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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 5



Wu Tong slightly bowed as he answered as a 3D hologram: ’’Envoy, Luo Feng already left with his fire hammer squad members on March 1st. As of now, they are still in the wilderness and haven't returned to the headquarter city yet’’

’’March 1st?’’

The two great wargods, Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong, couldn't help but to exchange glances as they started to laugh.

Yang Hui couldn't help but to laugh as he scolded: ’’When I arrived at Jiang-Nan city, this Luo Feng hasn't even went to the wilderness yet. It's all because of you, steel hand. If it weren't for you trying to drag me to the.....’’ as he said that, he suddenly stopped and then waved towards Wu Tong: ’’Alright, you're done here’’

’’Yes, chairman, envoy’’ Wu Tong slightly bowed.

Chichi~~ the dreamy light scattered and the 3D hologram disappeared.

’’Man, that was nearly a slip of the tongue. If this Wu Tong heard that, he would laugh at us for sure’’ Steel hand Zhou Zheng Yong's expression slowly became serious, ’’Okay, let's not talk about that anymore. Let's talk about Luo Feng’’

’’About what that Wu Tong just said, he wasn't lying about anything right?’’ frowned wargod Yang Hui.

’’100% truth for sure’’ said Zhou Zheng Yong with confidence, ’’This Wu Tong knows what he's doing. Furthermore, if he dares to lie, I can check his facts myself when I get back..... with this, how would he lie?’’

’’Okay’’ wargod Yang Hui slightly nodded, ’’I understand. However, I really don't believe that a little kid who just turned 19 has a body fitness level equivalent to a 'beginner level wargod' and managed to reach the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 in just half a year..... rare, really rare indeed. Looks like we'll have to contact the higher ups’’

Zhou Zheng Yong also nodded: ’’The special training, for this Luo Feng, isn't too suitable. He might just barely have the rights to enter the 《Wargod Preparation Camp》.

The legendary.....

The Dojo of Limits has two large training camps. One of them is the ’’basics training camp’’ while the other is the ’’elite training camp’’. In the basics training camp, genius fighters are picked from all over the world. After signing the contract, they enter this training camp and accept the best training!

And the 'elite training camp' is the #1 training camp on earth. It is also called the ’’Wargod preparation camp’’

On earth, the Dojo of Limits has the basics and elite training camp. At the same time, the Thunder Dojo also has the basics and elite training camps..... however, it's indisputable that the Dojo of Limits' elite training camp is #1! Even the strongest fighter, Hong, teaches there sometimes.

Hong, who even wargods have a hard time meeting, teaches there. In this elite training camp, you have the chance to meet him!

’’Elite training camp you say?’’ Yang Hui frowned, ’’His conditions just barely make it, but一一I'll need to apply to the higher ups. You also know how valuable a spot is in the elite training camp’’

’’Yea’’ Zhou Zheng Yong nodded, ’’I understand!’’

Usually, there'll be two or three geniuses that appear every year in Jiang-Nan city's Dojo of Limits that get selected to enter the basics training camp. When the Thunder Dojo tried to take Luo Feng back then, they were also using this spot.

However, the 'elite training camp is different!'. Usually only one person in Jiang-Nan city, a city with a population of 200 million, gets selected to enter the 'elite training camp' every five years! And China only has six headquarter cities. You can say that in all of China, a place with over a billion people, only one person a year gets selected!’’

’’Contact the investigator’’ commanded Yang Hui.

’’Beep beep......’’


A deep, hoarse sound echoed around the listening room.

’’Mr. investigator!’’ Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong immediately stood up and were extremely respectful.

The investigator! The one whose position in the Dojo of Limits is only second to the creator, 'Hong'! According to the rules of the Dojo of Limits一一 all fighters in the Dojo of Limits who become existences surpassing the wargod level directly earn the title 'Investigator'. In other words, all the investigators are existences that surpass the wargod level!

’’Oh, Yang Hui, what do you need?’’ The investigator's voice carried over.

’’Mr. Investigator, I came to Jiang-Nan headquarter city to examine a young man named Luo Feng. However, I found out that he's only 19 and his body fitness level is already at the beginner warlord level. Furthermore, he only practiced the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 for half a year and has already reached the third stage! I think he has the right to enter the 'elite training camp'’’ said Yang Hui.


The investigator went silent for a bit. The audiovisual room was completely silent;Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong didn't dare to make a sound.

’’The Chinese government's army's representative just came to our headquarters to make a deal and took a place in the elite training camp. The spots for this year is almost full. Technically, we can't give any more spots to China..... hm, okay, give this Luo Feng a chance and let him take the B grade exam. If he passes, let him enter the elite training camp’’ the investigator's hoarse sound echoed around the audiovisual room.

Yang Hui respectfully replied.

’’Beep’’ the other side hung up already.

Only until now did Yang Hui and Zhou Zheng Yong let out a sigh of relief. Even though wargods and existences that surpass the wargod level only seem to be a step apart, the difference in strength is way too large! An existence that surpasses the wargod level can easily wipe out a city of millions of people and can talk to a powerful country on equal terms.

’’B grade exam?’’ frowned Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’Isn't it usually just the A grade exam?’’

’’There aren't enough spots and there are too many people in China, so one or two outstanding geniuses appear quite frequently. One of the spots was taken by the Chinese government's army, so if China wants to let another genius fighter enter the training camp, it won't be weird for that person to take a harder exam’’ said Yang Hui.

’’Okay’’ Zhou Zheng Yong nodded, ’’Oh yea, The Wang family in Kyoto city hopes to reserve an elite fighter training camp spot next year. They're willing to pay 50 billion Chinese dollars’’

’’Kyoto's Wang family? Next year?’’ Yang Hui frowned, ’’The HR alliance and our Dojo of Limits are cooperating right now, so the HR alliance is guaranteed to receive some spots every year. What, isn't that Wang family one of the nine great families of the HR alliance? Were they not able to get a spot for themselves?’’

’’If they got a spot, why would they try to go through the back door?’’ laughed Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’There are nine core families in the HR alliance, so it wouldn't be weird for the Wang family to not get a spot. After all, in the underground conferences of the HR alliance, the western families have the advantage’’

’’This case is quite problematic’’ Yang Hui shook his head, ’’Usually, only an investigator can decide on this. 50 billion is a huge sum of money, but it's hard to say whether or not that's enough to move the investigator’’

’’You're on quite good terms with investigator Liu, so the Wang family hopes to get that spot through you’’ laughed Zhou Zheng Yong.

’’Wang family's son in law is just like that, already selling out his old friends’’ Yang Hui couldn't help but to shake his head, ’’Steel hand, for your sake, I'll try talking with uncle Liu. You should know...... there are only so many spots for the elite training camp every year. All the countries and all the huge families are staring at them like wolves. It's not an easy thing to go through the back door’’

’’Understood. After this case, the Wang family will remember this favor’’ said Zhou Zheng Yong.

Wang Quan.

The #1 family in all of China and also one of the core nine families of the HR alliance. However, these families are still quite a bit off from the gigantic beasts named the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo! Since the creators of the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo, 'Hong' and 'Thunder God', are existences that even countries fear.

They are already invincible!

’’Help me prepare a fighter jet so I can check out this Luo Feng in the wilderness. I'll also let him take the B grade exam’’ said Yang Hui.

'Alright, the fighter jet will be ready momentarily. However, even though this Luo Feng is pretty good, whether or not he can pass the B grade exam.....’’ Zhou Zheng Yong shook his head.

’’Oh yea, contact Luo Feng first and confirm his current position’’ requested Yang Hui.

’’No worries, do you even have to mention such small things?’’ Zhou Zheng Yong laughed loudly.


#023 city. The sky was dark and the cold winds were blowing.

Luo Feng was sitting cross legged in the Wu Xin Xiang Tian position as he practiced his genetic energy technique. The formless energy entered his body through the five passages. All of Luo Feng's cells, which have long been starving, seemed to start cheering in joy as they ferociously gobbled up all the energy passing by them.

The cells quickly converted the energy into genetic energy.

As the cells absorbed the energy, the body slowly started to become stronger.


Luo Feng let out a breath after he felt all the cells in his bones, muscles, etc. were filled up. He stood up and felt 100 times more energetic.

’’Luo Feng, done training? Hurry up and come eat dinner’’ brother Chen's voice carried over.

’’Coming’’ Luo Feng smiled as he walked out.

The group of people in the living room swiftly sat together. Luo Feng was also mixed in there as the group of people merrily drank and ate their high energy candies, compressed bread, and a few meat pieces in their bags.

’’There's quite a bit of monster materials in our bags now. We should go back to the resupplying base in two days’’ said Gao Feng as he drank water, ’’Primarily thanks to Luo Feng, since he got us quite a bit of monster materials’’

’’If you compare us to crazy, we're just old men’’ Wei Tie purposefully sighed.

Chen Gu couldn't help but to shake his head: ’’I've been meddling in the wilderness for a few dozen years already. It seems like I can't become any stronger anymore. After a period of time, Luo Feng's strength would probably need require him to join a new, stronger fighter squad. I'm also preparing to retire when that happens’’

’’Us brothers are also preparing to retire in a year or two’’ Wei Tie and Wei Qing also nodded.

Suddenly, the mood became a bit sad.

’’Retiring is a great thing!’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’When that happens, maybe I'll be able to join the same fighter squad as Luo Feng. Or maybe, they wouldn't even want me and I'll have no choice but to join another fighter squad. All of this is hard to say..... but no matter what, I still want to keep at it for another 10 years and see if I, Gao Feng, can become a wargod!’’

Luo Feng was right about to speak, but suddenly一一 the watches of the five members of the fire hammer squad all vibrated.

They lowered their heads and saw a GPS system appear on the watch. On the map was a flashing, red dot.

’’Emergency SOS signal?’’ The five members of the fire hammer squad exchanged glances, ’’Only around 1,500 meters away from us?’’

’’Hurry! GO!’’ The five members of the fire hammer squad quickly packed their bags and weapons and then swiftly rushed out.


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