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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 4



Nobody knows when the dark, golden ball in his conscience will be used up, so Luo Feng didn't think any further on that matter.

March 1st.

Thursday, the day the fire hammer squad departs.

First floor of the HR alliance market, the five members of the fire hammer squad were gathered together.

’’Crazy, what're you looking at? Disappointed that lady Xu Xin isn't here?’’ joked Wei Tie. Luo Feng didn't mention that he already called Xu Xin last night and that he ate lunch and chatted with her for an extremely long time during New Years.

Luo Feng had a crush on Xu Xin, and Xu Xin liked Luo Feng too.

However, none of them said anything about that.

Xu Xin was still in school. She's also from the extremely powerful Xu family, so she can't get into a relationship that easily.

As for Luo Feng himself, because of Vulture and Scorpion, the astronomical bounty will keep on going. The shapeless pressure brought by the bounty stares at Luo Feng for every second of the day.

An occasional phone call, an occasional date.

That's good enough.

’’Alright, let's go’’ captain Gao Feng stood up.

’’Haha, my body's starting to rust after New Years, let's go’’ laughed Wei Qing. After that, Wei Tie, Chen Gu, and Luo Feng all stood up, and the five members of the fire hammer squad rode the HR alliance's private car towards the train station. After riding the train, they arrived at the south east military resupplying base.

Wilderness, #023 city.

Luo Feng stole a dragon egg last time, and the steel armored dragon's territory is near the highway and around the country area.

If Luo Feng follows the normal route towards #023 city, he might get caught by the steel armored dragon! After stealing its dragon egg, Luo Feng didn't dare to accept the steel armored dragon's fury! In the yard of a ruined, old building, Luo Feng and Gao Feng were attacking a cast steel armor-like gigantic bull. Its body was completely fiery red and white streams blew out from its nostrils as it crazily attacked the human it hated the most 一一Like a fly, this young human was always by its side.

This cow type monster was indeed the 'steel armored bull' which possessed extraordinary defense. With its armor, this steel armored bull easily placed into the 'medium level commander level'.

The two high level soldier level steel armored bulls that were with it were taken care of by Wei Tie and Wei Qing.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Luo Feng's light steps were as swift as lightning, as if he was a gladiator from the times before the Grand Nirvana period that was playing with his target! There were numerous wounds on the steel armored bull but, sadly, they didn't have much of an effect on it.


A cold light flashed like lightning.

Fresh blood shot up as half of the ghost blade directly sank into the steel armored bull's neck. After pulling out the blade at the speed of lightning, Luo Feng dashed away!


The steel armored bull let out an unsatisfied roar. Since its throat has been sliced apart, the roar was weak and sounded like the bull was out of air. After that, the gigantic body fell to the ground, causing the entire ground to shake. The ground that was full of dust and blood directly shook apart, forming a crack.

’’Beautiful’’ praised Gao Feng.

’’Crazy, your technique is getting better and better’’ Wei Qing also couldn't help but to praise.

Luo Feng himself was clear. When he was surrounded at the 'family mart' in the steel armored dragon's nest and dashed out of the group of several hundred commander level monsters, Luo Feng temporarily grasped the 'perfect level' technique for a few short seconds. After that, for the two months he was home...

He frequently used the 'reaction speed testing machine' at the Limit Hall to train his technique.

The classifications for technique: 一一'Basic level'一一'Intermediate level*', 一一'Perfect level', 'Conception level'.

Indeed, Luo Feng has grasped a bit of the perfect level in his two months of bitter training.

’’Everyone's tired now right? We received quite a bit today, so let's go back to the resupplying base to rest’’ said Gao Feng as he dissected the corpse of the steel armored bull for materials. Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu all replied: ’’Go, let's go back’’

’’Captain, you guys go back first’’

’’I'm going to go find some more monsters and practice my technique. I'll come find you guys later’’ smiled Luo Feng as he said.

’’The young sure are energetic’’ laughed Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others. Luo Feng was like this the past few days too. When the other members became tired and wanted to rest, Luo Feng went out alone to hunt more monsters. However, everyone knew about Luo Feng's strength, so they didn't stop him.

Gao Feng and the others left, leaving only Luo Feng behind.


The sky was dark.

Luo Feng held his blade in one hand and his shield in the other as he passed through the alleys of #023 city all alone. Sometimes he would fight against powerful commander level monsters, and sometimes he would face off against monster hordes! #023 city was originally Suzhou. Many of the buildings here were oriental style buildings. Sadly, this place has become an amusement park for the monsters.

’’Pu! Chi! Fresh blood flew everywhere! Limbs of the monsters were being tossed around! Luo Feng unleashed the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 over and over again as he continued to challenge his limits. He rushed into groups of monsters and fought in there! Within a monster horde, Luo Feng would continuously push his technique to the limits and attempt to use the other monsters and the surrounding environment to assist himself.

After a very long time.....

Three hours after Gao Feng and the others left to rest, Luo Feng dragged his tired body to a small river and cleaned his battle uniform set as he prepared to return. In a short three hours, hundreds of monsters died to Luo Feng's hand. However, the reproduction rate of the monsters was also extremely high.

Even if Luo Feng doesn't kill them, the monsters would kill the weaker ones for food.

The structure of the battle uniform was extremely tight, so nothing could seep inside and no needle-like attacks could get through. A quick rinse is all that is needed to wash off the monster blood on it.


On the sixth floor of a six story residential apartment was where the fire hammer squad was staying.

’’Back?’’ Gao Feng and the others looked at the door as Luo Feng walked through.

’’Uh, I killed eight commander level monsters’’ Luo Feng took out the materials of eight commander level monsters and put them on the floor, ’’I'll go train my genetic energy for a bit, and then I'll come eat dinner’’. Unlike others, Luo Feng hunts so many commanders that his bag can't hold all the materials.

Chen Gu persuaded: ’’Luo Feng, don't push yourself too hard;relax a bit’’

’’Yea, what's the point of trying so hard and making yourself this tired’’ Gao Feng also persuaded.

Of course, if Luo Feng pushes himself, the entire squad benefits. Even though most of the materials that Luo Feng gets in his solo hunts goes to him, the other people still receive a share too.

’’Haha, this much is nothing’’ Luo Feng laughed as he went into another room.

In the empty room. The floor has long been cleaned by Luo Feng.

After putting down his shield, backpack, blade, and throwing knives, Luo Feng started training his Dao Yin technique.

’’Feels good’’

’’My body starts to shake when I train my Dao Yin technique when my body is extremely tired’’. Luo Feng was extremely happy. Why is it that your training speed increases when you get further in the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》? Because the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 makes you use even more of your body's power.

So much power that it starts to affect the cells! The more energy your cells use, the hungrier they become. The hungrier they become, the more energy they can absorb. This is why they can absorb so much genetic energy!

’’Why do fighters always say that your strength increases quickly when fighting on the border of life and death?’’

’’Because, when fighting on the border of life and death, you subconsciously dig out every ounce of strength in your body’’

’’Using all of this energy enables you to absorb even more energy when training your genetic energy technique’’ Luo Feng easily deduced the reasons. Compare one person swinging his blade with all his might at home and another person swinging his blade as he kills monsters in the wilderness.

Both of them are swinging their blade! However, the person in the wilderness is able to bring out more of his energy, and therefore uses more energy. This increases his training speed!

’’Clearly, I've been improving around 30% faster here in the wilderness than at home!’’ Luo Feng could estimate his training speed via keeping track of how much time he takes to absorb genetic energy every day.

With this, Luo Feng killed monsters all day in the wilderness. Every day, he was covered in blood, as if he just came out of a sea of blood.

And his technique, blade technique, and body fitness level steadily rose thanks to this crazy training style.

Killing crazily like this changed Luo Feng's aura by quite a bit.

What kind of truly powerful fighter hasn't been through this kind of slaughtering?

Luo Feng himself is just steadily advancing on this path.


Jiang-Nan city, top of Jiang-Nan city's Dojo of Limits headquarters.

Inside a huge audiovisual room.

’’Judging from these materials, this Luo Feng is quite talented, and he works quite hard too. In two months, he killed over 10,000 soldier level monsters? Sure is bitter. Indeed, he earned that 'beginner level warlord' strength through his own efforts’’ the envoy from the headquarters, wargod Yang Hui, looked at the neatly printed data in front of him.

’’Steel hand, did you get that Wu Tong ready?’’ asked Yang Hui.

’’Wu Tong is online right now. He's ready to chat with you online any time’’ said chairman Zhou Zheng Yong as he smiled.

Yang Hui nodded and quickly activated the 3D hologram projector.

A dreamy light quickly appeared in the middle of the audiovisual room, forming a 3D hologram. The chief instructor of Yang-Zhou city's Limit Hall, 'Wu Tong', directly appeared, as if he was actually personally there. The only difference between an actual person was that a bit of light could be seen on the surface of the body.

’’Wu Tong greets the chairman and envoy’’ bowed Wu Tong.

’’Okay’’ nodded wargod Yang Hui, ’’I'm sure you know why I've looked for you. You're the chief instructor of Yang-Zhou city's Limit Hall, and that Luo Feng lives in Ming-Yue sector. You're quite familiar with him, right?’’

’’Yes’’ nodded Wu Tong.

’’Tell me about his body fitness level and his current skill level’’ commanded Yang Hui.

’’Yes’’ a proud smile appeared on Wu Tong's face, ’’Luo Feng is one of the geniuses that appeared in Yang-Zhou city in the last decade. He just turned 19 after New Years. Even though he became a fighter only half a year ago, as of now, his fist strength is 10,000 kg and his speed is 129 m/s. I'm not too sure about his reaction speed, but I know that half a month ago he passed the 'intermediate level warlord test'!’’

’’Also, I know that he's training the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》technique and, over New Years, has reached the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. In other words, he reached the third stage in half a year’’

Wu Tong slightly bowed: ’’This is some of the important data I know’’

’’Third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》?’’

The face of wargod Yang Hui, which was very calm before, quickly changed.

’’Are you sure?’’ Yang Hui couldn't help but to ask.

’’I am sure. I saw him throw a punch with all his strength which reached nearly 30,000 kg with my own eye’’ said Wu Tong with certainty.

Wargod Yang Hui and chairman Zhou Zheng Yong exchanged glances.

’’The decision of the higher ups is probably going to change’’ laughed Zhou Zheng Yong.

But Yang Hui was looking at Wu Tong: ’’Where is Luo Feng right now, I want to meet him personally!’’


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