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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 43



’’Isaacson!’’ the moustached white brute yelled in fear.

Two deathly rays of light instantly shot towards the tall, skinny white wargod fighter. Luo Feng was controlling these 10 throwing knives. As for the three wargods, Luo Feng of course gave them some ’’special service’’. Two throwing knives headed towards the white wargod named 'Isaacson', who deeply howled in response.

’’CLANG!’’ The sword in his hand barely managed to block one throwing knife.

’’PUCHI!’’ The other throwing knife scraped across his neck and he only lost a bit of flesh.

’’I'm not dead’’ Isaacson let out a sigh of relief to himself.

’’Careful!’’ the moustached brute yelled as he charged over.


A third throwing knife came from behind and pierced Isaacson's head. Red and white liquid went flying! The moustached white man on the side couldn't help but to widen his eyes: ’’ISAACSON!’’

One wargod, down!

’’The power of each throwing knife decreases by quite a bit when I control 10 throwing knives at the same time. Dealing with a beginner level wargod takes so much effort’’ Luo Feng thought to himself. When he controls six throwing knives at the same time, he can maintain them at maximum power. Starting with the 7th throwing knife, their power starts to decrease. Every time he adds on a throwing knife, the overall power drops by quite a bit.

10 throwing knives made killing beginner wargods quite troublesome.

’’CLANG!’’ ’’CLANG!’’ ’’CLANG!’’ the three throwing knives surrounding the yellow skinned man all failed! An intermediate level wargod is indeed much more powerful than a beginner level wargod.


Bei Yuan Gang roared and got cocky after easily blocking three throwing knives.


As Luo Feng was slaughtering the people below with his 10 throwing knives, vulture Li Yao left an after-image behind as he shot towards Luo Feng. Seeing this, Luo Feng sneered to himself: ’’He's going to fight against a spirit reader in midair? Hmph, how stupid!’’

With a thought, the shapeless spiritual force worked on the shield below his feet, causing Luo Feng to immediately dodge towards the left, easily evading vulture Li Yao!

This is the biggest advantage of spirit readers!

’’Die!’’ vulture Li Yao's face was cruel and his eyes were filled with ferocity. As Luo Feng dodged away, he roared as he swung the blade in his right hand!


As he swung, vulture Li Yao's arm instantly stretched to a length of around 10 meters. A human fighter with a 10 meter long black arm, such a peculiar sight! This 10 meter long arm that bursted out of nowhere was holding a blade and directly, fiercely slashed towards Luo Feng!

’’This, what!’’ Luo Feng was unbelievably shocked. The blade is already in front of his face, there's no time to dodge!

’’Descend!’’ with a thought from Luo Feng, his spiritual force worked on the armguards on his arms, pushing him down and causing him to descend rapidly! Of course, no matter how quickly he descends, his speed would never compare to a blade of an advanced level wargod. The blade that surpassed the speed of sound by several times meant that Luo Feng could only use his ghost blade to defend!


An unbelievable amount of power transferred through the blade. No matter how hard he tried to defend, he still felt his hand hurt despite the fact that he was already descending. After that, his entire right arm instantly became numb and he shot towards the ground like a cannonball.


As if an asteroid fell, a 7 to 8 meter wide crater formed on the surface of the wasteland. The 10 throwing knives that were slaughtering the crowd immediately flew towards the gigantic crater. Only until this happened did the crowd calm down, all of them turning their heads towards the crater. The yellow skinned man named Bei Yuan Gang yelled ’’Idiot!*’’ as he charged towards like lightning.

Li Yao, who was still in midair, also descended.

’’What an odd blade’’ Luo Feng leaped out of the crater like lightning. His face was pale and some blood trickled out the side of his mouth.

’’How could his arm suddenly become longer?’’ Luo Feng felt like his organs were displaced and felt horrible. Clearly, the impact from before was too great!

Keep in mind that.....

An average advanced level wargod's fist strength can surpass 256,000 kg. Vulture Li Yao's fist strength, as a veteran advanced level wargod, has already reached the 400,000 - 500,000 kg mark. With his force exertions, he can definitely surpass the 1 million kg mark!

Which is over 1,000 tons!

What horrifying power!

Thankfully, the attack just now was from the stretched black god set. Since the arm was stretched to around 10 meters, there was only half of the original power left in the attack! However, even though only half of the power was left, Luo Feng's organs rumbled in response and he spit out of mouthful of fresh blood.

’’Idiot!*’’ Bei Yuan Gang charged forward.

’’This spirit reader is only a beginner level wargod, hm..... not bad for a 19 year old youth to reach the beginner wargod level. Unfortunately, he will fall to the hands of Bei Yuan Gang today!’’ Bei Yuan Gang easily blocked three throwing knives just now, which made him extremely confident. Also, the small group of Japanese left on earth today held envy towards China.

Throughout history, Japan has always been fighting with China.

However, the Grand Nirvana period delivered Japan a destructive blow. China is huge, so they weren't affected as much. Also, many powerful fighters popped out of China, like the world's strongest fighter 'Hong'. Even though Hong's position is special, one thing that cannot be denied is......

Hong, definitely favors China in his heart.

So right now, China's position on earth is extremely high! Before the Grand Nirvana period, Japan, which was virtually equal to China, is now barely surviving. The Japanese are spread out around the world through several headquarter cities. They don't even have their own form of government anymore.

How could they not be jealous of China?

How could they not hate China?

To be able to kill a genius of China with his own hands, Bei Yuan Gang could feel his blood boiling.

’’Die!’’ Bei Yuan Gang's eyes were like lightning, his aura emanating to the sky.


Luo Feng looked at Bei Yuan Gang in front of him and frowned. Even though it was 2057, as an excellent student that graduated high school, Luo Feng was clear about the history before the Grand Nirvana period..... when faced with the intermediate wargod Bei Yuan Gang who appeared in front of him in an instant, Luo Feng simply sneered: ’’Idiot!’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six throwing knives!

The number of throwing knives that Luo Feng can keep at maximum power.

’’Not right!’’ Bei Yuan Gang's eyes widened and he yelled to himself, ’’The speed of these throwing knives isn't right. How come they're much faster than before!’’

Bei Yuan Gang, who was extremely confident because he easily blocked three throwing knives before, was now trying to wave the shield in his hand as fast as possible. But the six throwing knives were too fast..... Keep in mind that Luo Feng can defeat most advanced level wargods! Even vulture Li Yao, if he didn't have his black god set, would be at a disadvantage.

Against an advanced level wargod**?


The first throwing knife directly pierced Bei Yuan Gang's mouth, causing his head to burst. The five other throwing knives didn't do a thing.

Intermediate level wargod 'Bei Yuan Gang', down!

Vulture Li Yao, who just reached the ground, witnessed Luo Feng kill Bei Yuan Gang and became even more enraged. He ferociously stomped on the ground, ripping apart the air in front of him, and reached mach 2. With just a movement of his body, he was already right in front of Luo Feng!

’’Retreat, retreat!’’

Luo Feng's face changed and the power in his body exploded: explosion of 3.5x! His speed was over 400 m/s!

Powerful spiritual force, support! Accelerate!

His speed was over 500 m/s!

Even though Luo Feng's spiritual force was approaching the 'advanced level wargod level' and the resulting acceleration was great, the greater your speed becomes, the harder it is for it to raise. Air resistance multiplies exponentially when your speed increases, so even though Luo Feng's spiritual force should have made him 2 to 3 times faster, his speed only increased by not even a third.

When compared to Li Yao's speed of mach 2, the difference was huge.

’’Die!’’ both blades in Li Yao's hands came slashing crazily.

’’Can't dodge this anymore’’

Luo Feng clenched his teeth.

His spiritual force wrapped around one of the approaching blades, but right when it touched the blade, Luo Feng felt as if his spiritual force was up against a gigantic mountain, which instantly crumbled against it! The amount of power in this one blade was just too great. And vulture Li Yao's face slightly changed, since he clearly felt that his attack was affected.


The blade slashed against Luo Feng's hexagonal shield.

As if struck by lightning, the horrifying impact caused the hexagonal shield to smack against Luo Feng's body, throwing Luo Feng into the air.


The left arm that was holding the hexagonal shield twisted.

’’Fractured? Hope it's not broken’’ Luo Feng felt the piercing pain in his left arm and immediately used the force that threw him into the air to soar into the sky.

’’Luo Feng!’’ vulture Li Yao roared.


He soared into the air, instantly approached Luo Feng, and ferociously slashed with his arm!


His arm instantly became longer and that 10 meter long black arm flew towards Luo Feng, as if it was going to trap him!

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng's body created a curve in the air and immediately charged towards the sky. He flew up 100 meters and then swiftly flew towards Ape Mountain Range in the distance, thus disappearing from vulture Li Yao's field of vision.


In the wastelands, vulture Li Yao's underlings were panicking. They didn't think that a 19 year old Chinese youth would be so horrifying. In just a short moment, they lost one intermediate level wargod, one beginner level wargod, and 18 elites. 16 elites were heavily wounded.

’’Bastard!’’ vulture Li Yao looked at the corpses on the wasteland. His face looked horrifying and it seemed as if there were two raging balls of fire in his eyes.

’’Li Yao, how is this Luo Feng so powerful, it's not like what you told us at all!’’ the white moustached brute, James, carried his brother's corpse as he roared.

’’SHUT UP!’’

Li Yao glared at James with anger, his killing intent soaring.

James' heart skipped a beat..... if this Li Yao killed him here in the wasteland and blamed Luo Feng for it, nobody would know at all. When he thought of this, James didn't dare to show Li Yao his anger anymore.

’’Bei Yuan Gang!’’ as Li Yao walked towards that Japanese person's corpse, his face became more and more horrifying. He couldn't help but to kick at the corpse in anger. With a 'peng', Bei Yuan Gang's corpse blew up, his blood spraying everywhere. This scene caused everyone's hearts to go cold, and James even cursed: ’’This vulture is as cruel as they say. Why did I agree to come and earn some of his money back then!’’


Everyone was shocked by vulture Li Yao's cruelty. After destroying Bei Yuan Gang's corpse, Li Yao cursed, ’’Piece of trash!!!’’


A stomach full of anger!

Vulture Li Yao looked at his surroundings and became even more angry. He didn't think that his arrival would give Luo Feng a huge present! He lost so many men.

’’LUO FENG!!!’’ vulture Li Yao clenched his teeth and seethed out these two words.


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