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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 34



With the locked safe in hand, Luo Feng swiftly returned to his living quarters.

Jiang-Nan pagoda, underground training room.

’’CREAK~~’’ Luo Feng sealed the underground training room's alloyed door. Of course, the first thing he'll do after receiving a portion of dragon blood is use it up! If he doesn't use it, other students might find out, and when that happens, someone might even steal it. At that time, Luo Feng wouldn't even know where to cry! Using the portion of dragon blood is an extremely important thing. To prevent others from distracting him, he decided to use it in the underground training room.

The light shone across the entire sealed room.

Luo Feng put the locked safe in the corner. A fingerprint was required to open this lock. Luo Feng swiped his finger and, with a ’’KA’’, the locked safe opened.

The locked safe was extremely large.

It was divided into two sections: top and bottom. The top section contained the tidy battle uniform, ghost blade, shield, throwing knives, and other accessories. Luo Feng took all of these out and put them on the side. He then looked at the bottom section.

Only two wooden boxes were in the bottom section.

’’One of these wooden boxes must be the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual while the other one is the portion of dragon blood’’ Luo Feng carefully opened the first box. Inside the box was a thick instruction manual and a full stack of discs. On top of the instruction manual's seal was indeed the four words 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.

The instruction manual is his.

’’I won't have to worry about saving money for this instruction manual anymore’’ Luo Feng closed the box and opened the other one.


The wooden box opened: inside was a vial stabilized by a bubbly foam. The vial was plugged in with a stopper. Inside the vial was golden blood, which took up a third of the vial's interior.

’’This is dragon blood, the dragon blood worth 80 billion?’’ Luo Feng carefully took out the foam and carefully picked up the vial. He was scared that it might break, but a vial containing dragon blood should be extremely sturdy. However, Luo Feng didn't dare to take any risks. He raised the vial towards the light.

Under the light, the golden blood could make one's heart skip a beat.

If nothing was known about it, there's no way anyone would believe that this thing is worth 80 billion.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and looked.

Below the wooden box that contained the dragon blood was a manual. Luo Feng picked it up, looked carefully, and couldn't help but to let out a smile: ’’I didn't know that using this dragon blood would be so simple!’’. According to the manual, you just have to spread some of the dragon blood on your body, and you don't even have to spread it around your entire body: just particular locations.

The dragon blood will naturally spread around to your whole body.

The only taboo Do not drink it.

’’On the night of the 28th, I tested my fist strength to be 25,100 kg at the Nine Grand Floors. I wonder how high it will reach after using this dragon blood’’. Actually, before June, Luo Feng's fist strength was only 19,600 kg, which means Luo Feng's fist strength rose by over 5,000 kg during the month of July!

This improvement is shocking!

But it makes sense. During July, Luo Feng had four hours to use the archaeological gravity room, which was split into 12 sessions of 20 minutes. He was able to use the archaeological gravity room for 20 minutes a day for 12 days. Three days is comparable to 15 days, so just these 12 days in the archaeological gravity room is comparable to two months of training!

So that's why he improved so much during July!

And actually, it's not because how talented Luo Feng is or anything. If someone is able to train in the archaeological training room for 2 hours a day for an entire month, that one month will be equivalent to 10 months worth of training!

’’My fist strength is 25,100 kg. If it multiplies after using this dragon blood, it could reach 50,000 kg’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

The more powerful you are, the smaller the effects of the dragon blood.

The weaker you are, the more obvious the effects of the dragon blood becomes. Because a warrior fighter is physically weak, his strength could quadruple after using dragon blood!

Rumors say that dragon blood can multiply one's strength, but that multiplication is just an estimate.

’’My current body fitness level is at the intermediate warlord level! If I use this dragon blood, it might not just double, but even triple my strength’’ Luo Feng thought to himself expectantly. He never used dragon blood before, and others who have used it before never shared their experience, so barely anyone knows the exact process.

He has to experience it for himself.


In the underground training room, Luo Feng lay flat on the ground and, with the vial containing the dragon blood in his left hand, he lightly pulled out the stopper.

A special aroma emanated around the underground training room. Just by smelling this aroma made every part of Luo Feng's body slightly sore, as if he was training his genetic energy.

’’Dragon blood!’’ Luo Feng slightly tilted the vial and poured the blood towards the area on his chest.

Dragon blood was viscous like mercury.

It slowly flowed. The vial wasn't that large and the dragon blood only took up a third of the vial, so this portion of dragon blood was indeed quite small. Even on his chest, it didn't take up much space. Soon enough, all of the dragon blood poured out. Luo Feng set the vial aside.

’’There's barely anything’’ Luo Feng immediately wiped the dragon blood around his naked top half.

He also wiped some on his arms.

With this, Luo Feng felt his top half and his arms start to heat up.

’’It's taking effect?’’ Luo Feng was filled with expectation.

A warm current carried from where the dragon blood was to every part of his body: it swiftly headed towards his insides, his arms, hands, back, chest, head, and every other location. This warm current became stronger and stronger, and even the naked eye could tell that the dragon blood on his skin started swiftly disappearing, as if it went inside his skin.

The warm current kept becoming stronger!

The temperature kept increasing!

’’The manual explained that the process would be painful;so painful that one might even faint. But he didn't think that it would be this painful. ’’Ever since I was little, I've had to deal with my painful headaches, so I thought I could tolerate the pain. But who knew......’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth and his entire body shook slightly. At the moment, he felt like millions of ants were biting every single part of his body. This pain made Luo Feng go pale.

And the pain kept increasing!

He was sore at first, and now he's in pain!

Every single part of his body, and even his head!

Burning! He felt like he's being burned to death.

The numbness made him feel like he's being tickled to death.

Pain! The pain that even sank deep into his bones made him twitch.

’’AH!’’ Sweat was flowing off of Luo Feng's forehead. His entire body shook and his muscles twitched. His heart rate increased and his blood continuously flowed faster.

The sound of his heart beating.....


His heart beated like a heavy drum right next to the ear. The sound became louder, and louder, and louder until...... he lost consciousness! Fainted!

The dragon blood on Luo Feng's body decreased continuously and was absorbed by Luo Feng's body. What followed this absorption was the twitching of Luo Feng's entire body: not just simply his body, but every single muscle in his body. Luo Feng's muscles in his top half of his body twitched and turned like centipedes. His skin seemed like it was burned and the veins on his body were sticking up and twisting;it was quite a horrifying sight.


What followed this horrifying process was that Luo Feng's cells crazily absorbed this weird energy and started their transformation! This was the first time that his body changed this much, even if you count the time where he awakened as a spirit reader!

The quality of the genes in his cell slowly transformed from useless ones to perfect ones under the transformation brought by the dragon blood.

Some useless cells and contaminants were directly removed and came out of the surface of Luo Feng's skin, as if it was filth.

Under this transformation that sank deep into his cells, Luo Feng's tendons, skin, bones, muscles, and all his organs were undergoing a gigantic transformation. The density of his bones continued to increase and the tenacity of his tendons were undergoing a dramatic transformation. The amount of dragon blood was enough to provide for such a transformation!

All of this happened swiftly!

Faster than regular training by 1,000 or even 10,000 times!

At the same time

In Luo Feng's vast realm of consciousness.

In the center of his realm of consciousness that was covered with an infinite mist, the huge dark, golden ball no longer turned slowly and released spiritual force slowly like before. At this moment, as if the dark, golden ball made a huge decision, huge amounts of nearly liquid-like substance was instantly released, which soon evaporated into a mist. The huge amounts of mist swiftly emanated around his entire realm of consciousness.


The amount of mist in his realm of consciousness continued to increase, and at an extremely alarming rate. The dark, golden ball was releasing a crazy amount of mist;it was releasing 1,000 or even more times faster than before.


His body fitness level increased at a surprising rate!

The dark, golden ball was naturally restricted by his body fitness level, so it couldn't release as much spiritual force as it could. But now, it could release as much as it pleased! Luo Feng's

level of spiritual force continuously increased. Starting from his ’’beginner wargod’’ level of spiritual force, it started increasing rapidly!

Slowly..... the density of the mist seemed to have reached its limit: it started turning into liquid!

One drop, two drops!


Slowly, Luo Feng's body started to calm down. The dark golden ball in his realm of consciousness also stopped crazily releasing spiritual force and started releasing at a slow rate like before. Many liquid drops were floating in the mist-filled realm of consciousness, and more drops continued to form.

Luo Feng's realm of consciousness was now at a gas-liquid state.


’’I, I fainted?’’

Luo Feng's body slightly shook and he finally regained consciousness. With a twitch of his eyelids, he opened his eyes.

Right now, Luo Feng's body was covered in a layer of filth: his body and his face was completely black. After Luo Feng opened his eyes, he stood up and moved his arms around. His left hand ferociously rubbed his body and got all of the black stuff off of himself, revealing the copper colored skin below!

Yes, Luo Feng's skin color changed completely.

As if born from a forge, Luo Feng's skin color changed from the regular yellow color to a copper color. Clearly, this was caused by the dragon blood!

’’What huge power!’’ Luo Feng felt the tremendous power in his body;it was way higher than before.

’’3.5x, explode!’’

Luo Feng ferociously smashed into the alloyed wall to his side. With a rumble, over half of Luo Feng's fist sank into the wall. After that, his left fist delivered blow after blow, causing the entire underground training room to shake. Each of his fists left a stunning hole on the wall.


As if it was smashing on someone's heart, the blows continued one after another. After receiving such tremendous power, Luo Feng used this barbaric way to express his happiness.

’’FEELS GREAT!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to yell.

Luo Feng turned and look towards his battle uniform.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ten throwing knives swiftly pierced the air. In this 5 meter long, 5 meter wide, and 2.5 meter high alloyed training room, the throwing knives swiftly revolved around Luo Feng with an insane speed;the speed of the throwing knives instantly accelerated to mach 10, and continued to accelerate! With such horrifying speed, the throwing knives were even able to cut the alloyed wall to his side.

Luo Feng clenched his fists. He even had a feeling......

That even if he had to face off against the steel armored dragon from back then, he wouldn't back down. In fact, he could even kill it!


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