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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 31



July 29th, dawn was a bit hot and humid.

Inside Jiang-Nan pagoda.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng!’’ Zhao Ruo's clear voice rang around the entire pagoda.

’’Senior’’ Luo Feng appeared on the balcony of the second floor of the pagoda and looked at Zhao Ruo below, ’’yelling this early in the morning, do you need something?’’

’’Need something? How can you be so calm as if nothing ever happened?’’ Zhao Ruo's eyes widened, ’’I just heard everything while eating breakfast at the cafeteria. You're going to have a staked match with Candace this afternoon..... and, you, you actually dared to bring the stakes to 10 billion?’’

10 billion was a large number even for a wargod.

Even though these geniuses were all rich from the stuff they received from various organizations and countries, they still have to spend money on instruction manuals, battle uniforms, etc. Unless they have absolute confidence, who would stake 10 billion?

’’Hurry up and tell me, is this true?’’ urged Zhao Ruo.

’’It's true’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’FUCK!’’ Zhao Ruo looked at Luo Feng as if he was a crazy person, ’’Crazy, you're seriously crazy’’

’’Senior, I'm going to calm my mind first to prepare for the battle to the death in the afternoon’’ right after saying that, Luo Feng headed back towards his room. When faced with this noisy senior who's even bolder than a man, Luo Feng's best course of action was to hurry up and hide.

In his room.

The scent of sandalwood emanated in the air. Luo Feng sat cross legged, his heart as still as water.

As a veteran who fought 36 matches in the month of July, Luo Feng was very clear that there was no way to determine who would win in a battle to the death when the two fighters are of similar skill. For example, if one of them isn't in their best condition, they could be killed instantly by their opponent. If they are in their best condition, they could kill their opponent.


The best condition is to have a heart as calm as water;completely empty. Well, we say that, but just how many people can completely clear their minds and be as calm as water?


Two hours later.

The largest building in the elite training camp the Nine Grand Floors. In the lobby of the ninth floor, roughly a hundred people were gathered here. There were only 183 students in the entire training camp;with wargod teachers added in there, the amount of people barely surpasses 200! And right now, there were around a hundred people gathered here;way more than the amount of people attracted to the battle between Luo Feng and William.

A staked match with 10 billion on the line!

A match like this would be hard to encounter over the course of a year in the training camp! And one participant was the powerful, veteran student, 'Candace※Paulinus', while the other was the rookie, Luo Feng, whose name recently swept through the training camp.

’’Luo Feng fights amazingly well in these types of battles, so his chances of winning aren't small’’ on the Chinese side, Shi Jiang gave his assessment in a group of youths.

’’Candace, will win’’ on the American side, a short black girl calmly announced her judgment like a saint.

’’Candace has a 70% chance of winning. Luo Feng, has 30%!’’ on the Indian side, a bald brute who seemed like he was molded out of steel spoke slowly like a monk.


Legendary figures gave their conclusions one after another.

Even the weakest of these figures has the power to charge into the top 10. Any of them could easily defeat Luo Feng and Candace! Not many legendary figures were attracted to the match between Luo Feng and William, but many of them were attracted to today's match! Since Luo Feng and Candace were quite strong, and the stakes were high!

’’Candace※Paulinus, Luo Feng, enter the battle room!’’ an electronic sound reverberated around the ninth floor's lobby.

Luo Feng, who was standing on the Chinese side with his eyes closed, opened his eyes.

’’Luo Feng, go for it’’ encouraged teacher Jiang Fang on the side.

Luo Feng looked at Jiang Fang and then his fellow Chinese students, nodded, and directly headed towards the battle room.

Candace also walked out of the crowd and headed towards the battle room.


Luo Feng and Candace opened the door to the battle room and went in. After that, the door shut itself automatically.

Luo Feng lay on the sofa and picked up the dark blue helmet. He couldn't help but to glance at Candace. Candace also turned his head;his blue eyes stared at Luo Feng. If a gaze could kill, then he probably would have sliced Luo Feng into dozen pieces by now: ’’Luo Feng, don't lose too easily, or that'll be too boring’’. As he said that, Candace licked his lips like a venomous snake.

Luo Feng grinned and put on the helmet.

Candace also put on his helmet.


In the virtual space.

Luo Feng and Candace swiftly put on their battle uniforms and selected their weapons. After that, Luo Feng, who had a lower rank on the black dragon ranking, selected the scene of battle a stormy, ruined city.


The storm raged: each drop of rain smashed onto the long abandoned city. The tall buildings have long been ruined and some were already collapsed. On the street that was wide enough to hold four cars, quite a few cars were flipped over and covered in rust. At this moment, two shadows appeared on the street at the same time.

Luo Feng, Candace!

’’You chose a stormy location?’’ Candace, who was in a black uniform, looked at Luo Feng from a distance of around a dozen meters away.

Luo Feng's gaze was cold.

His technique, 'thunderbolt', was inspired from the lightning observed right before a storm. After that, he created it after training hard in the middle of a storm! Luo Feng also realized that he can execute his technique better in a stormy environment.

’’Battle, begin!’’ the electronic sound echoed around the sky of the ruined city.


Candace's body turned into a phantom and, as if he had merged into the storm, rushed towards Luo Feng.

’’CLANG!’’ Luo Feng unsheathed his blade like lightning and also charged forward.


The ghost blade came in from the side like lightning and its cold light directly slashed towards Candace's neck. Yet Candace's gaze was cold, his body was like a snake in a storm and his blade was like a snake's tongue as it directly thrusted towards Luo Feng's head. At the same time, a sonic boom could be heard: a metal piece from one of the broken cars!

The metal piece shot towards Luo Feng's ghost blade.

And the blade thrusted towards Luo Feng's head!

’’Retreat!’’ Luo Feng instantly made his decision. With his understanding of the environment thanks to his perfect level technique, he naturally understood that he was at a disadvantage when that metal piece came flying at him.

While retreating.

A white light flashed! Under 2.8x force, the light from the ghost blade was indeed amazing. Like lightning, it became even more dream-like in this storm. As it scraped past the metal piece, it weakened the quick yet powerful thrust of the blade!

Technique Thunderbolt!

’’Clang!’’ ’’Clang!’’

With those two sounds, Luo Feng used all of his power to retreat to a distance of 30 meters away.

’’Perfect level technique?’’ Luo Feng looked at the faraway Candace.

A ’’Hmph’’ rose. Candace, in his black battle uniform, said with a cold voice, ’’Surprised? As long as they don't suck too much, most of the old students that have been here for four or five years have all reached the perfect level! No matter how strong you are, you're still just a rookie’’

After saying that, Candace came charging at him again!

Hu! Hu!

As Candace's blurry figure approached, it instantly split into two shadows.

’’PENG!’’ Luo Feng kicked the broken car to his side. The kick that held over 20 tons of force caused the broken car to instantly explode. Huge amounts of car components flew towards the direction Candace was charging from.


Luo Feng instantly charged forwards and caught up with the car components.


After that, a light that was as white as snow flashed. For a time, light after light covered Candace. And Candace was like a venomous snake hiding in the darkness: he dodged peculiarly time after time and the blade in his hand easily blocked Luo Feng's wave of attacks. He even managed to counterattack time after time.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The car components and broken pieces in the area became tools that both sides used to distract their opponent. Each of their steps and movements could use their environment to assist them. While not allowing the car components to affect themselves, they'll use them to obstruct their opponent's movements!

Perfect level technique, versus perfect level technique!

Luo Feng's blade was like a never ending thunderbolt. And Candace's blade was constantly changing: at times it would softly defend against each attack, and at times it would suddenly attack out of nowhere.


A shadow stuck itself to the side of the hexagonal shield, and the long, thin blade actually curved and went around the shield as it lightly drew across the arm holding the shield!


The arm that was holding the shield directly fell to the ground.


As if teleportation, Luo Feng backed off to a distance of around a dozen meters away.

’’My left arm has been cut off’’ Luo Feng had a bad expression on.

’’Luo Feng, my fist strength level is 2.5, so you're above me in power and speed’’ Candace sneered as he came closer one step at a time, as if a grim reaper in a storm, ’’Sadly, my technique is way above you’’ even though Candace's Chinese wasn't fluent...

Luo Feng's face was pale, one reason was because of blood loss, and another was because he found out what went wrong.

Candace's technique was at the perfect level, and his blade technique reached the 'firm yet flexible' state, one state higher than his blade. And...... Candace's blade technique seemed like a peculiar, venomous snake. And his technique was also peculiar. Both his technique and blade technique were peculiar: the two of them combined perfectly!

’’Without your shield, you'll die for sure’’ Candace's gaze had a bit of insanity within.

He can finally cruelly take his revenge.

’’Hmph’’ Luo Feng retreated and ran to a store beside the street.

’’There's no use’’ Candace walked towards him one step at a time.

The roof of the ruined store was leaking under the the storm. There was a pond on the floor of the store and drops of water fell from the roof.

The surface of the pond reflected Luo Feng's image. Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at himself in the pond. As the drops of water fell onto the pond, the normally calm, mirror-like surface rippled.

’’Mirror, ripples?’’

’’Nine Stage Thunder blade force exertions?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Mirror! Mirror?’’ Luo Feng's expression froze.

’’Mirror!’’ Luo Feng let out a face of surprise.

At this moment, Candace walked into the store like a gentleman attending a banquet. He walked towards Luo Feng with his blade in hand as he smiled: ’’Luo Feng, I'll be taking the 10 billion, so thanks in advance’’ as he said that, his body charged forward like a phantom as fast as lightning. The black, thin sword in his hand drew across an odd path as it went towards Luo Feng's neck.

’’You're the one that'll be giving me 10 billion!!!’’ Luo Feng roared.

And his body charged forwards!


His speed reached an alarming level and actually dodged Candace's horrifying blade. At the same time, the light that was as white as snow seemed to form a thunderbolt in this store, its speed was so fast that Candace wasn't even given a chance to dodge it, ’’PUCHI!’’. A head directly flew up.

However, Luo Feng's charging figure appeared on the stormy street that was around 10 meters away from Candace.


Candace's headless corpse crashed down!


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