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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 49



Li Yao looked at the coordinates on the map in his tactical communications watch sent by his wife: ’’Hm? He already entered the island?’’ Li Yao was not mad, but happy. If the coordinates didn't change at all, Li Yao would've suspected that Luo Feng just left his tactical communications watch there.

And now, the target is moving.

Which means that Luo Feng is probably wearing it.

’’I'll rest up first. With my body's regeneration speed, I should be able to heal up in two days. It'll take me around half a day to stabilize’’ Li Yao couldn't be bothered to continue chasing after Luo Feng. He first sat cross legged on the beach as he rested.

The mist emanated on the island.

’’How weird’’ Luo Feng, who was fully equipped, slowly and carefully moved forward in the forest on the island. He looked at the plants around him and became even more confused, ’’I've already advanced two to three km into the island and I still haven't seen any sign of any monster's presence. It looks like there really aren't any monsters on this island’’

’’The only peculiar thing is ’’

’’It should be winter right now in the continent of Australia, but the temperature on this island is high. The trees and flowers seem to be blossoming like it's spring or summer’’ Luo Feng was confused.

Just what secrets did this island behold?

Trees were abundant, flowers were colorful, vines were everywhere..... the forest seemed to be full of life.

But there just weren't any animals.

Luo Feng carefully advanced step by step.

Around 100 meters away from Luo Feng was a pink flower. This flower was actually even larger than a sink, much larger than the flowers near it. It was also much more bright. At the moment..... Luo Feng slowly advanced towards that flower step by step. As he became closer and closer, he finally arrived.

’’What a bright flower. It's quite rare to see such a bright flower in such a season in the continent of Australia’’ Luo Feng observed a bit and then turned his head as he continued on.

And right when Luo Feng took two steps


The bright, pink flower that was larger than a sink ferociously opened up wide. With its now three to four meter wide diameter, this gigantic flower explosively shot towards Luo Feng like lightning. As if a cover that fell from the sky, it directly covered Luo Feng as it tried to swallow him whole.

After entering this misty island, Luo Feng has never let down his guard and was always at his utmost state of cautiousness.

’’Hm?’’ a cold light flashed through Luo Feng's eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three black lights instantly shot towards the gigantic flower from Luo Feng. Each of these throwing knives held incredible force and astonishing piercing power. As if three rays of death, they instantly pierced through the gigantic pink flower headed towards Luo Feng. The three black lights rotated several times and the flower was instantly sliced into pieces.

One of the throwing knives directly sliced off the extended blood red colored root of the huge flower!


As if cutting through metal, it cut through the root.

’’Man eating plant?’’ Luo Feng looked at the flower pieces and the remaining root on the ground. Gugu~~ red blood kept pouring out from the inside of the root, quite peculiar.

’’Man eating plant mutations are extremely rare’’

’’And most of the man eating plants on earth are in South America's amazon’’ Luo Feng frowned in confusion, ’’How could a man eating plant appear on this island?’’

The Grand Nirvana period is the period of mutation in animals.

Humans are a type of animal.

When large amounts of monsters were born, powerful human fighters were born too! However, plants remained unaffected. Trees were still trees, flowers were still flowers..... the only plant that mutated was the man eating plant. There were already several species of man eating plants and, after they mutated, there are now over a few dozen species.

Since the man eating plant was the only plant that mutated, many scientists even declared the man eating plant as, ’’special organisms’’.

’’Weird, weird, can't believe a man eating plant appeared here’’

Luo Feng shook his head and continued forward.

To a powerful spirit reader like him, this man eating plant really posed no threat at all.


After experiencing the attack of the man eating plant, Luo Feng became even more careful and advanced extremely slowly. However, this ’’slowness’’ is relative;he still walked much faster than normal people.

Half an hour later.


’’Willow tree!’’ Luo Feng looked at a willow tree in the distance and couldn't help but to let out a smile..... Many of the trees on this island were rare, but Luo Feng was too familiar with the willow tree. For the afforestation projects on the streets of Yang Zhou city, willow trees were used! So Luo Feng was happy to see some willow trees. Maybe because nobody has been here for a very long time, these willow trees grew up to amazing heights.

’’One, two, three, four..... nine in total!’’

’’Nine willow trees, what huge willow trees’’

Luo Feng walked over.

The nine willow trees in front of him were indeed very large. Even the thinnest willow tree had a diameter of around a meter. The thickest willow tree had a diameter of three meters...... it was rare to run into even one large tree like these. Since plants were abundant on this island, the tens of thousands of branches of these nine willow trees swayed in the wind.


Nine super willow trees. Each of these willow trees had millions of branches dancing in the wind.

’’This island sure is amazing, being able to grow such huge willow trees’’

’’And the other plants here are full of life too, not just the willow trees. Even though it's winter right now, the trees here still have their leaves’’ Luo Feng was amazed.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Right when Luo Feng was thinking to himself beside the nine huge willow trees, in an instant, all the branches on the willow trees crazily danced and swiftly wrapped towards Luo Feng like cruel wires! They were extremely fast, way faster than the speed of sound. Because of the short distance, even Luo Feng couldn't dodge the branches that covered the sky!

’’What is this thing?’’ Luo Feng's face changed. Even the smallest willow tree reached a height of 30 to 40 meters, which is comparable to a 10 story building! As for the largest willow tree that had a diameter of three meters, it reached a height of nearly 100 meters..... with such tall willow trees, the branches they had also reached an extraordinary number. Each of their branches were over 100 meters long, and they spread out and covered the entire sky!

’’BREAK THROUGH!’’ Luo Feng ferociously charged forward. At the same time, six throwing knives encircled his body like a flaming wheel;they rotated as they crazily sliced the branches in the area! Luo Feng's throwing knives can kill many advanced level wargods, so, with their attack power, the branches were swiftly cut. However, cutting through the branches felt like cutting through steel.

With Luo Feng's understanding of his spiritual force and his throwing knives, he observed that each of these branches could probably withstand an attack from an advanced level warlord's blade! At such a level, even a homing missile will have trouble destroying these branches.

Of course, the branches couldn't do anything against Luo Feng's throwing knives.

Under Luo Feng's charge and his throwing knives' high speed rotation, large amounts of branches were cut into two.

Right when it seemed like Luo Feng was about to charge out, ’’BOOM’’.

The largest, super willow tree king in the middle with a diameter of three meters suddenly shot out several light golden branches. There were tons of them, almost 10,000 branches! Each of these branches were several hundred meters long and virtually instantly covered Luo Feng. They charged straight into Luo Feng's throwing knives.


The rotating throwing knives barely cut through a single light golden branch.

’’Not good’’ Luo Feng's face changed dramatically.

Retreat! He swiftly retreated backwards and dodged the light golden willow tree branches.

’’It's so hard for me just to cut through one of the light golden branches. If I get surrounded by millions of light golden branches...... I'll be in trouble’’. Even though he can still cut through the branches...... he can't take the risk. Because, failure means death! When faced with the dancing, light golden branches that were approaching him, Luo Feng ferociously drilled into the ground at the same time he retreated! PU!

Three throwing knives rotated as they instantly went through the ground and Luo Feng directly plunged into the hole. His spiritual force worked on his feet and made him like a drill as he swiftly went through the ground.


Large amounts of light golden branches swiftly entered the ground. However, the golden branches were only several hundred meters long, so they couldn't go in too deep. And the main function of these branches were to tie and strangle their target to death..... the tip of these branches were forked, so their digging abilities couldn't compare to Luo Feng's throwing knives!

The light golden branches danced a bit and then returned to the super willow tree king. As for the other willow branches, they danced in the wind like usual.


Deep underground, rocky layer. Luo Feng blew open a small hole here.

Luo Feng was dirty and lay against the rock behind him.

’’Drip, drip!’’ The water remaining in the layer constantly dripped down.

’’I sure was roughed up’’ Luo Feng laughed at himself.

’’Now I know why there aren't any flying monsters or land monsters in this misty island now’’ Luo Feng recalled the scene that previously unfolded and was still amazed, ’’Incredible, incredible. Even willow trees can attack. If the news of this spreads, the entire world will be startled’’

The plants on earth never mutated, except for man eating plants. However.....

Luo Feng wasn't startled when discovering the man eating plant on this misty island, but he was completely flabbergasted when he was attacked by the willow trees.

’’Especially that willow tree king, normal advanced level wargods aren't even its opponent’’

’’If the willow tree can attack, then most of the plants on this island can probably attack too. If any monsters came, they would be killed by these plants’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

After the Grand Nirvana period, nobody lived on the continent of Australia.

This, was a paradise for monsters.

Monsters probably knew that this misty island was special, so not a single one dared to venture in.

Only occasionally do fighters come here to train.

But the number of fighters that came to the continent of Australia were way too few. The gigantic continent of Australia was millions of km squared and fighters have only had a few dozen years to explore this place, so many places remain unexplored by fighters. This misty island..... is one example. In the past, nobody knew about its secret. But now, it was discovered by Luo Feng!

’’That Li Yao doesn't have the various abilities of a spirit reader. He can't fly and his digging speed is too slow’’

’’First not mentioning whether or not he can survive on this misty island, if he runs into trouble, I'll deliver the finishing blow’’ Luo Feng didn't mind that his methods were cruel.

While he was underground, he was pretty free.

Suddenly, he took out his cell phone from his backpack.

’’Expensive cell phones have their advantages too. Even when I'm underground, it still has such good signal’’ Luo Feng smiled as he made a call.


’’BRO!’’ brother Luo Hua's excited voice rang, ’’How are you doing in the continent of Australia?’’

Previously, Luo Feng used his cell phone to tell his family that he'll be in the continent of Australia and therefore won't be able to call them much.

’’How am I doing?’’

Luo Feng looked at the rocks around him and the incessantly dripping water as he smiled, ’’Good. The place I'm at right now is quite safe. Hehe, there's even water’’


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