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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 40



’’Mr. Li’’ the captain of the passenger plane personally came to the passenger compartment.

’’Yes?’’ Li Yao looked towards him.

The captain followed: ’’Mr. Li, our plane still has to fly towards Washington headquarter city from Paris headquarter city tonight. So we can only stay here for at most another half an hour. If Mr. Li cannot tell us the precise landing coordinates within half an hour, then we can only.....’’

Li Yao frowned: ’’I understand!’’

Every passenger plane is extremely expensive and is an important weapon of every country;there's no way Li Yao can keep one for an extended amount of time!

As Li Yao was extremely flustered, Luo Feng was extremely relaxed. Actually, even though Li Yao headed towards Paris headquarter city on August 1st, he spent a bit of time getting a laser cannon and three wargods to join his party. So by the time he actually departed, it was already August 5th.

In the center of the continent of Australia.

A mountain range.

’’The largest monster horde in this mountain range are those shrewdness of apes’’ in a dark cave, Luo Feng tidied up the monster materials in his backpack, ’’Today, I'll get rid of their leader! Hehe, just what I'd expect from one of the three hazardous regions: there are tons of monsters and tons of horde leaders!’’

It has already been four days since he came here.

However, he only successfully killed one horde leader level monster, and it was a low level one too!

’’No wonder people say that it's hard to defeat a horde leader and even harder to kill one’’ Luo Feng was helpless. He is a mighty spirit reader who had more tricks up his sleeves than a regular fighter. In the past three days, he already found 11 horde leaders, but each of them were extremely sneaky.

Once they feel like the situation isn't right, they'll run!

And Luo Feng's throwing knives are restricted in range. They're strongest within a 50 meter radius and don't use up a lot of spiritual force. 100 meter radius, it can barely keep its highest power, but because of the distance, more spiritual force is used up. As for any greater distance, the throwing knives' power sinks.

Just a single movement from the horde leader monster can move itself 100 meters away.

’’Out of 11 horde leader level monsters, only one was successfully killed’’

’’And that was thanks to my spiritual force!’’

’’No wonder wargods are all yelling money is hard to make. They would rather kill high level commanders than fight against horde leaders’’ Luo Feng lifted up his water bag and drank a bit. After that, he packed up and put on his backpack and shield. WIth his ghost blade in hand, he carefully departed.


Luo Feng jumped off the cliff of a mountain and directly soared past 70 to 80 meters as he arrived on another mountain. After that, he continued to sprint forward. Sometimes he jumped, sometimes he ran, and sometimes he would do all sorts of amazing movements. This mountain range was like a flat surface.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng suddenly stopped as he stooped on top of a cliff.

’’I'm here’’ Luo Feng heard the noisy yells.

He lowered his head and looked down!

The canyon below was filled with all sorts of ape type monsters. All that could be seen was a densely packed group;there were definitely hundreds of thousands of them. According to Luo Feng's experience from hunting monsters these few days, this ape horde is the strongest power in this mountain range! This ape horde had three horde leader level monsters, and its leader was an advanced level horde leader!

They were the number one horde in this mountain range! Luo Feng named this nameless mountain range: Ape Mountain Range.

’’Hm, how come the leader of this shrewdness of apes, the high level horde leader golden ape, isn't here today?’’ Luo Feng carefully observed. The two apes that stuck out the most in the shrewdness of apes were gigantic apes with purple fur. They were precisely the strongest type of apes within the ape type monsters: the demonic ape!

Even though the demonic ape was #1 out of the ape type monsters, these two demonic apes were only low level horde leader level.

’’ROAR~~’’ an ear piercing roar seemed to pierce the sky.

Suddenly, the entire ape horde came noisy and rowdy.

Below, a gigantic ape that was covered in golden scales and around 20 meters tall was dragging a silver python that was over 30 meters in length with one hand. All of the ape monsters moved out of the way and the two demonic apes came to greet it as if they were kissing ass.

’’HOWL~’’ The gigantic ape walked in front of the smoothest platform and sat down. It then ferociously ripped apart the python whose head was already completely shattered.


The python was forcefully ripped into two and its fresh blood spilled everywhere. Suddenly, the millions of ape type monsters yelled excitedly.

The gigantic ape casually tossed aside one half of the python's corpse, which the two demonic apes on the side immediately started to eat excitedly. The gigantic ape sat on the side and happily ate. It didn't seem to mind that the blood from the corpse of the python was dripping all over its scales.

’’It's that lightning python!’’

’’I didn't manage to kill it, but this golden ape managed to’’ on top of the cliff where Luo Feng was looking down from, Luo Feng was filled with shock.

This low level horde leader level lightning python was precisely one of the 11 horde leaders that Luo Feng faced off against. However, this lightning python was too sneaky and had too many pythons under its control, so Luo Feng wasn't able to succeed. Who would've thought that this high level horde leader level 'golden ape' killed it.

’’I need to let them think I'm a regular fighter at first so I can unexpectedly kill them’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

The golden ape ranks 2 out of the ape type monsters.

Actually, ape type monsters are mainly divided into two categories: apes with long hair and apes with scales. Demonic apes are the most powerful long-haired apes, while golden apes are the most powerful scaled apes. If they're on the same level, the demonic ape is slightly stronger than a golden ape.

However, a high level horde leader golden ape has limitless power, is extremely quick, and has an astonishing level of defense.

He's not easy to mess with!

’’My killing blow will be my throwing knives controlled by my spiritual force’’

’’But if I'm not able to kill it and it realizes its life is in danger, it'll escape for sure. Once it escapes, I won't be able to catch it’’ Luo Feng understood that he only had one chance!

And once he misses that chance, the golden ape won't give him another one.


In the canyon, the cries of countless apes shook the skies. The three horde leaders were eating the corpse of the lightning python.


A black image shot down like a panther from the sky and directly stomped onto the body of an ape monster. With a 'peng', the body of that ape type monster directly blew apart;its blood flying everywhere. Using the force of this stomp, Luo Feng charged towards the center of the ape horde like lightning!

Over there, were three horde leaders!

’’HOWL~~’’ ’’HOWL~~’’

The two demonic apes roared angrily. Instantly, the large amounts of commander level apes and many more soldier level apes crazily surrounded Luo Feng.


Luo Feng's gaze was sharp and his body was like wind as he swiftly moved forward.

The ghost blade in his hand instantly turned into streams of lightning. As the light of his blade flashed, body after body was split open. Blood flew everywhere and bodies were tossed around. In the tower of trials, Luo Feng could face off against a horde of large amounts of monsters with equivalent strength. Now, when faced with commander and soldier level monsters, they were destroyed like weeds.

Every location he stopped at was filled with blood and corpses.

His battle uniform drenched in blood, Luo Feng stepped on the back of an ape and directly leaped towards the center.


On the platform in the center, the golden ape randomly picked up a rock beside him and then ferociously threw it at Luo Feng!


With the size of the golden ape's palm, the rock had a diameter of around a meter. A rock as big as this was like a cannon, which arrived in front of Luo Feng within a blink of an eye. The huge rock brought about great pressure, causing the air around it to rumble. Technically, Luo Feng could use his spiritual force to give this rock a ’’boost’’ towards the side, which would make the rock fly off course!

But Luo Feng didn't want to reveal his spiritual force!

’’Hu!’’ Luo Feng tried to bend his body in mid air and then put the shield to his side.

The huge rock scraped the shield and then flew out.

And Luo Feng landed in the ape horde below. Once he landed in the horde, another storm of blood began again. Luo Feng instantly decimated around 10 ape monsters surrounding him. After that, his body flashed and appeared on the platform in the center.

’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’

Three huge rocks were thrown by the golden ape.

And Luo Feng revealed his perfect level technique. As if he was smoke, just a simple shake of his body avoided two of the huge rocks. He then used his strength to dodge the third one.


The air shook violently and even formed shockwaves visible to the naked eye.

’’Fist!’’ at the exact instant Luo Feng avoided the third huge rock, he saw a fist covered in golden scales arrive in front of him. That golden ape was sitting on the platform just now, but its fist instantly appeared in front of Luo Feng. It was extremely fast!

The eyes of the golden ape were ice cold!


It hasn't killed a human for a very long time. But to all powerful monsters, humans are their common enemy! And it believes that, with its calculated timing, the human in front of it won't be able to dodge its fist and can only face off against it directly.


Even an advanced level wargod fighter wouldn't dare to take a fist from a high level horde leader level golden ape head on! Right when this human attempts to do so, even if he doesn't instantly turn into bits and pieces, his organs will be shattered!

’’I waited for you so long, who would've thought that you would come to me yourself!’’ however, Luo Feng simply laughed loudly when faced with this fist.

Hu! His body shook in a weird matter.

This human, with no external forces, seemed to dodge like a leaf being blown by wind, directly avoiding the golden ape's horrifying fist!

’’Hm?’’ the golden ape was surprised: how could this human avoid that?

Could it be...... the most special type out of the humans.....

Not even giving the golden ape a chance to think, in the exact instant when Luo Feng used his spiritual force to dodge

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six black throwing knives!

Two SS grade throwing knives and four 9th series throwing knives!

Six flashes of lightning!

They flew violently! Their target, the head of the golden ape!

’’ROAR!’’ The eyes of the golden ape widened with fury. The fist that was smashing towards Luo Feng opened. The huge palm directly slapped towards Luo Feng! At the same time, its left hand appeared next to its face like lightning, and its body slightly tilted towards the side!

Pu! Pu! Pu! Three throwing knives hit the palm of the left hand;they only pierced the surface. A hint of golden blood dyed the palm.

Pu! Pu!

Two throwing knives shot towards the head of the golden ape. One of them only went in halfway before getting stuck in the muscles in the face. The other one only pierced the skin and was then blocked by the tough skull.


The final throwing knife slashed across the neck of the golden ape, drawing open a gigantic wound. Blood sprayed out like a fountain, causing the golden ape to roar with fury!


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