless, ’’I just can't meet with Nan’’

’’Don't rush, be patient’’ comforted Luo Feng.

His brother knew too: ’’I know. Actually, Nan is under more pressure than me’’

After Luo Hua fell into the lake, Luo Hua and Nan began to treasure each other's feelings more than before. However one thing remained the same: Zhen Nan's parents still forbid Zhen Nan and Luo Hua's relationship. Zhen Nan's parents definitely won't allow their daughter to marry a handicap who can only sit on a wheelchair.

However, Nan was in the most pain.....

On one side, she had to follow her parents' will!

On the other side, she has to comfort Luo Hua. She's scared that Luo Hua might do something dangerous again.

’’Luo Hua’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ his brother's tone was a bit down, since the stuff with Nan is the cause of his worries.

’’By the end of this year, I'll be able to get an elixir of life’’ said Luo Feng


All the way in Jiang-Nan city, Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector.

At this time, Luo Hua was in his room alone on his wheelchair as he talked with his brother on the phone.

’’What?’’ Luo Hua froze.

’’By the end of this year, I'll be able to bring back an elixir of life. When that happens, you'll be able to stand up again’’

Luo Hua froze.

Be able to stand up?

Stand up?

’’I can stand up again?’’ Luo Hua couldn't help but to shake as he sat on his wheelchair. His face became red and he became super excited as he said, ’’Bro, you said this year? Didn't you say that this elixir of life only appears in an auction occasionally? And that it's not something you can get with just money? Now you can get it?’’

Luo Feng's voice carried from the phone: ’’Luo Hua, the elixir of life isn't as rare as you think’’

Luo Hua froze.

’’The only reason why the elixir of life is so rare is because of a cheap trick employed by the American government. Don't worry, I'll definitely be able to get an elixir of life’’ Luo Feng's voice was full of confidence, ’’Just leave it to me!’’

’’Cheap trick employed by the American government?’’ Luo Hua was speechless.

America? That's one of the five countries on earth, a powerful country comparable to China and Russia. However, this powerful government was spoken of so lightly from his brother's mouth;his brother seemed to be full of confidence.

’’You can tell Nan too’’ Luo Feng's voice continued, ’’Just tell her..... that you'll be able to have two legs soon, and that you'll be able to walk like a normal person’’

’’Bro, didn't you say that I have to keep that a secret?’’ Luo Hua was startled.

Luo Feng said before......

That if the elixir of life's gigantic cost is revealed, Luo Feng's life could be in danger.

’’There's no need to keep that a secret now’’ said Luo Feng. Right now, Li Yao already brought people to the continent of Australia to kill him, so why is there any need to keep the elixir of life a secret? And once his brother tells Zhen Nan this news, then..... Zhen Nan won't feel so pressured anymore. And Luo Feng is also worried about

Zhen Nan having a change of heart!

Maybe his brother falling into the lake would move Zhen Nan so much that she would give up everything to stay beside his brother Luo Hua.

But this feeling won't last for too long. After a while, Zhen Nan might have a change of heart due to the constant pressure from her parents! Of course, this is just a possibility..... but Luo Feng didn't want such a thing to happen. With his understanding of his brother, Luo Hua, his brother probably wouldn't be able to handle another shock like this again!

So, might as well let Zhen Nan know that his brother can stand up again. This way, Zhen Nan won't be shaken easily.

As of now in China, many girls from low-cost apartments hope to marry someone rich, someone who can buy a home for them! So the best way for a man to keep their girl is to make enough money. This way, their girlfriends won't be swayed by money, since their boyfriend already has money.

With respect to this.....

Letting Zhen Nan know about Luo Hua's bright future will stop her from wavering.

’’Luo Hua, tell Nan that you'll be able to take her hand and walk to her parents together’’ encouraged Luo Feng.

The phone hung up.

Luo Hua sat in front of his laptop for a while. After that, he started a video chat with Nan.

’’Nan, Nan’’

Luo Hua sat in front of his laptop. A window on his laptop's display appeared, which contained an image of Nan. Since it was August and currently summer break, Nan usually stayed home. Naturally, she'd have lots of time to chat with Luo Hua.

’’What's got you so excited?’’ Zhen Nan's smile was extremely sweet.

’’Nan, my brother said..... that by the end of this year, I'll be able to have my own legs to stand with’’ said Luo Hua excitedly.

’’WHAT!’’ Zhen Nan froze.

’’I said, I'll be able to stand up by the end of this year, stand up like a regular person. I can walk like a regular person, I can bring you to the park, I can bring you shopping, to eat at restaurants’’ said Luo Hua excitedly. His eyes couldn't help but to start tearing up.

’’Really?’’ Zhen Nan couldn't believe this.

’’Yes’’ followed Luo Hua, ’’My brother even talked to the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', face to face. There are always some special treasures on this earth’’

Zhen Nan couldn't believe this at first, since today's technology wasn't advanced enough to allow two legs to grow out again. But she knew...... that her boyfriend's brother was a mysterious figure. Now she heard that her boyfriend's brother even met the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong'.

Maybe he actually does have some special methods.

’’When the time comes, I'll hold your hand and walk to your parents’’ said Luo Hua.

’’Yea, yea’’ Zhen Nan nodded, her tears almost coming out.

Who knew..... about how much pressure she had to deal with these days.

When Luo Hua fell into the lake, her relationship with Luo Hua spread out around the area. People have always been pointing fingers behind her back. Even though her heart was solid, it was still tough to deal with everyone talking behind her back! Finally..... she'll be able to straighten her back.


Luo Hua silently sat in front of his laptop, his video chat with his girlfriend has long ended.

’’My fate has changed just like this’’ Luo Hua's ears could still hear the distant honks from the cars outside. This is a headquarter city, a bustling, crowded, flourishing, and safe headquarter city. And his brother was in the far, yet dangerous continent of Australia, one of the three hazardous regions!

Two brothers in different locations, as if they were in different worlds.

And now, his brother stood at the top of the world. He directly says ’’American government’’ and whenever he talks about money, billions are used as the counter.

’’Bro! Thank you!’’ said Luo Hua to himself in his heart.


One of the three hazardous regions on earth一 the continent of Australia. An extremely mysterious place in the continent of Australia一 the misty island.

In a cave in the rocky layer under the misty island.

The cave was dark as dark could get and the only light source was the dim light coming from Luo Feng's tactical communications watch's display. This dim, green light was almost unnoticeable in the dark cave. With this light, one could barely see the blurry image of someone sitting cross legged. Luo Feng was currently training his genetic energy, and after who knows how long.....

In the dark cave, Luo Feng opened his eyes.

’’Yup, my arm is much better’’ Luo Feng waved his left arm, his injury from before has mostly recovered.

’’I wonder if that Li Yao died in the lake or came to this misty island’’

He took a look at his tactical communications watch, it was already 3 PM.

’’I'll go up and take a look, I can't just stay here forever’’ with a thought from Luo Feng, three flowing lights immediately started rotating. As if they became a drill, they directly pierced the rocks above him. Luo Feng put his hands together above his head and charged upwards!


As of now, Luo Feng's skin was even tougher than diamond. He has just stepped into the body fitness level of a beginner level wargod, so even armor piercing bullets fired from a sniper rifle can't pierce his skin. Luo Feng's hands were even better than a steel drill and with the three throwing knives in front of him, digging became even easier.

Going straight up ahead!

Of course, Luo Feng purposefully took a different path from before when he dug down. Luo Feng didn't want to get attacked by the willow tree king right when he pops his head out of the ground after all.

’’AH!’’ a voice of pain carried from the surface of the ground. Dirt was a good medium for sound to travel through and wargods had amazing hearing.

’’This is someone's voice?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed, ’’There are people on this misty island?’’

’’Li Yao!!!’’

Luo Feng immediately connected that voice to Li Yao!


Luo Feng, as usual, didn't dare to move too quickly. The closer he got to the surface, the more he slowed down. At the same time, his spiritual force has already spread out to a 80 meter radius. After that, Luo Feng silently popped his head out, which happened to be in the middle of a bush.

’’Eh?’’ Luo Feng immediately saw Li Yao, who was completely covered in black, in the distance.

As of now, Li Yao's face was pale and some blood could be seen at the sides of his mouth. However, his eyes were full of light.



Li Yao coughed out two mouthfuls of fresh blood as he stared at the largest willow tree in the distance. When Luo Feng saw this, he couldn't help but to think to himself: ’’Looks like Li Yao has experienced the special part of this willow tree and got beat up’’

’’It's me, Venina!’’ Li Yao said full of excitement to his tactical communications watch.

’’Yao, what is it?’’ asked Venina.

’’We've struck gold, we're going to be rich! Right now, I'm on an island that's full of countless wealth and treasure. I've already discovered over 12 spirits of nature’’ Li Yao couldn't contain his excitement.


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