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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 44



Vulture Li Yao, whose armor only exposed his eyes, nose, and mouth, stood on the wastelands like a demon. Everyone was stunned by his cruelty.

The scent of blood emanated.

’’Who would've known that this Luo Feng became this powerful. If it weren't for the Black God set, even I might not be able beat him’’ vulture Li Yao squinted, his gaze was cold, ’’He took two attacks from me and yet he's still alive. Now that he knows the power of the Black God set, he probably won't allow me to get near him next time’’

Vulture Li Yao was anxious.

’’There's only one way left!’’

’’Chase him and then force him into the air. When he's in the air...... he'll be an open target for the laser cannon!’’ vulture Li Yao sneered.

’’Oh shit, the laser cannon!’’

Vulture Li Yao's face changed. He saw Luo Feng's throwing knives go crazy in the crowd, which caused a lot of people to die. At the pinnacle of human technology, vulture Li Yao would have no way to operate it unless there are professionals here to assemble the parts.

’’Klein!’’ Li Yao quickly turned his head.

A white man with a large moustache came running over as he respectfully said: ’’Mr. Li’’

’’How are the casualties on the squad you brought along?’’ followed Li Yao.

Klein's face turned pale as he respectfully answered: ’’We brought nine people: two people died and two are injured’’

’’Can the laser cannon still be assembled and operated?’’ continued Li Yao.


Klein slightly frowned.

Li Yao's heart couldn't help but to skip a beat. This large scale laser cannon could easily eliminate horde leader level monsters and could even harm emperor level monsters! It's the most powerful weapon that mankind possesses! Naturally, its operations are very sophisticated. There are specialized personnel in charge of operating and maintaining certain parts. If someone crucial is missing, then the laser cannon cannot be operated.

’’About assembling... it's just that.....’’ Klein was a bit hesitant.

’’I'm asking you, if you can assemble it?’’ said Li Yao in a low voice.

Klein saw Li Yao's cold expression and couldn't help but to get nervous. He clenched his teeth as he said: ’’If the seven of us work together, we can’’

’’Good’’ Li Yao nodded, ’’Assemble immediately’’

’’Right here?’’ Klein was flabbergasted.

’’Yes, right here!’’ sneered Li Yao, ’’I don't have time to move these into the mountains. I believe that Luo Feng isn't satisfied, and that he'll secretly climb up the mountain and look towards us. Once he reveals his head, the assembled laser cannon can fire at him and kill him!’’

Li Yao was clear.....

Since Luo Feng already discovered their tracks, he might catch them assembling the laser cannon in the mountain. With Luo Feng's tricks, he might not be able to defeat Li Yao himself, but he definitely can destroy a laser cannon with the peculiar powers of a spirit reader.

Klein nodded: ’’Yes!’’

Klein headed towards his squad members. Li Yao also went to watch the specialized personnel open up the crates. At the same time, he commanded: ’’Everyone else, watch the surroundings closely. Monsters are absolutely not allowed to disturb us’’

’’Yes!’’ a few dozen people heeded command at the same time.

Suddenly, a commotion started in the squad of specialized personnel, which caused Li Yao to look over with question.

’’Mr. Li, Mr. Li’’ Klein came rushing over with anxiety.

’’What's wrong?’’ asked Li Yao.

’’Mr. Li, just now..... just now.....’’ Klein's face was pale and his body was shaking.

’’Speak!’’ Li Yao glared.

Klein said with a wavering voice: ’’The spirit reader's attack just now caused quite a few people to run in panic. In their panic to avoid the throwing knives, they bumped into the crates. And one of the crates...... was pierced by the flying throwing knife’’

’’What’’ Li Yao's face changed dramatically.

Bumping over a crate isn't a problem, since the crate itself has some protection for the parts.

However, the part inside the crate is definitely ruined if a throwing knife pierced through the crate.

’’Hurry, open the crate now’’ Li Yao rushed over.

Klein hastily rushed over too. At this time, all the other squad members had bad looks on their faces as they stood beside the crate. Li Yao saw clearly too: this crate had an obvious hole that went through the entire crate. A few pieces of glass that could be seen to the human eye were laying around. Clearly, the part in this crate is destroyed!

’’BASTARD, BASTARD!!!’’ Li Yao's eyes turned red.

He ran into such a huge problem right when he came out.

However, Li Yao didn't know that.....

Luo Feng was only concerned with killing people and didn't pay any attention to the crates. However, three throwing knives were deflected by the intermediate wargod ’’Bei Yuan Gang’’. With the amazing speed of the throwing knives, they'll naturally remain powerful even after being deflected. And one of those deflected throwing knives pierced this crate.

’’Mr. Li, this, if this part isn't a core component, then there won't be a big problem’’ said Klein.

’’Open it’’ howled Li Yao as he glared at these people.

These specialized personnel also knew.....

With the temper of their boss in front of them, if this laser cannon isn't able to be assembled, there would only be one result left for these useless people they'll be killed by this boss!

These specialized personnel started opening the crate.

’’HUALA!’’ the crate opened.

Klein stared: ’’Energy?’’

’’Energy?’’ the specialized personnel on the side stared too.

’’What?’’ Li Yao stared at Klein. Klein carefully looked at the crates and excitedly said to Li Yao beside him, ’’Mr. Li, we are in great luck. The crate that was destroyed held the energy to the laser cannon. Even though two energy components were damaged, we still have one more left. In other words, with one energy component, we can fire the laser cannon at maximum power once. At a lower setting, it can fire three times’’

Li Yao let out a sigh of relief to himself.

Good thing it's just energy. Even three times for a lower setting is good enough. These three attacks can easily wipe out the the most powerful wargods and horde leader level monsters.

’’Begin assembling’’ commanded Li Yao.

’’Yes’’ all the specialized personnel realized they dodged a bullet and immediately started to swiftly assemble.


Ape Mountain Range, Luo Feng's base.

In the dark cave, Luo Feng sat on the ground with his back against the cave wall, his face was pale.

’’Phew, it's not broken’’ Luo Feng softly rubbed his left elbow as he recalled the scene that previously unfolded. Luo Feng was still a bit shocked, ’’This vulture Li Yao is already an experienced advanced level wargod fighter. His strength probably ranges from 400,000 to 500,000 kg. With a 3x to 4x multiplier, his blade's power was definitely over 1 million kg!’’

Even after his spiritual force's obstruction and his shield's defense, vulture Li Yao's slash still caused a crack*!

And in mid air, vulture Li Yao's slash via his lengthened arm also managed to make Luo Feng spit out blood and cause his right hand to split open a bit. Since this blade was slashed through the Black God set, it only had half of its original power.

These two slashes.....

Vulture Li Yao, wasn't able to attack with all his power.

But even so, Luo Feng had no way to fight back!

’’He's faster than me’’

’’He's stronger than me’’

’’His defense is way greater than mine too’’

’’My advantage lies in the unpredictability of my attacks, and that it's easier for me to escape’’ Luo Feng frowned, ’’That Black God set is too special. It can extend based on the user's will. Not only can it cover the wearer's entire body, it can also extend to a length of around 10 meters. This means that he can easily attack me even when I'm in midair.

When he was escaping at the very end, Li Yao actually tried to tie him up with his extending arm!

Once he's tied up, he's probably finished.

’’Next time I battle against this Li Yao, I have to stay at least 20 meters away from him’’ decided Luo Feng to himself.


While Luo Feng was resting in his base, Li Yao demonstrated his unbeatable power on the wastelands, scaring the leader of a horde, a 'horde leader level monster', away. After that, no monster hordes dared to harass these humans again.

’’Mr. Li, assembling complete!’’ said Klein with excitement.


Li Yao went over.

In front of him was an apparatus that looked like a 'satellite'. This apparatus was around 10 meters long. In the middle was a cylinder-shaped device that looked like a turbine. On the two sides of this huge cylinder were two smaller cylinders.

’’Has Luo Feng's position been tracked?’’ asked Li Yao.


Li Yao pointed to the radar display, ’’This Luo Feng is within 5 km of us, so our radar can barely manage to locate him. However, these types of radar are usually used to search for large beings. The human body is too small, so once the distance increases..... it'll be hard to lock-on again. If that happens, we can only do a laser lock-on’’

’’Laser lock-on?’’ frowned Li Yao.


Klein nodded, ’’The advantages of a laser lock-on is that it is extremely accurate and can lock-on to targets far away. However, the disadvantage is...... there can be absolutely nothing in between the laser cannon and the target. For example, there is a huge mountain obstructing the target right now, so there is no way to use a laser lock-on’’

’’Of course, we are close right now, so there is no need for that. The radar can lock-on to the target with no problem’’ said Klein with confidence.

’’Can you kill him now?’’ asked Li Yao.

’’No’’ Klein shook his head, ’’The target is deep inside the mountain range inside one of the mountains. There is over 300 meters of rock blocking the target from our current position! If the laser cannon was to shoot through such thick rock, all of its power would be used up’’

300 meters of rock.....

Even the most powerful of wargods can't reach a depth of 300 meters when punching a huge mountain once.

’’However, as long as he shows himself from the mountain range’’

’’Or, as long as the thickness of obstructing rock is within 10 meters, it can shoot through and kill him’’ Klein said confidently.

’’Very good’’ Li Yao's eyes glowed, ’’Keep Luo Feng targeted. For sure..... with this kid's sneakiness, he'll definitely sneak a look through his binoculars! Once the target is able to be shot down, kill him directly!’’

’’Yes’’ Klein responded loudly.

Li Yao looked at the faraway Ape Mountain Range and let out a cruel smile on his face: ’’To be able to die to the laser cannon, you should be proud of yourself’’


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