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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 36



The surface of this blood red colored triangular fighter jet was smooth and gave off a feeling of an aggressive flying monster. At this moment, the blood red colored triangular fighter jet was slowly descending from the air while each and every one of the students and wargod teachers of the elite training camp remained silent.

Nobody dared to make a sound.

The fighter jet landed, ’’HUA!’’ the hatch opened!

A yellow skinned man along with a white skinned man stepped out of the hatch at the same time. They walked on thin air, as if there were an invisible platform that nobody could see. Like that, they just walked towards the grass. This scene caused all of the students to widen their eyes.

’’Two existences surpassing the wargod level, two of them!’’

Luo Feng was also shocked, ’’Looks like these two are two investigators from the Dojo of Limits headquarters’’

The two investigators stood on the grass silently as they waited for the head. Over 200 pairs of eyes were also staring at the hatch..... all of them were waiting expectantly for the world's legendary strongest fighter, the undisputed number one! Finally, a shadow came out the hatch.

Luo Feng didn't even dare to blink, as he didn't even want to waste a single second! He carefully examined the man coming from the hatch.

He was around 1.9 meters tall and was wearing black trousers and a black jacket. His lean, sharp hair..... his entire figure made one think of a sky-piercing spear! As for his age, not even a single wrinkle could be seen on his face: he seemed to be around 20 years old.

However, that aura was clearly an aura that a regular youth could not possess.

He took one step and, at the same time, scanned everyone in the training camp.


Luo Feng felt like his mind went blank. The entire landscape and sky seemed to be twisting;the morning sun disappeared from his field of vision. All the students of the elite training camp shockingly discovered that the sky seemed to have transitioned from morning to night: not a single ray of light was shining, only darkness was left.

A completely black sky, and that black haired man seemed to be the bright center of all of this darkness!

He is a deity!

An invincible deity! Even the wargod teachers here didn't dare to resist;they couldn't even think about resisting! When faced with this black haired man's gaze, even Luo Feng, who recently became much stronger, felt like this powerful black haired man could kill him with just a look.

He, is Hong!

The world's strongest fighter! The two investigators beside Hong were completely blocked out by darkness. An investigator is an existence that surpasses the wargod level. Yet, in front of Hong, they pale in comparison.

’’This wave of students in the elite training camp is quite good!’’ a cold sound rose.

Right when those words were said, the students and teachers who fell into the darkness realized that the black sky around them disappeared. The morning sun appeared yet again! Even so, everyone felt enormous pressure, like an ant facing an elephant.

In front of Hong, everyone felt their insignificance.

’’Head, there are quite a few good seeds in this wave of students’’ said one of the leaders of this training camp, 'Investigator Wang'.

Basically all the students were watching Hong's eyes, as if they were looking at their idol!

The leader of all fighters!

’’Hm?’’ Hong took a step and virtually teleported to a student.

All the students, teachers, and even investigators turned their heads: the black haired man, 'Hong', was currently staring at a young student..... Luo Feng!

Luo Feng froze as he looked at the black haired man in front of him: the world's strongest fighter is staring at him? Why is he staring at him?

’’Hong is looking at Luo Feng!’’

’’Why is the head, Hong, looking at Luo Feng’’ within the group of students, Candace was filled with anxiety and dissatisfaction.

The three investigators weren't surprised, since Hong was the one who personally created the contract for Luo Feng.

’’You're that Luo Feng?’’ even though he seemed gentle, a tough sound rose. This black haired man lowered his head as he looked at this young youth.

’’Yes, head’’ Luo Feng responded respectfully.

The black haired man seemed to grin.

’’The head is smiling?’’

’’The head is smiling?’’ The three investigators were shocked. They were clear of the temper of this world's strongest fighter. Even when faced with other existences surpassing the wargod level, he rarely smiles.

The black haired man judged Luo Feng and couldn't help but to exclaim: ’’What powerful spiritual force!’’

Luo Feng froze!

The three great investigators froze!

All the students in the training camp were dumbfounded!

Such power spiritual force? Is he talking about Luo Feng? Luo Feng's a spirit reader?

’’I, I, I.....’’ Luo Feng was dazed.

His secret as a spirit reader was revealed by the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', in front of the three investigators and all of the students and wargod teachers! He didn't even release the spiritual force hidden in his realm of consciousness. The other investigators didn't find out, but who would've known that not only did the head find out, he also revealed it!

’’I didn't think that you would have such powerful spiritual force, no wonder.....’’ the black haired man slightly nodded, as if he was quite pleased with Luo Feng.

After that, the black haired man, Hong, turned his gaze to the other students and said coldly: ’’You people, are the youngest geniuses of the world. Your goal isn't to become wargods, but to become existences surpassing the wargod level! I hope that some of you can reach that point!’’ the head's words seemed to have infinite magic as they sank into everyone's hearts.

All of the students became passionate under this shapeless guidance.

After that, the black haired man, Hong, turned around and left.


Only after Hong disappeared from their field of vision did the students enter an uproar. Even the wargod teachers were extremely passionate.

’’The head, Hong, is way too powerful’’

’’Like a spirit, I felt like the head was the ruler of this entire earth just now’’

’’Yea, yea’’

All the students used their native languages to excitedly chat with their best friends.

’’Luo Feng, you're a spirit reader?’’

’’You were actually hiding this, a spirit reader, man’’

Quite a few Chinese students were amazed at Luo feng. However, they were all students of the elite training camp. The students of the elite training camp are all geniuses gathered from around the world. Even though spirit readers are rare and all the students were shocked, not many of them were jealous.

Of course, if they knew that Luo Feng's spiritual force could wipe the floor with most advanced level wargods, they'll probably faint.

’’Luo Feng’’ a hoarse voice rang.

The surroundings immediately became silent.

Luo Feng turned his head: the person coming was indeed investigator Wang. Investigator Wang looked at Luo Feng: ’’Come, meet the head with me’’

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng was filled with suspicion, but followed investigator Wang to meet the head anyway.

And right now

Within the group of students, the tall, skinny blonde youth Candace was staring at the distant Luo Feng. His eyes were cold and he clenched his teeth: ’’Spirit reader? Who would've thought that you were actually a spirit reader. Looks like aunt and the others' suspicions were correct. Yup, I need to tell my aunt about this immediately’’

’’William, I'm going back to my place for a bit’’ said Candace.

’’Alright, hurry, we're probably going to leave soon’’ nodded William.


In the quiet tearoom.

The black haired man, Hong, sat on the chair as he held his tea cup as he sighed: ’’Luo Feng has such an amazing amount of spiritual force at such a young age. Looks like he was born with quite a bit of spiritual force. He's one of the most powerful spirit readers I've ever seen. He's also extremely intelligent, which was why he could finish the fourth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 so quickly’’

’’However, why is he hiding his spiritual force?’’ the black haired man, Hong, suddenly thought to himself, ’’Maybe he's in quite the dilemma because of what I said this time’’


Luo Feng was quite distressed.

While he followed investigator Wang, Luo Feng's mind was full of worries. The head, Hong, suddenly revealed his secret, and Luo Feng couldn't do a thing about it! As of now, he's quite powerful, but the Vulture Scorpion couple isn't weak either. He originally had a plan to safely take care of this step by step!

He's in the darkness while the Vulture and Scorpion couple is in the light;everything was in his favor.

But now that his secret was suddenly revealed.....

’’The Vulture Scorpion couple isn't dumb, they'll probably figure out that I'm the culprit’’ sighed Luo Feng.

’’The head is inside, go in’’ said investigator Wang.


Luo Feng walked into the quiet tea room.

’’Sit’’ the voice was still a bit cold, but interest could be seen within the black haired man's eyes as he looked towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng followed his directions and sat down.

’’Luo Feng, your spiritual force has probably reached the advanced level wargod level. There aren't that many wargods that are more powerful than you, so why do you hide your strength? Do you have enemies that have surpassed the wargod level?’’ the head, Hong, looked at Luo Feng, ’’Let me make this clear. If this caused you trouble, don't worry..... if you have enemies that have surpassed the wargod level, I guarantee that they won't touch even a hair of yours’’

Hong understood that his words might've caused Luo Feng trouble, so he made this promise.

To Hong.....

Nobody on this planet dared to go against his words.

’’Surpassing the wargod level?’’ Luo Feng was dumbfounded. He wasn't strong enough to anger such people yet.

’’Head, I had a conflict with the son of the Vulture Scorpion couple in the wilderness area near Jiang-Nan headquarter city and killed him as a result. Because of this, the Vulture Scorpion couple offered up an astronomical bounty for the culprit’’ Luo Feng spoke truthfully, ’’My strength only increased recently due to the dragon blood I received’’

In front of the head, Luo Feng had no need to lie.

How much power does this head have?

To Hong, Luo Feng and the Vulture Scorpion couple, this conflict between wargods is like the conflict between ants! Hong's words were clear just now..... even existences surpassing the wargod level can be calmed with just a phrase. Hong can guarantee that those existences wouldn't even touch Luo Feng's hair! How much power is this?

’’Oh, I heard about that 100 billion bounty before’’ Hong slightly nodded.

As long as they aren't stupid, anyone can understand......

that a young fighter with no authority and no background wouldn't kill the son of two advanced level wargods unless he was forced to!

’’I'm sure that vulture Li Yao will soon enough hear of what I just said earlier’’ nodded the head, Hong.

Luo Feng was helpless.

Isn't it all because of you..... because of a phrase from the great deity, I'm scrambling right now.

However, who would dare to raise their complaints against Hong?

If he has to face the Vulture Scorpion couple, then so be it. He isn't afraid of them anymore anyway. However..... his family!

’’Head’’ requested Luo Feng sincerely, ’’I'm not afraid of the Vulture and Scorpion, but my family.....’’

’’Relax, your family will be fine’’ spoke the head, Hong.

Once he heard this, Luo Feng was completely relaxed. Whose words on this planet can compare to the words of the head, 'Hong'? Presidents and prime ministers can make a speech today but end up being forced to do other things tomorrow. But with Hong, you can say that he is the 'golden rule': nobody is allowed to infringe upon it.

’’From my understanding of vulture Li Yao's personality, he'll probably find a chance to attack you during our life and death adventure in Australia’’ said the head, Hong, ’’You and him are both fighters, so I won't stick my hand into this’’

Hong is way above!

Unless he has to, he's too lazy to deal with the things going on between fighters.

’’If vulture Li Yao comes to Australia, it'll be hard to say who will die’’ Luo Feng's gaze was determined.

The head, Hong, slightly nodded: ’’Luo Feng, you are one of the members of the Dojo of Limits. Here's a reminder this vulture Li Yao recently successfully came out of an archaeological ruin and found a set of 'Black God'. This Black God set can transform into any defensive armor at will. It can even cover the entire body, including the nostrils and any other place’’

Luo Feng froze.

’’Once he's completely covered, your throwing knives won't be able to pierce through the Black God set’’ the head, Hong, glanced at Luo Feng's pockets, ’’Of course, nobody can always have their mouth and nose covered all the time. The eyes too, since you won't be able to see anything once they're covered’’

Luo Feng was shocked.....

This so called Black God set can transform into defensive armor at will, how amazing.

’’So, you have a chance to kill him if you ambush him’’

’’Basically, he's better at defending while you're better at fleeing’’

’’His attack power is high while your attacks are unpredictable!’’


After leaving the tearoom, Luo Feng became calm.

If it weren't for the Black God set, Luo Feng could probably defeat vulture Li Yao in a front-up fight. However, now that Li Yao has the Black God set, he's virtually invincible! He's not weaker than Luo Feng at all.

’’Hong clearly doesn't want to interfere in this matter’’

’’Well, my strength isn't too different from vulture Li Yao's, so Hong is probably treating this as a test’’ Luo Feng thought to himself. Indeed, to the head, 'Hong', Luo Feng was like a raw, uncut diamond. Raw, uncut diamonds need to undergo planning, cutting, and polishing to reveal its true worth.

If he even needs the Dojo to help with vulture Li Yao.....

then he would disappoint Hong too much.

’’Li Yao, hmph, maybe you're more experienced, and maybe you'll bring a lot of people with you’’

’’But I'll be waiting for you in the continent of Australia’’ Luo Feng immediately took large steps as he walked towards the gathering area of the training camp.


And far away in China, Jiang-Nan headquarter city.

Main city sector's Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, inside the villa on top of Marvelous mountain. Li Yao and blonde haired Venina had gloomy faces on as they stared at Candace's image on the large screen.

’’It's like that. Aunt, uncle, I'm going to go to the gathering area, since we're departing to the continent of Australia soon’’ Candace's image immediately disappeared from the screen.

Li Yao and Venina were enraged to the extreme.

’’It was him’’


Li Yao said solemnly, ’’He kept his identity as a spirit reader hidden. Unless he's feeling guilty, why would he hide his identity? Hmph, student of the elite training camp? Even if it's the emperor, I, Li Yao, will split your body into tens of thousands of pieces and make you regret ever being born into this world!’’


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