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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 33



The golden vulture was a ferocious vulture type monster. The feathers on the top half of its body were black with a grayish silver glow to them, while the feathers on its lower half and below its wings were all golden colored. Its powerful talons and wings posed a gigantic threat to Luo Feng! Even with Luo Feng's increased speed...

he barely has the chance to use it while surrounded by the horde of flying monsters.



The blade that was as white as snow flashed over and over again in the horde of flying monsters. As golden vultures fell one after another, their cries rang across the skies. Meanwhile, the other golden vultures went forward and continued their attack. In terms of speed...... the golden vultures can fly way faster than land monsters of the same rank. It's common sense that flying monsters move faster than land monsters.

Because of this, Luo Feng couldn't shake off this horde of flying monsters: he could only kill the surrounding golden vultures like his life depended on it!

This blade was like a thunderbolt, each slash took a life!

’’Not good’’ Luo Feng was picked up by the talons of a golden vulture. Once his feet left the ground, he was naturally unable to execute his technique.

Unable to use his technique, he was instantly shredded to pieces by the horde of golden vultures!

Luo Feng's corpse disappeared, and so did the horde of golden vultures.

’’Damn, that hurts’’ Luo Feng appeared in the wasteland again.

’’What's my tower of trials level now?’’ Luo Feng raised his head and yelled. Luo Feng didn't dare to distract himself while he was killing, so of course he didn't count how many golden vultures he killed. He only had a feeling that he lasted longer than before. But no matter what, he wasn't able to succeed in the end.

The electronic voice rang: ’’Tower of trials level: 3.5!’’

’’It's 3.5?’’

Luo Feng let out a face of excitement. 3.5 x 3.5 means that his battle ability amplifier is 12.25, which is already past 12!

He did it!

Haha, he actually succeeded!

Ever since he came to the elite training camp, he didn't dare to relax even for a day. Because of that, he was able to charge up to rank 68 in a month and received the contract from the Dojo of Limits as a result. And after signing the contract, he pushed himself as hard as possible using the three month deadline!

No matter when and where, he has constantly been training himself.

While showering, the only thing in his head was his blade technique. Sometimes he would even think about his blade technique while chatting with his family and Xu Xin.

In the final month, he crazily challenged the students in the training camp. Time after time he battled to the death.....

and he even staked 10 billion on his final battle!


On the night of July 30th, his battle ability amplifier has finally reached 12!

’’Haha, come on, continue the B grade exam of the third floor!’’ laughed Luo Feng loudly.

The flying horde of golden vultures appeared in the sky once again!

Luo Feng no longer had any psychological pressure, so he was able to focus entirely on training.....


One hour of training was up!

Luo Feng's final tower of trials level was 3.6. He finally completed the B grade exam. However, Luo Feng was quickly killed in the C grade exam.

’’Okay, my fist strength level has reached 3.5 and my technique is at the perfect level. My weakness is blade technique: it's only at the second state’’ Luo Feng understood that the higher your tower of trials level, the more the trials will expect out of everything about you. If your blade technique is weak, there'll be no way for you to instantly kill around a dozen monsters in a horde.

Tower of trials level 3.6!

Even in the circle of wargods, this was quite a good grade.

’’My battle ability amplifier is 12.6!’’ Luo Feng let out a smile.


Jiang-Nan pagoda, Luo Feng's room.

Right when Luo Feng got back, he opened up his notebook. It was already 10:50 PM, but he couldn't care about anything else. Luo Feng swiftly opened up the contract that he signed with the Dojo of Limits. The document he opened was a scan of the contract he signed.

In the contract was a phone number. Once Luo Feng's battle ability amplifier reached the required level, he could call this phone number and ask for his reward.

’’An enormous reward man’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath.

The full price for a portion of dragon blood was 160 billion, half price 80 billion. The half price for a complete 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》instruction manual was 50 billion. The cheapest battle uniform and weapon set was also around 10 billion, whereas the half price was near 10 billion too. Even if everything was half price, the cost would still be astonishing.

Of course, the amount of money that the Dojo of Limits needs to provide these is quite low.

For the Nine Stage Thunder Blade, they're just selling permission to use it, so they don't need to pay anything there. The head, 'Hong', is probably the only person on earth who knows how much it costs to make dragon blood, since he's the only supplier. And it only costs a few billion to make the battle uniform and weapon set.

After adding it all up, the amount of money is around a couple billion.


that is the cost to make them! Who would make the price equal to the cost it takes to make them? Even if you buy dragon blood from the governments of various countries, they'll still sell it at the price it's set at.

’’BEEP BEEP ’’ Luo Feng dialed.

’’Hello’’ a low voice rose.

’’Hello, I am Luo Feng from the elite training camp’’ at this moment, Luo Feng was surprisingly calm, ’’I previously signed a contract with the Dojo of Limits. On the contract were five provisions. Once I meet the requirements for one of them, I can dial this phone number and receive the reward from you, correct?’’

’’Yes!’’ said the low voice.

’’My battle ability amplifier is above 12, which satisfies the first provision’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Please wait a moment, I will check’’

In just a moment, the tone of the voice slightly rose, ’’Ah, congratulations, student Luo Feng. Your battle ability amplifier is currently 12.6, and the current date is July 30th, 22:56 PM, which is before August 1st. As the contract states, your reward is..... a 9th series battle uniform, a set of weapons, any instruction manual, and a portion of dragon blood worth 80 billion’’

Once Luo Feng heard these words, he couldn't help but to clench his teeth and left fist out of excitement!


’’Student Luo Feng, please tell me the details about the battle uniform and weapons you want. Also tell me the name of the instruction manual you want’’ continued the low voice.

’’I need a 9th series battle uniform, the size.....’’ Luo Feng quickly reported the information about the size and type of the battle uniform, ghost blade, and hexagonal shield he wanted. He also spoke about the tactical communications watch, binoculars, a backpack, and other accessories. Of course, the throwing knives he wanted were included too!

’’I also want a complete 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual!’’

’’Finally, that portion of dragon blood’’ answered Luo Feng, ’’Oh yea, I want two of the ten 9th series throwing knives to be changed into SS grade throwing knives! I can transfer money over to purchase these two SS grade throwing knives’’.

Throwing knives were small and didn't require much material to make.....

so even the price of a SS grade throwing knife is much lower than a ghost blade of the same grade.

’’We can include those two SS grade throwing knives with the battle uniform set’’ the low voice clearly didn't care about two SS grade throwing knives, since the full price for one SS grade throwing knife was 400 million, half price 200 million. The cost to make them is even lower! For the Dojo of Limits, the provider of this enormous reward, this amount of money was nothing.

’’The elite training camp is inside the headquarter city, so the rewards will be sent to the gate of the elite training camp in around an hour. You can go there to receive your reward’’ said the low voice.

’’Within an hour?’’ Luo Feng let out a face of surprise.

Who would've thought that he would receive his rewards so quickly.

’’Finally, congratulations, student Luo Feng, on receiving this reward. At the same time, keep working hard and try to get your battle ability amplifier to 16, student Luo Feng, to receive the other rewards’’ after the low voice finished saying that, the call ended.

After the call, the room was completely silent.

However, Luo Feng's heart was pounding.

’’Dragon blood. The dragon blood will arrive soon’’

’’My strength can instantly undergo a dramatic change’’ even now, Luo Feng felt like he was in a dream..... just like that, the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》instruction manual and a portion of dragon blood was about to be his. Looking at how much fuss the astronomical bounty of 100 billion stirred up, one could know just how astonishing of an amount 100 billion is.

And even if you take the half price of the instruction manual and the portion of dragon blood, they still cost way more than 100 billion.


Excited, Luo Feng was extremely excited. He stayed in his room for 20 minutes before giving in to his urge to rush to the entrance of the elite training camp.

Main entrance of the elite training camp.

It was deep into the night, around 11 PM. It was a bit cool. Since it was already the 30th, there weren't any students at the main entrance at this time.

’’Student Luo Feng, how come you're here at such a time?’’ the middle aged manager of the security team at the main entrance smiled as he yelled;of course he knew this famous student of the training camp.

’’I have stuff to do’’ smiled Luo Feng as he responded.

The manager of the security team knew the rules, so he didn't continue asking.

And Luo Feng, under the winds of the night, paced back in forth alone in front of the main gate. To Luo Feng, seconds were like minutes. Occasionally a car would pass by the gate of the training camp. Luo Feng couldn't help but to raise his head each time but, unfortunately, none of them were for him!


The sound of a horn rose;a gigantic truck headed towards the gate of the training camp.

’’BEEP! ALLOWED!’’ an electronic sound carried from the security room. The patrolling soldiers and the other members were all shocked. Many systems in the elite training camp were controlled by an AI and not by humans. Usually, even private cars of the Dojo aren't allowed to come in.

The door automatically opened.

A huge truck drove in.

’’It's probably that’’ Luo Feng walked to the side. As if the truck discovered Luo Feng, it directly drove over to an open area and stopped there.


The door to the back of the truck opened and a sound rose: ’’Student Luo Feng, please get in the truck’’

Luo Feng ran over to the back of the truck. Before he was even able to get in, a blue light shone on Luo Feng. At the same time, an electronic voice rose: ’’Student Luo Feng, identity confirmed. Please get in the truck’’

The truck's interior was quite fancy. Inside of the truck were three people, who were all looking at Luo Feng with surprise.

’’This is Luo Feng?’’

’’I wonder what HQ told us to escort. I can't believe they called out the three of us’’ in the truck were two white people and one yellow person, who were all speaking Chinese. The language of Hong Ning city was Chinese, so most of the people from the HQ knew Chinese.

Luo Feng jumped onto the truck and, with a glance, noticed a gigantic, locked safe. The size of this locked safe was indeed big enough to store things like a shield and a ghost blade.

At this time

A blue light like before shone onto the locked safe.

’’Reward items, confirmed. Unscathed’’ the electronic sound rose, ’’Student Luo Feng, please accept your reward’’

Luo Feng took a step forward.

A tall, white person of the trio picked up this locked safe and put it in front of Luo Feng.

’’Student Luo Feng, what's inside here?’’ smled the white person as he asked.

’’A secret’’ smiled Luo Feng as he took the locked safe.


The enormous reward, and so is the dragon blood, is his!


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