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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 35



Jiang-Nan Pagoda, Luo Feng's bathroom.


Hot water washed Luo Feng's powerful body, cleaning off all the filth.

’’GUGU~~’’ Only until all the dirty water drained out did Luo Feng plug in the plug. After that, he lay in the bathtub again and let the hot water spray onto his body. Even though he was just laying there, Luo Feng was experiencing a joy he had never felt before. Only after a long time did Luo Feng crawl out of the bathtub. He dried himself up and walked into his room naked.

He put on his battle boots and trousers, but only had a casual shirt on the top half of his body.

In his trousers were 10 throwing knives.

’’I'll go to the Nine Grand Floors to test my strength!’’ Luo Feng swiftly descended the stairs and rushed towards the Nine Grand Floors in the darkness. As of now, it was already 2 AM!


At around 2 AM, only the ninth floor of the Nine Grand Floors still had students on it. The 'archaeological gravity room' and 'training room' were open nearly all day in the elite training camp, with the exception of the one hour break at around noon. Other than that period of time, students were basically always using them.

However, nobody was training in the other rooms.

Nine Grand Floors, fifth floor, one of the small training halls.


The lights were turned on.

A yellow skinned youth appeared in the training hall. The training hall's doors were closed from the inside. As for the windows..... the Nine Grand Floors was designed so that you can only see out of the windows from the inside and not the other way around. Luo Feng was pleased with all of this.

For now, he didn't want others to learn about his identity as a spirit reader.

’’My spiritual force makes my body fitness level raise by two!’’

’’Let me see what level my body fitness level has reached’’ Luo Feng walked towards a large fist strength testing machine in the corner of the training hall. This was one of the most advanced fist strength testing machines: even the strength of advanced level wargods could easily be tested by these machines.

One can imagine how expensive a fist strength testing machine that could withstand a blow from an advanced level wargod would be.

After it was switched on, the fist strength testing machine's display lit up.

’’Two days ago, my fist strength was 25,100 KG. Let me see what it is now!’’ Luo Feng stood in front of the fist strength testing machine. The fist strength of advanced level wargods are in the range of hundreds of thousands of KG. Even a fist strength of a million KG isn't enough to destroy this fist strength testing machine. The materials used to construct this machine isn't inferior to the scales of a high level horde leader monster.

Luo Feng made his move!

WIthout any special technique and using just his body's power, Luo Feng's right fist shot forward like a cannon ball. His fist brought a sonic boom along with it as it crashed into the machine.


The machine shook violently and a low sound rang.

Luo Feng immediately looked towards the display, a number already appeared on it ’’63,602 KG’’

’’So high?’’

’’How could it be so high?’’ Luo Feng's eyes opened wide, as if he was just given an enormous gift. Luo Feng estimated that his fist strength would be no higher than 50,000 KG! If he's lucky, then maybe a little over 50,000. If he's extremely lucky, then maybe approaching 60,000!

But, 63,600?

That's basically 64,000! The lower bound for a beginner level wargod!

’’My body fitness level barely qualifies as a beginner level wargod! Doesn't that mean..... with my spiritual force, I can barely count as an advanced level wargod level spirit reader?’’ Immense joy poured out of Luo Feng's heart. He was clear that the range of a beginner level wargod was 64,000 KG to 128,000 KG.

His ’’advanced level wargod level’’ spirit reader title barely counts, and he's definitely not at the peak of the advanced wargod level.

When his strength reaches 128,000 KG, he could reach the peak of the wargod level with his spiritual force.


He's a spirit reader!

Even if he has just stepped into the level of an advanced level wargod, it wouldn't be hard for him to kill regular fighters that have reached the peak of the advanced level wargod level! Against normal advanced level wargods, he'll definitely decimate them!

’’Even if I search the entire world, other than existences that have surpassed the wargod level...... even the extremely powerful advanced level wargods would lose to me. Only an extremely small amount of them can fight against me evenly!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was like lightning;his powerful strength gave him absolute confidence!

Strength, brings confidence!

Out of all the wargods, the only wargods that can make Luo Feng lower his head are the spirit readers that have reached the peak of the advanced level wargod level!


’’Now this is true strength!’’ Luo Feng's excitement poured out like a flood. Compared to his spiritual force, his body was too weak. His body fitness level barely qualifies for the 'beginner level wargod level'. If he relies on his battle ability amplifier that has already surpassed 12, then he could attain the title of intermediate level wargod.

However, compared to his spiritual force, it's nothing!

’’25,100 KG to around 63,600 KG’’

’’My body fitness level didn't just double, it's 2.5x higher!’’ Luo Feng mentally calculated, ’’The effect of dragon blood is indeed astonishing!’’

This time, Luo Feng's wrong. With just a portion of dragon blood, the multiplier will barely surpass the value of 2.

This transformation was only possible thanks to the combined efforts of the dragon blood and Luo Feng's spiritual force!

When Luo Feng awakened, his body fitness level increased by a huge amount, but his spiritual force only increased to the 'beginner level warlord level'. This time, Luo Feng's spiritual force directly jumped from the 'beginner level wargod level' to the bottom line of the 'advanced level wargod level'.

If you just look at the numbers, the increase in spiritual force was 10 times greater than the increase from his awakening!

All of this spiritual force would naturally strengthen Luo feng's body. However, since the spiritual force strengthened his body along with the dragon blood, it didn't have such a major effect. Yet, it was enough to add another 10,000 KG to Luo Feng's fist strength, thus raising his fist strength to the current 64,000 KG!


Late into the night, in the empty training hall, Luo Feng stepped back step by step until he was a full 20 meters away from the fist strength testing machine.

’’Let me see how powerful my spiritual force is’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed and two black throwing knives that had a silverish gray luster to them suddenly started floating next to him. These two throwing knives are indeed the SS grade throwing knives that Luo Feng received. With a thought from Luo Feng, the two throwing knives immediately turned 180 degrees.

The handles of the knives were pointed towards the fist strength testing machine while the tips of the blades were pointed towards Luo Feng.


Luo Feng's powerful spiritual force controlled them.


One of the SS grade throwing knives instantly turned into a black light. With the handle in front and the blade in back..... it shot towards the fist strength testing machine!

’’PENG~~’’ The fist strength machine shook violently and let out a low sound that could stop the beating of one's heart.

The numbers immediately appeared on the display ’’218,606 KG’’!

After seeing this number, LUo Feng couldn't help but to shake his head in amazement.

’’Messed up, messed up! No wonder spirit readers are invincible’’ Luo Feng was flabbergasted. According to the table...... 128,000 KG 256,000 KG is the range of an intermediate level wargod level's body fitness level. However, keep in mind that throwing knives value speed over power!

And even though these throwing knives value speed over power, their power already nears the enormous strength of an advanced level wargods!

Who would find it abnormal for an advanced level wargod to die after being pierced by this knife?

’’I can control 10 throwing knives at the same time and make them attack from every single direction;all of them would be flying at mach 10 and can instantly change direction. No matter how powerful your advanced level wargod level body is, no matter how skilled your technique is, and no matter how adept you are at dodging, you won't be able to escape death’’ Luo Feng couldn't stop sighing after seeing this number.

This wasn't even on the same level anymore!

Advanced level wargods have trouble dealing with attacks over mach 10, and spirit readers can control several throwing knives at the same time as they attack from every direction. This is way more horrifying than the monsters in the tower of trials;what kind of monster's speed can reach mach 10?

This is why spirit readers are horrifying!

With his spiritual force, he barely reaches the lower bound of the advanced level wargod level. However, his unique power allows him to dominate most advanced level wargods, with the exception of a small amount of extremely powerful wargods or other advanced level wargod level 'spirit readers'.


As of now, Luo Feng's strength could place him at the top of the elite training camp! However, Luo Feng was clear..... that there were tons of people around the world that were more powerful than he was. Not mentioning the existences that have surpassed the wargod level, he isn't even invincible in the wargod level! Right now, he's just nearing the state of invincibility.

August 1st, dawn.

193 Students were gathered on the lawn in front of the Nine Grand Floors;they formed groups and chatted amongst themselves. All of these students were fully equipped with their weapons, backpacks, etc. because..... today was the day that they begin their 'Life and Death Adventure'! However, before departing, all of them were waiting for one person

The world's strongest fighter, Hong!

’’How come Hong still isn't here?’’ Zhao Ruo, Luo Feng, and Shi Jiang sat on the grass as they chatted. Zhao Ruo's face was flushed as she said, ’’Last night, I even dreamed about Hong, ah, ah’’

’’Stop fantasizing’’ joked Luo Feng.

’’What did you say?’’ glared Zhao Ruo.

Luo Feng was startled and looked towards Shi Jiang as he changed the topic: ’’Senior Shi Jiang, you've met the head, what is he like?’’. When Zhao Ruo heard this, she also looked towards Shi Jiang, since Shi Jiang was the only person out of the three who had actually seen Hong before.

’’The head, Hong..... how should I say this?’’ there was a bit of admiration and adoration in Shi Jiang's eyes, ’’Deity!’’

’’A deity?’’ Luo Feng froze.

’’Yep, a deity you would only hear about in legends. I can't think of any better word to describe him’’ sighed Shi Jiang, ’’I've seen other investigators, existences that have surpassed the wargod level. However..... when compared to Hong, it's like comparing stars to the sun’’

Luo Feng nodded to himself.

Shi Jiang laughed as he looked at Luo Feng and Zhao Ruo, ’’You two should be focusing on the life and death adventure that's about to come. For this time's adventure, we'll be going to Australia! After the Grand Nirvana, the entire continent of Australia has become a paradise for monsters. Along with the Sahara Desert and the South American Amazon Rainforest, it's one of the three hazardous regions of the world!’’

Before the Grand Nirvana period, there were many animals in Australia and only had a population of around ten million.

After the Grand Nirvana period, the mutated monsters in Australia reproduced at an alarming rate. The number of monsters was so high that it seemed like they could take over the world. After that, there were no more humans in Australia. That entire continent is a monster hive, which is why it stands along with the Sahara Desert and the Amazon Rainforest as one of the three hazardous regions.

Occasionally, extremely large organizations would send in small squads to train in this continent.

And this time.....

Luo Feng and the others were headed towards Australia.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to look up towards the sky. Quite a few other students looked up too, since a sonic boom could be heard from that direction. Soon after, a blurry image appeared in the sky above the elite training camp. After the image came together, it appeared to be a blood red colored triangular fighter jet!

’’The head is here!’’

’’Hurry, everyone up’’

All the wargod teachers and all the students sitting on the grass stood up straight with a whoosh. All of them knew.....

The strongest fighter on earth.....

The richest man on earth.....

The most powerful man on earth, will soon appear!


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