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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 41



When the huge hand slapped towards Luo Feng, Luo Feng felt like the entire sky went black. Immediately, he stomped the ground and used his spiritual force on his shield, causing his entire body to quickly dodge sideways, thus avoiding that horrifying palm! Buzz~~ the platform rumbled when the golden ape's palm hit it and directly split apart.

’’Hu!’’ ’’Hu!’’

The golden ape's right hand wasn't satisfied as it quickly swung twice towards Luo Feng like lightning. The horrifying sonic booms were earsplitting. The shockwaves formed by the hand affected some of the apes and the nearby wall. Rocks and boulders rumbled as they tumbled, and quite a few ape monsters were killed by the shockwaves;blood flowed out of their every orifice.

Under these two attacks, Luo Feng's figure became blurry and frequently dodged in a way that no normal person could.

’’This human!’’ after those two attacks, even though the golden ape was unwilling, it immediately decided to run!

’’Too late!’’

’’Die!’’ Luo Feng stared at the golden ape. When the golden ape attacked twice, the six throwing knives pulled away from the golden ape's body to a distance of around 10 meters, and then instantly started accelerating!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six throwing knives transformed into six streams of black light, all headed towards the neck of the golden ape, the place with a huge wound.


The golden ape howled angrily, but the six peculiar throwing knives instantly reached mach 10. The golden ape had no time to run away, so it could only attempt to dodge. But all that could be heard was ’’puchi’’ ’’puchi’’ over and over again. With a flash of its body, the golden ape was 100 meters away, where it then fell and rolled on the ground, killing many other ape type monsters as a result.


The golden ape leader is dead!

The entire ape horde went silent. All of the ape monsters stared at the gigantic being on the ground that used to be their leader.



The two demonic apes turned into two flashes of light as they swiftly ran away. Within a blink of an eye, they already disappeared from the canyon. Only after that did the sonic booms rise. ’’YAYAYA!’’ countless apes made weird noises as they broke down and escaped in every direction. Soon enough, not a single living ape was left in the canyon.

’’Those two demonic apes sure run quickly’’ laughed Luo Feng. With a lightning-like leap, he arrived next to the golden ape's corpse.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The six hovering throwing knives returned to Luo Feng's pockets.

’’I sure am lucky. This golden ape's defense almost allowed it to escape’’. The life force of a golden ape is quite strong. Its body is full of scales and its muscles are tight. One could imagine just how high its defensive capabilities are after seeing Luo Feng's throwing knife get stuck in its face.

Unless you attack through its nostrils, mouth, eyes, or through the head, it'll usually be hard to kill it.

Only its neck isn't too heavily defended. Luo Feng drew open a wound the first time and then guided a throwing knife through that wound the second time. The throwing knife went inside the wound and directly made its way to the golden ape's head, where it furiously slashed and killed the golden ape!


Even if he pierces the throat, the size of the throwing knife isn't big enough to deal a killing blow to the large body of a golden ape;it'll cause a heavy injury, but it won't kill it!

’’The golden ape, a high level horde leader level golden ape! Hehe, there probably aren't that many advanced level wargods that can successfully kill it’’ Luo Feng felt great. He couldn't help but to take out his SS grade throwing knife and start dissecting the golden ape, starting from its chest. The most valuable part of the golden ape are the scales right at the center of its chest!

A golden ape with a height of over 20 meters lay dead on the ground.

And yet, here he was, dissecting it for materials..... Luo Feng was amazed at this scene.

’’I still remember during high school, when I was going back home with Wen, the black crowned golden eagle flew across Yang-Zhou city and shattered tons of glass with its cry! Back then, I was thinking to myself: I'll definitely become an extremely powerful fighter that can kill a black crowned golden eagle and a demonic ape’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed, ’’And just now, when the two demonic apes saw me, they ran away in fear’’

Life was this unpredictable.

He was so weak back then, and now, he's a powerful fighter!

Last winter, he was being chased around by a steel armored dragon.

And now, he just killed a golden ape that was almost as powerful as a steel armored dragon!

Getting all those scales out was quite a pain, but Luo Feng wasn't hasty at all. Instead, he hummed to himself while he kept dissecting with his SS grade throwing knife.

’’A pain?’’

’’If I sell this high level horde leader level golden ape to the HR alliance, I can sell it for 12 billion Chinese dollars. It's just dissecting for materials, who would be impatient with this?’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy. A regular high level horde leader level monster was worth around 5 billion 20 billion chinese dollars. Since the steel armored dragon has the title of 'dragon', it can sell for 18 billion. The golden ape, priced at 12 billion, was considered as a large amount of money within the high level horde leaders.

While Luo Feng was dissecting without worry, suddenly

His tactical communications watch started vibrating.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows raised and he lowered his head.

’’Senior Shi Jiang?’’ Luo Feng immediately picked up.

’’Hey, Luo Feng’’ Senior Shi Jiang's familiar voice carried from the tactical communications watch.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to smile: ’’Senior Shi Jiang, how are you doing these days?’’

’’Not bad. I just found a city and I'm resting in the same ruined apartment every day. Sometimes I'll come out to hunt monsters...... Yesterday, I even encountered a horde leader level monster, a low level one. However, that monster ran too quickly. Horde leader level monsters sure are hard to hunt’’ said Shi Jiang, ’’Oh yea, Luo Feng. Someone just asked for your new phone number from me’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Didn't you say that, once someone asks for your phone number, I should contact you immediately?’’ laughed Shi Jiang.

’’Yea, thanks’’ laughed Luo Feng, ’’Who asked for it?’’

’’Wei Tong’’ said Shi Jiang, ’’I asked him, did someone ask you to do this, but this kid wouldn't admit it. He claimed to want the phone number for himself’’

’’Wei Tong?’’ Luo Feng slightly nodded.

Not out of expectations......

From Luo Feng's anticipations, Candace would ask his Chinese friends to help ask for the number.

’’Alright, be careful. We'll chat when we have time’’ Shi Jiang then hung up.

Luo Feng let out a smile as he sat on the arm of the gigantic golden ape: ’’As expected..... they want to find my location via my phone number!’’. His tactical communications watch was new, and his number was new too! The Scorpion, Vulture couple want revenge, so they'll probably have locate him via his phone number.

And he didn't even tell his family members his new phone number. Only a few people in the training camp and the managers of the training camp know his phone number.


’’Looks like they're on the move’’ Luo Feng didn't mind at all, because he was absolutely clear: there was no way that he could make Vulture and Scorpion give up their quest for revenge. Since they have to fight, why doesn't he take control of the grand scheme? With the tricks of Scorpion and Vulture, it probably wouldn't be impossible for them to get his phone number from the training camp given enough time.

So Luo Feng already told Shi Jiang, Zhao Ruo, and the others that if someone wants his phone number, then give it to them. However, they have to contact him when that happens!


After around five minutes.

Luo Feng took off all the scales at the chest of the golden ape's corpse and put them into his backpack. While he was sitting on the side resting, his tactical communications watch vibrated.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng picked up.

’’Little Gan, hurry up and come home to eat, everyone's just waiting for you’’ a voice of a housewife rose.

’’I'm not little Gan’’ Luo Feng asked in response, ’’Didn't you call the wrong number?’’

’’Wrong number? Uh...... sorry’’ the call quickly hung up.

Luo Feng let out a smile: ’’Nice acting, wrong number?’’. Dialing the wrong number does indeed happen often, ’’My number is from Hong-Ning city, and Hong-Ning city's primary language is Chinese. That housewife was also speaking Chinese. If I was at the training camp, I probably wouldn't suspect anything.’’


’’After not too long, they'll probably come to this mountain range’’ Luo Feng swiftly got up and walked towards the lightning python not too far away, ’’Alright, after I harvest the gallbladder of this snake, I'll go meet the Vulture Scorpion couple!’’

Dissecting the lightning python's corpse was 100 times easier than dissecting the golden ape's.

Luo Feng was quite lucky;the corpse was mostly eaten up but the gallbladder wasn't.

’’Time to go!’’ Luo Feng ferociously stomped on the floor and directly leaped up to a height of around 80 meters. He stepped on a rock on the side of the mountain and then swiftly jumped again into the distance. With a third jump, he disappeared deep into the mountain range.

On the passenger plane.

The captain was anxiously sitting on the side: ’’Mr. Li, I'll give you at most five more minutes’’

’’Don't worry, don't worry, it'll be soon’’ frowned Li Yao.

Suddenly, Li Yao's tactical communications watch vibrated and Li Yao immediately picked up.

’’Yao, I already sent Luo Feng's coordinates to you’’ Venina's voice rang.

’’Very good!’’

Li Yao's eyes flashed and then checked the coordinates he received, ’’It's only around 300 km from here. It's in a mountain range?’’

’’Captain, depart, to here. Stop at the plains below the mountain’’ commanded Li Yao.

’’Okay’’ the captain who has long been restless immediately gave his command.

The passenger plane immediately headed towards the mountain range that Luo Feng was in. With the passenger plane's astonishing speed, it only took a few minutes to cover a distance of around 300 km.


In Ape Mountain Range, Luo Feng was currently observing every direction on top of the highest mountain in the range, which was over 1,000 meters high.

After not too long......

’’The passenger plane should be fast’’ mumbled Luo Feng.

’’Hm? It's here!’’

Luo Feng smiled.

In the distance to the north, an image was slowly descending;it was precisely a large passenger plane. As the passenger plane's hatch opened, person after person jumped out of the plane. The person who was leading them indeed matched the photo that Luo Feng saw online advanced level wargod level vulture 'Li Yao'.

’’Vulture is here? What about scorpion?’’ Luo Feng looked carefully through his binoculars, ’’Oh, hehe..... quite a few people came huh’’

’’Huh, there are quite a few crates too’’

’’The hatch closed? Looks like scorpion didn't come’’

’’One, two...... yup, 59 people total!’’

Each and every action of Li Yao's group in the distance was under Luo Feng's observation.

’’Vulture Li Yao, you came to hunt me down...... so I need to go give you my greetings!’’ Luo Feng's gaze turned cold.....


He has to get rid of vulture Li Yao as fast as possible!


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