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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 42



’’They are probably around three km away from the bottom of the mountain’’ Luo Feng hid on top of the mountain as he observed the wastelands below him. Nobody has cleaned up these wastelands for dozens of years, so tons of weeds were growing around. If someone hid within these weeds, they probably wouldn't be discovered as long as they weren't too close to their target.

Luo Feng let out a smile;his plan was already formulated in his head.

’’I'll lay and stick to the ground and then slowly approach them! They shouldn't be able to find out’’. If he sticks to the ground and uses his spiritual force to move himself forward, he won't make too much noise. This is definitely the best way for him to move while sticking to the ground.


Once he gets down, his backpack will show. It'll give him away! Before he put in the scales of the golden ape his backpack wasn't that big, but now it was bulging. That golden ape was a huge ape that was over 20 meters tall. Even if you just take the scales from its chest, once you stack them together, they'll take up lots of space.

’’I'll do that!’’ Luo Feng immediately turned around and jumped down the mountain.

While he was still in midair, he turned and stuck to another mountain. He slowly moved forward on the mountainside and quickly entered his hidden base.

In his base.

In a dark cave, a throwing knife immediately drew across the ground next to a boulder in the corner. Under Luo Feng's spiritual force, the boulder flew up and Luo Feng dug out another hole beneath it. He threw his backpack into the huge hole and then sealed it with the gigantic boulder.

Some sand and rocks rolled, covering up the sides.

This cave was dark, so even if someone came, it would be difficult for them to discover the hidden underground backpack.

’’I probably wouldn't even need half an hour to deal with Li Yao. No monsters have entered my base these four days, so it would be impossible for a monster to enter and be able to discover my backpack within the next half hour. I'm sure my luck isn't that bad yet!’’ laughed Luo Feng as he turned his head and quietly left.

The weedy wasteland.

Luo Feng's body was against the ground. Well, to be precise, his hexagonal shield was between him and the ground!

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

His spiritual force immediately controlled the hexagonal shield. Luo Feng's entire body was basically stuck against the ground of the wasteland as he swiftly headed towards the direction of Li Yao's group in the distance. The distance from Luo Feng's back to the ground definitely didn't exceed 40 cm. Even herbivorous monsters in the wilderness will have trouble discovering Luo Feng.

At first, Luo Feng was advancing quickly, but once the distance between the two sides reached 500 meters, Luo Feng slowed down.

’’Hm?’’ within the gaps of the weeds, Luo Feng saw Li Yao and his group, ’’This vulture Li Yao, how come his armor changed?’’

Before, when he observed with his binoculars, vulture Li Yao's armor was a black battle uniform, but now..... this vulture Li Yao's originally unclothed arms and hands also became black. His neck became black too. He was even wearing a seemingly cool black helmet!

You could say.....

Other than his face, vulture Li Yao's entire body was covered with black. He was also wearing his battle uniform at the same time!

’’This must be the Black God set’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. It was exactly the same as the head described!

’’This vulture Li Yao sure is cautious’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to curse to himself, ’’They just got off the passenger plane and he already used his black god set. He has his Black God set in the inside and his battle uniform on the outside. Even if his battle uniform isn't SS grade, it'll be at least a 9th series one!’’

Two layers of protection!

One battle uniform and one Black God set.

It'll be hard to harm Li Yao! And don't even mention killing him!

’’Once he discovers the threat I pose to him, he'll probably cover his entire face and only leave his eyes, nose, and mouth open’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned, ’’Hmph, I have to succeed on my first attack! When he's not paying attention, my throwing knives will go straight for his face!’’

In the wasteland filled with weeds, Luo Feng slowly hovered across the ground.

The distance between the two became shorter and shorter.....

400 meters, 350 meters, 300 meters.....

Within a blink of an eye, they were only 100 meters apart!

’’The closer I get to him, the harder it'll be for him to react to my throwing knives’’ with a thought, Luo Feng's six throwing knives, including the two SS grade throwing knives, silently flew out of Luo Feng's pockets. After that, the six throwing knives directly pierced the ground and started heading towards vulture Li Yao's group underground.

Luo Feng also stopped, not making a single movement as he lay on the ground.


Vulture Li Yao's group was currently carefully moving forward on the wastelands, hoping they wouldn't aggravate any monsters.

’’Everyone move faster’’ Li Yao walked while he carefully observed every direction.

The three wargods behind him, two white people and one yellow person, also carefully looked around...... actually, with the strength of their group, they weren't really afraid of monsters. However, each of them were clear: once they attract some monsters and are attacked by a horde, they'll cause a huge commotion.

When that happens, maybe Luo Feng will notice them. Once Luo Feng notices, then everything will become a bit more complicated.

’’Around, come this way! Don't mess with the group of monsters in front’’ commanded Li Yao quietly.

The three wargods were also cautious.

The elite fighter with weapons and the people carrying the boxes were also cautious.


’’They actually went all the way over there?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned and then immediately got closer again.

His throwing knives are most powerful when they're within 100 meters. Once they get farther than that, their power lowers dramatically! When they're within 50 meters, not only are they powerful, but the amount of spiritual force required to control them isn't large either. And now..... the two sides are over 100 meters apart.

Closer, closer.....

120 meters, 100 meters, 80 meters. When Luo Feng was 80 meters away from Li Yao's group, he stopped.

As of now, the six throwing knives underground were less than 20 meters away from vulture Li Yao! The throwing knives needed some distance to accelerate.

’’Time to start!’’ Luo Feng's gaze turned cold.


Advanced level wargod level vulture Li Yao and his subordinates, the intermediate level wargod level Bei Yuan Gang and the two beginner level wargods 'James' and 'Isaacson' all moved forward carefully.


The wind blew and the weeds bowed in response.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six throwing knives directly bursted out of the ground around five meters away from vulture Li Yao's position like black flashes of lightning. Within a thousandth of a second, the first contact between the six lightning flashes and vulture Li Yao began!


’’Li Yao!’’

The other three wargods behind all reacted and were shocked.

In the bushes in the distance, Luo Feng stared at vulture Li Yao in the distance. He witnessed vulture Li Yao's face flash with a black light the instant that the six throwing knives shot towards him. Four of the six throwing knives hit Li Yao's face, but Li Yao's face was completely black at the moment.

’’How is this possible?’’ Luo Feng's eyes widened.

In the distance......

On Li Yao's face, four of the throwing knives stuck against his black skin, and two of the throwing knives weren't able to pierce through his throat's black skin!


Li Yao leaped towards the sky;he directly leaped to a height of 50 to 60 meters. In mid air, only his eyes were showing from his black skin covered face. He looked down. From this height, he's naturally able to see everything in the surroundings. With a glance, he discovered Luo Feng that wasn't even 100 meters away from their group!

’’I don't believe it’’ Luo Feng and Li Yao's eyes met, both of their gazes were ruthless.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The six throwing knives danced over once again, turning into six flashes of light. They instantly shot towards vulture Li Yao in midair. Yet, vulture Li Yao's cold expression didn't even change in the slightest. When the throwing knives shot towards him, he slightly twisted his body, causing three of the throwing knives to hit nothing but air while the other three throwing knives hit his body!

The black lights covered vulture Li Yao!

But not even Li Yao's skin was pierced by the throwing knives!

’’This is the Black God set?’’ wargod Bei Yuan Gang let out a face of admiration. Li Yao's elite fighter squad also looked at the deity-like Li Yao with praise.

Luo Feng was also shocked.....

This Black God set was too powerful. It has been said that it can ignore all wargod level attacks.

’’Luo Feng!’’

Li Yao clenched his teeth, his eyes were going mad.

’’Kill him!’’ Li Yao immediately descended rapidly.

When Li Yao looked towards Luo Feng's direction, the other three wargods understood where the enemy was. So...... whoosh! whoosh! whoosh! The three figures surpassed the speed of sound and have surrounded Luo Feng literally within a blink of an eye! Bei Yuan Gang's shield and curved battle blade could be seen.

As for the two white people, the mustached white man held a battle axe while the tall, skinny one held a shield and a thin blade.

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng scoffed and his figure moved in a weird matter. With that, he already avoided the three wargods. After that, with a stomp on the floor, he leaped into mid air like lightning.

While in midair, Luo Feng sneered as he looked below!

The three wargods below, vulture Li Yao, and the other 50 elites couldn't help but to raise their heads towards Luo Feng.

’’Death, has come!’’ Luo Feng looked coldly below.

The four throwing knives beside him immediately charged down. The six throwing knives that were attacking Li Yao also split up immediately! Ten throwing knives in total. As of now, he can control six throwing knives at maximum power;any more and the power drops.


When dealing with these elite members who aren't even wargods and three other wargods, he doesn't even need to keep his throwing knives at maximum power! The most important thing is efficiency, so Luo Feng used ten throwing knives. When they saw ten throwing knives floating in the air, fear could be seen in the eyes of every single one of those elites. Even the faces of the wargods changed slightly.

Li Yao even roared ferociously and flew towards the sky.



All of those elite fighters were scared and started running away.

’’All of you die!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold as he looked down.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ten throwing knives!

Transformed into ten bloody lights of death! From different directions, they shot towards the densely packed group of people like a meat grinder.

’’No!’’ a black brute yelled loudly as a bloody light shot out of his chest.

’’Ah!’’ a white elite fighter's head blew up.

Fresh blood instantly sprayed around, dyeing this ancient wasteland.


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