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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 38



All the wargod teachers swiftly returned to the passenger plane. After that, the plane slowly ascended and transformed into a blue light as it disappeared into the horizon.

On the wasteland, only 183 students remained.

All the students split up into groups as they attempted to invite some powerful fighters to join them. This was especially the case for the weaker students that just joined the elite training camp, since surviving alone in the continent of Australia would be an impossible mission.

’’Luo Feng’’ a voice rose.

Luo Feng turned his head and saw senior Shi Jiang. Shi Jiang sighed: ’’This is the backcountry of the continent of Australia. Before the Grand Nirvana period, most of the population was gathered on the eastern and south eastern side of the continent. As for the area we're in, it'll be lucky just to find a small town!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Ruined cities served one purpose for fighters: shelter! Large amounts of apartment buildings made it easy to find a hidden location to rest. But..... this endless wilderness in the continent of Australia would cause many headaches.

’’In the wilderness, it'll be hard to rest if you're alone. Once you're asleep, a monster might eat you while you're in your dreams’’ Shi Jiang looked at Luo Feng, ’’How about, us two form a team? We can help each other and raise our chances of survival’’

’’You and me?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned.

If it weren't for vulture Li Yao, partnering up with Shi Jiang would be a nice idea. However..... he has to deal with not just the monsters this time, but also with vulture Li Yao himself!

’’Senior, I have a few complicated matters to deal with while I'm in the continent of Australia, so..... I have to go alone’’ said Luo Feng seriously.

’’Complicated matters?’’ Shi Jiang was a bit surprised.

’’Excuse me, but I can't tell you right now. However, I'm sure you'll know soon enough’’ said Luo Feng.

Witnessing this, Shi Jiang smiled as he nodded;he didn't mind.

Actually, since Luo Feng was ranked around #40, Shi Jiang normally wouldn't invite him to form a team. But because the head, 'Hong', complimented Luo Feng's spiritual force, Shi Jiang wanted to team up with Luo Feng..... even if they can't team up, with Shi Jiang's identity and power, other students would be fighting over him.

Soon enough.....

Out of the 183 students, there were groups of two, three, and even up to six.

There were also five people who were alone.

’’If something happens, contact us’’

’’See you in 28 days’’

Luo Feng bid his farewells to his friends and, with his backpack, shield, ghost blade, and the ten throwing knives in his pockets, walked openly into the neverending wilderness alone.

’’Oi, Wei Tong, that Luo Feng is alone?’’ Candace stood beside a Chinese youth.

’’Yea, we invited him just now, but he declined’’ the Chinese youth named Wei Tong shook his head as he laughed, ’’Those who would dare to go alone in one of the three hazardous areas are usually the ones with a lot of confidence in themselves...... this time, out of the five that decided to go alone, four of them are in the top 20. As for this Luo Feng, his true identity is a spirit reader, so he must be quite powerful too’’

However, Candace squinted as he looked towards the direction that Luo Feng was headed towards. After that, he lowered his head and looked at the map on his tactical communications watch and started his confirmations.

’’Candace, it's time to go!’’


Three white youths of both genders yelled.

’’Coming’’ Candace recorded the general direction where Luo Feng was headed towards, turned his head, and assembled with his squad. They then headed towards down the path they previously decided on.

Australia's atmosphere was completely different from China's. Right now, it was early August, which was precisely when China's temperature is the hottest. However, Australia was already at the end of its winter season and it was already around 4 to 5 degrees. However, for Luo Feng who has already reached a body fitness level of 'beginner level wargod', he can stay stay naked even if it's around negative 10 degrees.

The winds blew and the grass bowed in response, revealing quite a few herbivorous monsters.

There were carnivorous and herbivorous monsters, both of which shared one thing in common: they were highly aggressive.


A swift image rushed past these relaxed monsters: that image was precisely the unaccompanied Luo Feng.

’’According to the map, there are a few mountains 300 KM away. I'll set up a temporary point there’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’If my guess is correct, Candace of the elite training camp is a link to the Vulture and Scorpion couple’’. As long as they aren't dumb, anyone can figure out that Venina is probably Candace's aunt!

’’He'll probably tell the Vulture and Scorpion where I'm headed towards’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed.

When he left the other students, he purposefully went about a huge circle. If vulture Li Yao follows the directions that Candace gave him, he'll probably waste a lot of time.

’’I'll set up a temporary point so I'll have a place to rest’’

’’After that, I'll start hunting horde leader monsters’’ Luo Feng thought to himself. ’’They don't count points this August anyway, so the Dojo won't check! I'll take advantage of this chance to earn some money’’. For other wargod level fighters, the continent of Australia is an extremely dangerous place.

However, for Luo Feng who is approaching invulnerability in the advanced wargod level......

Australia, the world of infinite monsters, is his ATM!

As long as he doesn't get cocky and starts aggravating emperor level monsters, there's basically no danger for someone with Luo Feng's level of strength! It's no surprise, since wargod level fighters rarely die in the wilderness of China. And if one happens to die, the entire country would pay their respects to them! However, even though the three hazardous regions are more dangerous for regular wargod level fighters, its actually safer for advanced level wargods.

And for Luo Feng, there's almost no danger.

’’It'll be hard to kill powerful horde leaders. I'll first use my strength as a fighter to attract the horde leader, and then use my spiritual force to control my throwing knives to get rid of it!’’

’’The more horde leaders I kill, the more money I make’’

Spirit readers are usually the richest fighters. And this time...... other than dealing with Li Yao, all of Luo Feng's time will go into hunting horde leaders! As for commander level monsters, Luo Feng couldn't be bothered to kill them. To Luo Feng, commander level monsters' materials just take up space in his backpack. There's no helping it...... he only has one backpack.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng's swift image moved forward like wind. At a speed of 300 m/s, the monsters on the wilderness didn't even seem to exist.


Europe, Paris headquarter city.

Paris headquarter city was the richest headquarter city out of the six headquarter cities in Europe. It is at the center of the Île-de-France region and many island countries suffered heavy damage during the Grand Nirvana period, so many rich Englishmen escaped the UK. Regular people who were able to escape the UK also entered Paris headquarter city.

Paris headquarter city, main city sector. The traffic was heavy.

In an elegant, long limousine.

’’I know’’

Venina hung up and looked towards Li Yao helplessly as she shook her head, ’’Yao, after the mercenaries learned of Luo Feng's identity, they rejected our requests’’

’’Not surprising’’ Li Yao's eyes were half closed as he sat on the comfortable couch inside the car, ’’All those mercenaries wouldn't dare to mess with the Dojo of Limits, and Luo Feng's already a part of the Dojo of Limits. It's okay..... I'm already quite satisfied, since three wargods accepted our request using their private identities’’

’’Yeah’’ Venina also nodded.

All of their requests to the mercenaries were rejected, but there were also wargods within the mercenary groups that accepted the requests using their personal identities. Wargods need to make money too, and wargods are divided into the advanced level, intermediate level, and the beginner level! There was one intermediate level wargod and two beginner level wargods that decided to accept this request.

1.5 billion euros for a beginner level wargod and 3.0 billion euros for an intermediate level wargod.

This amount of money was comparable to an entire year's worth of income for their respective levels. All they had to do was fight once, and this time's target was a 19 year old rookie. They also believed...... that the Dojo of Limits wouldn't trouble the wargods of their respective mercenary groups.


The limousine stopped and the doors opened. Venina and Li Yao both got off.


A large bus and a truck were parked behind. The doors opened and around 50 people swiftly got off the large bus. People got off from the inside of the truck too, each of them carrying a box with them. The couple Li Yao and Venina came over.

’’Careful, lift it carefully and place it down lightly’’ commanded Li Yao.


The elite members that were carrying the boxes were as careful as careful can be. They were clear as to what was inside the boxes they were carrying..... the ultimate weapon humanity uses to fight against monsters the laser cannon! The laser cannon is a large directed-energy type weapon. It is extremely complex, made out of many parts, and very big.

So usually, only passenger planes and trains could carry them.

Headquarter cities had them too, since laser cannons usually form part of their defense system! Once you assemble a laser cannon, especially for the high frequency ones, they take up tons of space! It can't be moved around once assembled. So right now, the laser cannon was split into pieces and will be assembled when the parts reach their destination.

’’I had to go through so much to get this set, even though it isn't of the highest grade’’ Venina lowered her voice, ’’However, its highest frequency setting should be able to heavily damage an emperor level monster. Against horde leader level monsters, 100% chance to kill them! If you use it against Luo Feng, there will definitely be no problem. However, the most important thing is...... energy! With the energy that's being brought along with this, it will have enough to shoot at the highest frequency three times. For the next setting, it can shoot nine times. Use it conservatively’’

Li Yao slightly nodded. They went through quite a bit to get this thing in their hands.

Thankfully, the EU is where the main headquarters of the HR alliance is. And the Paulinus family was originally an arms dealing family. But even so, they had to use quite a bit of energy to get it.


A passionate voice carried from the side. Three men walked towards him, two white people and one yellow skinned man. These three people were the wargods that Li Yao hired this time.

Li Yao smiled as he greeted them. Suddenly, his phone rang.

’’Hello’’ Li Yao answered his phone.

’’Mr. Li, the higher ups have ordered us to stop all operations. Sorry!’’ The voice in the phone was low but full of apology.

Li Yao's face changed dramatically and became a bit fierce: ’’Stop? Who gave the order? Who?’’

’’A direct order from HQ’’ said the voice in the phone.

Li Yao had a bad face on.

’’Yao, what's wrong?’’ asked Venina. Li Yao's face was livid as he said lowly: ’’The people I organized in China stopped what they were doing’’

’’Stopped?’’ Venina was quite surprised.

Suddenly, Venina's phone started vibrating too. Venina walked to the side as she picked up her phone.

’’Venina!’’ a very loud sound rose.

Venina's face changed and she instantly became super polite: ’’Chairman!’’

The part that manages the entire HR alliance is the allied assembly, which is also the legendary underground assembly!

And the chairman is the person with the most power in the assembly! As the head of the entire HR alliance, one can imagine just how high his position would be! What kind of identity does the head of the HR alliance, which controls half of the world's economy, possess? There were quite a few existences surpassing the wargod level that were willing to accept the chairman's invitation to work for the assembly!

’’Venina, listen well’’ the resounding voice became serious, ’’You are absolutely not allowed to touch Luo Feng's family! If that happens..... your entire Paulinus family will be punished by the entire alliance!’’

Venina's face changed dramatically.


The call hung up.

’’What happened?’’ Li Yao came from the side and looked at Venina with a confused face on.

’’The chairman, the chairman personally called’’ Venina's face was pale white. She wasn't dumb..... to enable the biggest person of the entire HR alliance to personally make this call and to warn her of a possible sanction against one of the core families of the HR alliance... the chairman of the HR alliance must've received pressure that the alliance was never faced with before

Pressure, from one person!



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