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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 32



In the battle room, Luo Feng and Candace's consciousnesses were basically kicked out of the virtual space at the same time.

’’I lost?’’

’’I lost?’’ Candace still had his dark blue helmet on at this time;darkness was the only thing his eyes could see. However, he didn't take off his helmet, he just motionlessly sat there.

’’How could I lose? There was no way I could've lost, no way! He only had one arm and I had the absolute advantage. His final attack..... his speed......’’ Candace sat on the sofa and his knuckles cracked until they turned white. Regret, he was really filled with regret!

From Luo Feng's speed at the end, Candace perfectly understood that Luo Feng's fist strength level went up by a huge amount!

’’I actually let him make a comeback at the most important time?’’

’’How could this happen?’’

’’I actually encountered a case of someone making a breakthrough during a battle?’’ Candace's body was trembling. One reason is because he lost a whole 10 billion Chinese dollars because of this battle. He was only a successor to his family, not the head, which means that this amount of money is a lot to him.

The second reason is because of the girl he was chasing after. Candace completely despised this 'rival in love', Luo Feng! He always held his anger in and was finally presented a chance to teach Luo Feng a lesson. Who would've known that not only was he not able to teach Luo Feng a lesson, he was the one that got beat up! This is humiliating!

Finally, the thing that Candace was most enraged at was the fact that.....

he wanted to cruelly beat up Luo Feng and make him lose a large sum of money. But not only did he let his opponent earn money, his opponent even had a breakthrough!

Candace definitely contributed to Luo Feng's breakthrough!

Of course, the most important cause for Luo Feng's breakthrough was the fact that Luo Feng had already finished the third stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 before he even entered the training camp. Every day, he would bitterly train without relaxing at all. As he was able to control his power more and more delicately, his foundation became more and more sturdy. Even without this breakthrough, Luo Feng would naturally reach the fourth stage in another three to five months.

However, it's a great thing for him to reach the fourth stage three to five months earlier!

This battle indeed contributed a lot.

How could Candace not be enraged after those three reasons? How could he be satisfied?

’’Challenge, Luo Feng wins!’’

The electronic sound echoed around the lobby of the ninth floor;it could be heard in the battle room too.

Candace's body slightly shook before he took off his dark blue helmet.

’’Candace, thanks’’ Luo Feng was already standing at the door.

’’Hmph’’ Candace 'hmphed' coldly as he also stood up.

Suddenly, a melodious tune carried out from the cell phone in Luo Feng's pocket, which made Candace's expression even worse. Luo Feng smiled as he took out his cell phone and read the message. As expected, it was a notification of the change in his balance sent from his bank...... a total of 20 billion arrived!

10 billion of that was what Luo Feng moved from his bank to the challenge system's special account while the other 10 billion was what Luo Feng earned!


The door opened.

Luo Feng and Candace walked out. The two of them noticed with a glance that the lobby of the ninth floor was in an uproar. Quite a few wargods and legendary figures in the training camp were amazed since, from their point of view, Candace's chances of winning were greater!

They were clear that Candace's technique and his blade technique stacked onto each other!

This was also why even though Luo Feng had greater power and speed, he was still at a disadvantage and lost his arm.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Haha, Luo Feng, nice’’ quite a few people, especially Chinese people, gave a thumbs up or cheered passionately. Luo Feng smiled as he walked over. In contrast to Luo Feng, Candace had such a bad expression that his face seemed to be black. In fact, he was barely able to say a few words to a few powerful students before he swiftly left towards his living quarters.

This time, Candace wasn't able to vent;he just became even angrier!

He's full of hate!

He hates Luo Feng, and he hates himself for losing!


Night of the same day.

Luo Feng was alone in his room. Even after chatting with his family, he still couldn't contain the joy in his heart.

He seriously earned a ton this time!

10 billion isn't even the best part. The most important part is that he actually completed the fourth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》at the last moment!

’’The fourth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 is indeed difficult. I completed the first three stages relatively quickly, but I just couldn't complete the fourth stage while I was in Jiang-Nan city. After coming to the training camp, my technique and control over my power improved a lot. But even so, I wasn't able to complete it’’ Luo Feng was seriously thankful.

The scene with the ripples that formed on the pool in the virtual space during the battle.....

was really similar to the scene where he completed the second stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》!

’’The droplets of water form the ripples! The most important thing isn't the ripples or the droplets, but the mirror! The mirror-like surface of water!’’ Luo Feng was thankful, ’’The calmer the surface is, the clearer the ripples become after the droplets fall’’. It was the same with force exertions.

The most important thing isn't how many times you exert the force.

But the fact that the force exertions have to carry out through the entire body! After understanding this fact, Luo Feng, who already became much better at controlling his power, directly completed the fourth stage!

’’The fourth stage!’’

’’Now that I completed the fourth stage, my fist strength level is 3.5!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were shining, ’’And my tower of trials level is 3.4, almost..... 3.4 x 3.5 is 11.9! I'm so close. When my tower of trials level reaches 3.5, my battle ability amplifier will surpass 12’’

According to the contract with the Dojo of Limits, as long as he reaches a battle ability amplifier of 12 before August 1st, he'll receive a 9th series battle uniform, a full set of weapons, any complete instruction manual, and a portion of dragon blood worth 80 billion.

This was a gigantic reward!

Not mentioning the dragon blood worth 80 billion, Luo Feng definitely wanted the complete 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》instruction manual. Keep in mind that..... the full 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual is priced at 100 billion. Even half price is at 50 billion. Furthermore, the half price requirement is a four star contribution rank.

Four stars, when would Luo Feng ever reach that?

And now, he'll receive this instruction manual for free!

’’An instruction manual, dragon blood, a battle uniform set, weapons. Even at half price, they would definitely cost over 100 billion! If I have to buy them, how long would it take for me to save up the money required?’’ Luo Feng was filled with confidence.

As of now, his speed and power has greatly improved!

It'll be impossible for his tower of trials level to not even go up by 0.1!

’’I have two more times to enter the training room this month. One time is tomorrow night, while the other time is the night of the day after tomorrow!’’ Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’Tomorrow, on the 30th, my battle ability amplifier will surpass 12!’’

Last month, Luo Feng was ranked in the top 50.

So in the month of July, Luo Feng had four hours to use the training room. He divided it into four sessions: he had an hour on the 9th, 25th, 30th, and 31st. He organized it like this because the deadline to raise your battle ability amplifier was 00:00 of August 1st. So of course, Luo Feng would schedule an hour on the last two days!

’’A battle ability amplifier of 12!’’

’’I'll definitely reach it!’’


On the second day, Luo Feng spent most of his time in the underground training room so he could familiarize himself with the fourth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. After dinner, he started meditating to prepare himself for tonight's training room session.

Only until 9:35 PM did Luo Feng come to the ninth floor of the Nine Grand Floors.

’’Luo Feng’’

’’Hello, Luo Feng’’

Black, white, and yellow people all smiled as they greeted Luo Feng. Luo Feng was in a good mood, so he responded with a smile and some polite phrases as he entered the training room.


He lay on the sofa with the dark blue helmet in his hands.

’’I'll try to finish it today!’’

’’With a portion of dragon blood, I'll be able to become an advanced level wargod level spirit reader in one or two months! An invincible existence in the wargod level!’’ Luo Feng silently encouraged himself. After that, he put on the helmet.


In the virtual space.

The infinite, boundless silver alloyed ground. Far away was the tall, seven story tower: this was precisely the tower of trials.


Luo Feng appeared on the ground.

’’I want to take my fist strength level test’’ yelled Luo Feng. The fist strength level test was taken in the virtual space. Whether in the virtual space of the battle room or in the training room, as long as you yell out these words to the system's AI, you'll be able to take your fist strength level test.

Because, this test was super simple.


A fist strength tester appeared out of thin air in front of Luo Feng.

’’Student Luo Feng, please swiftly proceed with the fist strength level test’’ the electronic sound echoed around the sky of the silver ground.

Luo Feng stood in front of the fist strength tester. In this virtual space, his regular fist strength was the standard 10,000 kg;his fist strength will differ by this standard by no more than 10 kg.

As he took in a deep breath, he squinted.

And deeply roared!

Luo Feng's right fist instantly split apart the air as four force exertions swiftly flowed into his arm and then his fist. This caused the speed of Luo Feng's fist to dramatically increase. As it brought a horrifying roar with it, his fist powerfully smashed into the tester.

’’PENG~~’’ the fist strength tester made a sound as it shook violently.

A few numbers appeared on the display ’’35080 kg’’

’’A fist strength level of 3.5. Congratulations, student Luo Feng, your battle ability amplifier is 11.9’’ the electronic sound had no emotion in it.

’’11.9, so close to 12’’

Luo Feng directly walked towards the far away tower of trials. The fist strength tester disappeared completely.

Third floor of the tower of trials.

A wasteland.

’’B grade exam of the 3rd floor. Luo Feng, your goal is to kill 190 low level commander level golden vultures and 10 medium level commander level golden vultures! Good luck!’’ right when the electronic sound finished, a huge amount of flying monsters appeared in the sky.

Flying monsters. The vulture type monsters were known for their cruelty. Even the weakest golden vulture was at the low level commander level.

’’Come on!’’

Who knows how many times Luo Feng has died to this horde of golden vultures already on this third floor. Flying monsters are way more horrifying than the regular monsters on land. Because once a flying monster grabs onto you, it can directly lift you up. Humans have nothing to help them in the air, so they are sure to die to the horde of monsters!

So, you definitely cannot get caught by their claws!

’’GA~~’’ an ear piercing sound rose.

The flying golden vultures came diving from the sky. The densely packed horde of flying monsters seemed to look like golden clouds as they covered Luo Feng. No wonder so many wargod teachers were stuck on the third floor. And no matter what, Luo Feng has to kill most of these flying monsters in the B grade exam to reach a tower of trials level of 3.5

’’I must succeed’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold as he held his ghost blade.


The flying monsters instantly covered Luo Feng, and the killing began!


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