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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 47



This lake was already quite strange, and the night just made it even more mysterious.

Luo Feng subconsciously felt pressure.

’’Hm, it's night right now and the mist obstructs my vision. I'll check properly in the morning tomorrow’’ Luo Feng was calm. He would rather wait until day than go in blindly right now.

Tonight, Luo Feng went around the lake.

Since the lake was 100 km squared, a lot of time was needed to go around. However, with Luo Feng's speed, not even 1 hour was needed to walk most of the distance while observing the lake at the same time. As he walked, Luo Feng didn't discover anything special. After that, Luo Feng sat cross legged and closed his eyes.

The night passed quickly.

Dawn of the second day, the sun was rising.

Luo Feng sat on the grass as he looked towards the lake. The lake in front of him was still covered in a layer of mist, which got thicker towards the center. And, on the land surrounding the lake, there wasn't any mist at all.

’’Like I thought, the mist is there whether or not it's day or night’’

’’Visibility in the day is way better than at night’’

Even with Luo Feng's wargod level vision, Luo Feng could barely see past 100 meters last night. It would be amazing for a regular person to see past five meters. Now that the sun has risen, Luo Feng could see past around 200 meters..... Truthfully, for wargod level fighters, a distance of 200 meters just needs a simple wave from their body to cover.

’’I'll go in and see’’ Luo Feng jumped onto the hexagonal shield floating beside him.

With his feet on the shield, he swiftly flew deep towards the center of the lake.

The mist emanated;aquatic plants were abundant on this wide lake. At times, weird noises could be heard, and surface of the water would ripple as a result. The human eye couldn't see below the surface of the lake.

’’Just what you'd expect from a lake that was 100 km squared, there are definitely a lot of water type monsters here’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. Rivers of the width he was moving forward in before definitely couldn't be home to any powerful water type monsters, so Luo Feng had an easy ride underwater.

But for large lakes like these......

Hard to say.

And water type monsters are known for being difficult to deal with, because the sea is their heaven. The vast sea gives birth to many odd, yet powerful monsters. So even wargods aren't willing to go to sea, and won't easily enter large lakes like these either.


Luo Feng swiftly flew forward, causing turbulence in the lake water below him.


A large, blue light made of electricity ferociously lit up.


Densely packed blue lights instantly lit up the area of the lake. The blue lights curved like snakes. Luo Feng, who was completely unprepared, was completely hit by the densely packed lights after just dodging the first light! Not because Luo Feng's dodging abilities aren't good enough, but because these lights freely curved in midair with no order to them at all!

’’Not good’’ Luo Feng felt his entire body go numb and his mind becoming shaky.

His body started falling from midair!

The time it took for him to fall was quite long;a wargod could move faster. Around two seconds is required to fall from a height of 20 meters.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was alarmed.

When there was only a distance of six to seven meters left between him and the lake below, weird monster howls could be heard. At the same time, long, cylinder shaped monsters with green scales ferociously leaped out from the water. Electricity was encircling the scales of these monsters, and some of them had horns on their heads. These monsters opened their mouths wide open right when they came out of the water!

’’Get out’’ roared Luo Feng.

Six lights of death bursted out with Luo Feng as their center.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The six throwing knives instantly drew across the water type monster horde. They even went in a circle, piercing through many monsters. These monsters all let out cries of pain, and monsters that were lucky enough to survive all let out streams of electricity in rage.


However, while controlling the throwing knives, Luo Feng stood on the shield to his side and swiftly flew back up. Thankfully, the attacks of these water type monsters weren't as organized as before, which allowed Luo Feng to escape.

’’Phew, almost died here’’

After flying up to a distance of 50 meters above the lake, Luo Feng found that his forehead and back were drenched in a cold sweat. He's been in tricky situations before and even dared to fight against high level horde leader monsters up front..... but he didn't think he would almost die here! If he woke up slightly later, those monsters definitely would have chewed his head up!

’’Eel type water type monsters?’’

’’Steelwire electric eel’’

’’Horned electric eel’’

With a glance, he discovered the various eel type monsters below him. There were over 100 fish type monsters that could discharge electricity on this world. However, monsters form hordes, so the monster horde that attacked Luo Feng was an electric eel type water type monster horde. Monsters that could discharge electricity were always feared by human fighters.

Powerful water type monsters capable of discharging electricity, especially when they do it together, can instantly knock out powerful wargods. When they're knocked out, even wargods can do nothing against the electric eels!

They can't do anything about it!

’’I need to be careful. There are millions of different types of monsters, and many of them have special abilities. I might lose my life if I'm not careful’’ Luo Feng flew up to an altitude of 50 meters and then carefully flew forward.

While flying, he could hear all sorts of weird noises carrying from the lake.


There was an alarming number of monsters in the lake.


A horrifying howl boomed next to Luo Feng's ear. At the same time, an incredible force instantly landed on Luo Feng's body, causing Luo Feng to helplessly fall.

’’F*k! Can't believe another water type monster attacked me’’ Luo Feng desperately controlled his spiritual force to make himself hover.

But his body helplessly fell.


An incredible whirlpool was forming in the lake below him. The center of the whirlpool was a ’’black hole’’. Under the white mist, the black hole was blurry, and the black hole was crazily swallowing everything above it. Its powerful suction power prevented Luo Feng from flying away for a bit. Keep in mind that Luo Feng's spiritual force was virtually at an advanced level wargod level.

’’Big guy!’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and laughed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two SS grade throwing knives rapidly shot downwards, straight towards the large black hole.

Chi! Chi!


An ear piercing cry that sounded like a baby's instantly rang across the sky. The sound was enormous and ear piercing, causing Luo Feng to subconsciously cover his ears. In the raging waters below, a dark red colored blood was mixed within. And that 'black hole', with its suction power, completely disappeared.

Whoosh! Whoosh! The two throwing knives landed in Luo Feng's pockets mid air.

’’What a powerful monster, my throwing knives only barely managed to scratch the surface of its skin before they were blocked by its bones’’ Luo Feng was controlling the throwing knives, so of course he was clear that his throwing knives only injured the monster slightly.

’’It usually roars, but when it's startled, it cries like a baby? Its suction power is startling? What kind of water type monster is this?’’

In terms of the number of species, the number of monsters on land barely make up a portion of the number of monsters in the sea.

There were over 10,000 different species of monsters on land. One could imagine how many different water type monsters there were. Adding to that, fighters spend most of their time on land. As a result, Luo Feng, like other fighters, didn't know much about water type monsters. He only knew some common, famous ones.

’’I'll continue forward. I want to see for myself how strange this lake is’’ mumbled Luo Feng to himself. But at the same time, six throwing knives hovered around him. He also flew up another 30 meters, reaching an altitude of 80 meters.


Finally, Luo Feng landed on a beach.

’’Finally reached the island at the center’’ balls of sweat appeared on Luo Feng's nose. He was startled quite a bit on his way. Other than his near-death experience from the attack of the electric eel horde, Luo Feng also saw two large water type monsters killing each other. He also saw a dragon, at least 100 meters long, eating.


The number of powerful water type monsters in this lake were unexpectedly many. Quite odd!

Normally, it would be amazing for a lake that was around 100 km squared to be the home of two or three powerful water type monsters. But this lake..... Luo Feng already saw 7 or 8 extremely powerful water type monsters on his way here. And don't even mention the even more powerful ones hiding below! The density of powerful monsters was too great!

This goes against common sense!

’’There must be a cause behind all of this’’ Luo Feng walked on the beach and looked at the thick forest ahead of him.

The island in the center of the lake was like a primitive forest. There were many large trees standing and plants were abundant everywhere.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to start ascending, and he flew higher and higher.

He looked at the island below him. This mysterious island was covered in mist like always. And the lake surrounding the island..... contained large amounts of powerful water type monsters.

’’Not right, not right.....’’

Luo Feng's face changed.

’’This island, why is this island so quiet?’’

Yes, quiet!

After coming to the continent of Australia for such a long time, Luo Feng has never discovered a place as quiet as this one. Even if it's in the wilderness, there should be large amounts of monsters. But this island covered in mist.....

didn't even have a single monster!

No flying monsters, no land type monsters. This island covered in mist was abnormally quiet. However, the lake surrounding the island had an alarming amount of powerful, horrifying water type monsters.

’’This island is weird’’

’’Not right’’

Luo Feng has never felt so afraid before. He didn't know why..... this place that was just too quiet and still, made Luo Feng fearful.


Luo Feng landed on the beach. He didn't dare to go deeper into the island.

’’The lake is peculiar and the island is peculiar too’’ Luo Feng suddenly let out a smile. He stretched out his right hand and pressed the button on the tactical communications watch on his wrist. Pressed


The tactical communications watch turned on.

’’My tactical communications watch is on now. Li Yao..... time for you to come’’ mumbled Luo Feng to himself. Even though Li Yao was powerful, he had no choice but to swim through the lake since he can't fly...... but the water type monsters in this lake were so powerful, that even Li Yao would have a lot of difficulty passing through the lake without dying.


Paris headquarter city, in a large room.

One of the three people sitting in front of laptops, a handsome, white youth, suddenly exclaimed: ’’Madam, it's through. We called the target's phone’’

’’What?’’ Venina, who was originally frowning, said out of surprise.

’’We finished calling, the target's coordinates have been confirmed’’ continued the handsome, white youth.

’’Transfer it immediately’’ commanded Venina.

’’Yes’’ the white youth excitedly transferred the coordinates to Li Yao, who was in the wastelands of the continent of Australia.


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