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Swallowed Star - Volume 5 - Chapter 28



There were five rewards in total. Each of the rewards were quite attractive.

But the requirements for them were very high too.

’’Battle ability amplifier of 12?’’ Luo Feng sighed, ’’Someone with a battle ability amplifier of 12 could easily stay within the top 20’’. After reading the student notice file and talking with older students like Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo, Luo Feng understood how difficult it was to raise your battle ability amplifier.

1-2 is beginner... 4-8 is advanced, and 8-16 is superior!

You can say that there are times where none of the students in the camp have a battle ability amplifier surpassing 16!

In other words, a battle amplifier of 14 to 15 is enough to get into the top 5.

Reach 13 and you normally can get into the top 10.

Reach 12 and you normally can get into the top 20.

This is an estimated standard.

’’The rewards are astonishing but the requirements are strict! This third line offers so many rewards if I can reach a battle ability amplifier of 16 before January 1st of 2060. If you translate it into terms of cash, the price would be incredibly high’’. Even existences surpassing the wargod level would be reluctant to spend that much money for those things!

’’However, it expects me to reach a battle ability amplifier of 16 in just less than three years’’ Luo Feng felt pressured.

It's hard to say whether or not any student in the training camp has a battle ability amplifer of 16 right now.


There were still students that graduated with a battle ability amplifier of 16 in the history of the training camp.

’’The closest rewards to me right now are the ones requiring me to reach a battle ability amplifier of 12’’. The earlier he reaches that level, the more rewards he'll receive. If he can reach it by August 1st, he'll also receive a shocking amount of rewards. If he reaches it by the end of the year, the rewards will be a bit lower.

If he reaches it next year or even the year after that, there'll be no rewards at all.

’’Finished reading yet?’’ the hoarse sound rose.

On the opposite side of the tea table, investigator Wang looked at Luo Feng.

’’Finished’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Any problems?’’ said investigator Wang emotionlessly.

Luo Feng said respectfully: ’’Mr. Investigator, I have a question. Can I change one of the rewards to an elixir of life worth 30 billion if they are equal in cost?’’

His brother Luo Hua needs an elixir of life to grow his legs out again, and he has no idea when the next auction will be for it.

He might as well try to get it from the Dojo of Limits.

’’No changes!’’ investigator Wang shook his head slightly, ’’No changes to any part of this contract’’

’’No changes to any part of this contract?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

They shouldn't be this forceful when discussing a contract, especially when the Dojo of Limits is the one that's inviting him. Since an investigator showed himself, the Dojo is clearly trying to show that they truly want him to join.

’’Student Luo Feng, this contract was personally formed by the head himself. So, other than the head, nobody has the right to change it’’ spoke investigator Wang.

’’Head? Hong?’’

Luo Feng froze.

Luo Feng's generation grew up listening to the legends of Hong: the #1 fighter, the richest man, the person who stands at the top of the world!

Hong actually was the one who made this contract;no wonder this investigator didn't have the right to change it.

’’You really want an elixir of life?’’ investigator Wang examined the young man in front of him.

’’Yes’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’This isn't hard. According to schedule, there should be an auction for the elixir of life in the second half of this year. At that time, you can just attend the auction’’ investigator Wang rubbed his prayer beads as he said that. His voice was hoarse and he spoke extremely slowly. Talking with him made one unknowingly fall into his meditative atmosphere.

’’The second half of this year?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to be shocked.

Investigator Wang said expressionlessly: ’’This elixir of life isn't any rare thing in the first place. If it wasn't for the American army attempting to trick other people and organizations, there wouldn't be any reason for having an auction’’ in front of Luo Feng, investigator Wang didn't even attempt to keep this secret.

’’Not something rare?’’ Luo Feng was flabbergasted, ’’Isn't the main ingredient for this the soul of the existence that surpasses the horde leader level the emperor level 'Earth Dragon' and then.....’’

’’Who did you hear this from?’’ asked investigator Wang calmly.

’’The internet’’ Luo Feng froze.

Investigator Wang took up the tea cup in front of him and lightly sipped before saying, ’’How could they reveal the secret used to make the elixir of life? The American army is just using the internet to help raise the price of the elixir of life and to make everyone think that this thing is so rare. They intentionally created these rumors to make it seem more valuable’’

’’Rumors?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Remember’’ investigator Wang looked at Luo Feng, ’’Almost all the treasures on the internet that regular fighters know about can be produced;they all have a set price! Even if you purposefully auction them out, they won't reach any high price’’


Investigator Wang slightly nodded: ’’Producible, which means that these treasures can be produced if enough money is invested! For example, the 'elixir of life' is actually a potion. After putting in tons of energy and materials, it can be created from a piece of medical equipment that the American army retrieved from an archaeological ruin!’’

Luo Feng froze.

So medical equipment from long ago could produce these types of medicine.

’’As long as they invest a lot, they'll be able to create another portion. So tell me, can this potion sell for an astronomical price?’’ investigator Wang slightly laughed, ’’For example, the dragon blood worth 80 billion, do you actually believe...... that it's the blood from the heart of an emperor level 'dragon'?’’

’’Right now, around the entire earth, fewer than 10 emperor level dragon monsters exist!’’

’’However, our Dojo of Limits is still selling them! As long as you have money, our Dojo of Limits can sell you some’’ said investigator Wang, ’’Even if you want to buy 10 portions, we can sell them to you. Tell me..... if there are less than 10 dragons around the world, where does this dragon blood come from?’’


Even if you kill all of the dragons, you won't have 10 portions of dragon blood. But the Dojo of Limits is still able to sell them!

’’This dragon blood, is still actually dragon blood’’

’’The dragon blood our Dojo provides could even be slightly more effective than the dragon blood from the blood of the heart of an emperor level dragon!’’ said investigator Wang, ’’However, only the head can create this dragon blood. This isn't much of a secret’’

Luo Feng nodded in understanding. Things with a clear price label on them, even though they're precious, can be produced.

As long as you invest money and resources, they are producible!

’’True treasures, like unique treasures that can never be created again, are the truly expensive things!’’ said investigator Wang, ’’However, you won't find information about such treasures on the internet. Things like that aren't even sold publicly and won't appear in auctions either. For example, there are around a dozen things on this world that can strengthen your body’’

’’But the only one with a price label on it is dragon blood’’

’’And even though some of the other body enhancing treasures aren't producible, they might not be as effective as dragon blood!’’

’’And some of them are even more effective than dragon blood!’’

’’Dragon blood allows someone's strength to multiply by a few times. Some treasures can multiply your strength by three or four times, while some can multiply it by 10 times. However, a treasure like that has been consumed around 20 years ago;there's none left on earth anymore’’

Luo Feng was stunned as he listened.

So these treasures were divided into the categories 'Producible'' and 'Non-producible'. The truly valuable, unique treasures will never appear in public auctions. Existences like 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' have more money than they can spend. Whether with their fists or with cash, they'll be able to get that treasure right away.

Who would sell them publicly?

’’No wonder the rewards in the Dojo of Limits are so good’’

’’The dragon blood is from our Dojo of Limits. Instruction manuals? They seem extremely expensive, but the Dojo itself is selling them too. As for the battle uniform, the Dojo only has to pay for its cost’’. Even though Luo Feng understood everything, the rewards were still quite high. Dragon blood definitely isn't created out of thin air: you need to invest in it.

Battle uniforms, etc. need materials too. Just the cost to produce them is extremely high.

’’This contract is unchangeable. Are you willing to sign it?’’ investigator Wang let out a rare smile.


Luo Feng nodded and immediately signed the contract.

’’Sign again here’’ investigator Wang handed over another identical contract, ’’Keep one for yourself. The Dojo will keep the other one’’


After signing the contract, Luo Feng is officially a member of the core of the Dojo of Limits. For now, he'll receive five billion a year.

As of now, his primary goal is

To try and reach a battle ability amplifier of 12 before August 1st.

’’If I succeed, I'll receive a portion of dragon blood!’’. Dragon blood can instantly multiply a person's strength. Your training speed will increase too. What Luo Feng needs the most right now is a higher body fitness level. The stronger his body becomes, the stronger his spiritual force becomes!

Becoming an advanced level wargod level spirit reader is Luo Feng's true goal!

And dragon blood can speed up this process by many times!


April 30th, night, first floor of the training camp's cafeteria.

Students of all skin color were split up into groups and sat with each other as they ate dinner.

’’Luo Feng, seems like you're in a good mood’’ smiled Zhao Ruo.

’’Not bad’’ grinned Luo Feng.

One reason is because of the contract, and another reason is because he found out that the 'elixir of life' is a renewable resource. If so, then he wouldn't have to worry about being unable to buy it with money!

’’Everyone, everyone’’

Suddenly, a deep sound echoed around the cafeteria.

All the students looked over and saw a Chinese wargod teacher yelling with a face full of excitement: ’’Here's a piece of good news for you all. Before this year's 'Life and Death Adventure' begins, which is on August 1st, the head of our Dojo of Limits, the world's strongest fighter 'Hong', will personally come to the training camp’’



’’It's Hong, it's Hong, Hong!’’

The entire cafeteria went into an uproar. Students from all sorts of different places around the world started yelling with excitement, their faces filled with joy.


As of now, Hong is like a god on this world.

No matter which country, which area, which fighter, and even regular people, they all knew this one name Hong! Everyone knew the world's strongest fighter is 'Hong'!



Some black people even started dancing in excitement. All the students stood up and started discussing. Holy, even in the elite training camp, meeting 'Hong' is extremely difficult. Usually, Hong visits the training camp once every few years. Who knew that Hong will be coming this summer.

’’Luo Feng, it's Hong’’ Zhao Ruo pulled Luo Feng and jumped with excitement, ’’I've never seen Hong in the three years I've been here’’

’’Yea, yea’’ Luo Feng was also excited inside.

He must personally see this #1 person on earth.

’’August 1st, before the Life and Death adventure?’’ Luo Feng was excited, ’’Okay, I'll work hard and raise my battle ability amplifer to 12! I still have three months!’’

Today: April 31st.

There were indeed still three more months until August 1st. If Luo Feng wanted to receive a portion of dragon blood, he won't have time to relax for even a moment in the next three months.


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