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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 46



’’What do you want his phone number for?’’ Venina's voice carried from the tactical communications watch.

’’Hurry, don't waste time’’ urged Li Yao.

Venina's voice had a bit of anger tied within: ’’Yao, you better not mess around. If you want to confirm Luo Feng's position, you should do it through me. Even if you can confirm his location by dialing Luo Feng's number, Luo Feng will be able to discover your location too!’’

’’And if you call him, it'll raise his suspicions’’ Venina was unamused, ’’I'll figure out a way to get his location to you’’

Li Yao frowned, he knew his wife was right.

’’Alright, hurry’’ urged Li Yao.


Paris headquarter city, a large room.

Three laptops were opened at the same time, and two men and one woman were each sitting in front of them. Venina stood on the side as she commanded: ’’Use Luo Feng's home number to call Luo Feng’’


Through their software, it was easy for them to make Luo Feng's tactical communications watch display the number they want it to.

’’Madam, coordinates confirmed’’ said the black woman.

’’Send it to the mister’’ commanded Venina.


Li Yao, who was standing on the riverbank, couldn't help but to sneer as he looked at the coordinates he just received: ’’So he was only a few dozen km away from me’’

For wargods, a few dozen km is nothing.

Fighters like wargods, especially powerful ones whose bodies are who knows how many more times tougher than diamond, have fist strengths of hundreds of thousands of kg. Not even bullets fired from a sniper rifle can pierce their skin. Advanced organisms like them..... are definitely human weapons who pose a greater threat than an entire army.


Like lightning, he chased towards Luo Feng's position.

While he was chasing, Luo Feng was also advancing under water.

With Luo Feng's beginner wargod fitness level, he could hold his breath underwater for nearly half an hour. Even normal people can hold their breath underwater for a few minutes, so it is normal for Luo Feng to be able to handle half an hour.


’’My tactical communications watch vibrated?’’ Luo Feng glanced at his tactical communications watch with confusion. This is a tactical communications watch that came with his 9th series battle uniform, waterproof is but a tiny function, ’’the display shows that this call is from home?’’

’’That's not right, I didn't even give my family my new phone number?’’

Luo Feng was confused.

Luo Feng was using this new phone number as bait to catch the Vulture Scorpion couple, so he didn't tell his family members. He communicates with his family via the cell phone he bought!

’’My parents are normal people. If they wanted to contact me, they could just call my cell phone. How could they go through so many steps to get my number from the elite training camp and then call me?’’ Luo Feng was clear, that it wasn't hard for someone else to get a certain phone number to show on a tactical communications watch's display.

’’Trying to find me through my phone number?’’


Luo Feng grinned and pressed the off button. He held it down


The tactical communications watch directly turned off.

To prevent others from calling his number to find out his location, there are two ways 1. Throw away the tactical communications watch and separate it from the user. They can find the tactical communication watch's position, but not the owner's. 2. Take out the battery or turn it off.

Power it off! Once it's off, the tactical communications watch is just a piece of metal.


On the riverbank.


’’I'm asking you, where are the coordinates?’’ Li Yao couldn't help but to roar, his face was fierce.

The tactical communications watch's display showed Venina as she shook her head, ’’Yao, that Luo Feng already turned off his tactical communications watch’’

’’What do you mean?’’ Li Yao's eyes seemed like they were about to shoot out flames.

’’Can't locate Luo Feng anymore’’ Venina shook her head.

Li Yao clenched his fists in anger, can't locate? He hurriedly crossed tens of thousands of km from Europe with a group of people and, right when he arrived, his men were killed by Luo Feng. And now, Luo Feng turned off his tactical communications watch. Now that he can't locate Luo Feng, he can't even locate him, and don't even mention killing him!

All for nothing!


’’BASTARD, BASTARD’’ Li Yao was so mad that the veins on his forehead were bursting.

When Li Yao lost track of Luo Feng, it was already night time. The sky was dark, and a triangular fighter jet was flying in the skies of Australia at an alarming speed.

In the fighter jet was one pilot and two passengers.

’’That Li Yao sure is cruel. He got a laser cannon out just to deal with Luo Feng’’ out of the two passengers, a tall, large brute laughed loudly. Beside him was a skinny Indian with slightly curly hair, who said in his accented Chinese: ’’He's completely crazy, so he doesn't care about the method’’

’’Hehe, Puka, you can speak Chinese?’’ complimented the large brute.

The Indian slightly smiled and said nothing.

’’Hehe, laser cannon. Truthfully, even though I have reached this level already, I haven't actually seen a laser cannon after all these years’’ the brute couldn't help but to sigh, ’’I guess the Paulinus family aren't arms dealers for show. Through their control over weapons, they even got a laser cannon’’


The Indian said with a hmph, ’’They privately sell out quite a few nuclear bombs and laser cannons’’

Suddenly, the fighter jet's speed decelerated rapidly.

’’We're here’’ the large brute stood up, ’’Puka, get ready to get off’’

’’Ok’’ the Indian nodded slightly.


On a mountain in Ape Mountain Range, James and the elites from the Paulinus family were currently resting. At this time, a black, triangular fighter jet appeared in the sky.

When he saw this fighter jet, James' face changed.

’’It's the Dojo of Limits' fighter jet’’ exclaimed James.

’’Dojo of Limits’’ quite a few other elite fighters recognized it.

As of now, fighter jets were usually disc shaped. Triangular shaped fighter jets were usually less effective than disc shaped ones. However..... only the triangular fighter jets manufactured by the Dojo of Limits possess an extremely high level of attack power. They were the best fighter jets on earth.

The American government, European government, etc. all wanted the Dojo of Limits to make their fighter jet manufacturing techniques public.

Sadly, Hong ignored them.

So, these types of fighter jets have basically become a symbol of the Dojo of Limits.

’’Isn't that James?’’

The hatch opened and two figures jumped down from midair, landing on the mountain.

’’Puka? Tie Zong?’’ James was astonished. Wargods all join the Palace of Wargods, so James, a wargod, recognized these two famous people.

’’James, who are they?’’ the other elite fighters were in a panic.

It seems like these two people weren't regular people.

’’The world alliance bans people from using the laser cannons against other people’’ the large brute scanned the crowd. The crowd of elite fighters felt like a laser hit their eyes and were in extreme pain, ’’Following the command of the head, we'll be taking away this laser cannon!’’

’’What’’ Klein's eyes widened as he yelled, ’’This is our Paulinus family's.....’’


The large brute's eyes were like lightning as he roared, ’’Ask James’’.

Klein turned towards the only wargod on their side, James. James also scolded: ’’Hurry up and follow their command. Do you know who these two people are? They are wargods of the Dojo of Limits. Directly tell Li Yao the names Puka and Tie Zong and Li Yao will definitely stay silent’’

Klein froze.

’’Hurry, disassemble the laser cannon and put them in the crates’’ commanded the large brute.

’’Us?’’ Klein froze.

Not only have they come to take away their laser cannon, but they also want them to disassemble it.

’’If not you then who?’’ scolded the large brute with dissatisfaction.

Even James was helping the opponents, so Klein and his group had no choice but to follow their demands..... at the same time, they swiftly contacted Li Yao about this.


Li Yao, whose stomach was filled with anger because he couldn't find Luo Feng, received Klein's call.

’’Sir, the laser cannon was taken away!!!’’

’’By two people named Puka and Tie Zong!’’

After hearing the first phrase, Li Yao was about to start cursing, but after hearing the second phrase, the curses that were half way out of his throat were forcefully swallowed back into himself. However, his face was purple from anger: ’’Puka and Tie Zong? The special forces of the Dojo of Limits? And led by squadron captain Puka?’’

As a veteran advanced level wargod, Li Yao really didn't care about Tie Zong's strength.

However, Puka.....

The genius fighter of India who graduated within the top three of the elite training camp.

As a genius who also possesses the Black God set, he has extraordinary skill and power and is even one of Hong's students. Li Yao has even fought with Puka twice in the virtual space, and he lost both times!

’’As expected, Luo Feng, a 19 year old who can already compare to an advanced level wargod with his spiritual force, is valued highly by the Dojo of Limits..... Of course, the Dojo of Limits probably kept track of everything Luo Feng was doing via satellite’’ Li Yao squinted.

’’He found out that I brought a laser cannon and was preparing to kill Luo Feng with it, which wouldn't help Luo Feng train at all. In response, they directly dispatched their special forces to take it away!’’


’’Using me as a tool to sharpen Luo Feng?’’

Li Yao stood there motionless, but his eyes were horrifying. As if a vulture who has starved for 10 days already, he was pushed to the border of insanity!

’’My son, died! My only son died! And they want to use me as a tool? Haha...... Hong, Hong, just watch, I'll make you regret this decision!’’ said Vulture Li Yao lowly. After that, he headed towards the river......

He, Li Yao!

Will not give up his mission to kill Luo Feng!


After turning off his tactical communications watch, Luo Feng casually advanced in the river. Occasionally, he would pop his head above the surface to breath a bit, and then continue advancing in the water.

He wasn't in a rush.

Luo Feng arrived at his destination at night time, a lake that had an area of around 100 km squared.

The lake was grand, and a weird sound occasionally carried out from the water. Right now, Luo Feng had his feet on his shield as he hovered above the surface of the lake. He watched the center of the lake with a face of surprisement: ’’How could this be? This lake.....’’. The lake in front of him was completely covered with an unending mist.

The closer to the center, the thicker the mist!

Even with the vision of a wargod, one could barely see past 100 meters. The weird part is..... the mist at the border of the lake was thin, and there was no mist at all on the surrounding land.

’’What place is this?’’ Luo Feng felt invisible pressure.


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