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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 3



’’Mr. Yang!’’

Zhu Ge Tong and the other three chiefs respectfully yelled.

This middle aged man, 'Yang Hui', who apparently looked around only 30 years old, was actually over 50 years old and was an 'intermediate level wargod'. Usually, he lives in the Dojo of Limits' world headquarters. Whether strength or identity, this Yang Hui is comparable to the man who is nicknamed 'Steel Hand', Zhou Zheng Yong.

’’We haven't seen each other for eight years huh. Let's go, go and find a place to drink some tea. After that, we'll eat some lunch. Oh yea, Zhu Ge, is your big brother here in the headquarter city? Tell him to come too’’ said Yang Hui.

’’Alright, I'll call my big brother right now’’ said Zhu Ge Tong.

Yang Hui was a wargod, chairman Zhou Zheng Yong was a wargod, and Zhu Ge Tao's brother, 'Zhu Ge Shan', was a wargod. People look at each other's status when making friends;people without any background at all definitely can't enter their circle.

’’Steel hand, is the investigator still in the headquarter city?’’ asked Yang Hui.

’’The investigator went to #003 city in the wilderness a few days ago to train his spear techniques on the horde leader monsters’’ said steel hand Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’After the investigator returns, I'll bring you to him. Half a year ago, when the head came to Jiang-Nan city to find the investigator, the investigator was still in the wilderness’’

The head!

When this word came out of Zhou Zheng Yong's mouth, the three chiefs on the side and Yang Hui's expression immediately became serious.

Only one man can be called the head by the chairman of Jiang-Nan city's Dojo of Limits headquarters: The undisputable, most powerful fighter on earth: the creator of the Dojo of Limits, 'Hong'!

A powerful fighter with seemingly limitless strength! Mankind's most powerful fighter!

’’The investigator has been training, since he's trying to become an existence that surpasses the wargod level’’ sighed Yang Hui, ’’The head also said that investigator Liu has the largest hope of accomplishing such a thing’’

An investigator一一一一一一is nearly at the top of the entire Dojo of Limits! People like Zhou Zheng Yong and Yang Hui who are often allowed to come into close contact with the world's most powerful fighter, 'Hong', could also be considered as some of the most important people of the Dojo of Limits.

’’Go, let's go get some tea. We'll slowly investigate that little Luo Feng's stuff later’’ smiled wargod Yang Hui.

Headquarter ambassador Yang Hui, with the Big Four of Jiang-Nan city, left the airplane.


February 28, dawn.

After finishing a basic warm up that lasted half an hour in the training hall, Luo Feng entered the audiovisual room. The curtains of the windows were closed tight, causing the inside of the room to be mostly dark. The only light source came from the sliver of light shooting in from the door.

’’Turn on’’ commanded Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was relaxed as he finished making his tea and sat on the couch. At the same time, he put the wireless keyboard on his legs and swiftly entered the 'warlord discussion board' in the 'Home of Limits' and replied to some posts.

These posts have tons of warlord fighters from South America, the EU, Africa, etc. and sometimes, wargods come here too.

And through these posts, you could even video chat with some fighters one on one.

There were tons of functions.

’’An elixir of life is indeed rare’’ Luo Feng purposely posted on some threads that haven't been active on the topic of the 'elixir of life'. He caused three of the threads to appear at the top of the page again. Using the terms on the discussion board, he was 'necroposting'.

Naturally, tons of warlord fighters all over the world see these updated threads, so tons of them started their discussions about it.

Through these discussions, Luo Feng learned much more about the 'elixir of life'. Sometimes, he would also reply and chat with the fighters in the thread.

’’There's a startling amount of warlord fighters under the Dojo of Limits around the world. And yet, none of them know where the 'elixir of life' is’’ frowned Luo Feng, ’’Could it really be as the say? That every rare elixir of life ends up in an auction?’’

Even if there actually was an elixir of life available, Luo Feng wouldn't dare to buy it.

He doesn't have enough strength, so once the Vulture Scorpion couple find out, his nightmare will begin.

’’Whatever, for me right now, the most important thing is to increase my strength!’’

’’The most powerful thing about me is my spiritual force! As of now, my body fitness level is still at the beginner level warlord level. Since my spiritual force raises my actual level by two, I'm actually an 'advanced level warlord'. In other words, I can openly and easily defeat advanced level warlords’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy.

Last time, he killed the old veteran named Liu and the white brute by instantly ambushing them from behind when they weren't prepared!

If he attacked front on, then Luo Feng wouldn't have a 100% chance of victory. However, the current Luo Feng could destroy the two of them even without ambushing! Spirit readers can destroy fighters of the same level and can fight fighters beyond their level! This is a known fact in the circle of fighters.

’’As of now, I can fight against a beginner level wargod!’’

’’If I play dirty and rely on my spiritual force, it wouldn't be too difficult to kill a beginner level wargod’’

Luo Feng indeed improves quickly. It has only been 8 months since he has awakened, and his strength already rivals a beginner level wargod!

This isn't that weird though since Luo Feng is an extremely rare spirit reader. The value of a spirit reader is unrivaled. When they are born, their initially weak spiritual force naturally agglomerates and stays hidden in their minds.

Spiritual force turns into the state of a liquid for those who have less of it.

And for those who have more, it exists as a combination between liquid and solid. The more solid there is, the more spiritual force.

And for those with an extraordinarily large amount of spiritual force, it exists only as a solid!

Luo Feng is one of those people possessing that astonishing amount of spiritual force. His rate of growth should already be startling but, once you add the ultimate instruction manual, the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, and Luo Feng's own bitter training..... Luo Feng's rate of growth reaches an alarming rate.

In just 8 short months, he's already comparable to an amazing 'beginner level wargod'!

However, when compared to 'Hong' and 'Thunder God', there's still a difference. 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' became existences that surpassed the wargod existence during the Grand Nirvana period;their rate of growth was even more startling!

’’The dark, golden ball in my conscience holds a huge amount of spiritual force. It's just that my body isn't powerful enough to handle it, so the spiritual force can only exist in that dark, golden ball’’ Luo Feng held his cup of tea and lightly took a sip. The aroma of the tea emanated in his mouth, ’’So, the stronger my body becomes, the stronger my spiritual force becomes’’

’’Right now, I should increase my body fitness level as fast as possible!’’

Luo Feng entered ’’Ways to raise body fitness level’’ in the board's search function and quickly found a large amount of threads. Clearly, this topic has been discussed by a lot of people.

Luo Feng clicked some of the threads with the highest amount of replies.

’’Ways, what ways?’’

’’Genetic medicine? The price isn't expensive and, through captain's friends, I can buy some with 200 million. However, this genetic medicine damages the body quite a bit. After using it to raise your skill, it'll be hard to raise it any further’’ Luo Feng slightly shook his head. Genetic medicine usually cuts off all your future hope.

So only people like Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu who haven't been able to increase their skill by the slightest amount of a long period of time, and those who have no confidence in doing so in the future, are willing to use the genetic medicine.

And for people like Luo Feng?

Someone with virtually infinite potential using the genetic medicine is something an idiot would do.

’’The second way is pretty good. Once you do it, your strength can multiply by many times! Not only does it have no side effects, but it can also speed up your training’’ Luo Feng looked at the second way and could only shake his head in vain, ’’Sadly, this method costs too much’’. The second way is by spreading dragon blood all over your body and letting your body absorb it to become stronger!

However, the requirements for the dragon blood is extremely high. First, it must be an emperor level dragon!

Next, it has to be blood from the dragon's heart. After killing an emperor level dragon, only one portion of 'dragon blood' can be made.

How many emperor level monsters are on earth?

And how many of those monsters are dragons?

One can imagine how expensive this 'dragon blood' is!

’’One portion of 'dragon blood', using the Dojo of Limits' half price, reaches 80 billion! And the half price requirement is a four star contribution rank’’ Luo Feng could only stare. This is like the legendary ultimate medicine: after using it, your strength will soar without any side effects and your training speed will increase! How great is that!

Sadly, how many people can afford to buy this?

’’The third way? Train bitterly!’’ Luo Feng shook his head. The only thing he could do was train honestly and bitterly, which is also the path that most fighters take.

’’With my training speed’’

’’My body fitness level should be able to reach the intermediate level warlord level in half a year!’’

’’After I reach the intermediate warlord level, my body fitness level should be able to reach the advanced level warlord level in a year’’

Luo Feng nodded: ’’In other words, with my spiritual force, I'll be able to reach the 'intermediate wargod level' and be able to defeat others of the same rank. I can also challenge advanced level wargods! In three years, with my spiritual force, I'll be able to reach the 'advanced level wargod level', making me virtually invincible against other advanced level wargods! When that time comes, will I still be afraid of Vulture and Scorpion? Two throwing knives will be enough to get rid of them’’

Of course一一一一一一he's thinking extremely positively. There's a huge prerequisite to all of this!

Which is his dark, golden ball has to be able to supply enough spiritual force for him to reach the 'advanced level wargod level'. If, while training, the dark golden ball disappears...

Then his rapid growth stage ends!

Every spirit reader has a 'rapid growth stage' which relies on absorbing the spiritual force they were born with. Once they finish absorbing it, their rapid growth stage will end!

’’The existence of the dark, golden ball allows me to train extremely quickly! Hopefully my rapid growth stage will last until I reach the 'advanced level wargod level' with my spiritual force’’ Luo Feng thought to himself expectantly. An advanced level wargod level spirit reader..... for existences below the wargod level, they are the most horrifying existence.

And his dark, golden ball.....

How long can it last until it's used up?


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