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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 39



’’Phone call from the chairman?’’ Li Yao's face changed too.

Even though he was one of the most powerful people in the circle of wargods, he is on a completely different level when compared to the head of the entire HR alliance.

The chairman is the emperor of the underground world!

’’You come here’’ Venina dragged Li Yao far away and lowered her voice as she said seriously, ’’The chairman just called to warn us not to touch Luo Feng's family. If that happens..... our Paulinus family will receive a sanction from the entire alliance!’’

’’What?’’ Li Yao frowned, ’’Impossible. Your Paulinus family is also one of the core families of the alliance. Even though he's the chairman, he has to gather a meeting and go through a discussion to get the entire alliance to punish one of the core families. Just a phrase from him can't cause this much to happen’’

Venina lowered her voice: ’’Which means that the chairman believes that if the assembly is convened, they'll definitely be able to pass this decision’’

Li Yao was shocked.

He understood now......

Only the two most powerful fighters 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' can cause the entire HR alliance to shake with one phrase. And the one sticking out for Luo Feng is probably Hong!


’’F*king bullshit luck’’ cursed Li Yao. He wanted to slice Luo Feng into thousands of pieces. Initially, he wanted to unleash his anger onto Luo Feng's entire family, but clearly...... after Hong gave his words, the HR alliance would probably send people to protect Luo Feng's family before Hong can even send his own people.

Now, Li Yao has no way to send anyone.

’’Hmph, since the head, Hong, is interfering, I'll let his family off the hook’’ sneered LI Yao, ’’Hong knows about this and yet isn't stopping me from getting Luo Feng..... he probably wants to use me as a tool to train Luo Feng’’ Li Yao was also a man with a lot of power, so it was easy for him to guess Hong's way of thinking.

’’Train? Hmph, if this training fails, it'll end in Luo Feng's death’’

Li Yao's gaze was cold, ’’Venina, you stay here in Paris headquarter city. We'll contact each other by phone’’

’’Okay’’ Venina nodded.


On the passenger plane.

This passenger plane left Paris headquarter city at 11:45 AM and was headed towards the continent of Australia. There were only around 60 passengers on the plane. These 60 people are the people that Li Yao has gathered to bring with him. Within this group were also professionals to assemble and use the laser cannon.

’’What, Mr. Li, is this a laser cannon in here?’’ the yellow skinned man was shocked.

’’Oh, Lord’’

The other two white men were freaked out.

’’The laser cannon is a banned weapon’’ said one of the large moustached white man, ’’The world alliance bans the transportation of laser cannons and nuclear weapons’’

’’They're banned, but aren't people still transporting them?’’

Li Yao said with disregard, ’’Every year, laser cannons and nuclear missiles are transported from smaller headquarter cities! The world alliance can only pretend to ignore such things. Furthermore, the world alliance is comprised of the five powerful countries. All the power is in the hands of the five powerful countries;the world alliance is just their puppet’’

The three wargods beside him couldn't help but to laugh.

The laser cannon and the nuclear missile are the two ultimate weapons of humanity!

The nuclear missile has a large blast radius and is extremely powerful. Its only downside is that it emits large amounts of radiation, which can trigger mutations in monsters.

The laser cannon attacks a single target and is comparable to a 'death ray'. As of now, it's humanity's favorite weapon.

’’Mr. Li, you sure have tricks up your sleeve. I'm impressed’’ the yellow skinned man snickered, ’’If I want to buy this laser cannon, I wonder if Mr. Li has any way to get another one?’’

’’That won't do’’

Li Yao shook his head, ’’After I use this laser cannon, I'm going to put it back! If it goes missing for too long, then they'll find out. When that happens, I'll be in trouble. Bei Hou Gang...... shouldn't you Japanese people have some connections to get a laser cannon?’’

Japan, an economic power before the Grand Nirvana period.

Sadly, they were an island country. They hunted down too many large fish like sharks..... after the Grand Nirvana period, all the monsters mutated. Large fish like sharks became extremely powerful after mutating. There were quite a few horde leader monsters in the sea, and even some emperor level monsters! Horde leader and emperor level monsters have an intelligence level comparable to a human's.

So they had their revenge!

They gathered up and surrounded the Japanese archipelago!

Defending an island was already quite troublesome. The endless waves of monsters ripped apart the land as they flowed in through the rivers and coordinated with the flying monsters in the air to deliver pincer attacks... when faced with that and the arrival of an Emperor level monster, the Japanese could only struggle. They couldn't defend against the attack at all and all the citizens were only thinking about how to escape!

At the start of the Grand Nirvana period, the monsters didn't mutate too much and most of the people with authority already escaped. Even though there were only a few hundred thousand people left in the end, Japan can now count as a small nation after a few dozen years of rest.

’’Those connections are too expensive’’ Bei Yuan Gang said seriously, ’’Mr. Li, if you are able to get me a laser cannon, I'm willing to pay 20x the cost!’’

’’20 times?’’ Li Yao's eyebrow rose.

The laser cannon was extremely costly to make and, because of some special features, money usually isn't enough to get one.

’’I'm tempted but, sadly, I don't have the ability’’


The passenger plane entered the continent of Australia.

However, Li Yao left the passenger compartment and headed towards the bathroom alone.

’’Hello, Venina’’ Li Yao contacted Venina, ’’Where's Luo Feng right now?’’

The HR alliance could track a fighter's position via their tactical communications watch.

’’Can't confirm’’ a slightly anxious voice carried from the tactical communications watch, ’’I'm trying to think of another way’’

’’What do you mean can't confirm?’’ Li Yao's face changed.

The HR alliance could confirm positions through the tactical communication watch.

Back then.....

They used this method to track all the fighters surrounding Li Wei's corpse.

’’The position his tactical communications watch is returning is the elite training camp!’’ Venina's voice was restless.

’’The elite training camp? No, he's in the continent of Australia’’ Li Yao was confused.

’’Of course it's not right. This means..... that Luo Feng changed tactical communication watches!’’ The voice coming from the tactical communications watch was very soft, ’’He left his other tactical communications watch in the training camp. As for the one he's using right now, there's no record of it in the HR alliance!’’

This was indeed what had happened.

On the first of August, Luo Feng received an enormous reward for raising his battle ability amplifier to 12. The reward contained a battle uniform set, weapons, binoculars, a tactical communications watch, and many other various little gadgets. Luo Feng changed to the new tactical communications watch, which was produced by the Dojo of Limits;only people of high authority could wear them.

Since the HR alliance didn't make it, there were no loopholes: there obviously wouldn't be any record of it in the HR alliance's records.

’’The tactical communications watch that Luo Feng is currently using was probably created by the Dojo of Limits, so we can't track it’’ said Venina.

’’Then what're we going to do?’’ Li Yao was extremely anxious.

If he couldn't locate Luo Feng, then searching for someone in the continent of Australia is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

’’There's only one way now: call Luo Feng's tactical communications watch! Once the call goes through, we can track his position’’ said Venina. This was nothing out of the ordinary;all regular phones had this function. Once you call someone's number, you'll be able to confirm their position whether or not they accept your call.

’’Then call him’’ followed Li Yao.

’’But he's using a new tactical communications watch, so I haven't found his number yet’’ said Venina helplessly.

If she doesn't know his number, how will she make the call?

Truth be told, Luo Feng just got his new tactical communications watch on August 1st. The only people who know his number are his friends from China in the elite training camp.

’’Search, his number must be found’’ Li Yao was anxious.

’’He just changed his tactical communications watch, so very few people know his number. Some of his friends in the training camp probably know. The elite training camp itself probably has the means to contact him too’’ Venina said helplessly, ’’But, there's no way I can sneak into the insides of the Dojo of Limits’’

’’Hurry and find it! The plane is about to land soon. We can't just fight against monsters while carrying all these boxes can we? Once we encounter a horde and the delicate parts of the laser cannon get damaged just a bit, the entire laser cannon will fail to operate’’ said Li Yao urgently, ’’Hurry up and confirm Luo Feng's position!’’

’’Okay, I'll let Candace try again’’

After hanging up.

When Li Yao returned, the rest of the people in the passenger compartment were quite relaxed.

’’Klein’’ said Li Yao to a white middle-aged man, ’’If we carry these boxes around a few hundred km on land, will they be okay?’’

Klein respectfully responded: ’’Mr. Li, even though all the parts are properly protected in each box, normal impacts will not cause a problem. However..... this an extremely delicate optical amplification weapon. Once a single part is damaged, the entire laser cannon might not be able to function, so we cannot risk this’’

Li Yao couldn't help but to clench his teeth.

He was in a rush!

’’What's the range on this laser cannon?’’ asked Li Yao again.

’’There is not an exact answer for the range’’ said Klein seriously, ’’Even though the laser cannon is the ultimate weapon, it has its weaknesses..... First, it shoots in a straight line! But the earth is a spheroid, so the surface of the earth isn't perfectly flat, but curved!’’

’’So if the target is so far that we can't see it from the ground, then the laser cannon naturally wouldn't be able to hit it!’’

’’So the laser cannon must be placed on high ground to increase its range!’’

’’Of course, the target is a spirit reader. If he flies up into the air, we will be able to see him from a faraway distance. If nothing is obstructing the path between the laser cannon and the target, then the target will be destroyed instantly’’ smiled Klein, ’’There is no need to worry about the power of the laser cannon. Now, the hard part will be making him fly up into the air’’

’’If he is on the ground, then once he is a bit far, we will not be able to attack him’’ said Klein, ’’Also...... pay attention to the weather. If there is a lot of mist or rain, the laser cannon will not be able to attack’’

’’The laser cannon focuses light, and the particles in the rain and mist will cause light to refract, which would greatly reduce its power.


’’The laser cannon has to be placed on high ground near the target! That way, it will be easier to find a chance to kill the target’’ said Klein.

Li Yao nodded.

He knew that..... but he doesn't even know where Luo Feng is right now, so where is the plane going to land?


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