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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 30



Even though there were very few chances to use the archaeological gravity room in the training camp, its benefits were amazing! And every day, he had two hours to use the copied gravity room. Even though the copied gravity room could only go up to 3x gravity, you could use it for a long time.

So, Luo Feng's rate of improvement here was clearly faster than his rate of improvement in Jiang-Nan city.

At the end of March, Luo Feng's fist strength was 11,500 kg.

At the end of April, Luo Feng's fist strength reached 13,600 kg. In one month, it rose by 2,100 kg;he is clearly improving much faster than before.

At the end of May, Luo Feng's fist strength reached 16,500 kg. In one month, it rose by 2,900 kg. This was mainly because he had an extra hour to use the archaeological gravity room. With this one hour, he could split it into 20 minutes a day over three days. The effect of these three days is comparable to 15 days! This shows how helpful the archaeological gravity room is.

Of course, Luo Feng's increased body fitness level contributed to his faster training speed too.

The stronger your body becomes, the faster you'll improve.

At the end of June, which was yesterday, Luo Feng personally tested his fist strength: 19,600 kg. In one month, it rose by 3,100 kg. Compared to May, this improvement isn't too great.

Keep in mind that

16,000 32,000 kg is the range of an intermediate level warlord. 32,000 64,000 kg is the range of an advanced level warlord. After 64,000 kg, it'll be in the range of a wargod.

Under the explosion of 2.8x, Luo Feng can reach roughly 55,000 kg;not too far from a beginner level wargod!

’’I was ranked #48 last month, which means the time I'll have in the archaeological gravity room will multiply’’ Luo Feng was clear that 20 minutes a day over the course of three days in the archaeological gravity room was comparable to 15 days worth of regular training!

This month, Luo Feng had four hours: he could split it into 12 different sessions of 20 minutes.

After testing over long periods of time, this is the most efficient schedule that the students of the elite training camp came up with. The efficiency of 20 minutes over three days in the archaeological gravity room is practically double the efficiency of one hour in a day!

’’Last month, I improved by 3,100 kg. This month, I should be able to reach around 4,000’’

’’If it keeps going like this, my body fitness level will reach the beginner wargod level in 10 months. With my spiritual force, I'll be in the advanced wargod level!’’ In 10 months, he'll be invincible in the wargod level range..... Of course, this is assuming that the dark, golden ball has enough spiritual force.

Just keep hoping.....

Hope that the dark, golden ball will be able to last until he becomes an advanced wargod!

’’If I could get a portion of dragon blood!’’

’’Then I could become an advanced wargod in just one or two months’’ Luo Feng really wanted to get a portion of dragon blood. The effects of the dragon blood will be different based off the user's strength. The stronger you are, the weaker the effect. However, it'll usually be able to multiply your strength! And it will increase a fighter's training speed!

Dragon blood!

And right now, he has a chance to receive a portion of dragon blood, which is to reach a battle ability amplifier of 12 before August 1st.

’’12! I'm only 8.96 now, what should I do?’’

’’It'll be hard to make a breakthrough in just a short month via conventional ways of training’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth, ’’There's no other way, I'll have to do that!’’

Fight with his life on the line!

The best way to increase your strength is to fight with your life on the line.

These types of fights can be split into two kinds: fights against monsters and fights against humans.

Naturally, it'll be better to fight against an intelligent human who is proficient with his technique! However, there won't be a point in fighting with someone with a huge difference in skill. Either you beat them in one hit or they beat you in one hit;where's the 'battle to the death' aspect of this? The best opponent

is someone who has a similar level of skill!

But which fighters are willing to stake their life on the line? Thankfully, they have battle rooms. In the virtual space, they can fight to the death without worrying about anything.


You need money for a staked match in the battle room! Or you need points!

’’It's just money’’

’’I earned five billion from William last time and the Dojo is going to give me five billion this year too! I don't believe that I'll lose 10 billion in a month. Even if I lose 10 billion, it'll be worth it as long as I can reach a battle ability amplifer of 12’’ Luo Feng's final deadline was in a month.

And he decided to risk all his money!


On the second day, Luo Feng returned to Jiang-Nan pagoda at around 8 PM after hunting monsters in the wilderness.

’’WHAT, you want to have staked matches against so many people?’’ Shi Jiang looked at Luo Feng with astonishment.

Luo Feng nodded: ’’Yea. Senior, I don't really understand the strength of the people here in the training camp. I want to have staked matches with people that are around my level, so I hope you can tell me which people have similar strength to me!’’. If the opponent's strength is way above his, then there's no point in a battle to the death. He'll also just be giving away free money that way.

’’You sure are working hard’’ Shi Jiang shook his head, ’’Staked matches: the lowest the virtual space system accepts is a billion Chinese dollars. One billion every match: this is a huge number’’

’’And, people weaker than you might not be willing to accept the challenge’’

’’Only those who are confident in beating you will accept the staked match. With so many battles, you'll probably lose a ton of money’’ Shi Jiang shook his head and sighed, ’’Okay, some people in the training camp are better at hunting monsters even though their strength isn't that high. And some people are strong but don't really care about the ranking’’

The black dragon ranking is a score ranking.

Even though it reflects each student's strength to a certain extent, it can't fully represent the entire student body.

Shi Jiang, as an old student and one of the strongest people in the training camp, indeed understands the strength of quite a few people.

’’I'll give you a list. On the list will be people whose strength nears you. Whoever performs better in the battle will win’’ after Shi Jiang said that, he opened up the ranking on his notebook. As he looked at the ranking, he swiftly tapped on his keyboard and typed out a list.

A total of 32 names!

Shi Jiang believed that these people weren't much stronger or weaker than Luo Feng.

’’Thank you, senior’’ Luo Feng looked at the list: these people were primarily ranked 60 30. There were some exceptions: one person was ranked 91 while another was ranked 21.


Around 9 PM on the same day.

Kyoto Pagoda.

’’Luo Feng, what brings you here? Please sit’’ three guys in Kyoto Pagoda were chatting. When they saw Luo Feng come, they all stood up and greeted him.

’’Senior Wang’’

Luo Feng said humbly, ’’I came to have a staked match against you’’. Wang Tao was ranked 36 last month.

’’Staked match?’’ Wang Tao, who was on the receiving end of the challenge, frowned: When did he mess with this famous person in the training camp? The expressions of the other two youths changed slightly.

A staked match in the training camp is usually an act of provocation.

’’Senior Wang, I just want a friendly match to test our skills against each other;there's no other meaning to it. We won't stake points, just money. And we'll stake the lowest amount, one billion’’ continued Luo Feng.

Only until hearing this did Wang Tao smile.

The most important things to students are their points, since their points determine their ranking!

Either points or money can be the wager in a staked match. Sometimes, both of them are staked! You can stake, at lowest, 2,000 points. As for money, the lowest is one billion Chinese dollars! Luo Feng isn't staking points and only the lowest amount of money possible: clearly, he just wants a friendly match with no ill intentions.

’’Haha, alright! I'll accept this challenge. When you go back, apply for a challenge and we'll have a staked match tomorrow’’ said Wang Tao in a straightforward matter.

Only one billion, and Wang Tao has a higher chance of winning.

He also gives Luo Feng a good impression;why wouldn't he accept this challenge?


On July 3rd, Luo Feng and Wang Tao fought to the death in a tropical forest in the virtual space.

In the end, Luo Feng lost!

After losing the first round, Luo Feng continued to challenge other students! Luo Feng drew up a tide of battle in the training camp;students rarely challenge others like this. However, Luo Feng wasn't staking points and only staked the smallest amount of money possible. The opponents he chose were rarely weaker than him too.

So most of the students accepted his challenge!

Some people even heard about what was going on and went to challenge Luo Feng.

On every odd day, Luo Feng found an opponent and fought a battle to the death! You can say that Luo Feng fought the most matches in the month of July.

From the 3rd to the 27th, Luo Feng fought in 36 staked matches: he lost 19 and won 17. Each match had a wager of one billion, since the students clearly didn't want to make the stakes too high. In other words, he lost two billion!


28th, around 11 PM.

Candace※Paulinus returned to his living quarters.

’’Luo Feng's rank actually rose again this month, all the way up to #43. There's not even an hour left until midnight, so his ranking probably won't change again’’ William and Candace walked side by side to their living quarters. Candace yelled with a bad expression on his face: ’’Don't mention Luo Feng in front of me!’’

William looked at Candace.

Candace's teeth were clenched: he was clearly enraged.

’’I said a long time ago that you should give up on Janet’’ William sat on a chair, ’’Janet only has her eyes on Luo Feng’’

’’That chink’’ Candace was enraged.

Candace has been trying to make Janet happy for these past three months. Unfortunately, he failed again and again. Clearly, Janet was only looking at Luo Feng. While he was looking at the black dragon ranking tonight, he attempted yet again to get closer to Janet, but was rejected with just one phrase.

’’Hold it in!’’ Candace motivated himself while he attempted to contain his anger.

Logic told him that he couldn't mess with Luo Feng: he could only hold it in!


The sounds of footsteps rose.

’’Hm?’’ Candace and William both looked over with confusion on their face. Shouldn't most people be at the black dragon ranking at a time like this? Who would come here?

A shadow entered the courtyard.

Candace's face changed slightly and William widened his eyes as he said with surprise: ’’How come he's here?’’

The person who came was precisely Luo Feng!

’’Hello, Candace’’ Luo Feng smiled. Candace's name was in Shi Jiang's list.

’’Luo Feng, what are you here for?’’ Even though Candace wanted to eat the person in front of him, he still squeezed out a smile and had some basic manners.

Luo Feng smiled: ’’Candace, I want to have a staked match with you! I have no other intention, I just want to test our skills...... We won't stake points, oh, we won't have any points tomorrow anyway. We'll stake money, the lowest amount of one billion Chinese dollars. How about it?’’

’’Staked match?’’ Candace and William froze.

They have long heard about Luo Feng and his staked matches.

Who would've known that he would come to Candace today.

’’This yellow skinned chink is always getting close to Janet!’’ Candace was enraged. Even though his stomach was filled with anger every time he saw the girl he liked get close to another guy, he could only hold it in. He held his anger in for three months, something a regular person definitely can't do. ’’I never had the chance to mess with you, but you actually dared to challenge me today’’


How could he give up such a chance? A chance for revenge with no drawbacks! And Luo Feng was the one who proposed this match!

If he doesn't cruelly beat up Luo Feng a bit, he'll never be able to unleash his anger!

’’Staked match, sure. However, the stakes are a bit way too small. Luo Feng, you're the famous guy of our training camp, so how about 10 billion Chinese dollars?’’ Candace stared at Luo Feng. This was a huge amount of money, even for him. But the only way to make his opponent lose something is by raising the stakes!

’’10 billion?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

His previous battles all had stakes of one billion each;how did this one turn into 10 billion? A match like this will be hard to run into over the course of a year at the elite training camp! And whether skill or body fitness level, this veteran student Candace※Paulinus is way above him. However, Candace's battle ability amplifier isn't that much greater. How did this bet go out of control all of a sudden?

’’What, scared?’’ Candace smirked as he looked at Luo Feng.

’’Not scared, but I just want to have a friendly match with you, just for the sake of testing our skills. Why do we have to bet so much money?’’ said Luo Feng.

Candace sneered inside.

Luo Feng would barely lose anything if they stake just a billion. Unless he makes Luo Feng lose something, how would he quell his rage?

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you didn't even blink when you took my five billion. How come you're so scared when staking with Candace?’’ William fanned the fires as he stared at Luo Feng, ’’Or, you're certain that you'll lose the money to Candace? If so, then why did you even come all the way here to fight Candace’’

Luo Feng frowned.

Candace and William were clearly provoking him.

’’Could it be that you only staked five billion with William because you were 100% certain of your victory? The only reason you staked was to make a big buck for yourself? And now that you aren't certain of your victory, you're too scared to stake?’’ Candace looked at Luo Feng.

’’Candace, you really want to stake 10 billion?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Of course, it wouldn't be interesting otherwise!’’ smiled Candace.

’’Fine, as you wish!’’ replied Luo Feng.

Of course he understood his own strength well.

At the beginning of the month, he lost more than he won. However, he started winning more than he lost after a period of time. After every battle to the death, he improved. Luo Feng knew that he was much stronger than he was at the beginning of the month. Luo Feng was even able to charge up to a tower of trials level of 3.4 by the 25th.

His improvement was indeed great.

’’Even though I'm not absolutely sure I'll win, I have a 50% chance, maybe even a bit higher! The pressure brought by the 10 billion could make me fight even harder in this battle to the death’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

There were only three days left until August 1st!

A battle with huge stakes was also a chance to boost his battle ability amplifier closer to 12.

’’As I, wish?’’ Candace was struggling a bit with Chinese. After that, he looked at Luo Feng with amazement, ’’You mean, you accept the stake of 10 billion?’’

’’Yes, a staked match with 10 billion on the line’’ nodded Luo Feng, ’’I'll go back and apply through the system’’

’’Very good’’ Candace smiled as he nodded. Yet, his eyes seemed to have a small flame in them;flames of revenge.


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