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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 37



Li Yao's face was horrifying, his eyes gave off a fierce glow, and he exhaled heavily through his nostrils, ’’LUO FENG, LUO FENG, LUO FENG!!!’’

’’Kill him, he must die’’ Venina's Chinese had an accent to it, but her tone was clearly conveyed. Venina's gaze was venomous and her voice was sharp, ’’Isn't he going to Australia for the life and death adventure? This is a great chance. Take advantage of this opportunity to kill him!’’

The Vulture Scorpion couple. From their nickname, it was easy to tell that.....

They were cruel and sinister. Usually, they were the ones that domineered over others. But this time, someone killed their only son;how could the Vulture and Scorpion couple not go insane?

’’Kill him. Not only are we going to kill him, we'll also kill his entire family!’’ Li Yao clenched his teeth, ’’He killed my only son, so I'll kill his entire family..... after that, I'll make sure that even Luo Feng's ashes are eradicated!!!’’

Scorpion Venina also nodded. After that, she frowned as she looked towards Li Yao, ’’Yao, the Dojo of Limits definitely won't allow anyone to mess with the family members of their fighters! Once discovered, the consequences will be serious. 'Blood Blade' from back then was chased by fighters from all over the world and had no place to hide’’

’’You think I'm an idiot like Blood Blade?’’ Li Yao scoffed, ’’The best way to deal with regular people is with authority! With the HR alliance's information network, manpower, and authority, we'll definitely be able to quietly erase Luo Feng's family with no evidence!’’

Fighters were powerful.

But the HR alliance and all the various organizations of the world had many ways to deal with regular people.

’’If something goes wrong, you will have to take all responsibility’’ frowned Venina.

Behind her was the Paulinus family.

As one of the nine core families of the HR alliance, they definitely couldn't go against the Dojo of LImits.

’’Don't worry, nothing will go wrong. Even if something unexpected happens, they won't be able to trace it back to me. And even if they do manage to trace it back to me, I'll take all responsibility!’’ Li Yao's face was cold. After that, he looked towards Venina, ’’Venina, I'll prepare to personally depart to the continent of Australia. With me, I'll bring a few elite members and ride on a passenger plane from China. Can you organize that?’’

Venina was the director of the HR alliance in China, so she had an astonishing amount of power.

’’Not a big problem, I can make you guys seem like a fighter squad going to train. When the airplane flies over the continent of Australia, you'll have a chance to disembark’’ nodded Venina.

’’I want to prepare some special machines to bring with me’’ continued Li Yao.

’’Machines? Are you thinking.....’’ Venina shook her head, ’’Impossible. The army of the Chinese government has too much power. At most, I can get you guys onto a passenger plane. There's no way you'll be able to bring those machines...... First, you won't even get past the security check!’’

Li Yao frowned, he knew that this was a difficult task too.

’’Yao, it's impossible if you're leaving from China’’ said Venina seriously, ’’Those machines you want to bring are absolutely forbidden. Our HR alliance in China only has influence over the economy and regular people’’

’’Okay, Yao, first, take a plane to Europe’’

Venina continued, ’’the EU is where our HR alliance has the most power. From there, I can organize a passenger plane that you, your elite fighters, and your special machines can all get on. Our HR alliance is responsible for the security checks in the airport’’

’’Okay, that's the only way’’ nodded Li Yao.

China wasn't like the EU.

Places like the EU and America were mainly capitalist countries. Old, powerful families had extraordinary amounts of authority and power in those countries: even political candidates were supported by them! They were also responsible for creating and overseeing weapons, passenger flights, etc.

China was different.

Passenger flights, the creation of weapons, etc. were ran by the country. Nobody else was allowed to participate! So......

Even with Venina's identity, there's no way she can get those special machines past the security checks in the Chinese airports.

’’This way is good too. If I go to Europe, I'll be able to find more helpers’’ nodded Li Yao, ’’Also, Venina, help me check if any of those mercenaries are willing to help...... None of the people I'm bringing are at the wargod level, so see if any wargods from the mercenary groups are willing to help’’

’’I'll try’’ nodded Venina.

There were actually quite a few mercenary groups. The best mercenary groups had existences surpassing the wargod level and were even invited to station at a few weaker headquarter cities! As of now, Li Yao and Venina were unaware of the promise of the head of the Dojo of Limits, the world's #1 fighter, Hong: nobody would touch even a hair of Luo Feng's family. Li Yao didn't know that..... so he's still trying to organize people before he departs to Europe.


Hong-Ning headquarter city, the 153 students of the elite training camp and 10 wargod teachers were separated into six large buses as they left the training camp and headed towards the airport.

9 AM, almost 200 people got on the plane.

The plane left Hong-Ning headquarter city and flew straight towards the continent of Australia.

The entire passenger plane was reserved by the training camp and its three layers could hold 200 people. There was plenty of space and each layer of the plane had a movie playing, so the students weren't too bored on their trip. Luo Feng sat with Zhao Ruo and Shi Jiang in the middle layer.

’’Hm? The movie stopped playing?’’ Zhao Ruo looked at the display in front of her with shock.

In the center, three screens that were pointed at different directions were playing the same video.

’’Everyone finished lunch, so start preparing!’’ A middle-aged Chinese man stood beside the display and pointed towards it, ’’This is the current continent of Australia. It's one of the areas with the highest monster population density. Since Australia is disconnected from the rest of the world, the monsters on this continent are quite different from the monsters on other continents’’

’’For example, many rat type and badger type monsters are quite different from the ones in Asia and Europe’’

’’Before the Grand Nirvana period, the continent of Australia was famous for its diverse and large amount of animals. So before the Grand Nirvana period, there were already all sorts of animals here. The mutations caused many horrifying monsters to appear. I believe you guys have looked through a lot of information before coming here’’

’’diversity is just one portion’’

’’After that, the high number of monsters led to..... the birth of an emperor level monster! As of now, it's virtually instant death for you if you encounter an emperor level monster. So keep in mind to avoid places with large monster population densities. If you see large amounts of horde leader level monsters, run as far away as you can’’

All the students listened carefully. Even though they were all geniuses and the death rate wasn't that high...

people still die!

And this is under the condition that everyone is super cautious. Whoever underestimates Australia, one of the three hazardous areas of the world, will die.

’’Of course, the emperor level monsters can't be bothered to deal with you guys, unless you anger it’’

’’So, the largest threat are the monster hordes and horde leader level monsters’’

’’In places like Asia and Europe, the high population of people led to a smaller amount of monsters. But in Australia..... the large amounts of monsters led to the formation of many monster hordes! So while you're here, pay attention to the monster hordes and horde leader level monsters’’ the middle-aged Chinese man pointed at the display, ’’These, are all sorts of monster hordes and horde leader level monsters that are commonly seen in the continent of Australia. Look carefully!’’

On the screen, a video played.

Many students observed carefully.

’’Senior Shi Jiang, Luo Feng, how about us three form a group while we're at the continent of Australia?’’ whispered Zhao Ruo.

Shi Jiang slightly frowned.

Shi Jiang was way more powerful than Zhao Ruo. To Shi Jiang, the monsters in Australia are probably over 10 times more powerful than the ones in Asia, and there were way more horde leaders in comparison too. This is a chance for him to train himself. If he brings Zhao Ruo along..... it'll definitely affect him.

’’This time, I'm going alone’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Hmph’’ Zhao Ruo rubbed her nose.

’’Zhao Ruo, when the time comes, there'll definitely be people looking to form groups’’ smiled Shi Jiang as he comforted.


The entire plane shook violently and the students' drinks flew out. Some students who didn't have their seatbelt fastened flew out their chairs.

’’What happened?’’ exclaimed Zhao Ruo in surprise.

All the students in the plane were in shock.

’’Every student, every student’’ a bright sound carried from the broadcasting system, ’’Our plane has already entered the skies of the continent of Australia. However, around 40 more minutes are needed to reach our destination. The continent of Australia is famous for its high number of monsters, so there are also an astonishingly high amount of flying monsters. Since very few passenger aircraft fly past this area..... a horde of flying monsters just tried to attack our plane. Our plane has already left the horde of flying monsters way behind, so no need to worry’’

The interior of the plane went into an uproar.

Flying monsters caused that shaking!

’’Only flying monsters with low intelligence attack planes’’ said Shi Jiang to Luo Feng and Zhao Ruo, ’’If the monster was powerful, it wouldn't dare to come near the plane’’

’’If they come near, they're giving up their lives’’ laughed Luo Feng.

Planes had laser cannons on them.

Even an emperor level monster can't dodge the horrifyingly fast attack of a laser cannon under short distances. Once they get hit, they die.

40 minutes later.

The plane landed and the hatch opened. The many students and wargod teachers on all three floors swiftly exited the plane.

’’Whew’’ once he came out, Luo Feng's field of vision broadened.

This was an abandoned wilderness covered in green. Large amounts of plants grew everywhere and the shadows of monsters could be seen in the distance.

’’There aren't even any buildings here!’’

’’The whole place is a wilderness!’’

’’It'll be hard just to find a place to rest at night’’ quite a few students were discussing amongst themselves.

A black wargod teacher spoke Chinese loudly: ’’All students, record the current coordinates through your tactical communications watch. Right now, it's 3:15 PM, 8/1/2057. Your mission is to survive in the continent of Australia for 28 days. Our plane will be here at 12 PM of the 29th. We'll pick up all the students right here and then return to Hong-Ning headquarter city.

’’Now, your life and death adventure, officially begins!’’


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