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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 45



Li Yao and the others waited very patiently, as if they were snipers lying in wait, ready to use the laser cannon for a one shot kill at any time.


Ape Mountain Range, Luo Feng's base.

In the dark cave, Luo Feng was in his Wu Xin Xiang Tian position as he absorbed the cosmic energies into his body and transformed it into genetic energy. Luo Feng intentionally guided the genetic energy to his left elbow. A numbing feeling spread about and, in a moment, Luo Feng stopped only when the injured part of his body couldn't absorb any more genetic energy.

’’The dragon blood sure is effective’’

’’Even though my body fitness level raised by a lot, a lot of the dragon blood's energies are still hidden in my body. I just trained for a bit and a lot of the energy merged into my body. My elbow is much more comfortable now. In two or three days, it'll be perfectly fine’’ Luo Feng moved his elbow a bit and couldn't help but to let out a smile.

An increase in a fighter's strength is an evolution to their life.

After reaching the beginner wargod level, Luo Feng's immunity system and recovery rate became much more powerful than before.

’’Alright, let's see where Li Yao and his group are and what they're doing!’’ Luo Feng put on his backpack and swiftly dashed out of the cave.


On the wastelands.

’’Moved, Luo Feng moved’’ yelled Klein with excitement.

Li Yao's eyes flashed on the side, but he continued to watch the radar in silence.


In the mountain range.

Luo Feng was in the mountain range, his eyes were cold: ’’Hm, if I have a chance, I'll cruelly punish them again. I killed quite a few people just then. Oh yea, they seemed to have brought a bunch of crates with them. They came all the way from Europe to kill me and even brought so many crates with them. Those crates must be something valuable, so I'll destroy them too’’


Luo Feng suddenly stopped as he stooped on the mountain, his face changing dramatically.


’’Crates? They came here from tens of thousands of km away and brought a bunch of crates with them? And they treated those crates with extreme care?’’ as Luo Feng thought to himself, all the hairs on his body stood up, ’’If, if I was Li Yao, and I wanted to kill a spirit reader..... what would I do to raise my chances?’’

’’As long as spirit readers can fly, Li Yao wouldn't be able to kill them no matter how powerful he is’’

’’Only two weapons can threaten a wargod level spirit reader...... Nuclear bombs and laser cannons’’ Luo Feng's face changed dramatically, ’’This, this Li Yao actually, actually brought a laser cannon here?’’

Luo Feng was only a 19 year old youth.

Even though China's education broadened one's horizons, Luo Feng subconsciously thought...... that the 'laser cannon' and 'nuclear bomb' were the two ultimate heated weapons of humanity, their last resort against monsters. How could he have thought that Li Yao would use a laser cannon against himself?


When Luo Feng thought about how to deal with a spirit reader from Li Yao's point of view, he deduced it could only be a laser cannon. With all the crates he saw, this is an accurate guess!

’’According to what I learned in physics class, laser cannons are restricted in many ways. Usually, laser cannons can only attack freely when they're on an aircraft’’

’’And when they're on the ground, the spheroid shape of the earth causes the surface to be curved too’’

Various information about the laser cannon quickly appeared in Luo Feng's mind. Keep in mind that when Luo Feng was still in school, his strongest subject was science...... If he didn't faint in the middle of his math exam during his high school exams, Luo Feng's test scores would probably be high enough for him to get into the best school. Adding to that, countless men are curious about the laser cannon, so many of them know a lot about it.


’’I definitely can't show my head!’’

’’Thankfully, this large mountain is blocking, so they can't do anything for now. But once I show my head, they'll probably kill me instantly!’’ a cold sweat appeared on Luo Feng's forehead.


The laser cannon was too powerful. First, the speed. The laser cannon attacks at the speed of light! Under the speed of light, Luo Feng would probably be blasted to smithereens before he can even attempt to conjure up the thought of dodging. Next, is power. After the laser cannon's power rose to the extreme through research, humanity has been able to fight equally against monsters.

’’This Li Yao, sure is insane’’

’’He brought so many crates. What could it be, if not a laser cannon? Other machines are useless against spirit readers and in wargod level battles’’


’’The thing I need to do now is to run away as far as I can. Laser cannons are restricted by distance, so once the distance becomes too great, they won't be able to locate me’’ Luo Feng didn't want to reveal himself to check them anymore. It's not a check..... it's a risk! Who knows whether or not Li Yao has the laser cannon aimed at him right now?

Once he reveals himself, he'll be killed!

’’Where should I go?’’ Luo Feng immediately looked at the tactical communications watch on his wrist and brought up a satellite mapping of his surroundings.

Through the mapping, Luo Feng clearly understood the geography of his surroundings.

’’Li Yao and his group are north of the mountain range, so I should run towards the south as fast as possible! Since a huge mountain is in between us, they won't be able to attack me for a moment's time’’

’’This..... around 3 km away from the mountain range is a river!’’

’’Water can refract light, and when the attack of a laser cannon blasts on a river, it'll evaporate lots of water and become refracted. This will use up a huge amount of its energy..... once I'm deep into the river, I'll be safe’’ Luo Feng was clear, that the laser cannon was most afraid of weather conditions like rain and mist. And he was going to be under a river.

Against a laser cannon, water would do a much better job of blocking than rock and steel.

’’Along this river.... 260 km, a huge lake can be reached’’

’’This lake, according to the satellite mapping, has an area of around 100 km squared’’ said Luo Feng to himself with happiness. The continent of Australia always had many large lakes. Especially because of the sea type monsters invasion into the continent, many large lakes were formed. These large lakes are usually the home of various sea type monsters.

’’In the middle of this lake is an island that's around 20 to 30 km squared’’

’’Yup, I'll go along the river and enter the lake. Then I'll go through the lake and reach the island!’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’a distance of 200 km, there's no way the laser cannon can hit me when I'm that far, unless I fly up to an extremely high altitude. And the lake surrounding the island poses no threat to me. But Li Yao can't fly, so he can only swim through the water......’’

After thinking about that, he proceeded to


Luo Feng swiftly jumped down and went along the valley below as he quickly headed south.


Wasteland, Li Yao's group.

’’How come he's not moving?’’ elite members of all skin colors were all surprised. Even Li Yao frowned. Before, they were extremely excited when they saw the little bright dot rush up the mountain in the radar's display. After all, every single person here probably wants to kill Luo Feng!

If they kill Luo Feng, they will have money to earn, and they will be able to avenge the dead.

’’He turned back!’’ exclaimed Klein.

’’He's not turning back, he's escaping towards the south’’ wargod James' face changed as he followed.

Indeed, the bright dot on the radar display was swiftly headed south.

Li Yao stayed silent.


’’Mr. Li, the target has already escape the mountainous region and is continuously headed south!’’ said Klein hurriedly.

’’This sly kid’’ Li Yao squinted.

Li Yao started to suspect..... that Luo Feng guessed that he brought out a laser cannon. Even though the usual person can't make such a guess, but with Li Yao's understanding of Luo Feng..... the youth named Luo Feng is extremely cautious and sly. It seems like killing this Luo Feng will be no easy task.

’’James’’ said Li Yao in a low tone.

’’Li’’ James looked at Li Yao, his face changing slightly.

Could it be.....

That this Li Yao wants him to go deal with Luo Feng? That horrifying kid instantly killed his partner and Bei Yuan Gang, which caused James to lose all will to fight and oppose him.

’’Bring my men and carefully transport this laser cannon to a mountain in the mountain range over there. Pick a location that can aim towards the south!’’ commanded Li Yao, ’’Remember, be careful. Do not let the laser cannon get damaged no matter what’’

James couldn't help but to let out a sigh of relief.

’’No worries, this distance is basically nothing. And we also have so many people here’’ said James confidently. Moving a laser cannon across a distance of hundreds of km is a difficult task, but the distance they're moving it across is only a few km. For a wargod and many warlord level fighters, this task is nothing difficult.

’’Good’’ Li Yao looked towards Klein, ’’Klein, remember, once you get the chance, kill Luo Feng. As for the safety here..... James will be responsible for it’’

’’No worries’’ nodded James.

’’Klein, you contact me about Luo Feng's position’’ commanded Li Yao.

’’Yes’’ responded Klein.

With a movement of Li Yao's body, he transformed into a blurry, black image as he disappeared into the distance. With his horrifying mach 2 speed, it only took him a few seconds to reach the Ape Mountain Range that was a few km away.


Luo Feng wasn't as fast as Li Yao, but once he goes all out with his spiritual force's support, his speed was over 500 m/s. After charging out of the mountain range, Luo feng entered the large river that was around 10 meters wide.

Since it's only 10 meters wide, the monsters in the river aren't powerful.

The truly powerful water type monsters live in large lakes or in the sea.


Luo Feng lay on his hexagonal shield in the water as he controlled the buoyancy. At the same time, his spiritual force worked on his battle boots, producing a powerful propulsion force of over 200,000 kg!


Luo Feng swiftly zipped through the river faster than a torpedo


Li Yao, who just charged out of Ape Mountain Range, howled towards his tactical communications watch: ’’Where is Luo Feng?’’

’’Mr. Li, there is a river 3 km ahead of you. Luo Feng is swiftly headed towards the south along that river!’’ while that sound still rang, Li Yao used his astonishing speed to rush towards the river. Sonic booms could be heard everywhere he ran by, scaring away quite a few monsters as a result.

He charged towards the river and swiftly sprinted towards the south along the river bank.

In just a moment, Li Yao and Luo Feng have both advanced dozens of km.

’’Where is Luo Feng?’’ asked Li Yao again.

’’Mr. Li, the target is too far. The radar can't even detect Luo Feng’’ Klein's voice carried from the tactical communications watch.

Li Yao couldn't help but to stop.

’’What? Can't be detected anymore?’’

Li Yao looked at the sparkling, flowing river in front of him. How should he know where Luo Feng is. As he clenched his teeth, he dialed his wife Venina's number, ’’Venina, quick, give Luo Feng's new phone number to me’’

And around 8 km away from Li Yao under the river.....

Luo Feng, like a torpedo, swiftly moved forward in the river.


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