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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 48



Monsters could be seen killing each other everywhere on this vast wasteland. Their goal was to kill their opponent and eat them to fill up their own stomachs! However, compared to a monster's body, a tiny, skinny human fighter was travelling alone on the wilderness. This fighter didn't even avoid any of the monsters.

He charged straight forward!

He treated those monsters like ants. Quite a few monsters have attempted to attack this human fighter, but that just resulted in thickening the scent of blood on this fighter's body. With such a startling scent that clearly had some powerful monsters' blood mixed in, the monsters avoided this human right when they saw him.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’ mumbled li Yao to himself like a beast.

’’Just hide, keep hiding. You can hide, but you can't hide forever!’’ Li Yao never would have thought that hunting down this 19 year old youth would be so troublesome. However..... he would never give up his quest to avenge his son! If he doesn't kill Luo Feng, he probably wouldn't even be able to sleep at night.

’’Hm?’’ Li Yao felt the tactical communications watch on his wrist vibrate. He looked carefully and was startled, ’’Luo Feng's coordinates?’’

At the same time, he received a call.

’’Hello’’ said Li Yao.

’’Yao, it's me, you received Luo Feng's coordinates right’’ Venina's voice carried from the tactical communications watch.

’’You got these coordinates? Are you sure?’’ asked Li Yao hurriedly.

’’Yao, we just received these coordinates. No idea what happened with that Luo Feng..... we were suddenly able to call his tactical communications watch! This means that he probably turned it on himself. I'm scared that this is one of Luo Feng's tricks and that he's luring you on purpose’’ said Venina.

’’Trick, trap?’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to let out a crazy laugh.

His laugh echoed around the wasteland, and not one monster dared to approach this scary human.

’’I have a 'Black God set' from the archaeological ruins, so no wargod can kill me. Unless it's an emperor level monster, an existence surpassing the wargod level, or a laser cannon..... but Luo Feng, hmph, I really can't think of anything powerful he has hidden up his sleeves’’ Li Yao was confident.

’’Okay, whether or not these coordinates are real or fake, I'm going to go take a look’’ said Li Yao.

’’Ok’’ Venina wasn't against the decision.

She was also an advanced level wargod and clearly understood how powerful her husband was.

There were only three things that could threaten Li Yao:

1. Laser cannon? How could Luo Feng get a laser cannon and operate it.

2. Existences surpassing the wargod level. But if Luo Feng could get someone like that, why would he need to use a trick like this?

3. Emperor level monster. There should be many horde leader level monsters surrounding the emperor level monster. Once he finds out something is wrong, Li Yao would retreat. Why would he go mess with an emperor level monster?

’’Still 120 km from here’’ Li Yao looked at the map.

’’Luo Feng, hope you're there’’


A horrifying sonic boom rose. Li Yao transformed into a black stream of light as he rushed southwest. Within a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the horizon. With a speed of mach 2, he was indeed a horrifying existence.


A flowing light slowly became visible as it stopped beside the mist covered lake. It was indeed the black armored, cold faced wargod vulture Li Yao.

’’This Luo Feng sure can hide, picking a mist covered lake’’

’’With so much mist, the laser cannon is useless’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to let out a mocking smile, mocking Luo Feng's efforts.... to Li Yao, the laser cannon was already taken away by the Dojo of Limits. If he doesn't even have the laser cannon, then wouldn't it be futile for Luo Feng to hide in a mist covered island?


Li Yao leaped dozens of meters into the air and crossed a distance of over 100 meters, as if he was launched like a cannonball.

’’CHICHI~~’’ Li Yao's feet quickly extended and formed something like a rubber raft. This rubber raft formed by the 'Black God' set used the force from Li Yao's leap to swiftly move forward on the lake!

While he sat on the rubber raft, Li Yao held a blade in each hand and used them to paddle.

With Li Yao's astonishing strength, huge amounts of driving force was produced with each paddle.

’’HOWL~~’’ ’’QUACK~~’’ ’’HISS~~’’ All sorts and types of weird monster noises carried from the bottom of the lake, but Li Yao's face was cold as he ignored all the sounds below. For an advanced level wargod, water type monsters in most lakes aren't threatening at all to him.

Sadly, Li Yao didn't know that this lake was special.

With the rubber raft's amazing speed, it swiftly moved forward as it split the water of the lake.

’’What’’ Li Yao's faced dramatically changed.

He saw a large cylinder shaped snake-like being that was over 30 meters long and covered in purple scales. It bursted out of the lake like lightning, drew across an arc, and covered the raft with its gigantic purple scaled tail within a hundredth of a second.


The rubber raft below Li Yao's feet disappeared and, other than his eyes, mouth, and nose, his entire body was well protected by a black color. Li Yao stepped on the gigantic tail like lightning and used that force to leap into the air: ’’What a long tail, and what horrifying power! This attack definitely has the power of an high level horde leader. There were actually such powerful water type monsters in this lake?’’

Li Yao was stunned!

And right in the instance when Li Yao fell from midair and touched the surface of the water.


Blue electricity bolt after blue electricity bolt curved around like snakes as they instantly covered the entire area. Li Yao's dodging abilities on water were worse than they were on land, so he was unable to dodge the electrical attack!

’’Hmph. Good thing my Black God set is completely resistant to electricity’’ and right when Li Yao let out a sigh of relief.


A white string virtually instantly wrapped around and pulled back on one of his legs with an extraordinary level of power. ’’Not good’’ Li Yao's face changed greatly and with a splash, Li Yao's entire body sank into the lake.


On the misty beach.

Luo Feng sat cross legged like a statue. Splash~~ the water from the lake occasionally charged at the beach. Weirdly enough..... not one water type monster dared to crawl up onto the beach.

After a while.....

Luo Feng, who was quietly sitting cross legged, opened his eyes.

’’How come that Li Yao still isn't here?’’

’’Could it be.....’’

’’He died while trying to pass through the lake?’’ Luo Feng let out a smile, ’’if he really died in the lake, then that's nothing weird. Even though it'll be hard to kill him because of his Black God set, once he gets stuck under the lake by water type monsters, he won't have any oxygen to breath. Since he'll be struggling a lot, he'll use up all his air very quickly and suffocate to death’’

Luo Feng turned around and looked at the island.


The entire island was quiet. Only the wind and leaves could be heard.

’’Even within advanced level wargods, I'm almost invincible’’

’’Unless an emperor level monster appears, it's not likely for me to get killed in most circumstances’’

’’Yep, I'll go take a look inside’’

Luo Feng couldn't control his curiosity. He was also quite confident in his own power, so Luo Feng, while being as alert as possible with his hexagonal shield and ghost blade in hand, and also ready to control his throwing knives at any time...... carefully entered the island and disappeared into the emanating mist as he began his exploration.


After a long time, on the beach on the other side of the island.

’’GO DIE!’’

An enraged roar rang and the water in the lake beside the beach ferociously exploded with blood flying everywhere. A black image flew into the air and then landed on the beach.

’’I've finally reached it’’ the black image directly softened up on the beach.

Only after a while did he get a hold of himself.

’’Horrifying, what a horrifying lake’’ Li Yao's face was full of fear and shock as he looked at the huge lake in front of him. When he, Li Yao, was young, he went all around the world, venturing into lakes even larger than the one in front of him. He even fought with monsters in the sea before!


Li Yao has never been so beat up, never been so close to death before. As he crazily escaped under water just now, he saw over 10 high level horde leader level water type monsters! And there were even more horde leader level monsters of other levels!

In other words, most of the water type monsters in the lake were extremely powerful.

There were countless commander level water type monsters, but there were barely any soldier level monsters.

’’This lake, just what is this lake? How come I've never heard that such a horrifying lake exists on this earth’’ Li Yao's face wasn't looking good, ’’I've ran into over 10 high level horde leader level monsters in a 100 km squared lake. There are probably nearing 100 high level horde leader level monsters in this entire lake!’’

’’Even China's #003 city, the den of monsters, isn't much worse than this’’

In terms of dangerousness, this lake is worse than former Shanghai, #003 city.

Because the water type monsters here are more densely packed and fighting in water lowers a human fighter's capabilities.

*cough, cough* Li Yao coughed two mouthfuls of fresh blood.

’’The water really heavily impacts my strength. If I was on land, even if I couldn't handle 10 high level horde leaders, I could at least escape. But this..... was horrible’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to spit out another mouthful of fresh blood. He sat cross legged on the beach as he started to rest. He knew how heavily injured he was this time.

His right arm and two of his ribs were broken.

His organs were heavily injured!

Even though the 'Black God set' has powerful defensive capabilities, it isn't as effective against impacts. In the water, Li Yao was trapped and almost strangled to death. Even though he got out with his life on the line, his ribs were still broken and his organs were damaged.

’’Now I need to heal up. If I fight again, I'll just damage my body even more’’ Li Yao had no more arrogance left.

He was completely scared because of this lake.

Thankfully he had his Black God set, or even 10 lives wouldn't have been enough.

’’Venina’’ Li Yao connected to his wife, ’’Confirm Luo Feng's current coordinates’’. As he said that, Li Yao gasped for breath, his ribs in immense pain.


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